200+ Bullet Journal Page Ideas To Organize Your Life + Tutorials

A bullet journal is a fantastic tool that can help you a lot with your daily routines. Honestly, on days when I feel a little less motivated, my habits, rituals, and bullet journal pages help me get through the day.

Bullet journal page ideas can be so versatile; they can be a source of motivation for you. Only you can decide the limits of your bullet journal! But journaling can get a little intimidating and look a little messed up.

But don’t worry, we have got your back! I have assembled some journaling ideas for you. These ideas will help you to maintain a sorted bullet journal. If you are new to bullet journaling, then you can refer to these articles.

There are certain basic aspects that you need to keep in mind when you get into journaling. Here are some valuable pointers that you need to take into consideration.

  1. Think of what you need from your journal: Every journal has a purpose. So, the first step is that you decide what you want from your bujo pages. Do you need it for improving your mental health? Do you want it to increase your productivity? Are you looking for a way to inspire you? Or do you want it to track or monitor something? Ask yourself what you want from your bujo, and this will give you an idea about the kind of pages you need.
  2. Don’t try all the pages at once: There are a plethora of options for you to choose from when it comes to bullet journal page ideas. But too many pages can ruin the purpose of your bullet journal. Especially when you choose the bullet journal tracker ideas, pick one or two every month. This will keep your bullet journal neat and clean.
  3. Improvise the spreads according to your need: The best part is that you can always improvise and tailor your bullet journal pages. Never stop experimenting. Especially, when it comes to trackers, you can play around with new ideas and themes.

If you’re confused about finding the right supplies for your bullet journal, then these guides will help you.

Irrespective of the purpose of your bullet journal, it’ll definitely require a bullet journal key and a bullet journal index page. So ensure that you’ve created these pages before you get started.

Bullet Journal Planning Page Ideas

Maintaining a bullet journal is nothing less than an art. So, let’s see how we can master this art. First of all, you need to have a plan. Without a planning system, your bullet journal will only get messy. So, let’s check out some brilliant ideas to make your bullet journal your ideal planner.

1. Daily Log Page

A daily log page is the basic backbone of your bullet journal system and helps you plan your daily routine. You can figure out the routine that works best for you. If you are confused about how to make a daily log, then here are some ideas for you – 22 Best Bullet Journal Daily Spreads To Log Your Days.

2. Monthly Spread

Monthly spread journal ideas are a great way to have an overview of the month. With the help of a monthly spread, you can plan your month efficiently. Check out some fantastic monthly spread ideas here on – 35+ Gorgeous Bullet Journal Monthly Spreads You’ll Love.

3. Daily Spread

Daily spreads are a blessing for people who always have too much on their plates. You can format a proper daily routine with these daily spreads.

4. Year At A Glance

Year at a glance provides you with a year overview, and you can judge how far you’ve come. With this, you can get an idea about how much you have done and accomplished in a year and also see what further changes you require. Get some fancy ideas for your yearly bullet journal layout here on- 23 Bullet Journal Year At A Glance Ideas You’ll Love.

5. Future Log

Use a future log to set future goals and watch yourself achieve all of them, one by one! Here are some future log layouts to inspire you- 16 Bullet Journal Future Log Ideas For a Planned Year.

(source- julia.pezowicz)

Here is an example of a weekly bullet journal spread. As you can see, there is also a monthly calendar that will help you to keep track of the date. You can focus on your routine and to-dos with this kind of elaborate weekly bullet journaling idea.

(source- julia.pezowicz)

Here is another weekly bullet journal spread idea for you. This is a motivating layout with two words “you’re enough” to remind you each day that you’ve got this! Improvise the layout as per your requirements.

(source- findingmarga.bujo)

Here is an excellent example for your next future log. I love how simple and sophisticated this one has turned out. It is a sorted and well-planned layout. You can set future goals for each month and watch yourself achieve all those goals. There is also a section for important dates and events. A bullet journal can always use some extra space. Future logs are a great way to set higher goals and work on them every day.

2. Bullet Journal Ideas For Financial Planning

I am a pro-spender! And believe me, when I say this, bullet journals have saved me from going broke! You can use bujo ideas to have proper financial planning to grow economically, save more, invest more, and avoid being a pro-spender like me! The bottom line is, you can improvise your bujo pages to complement your financial goals. Here are some ideas to make your financial planning more effective. – 25 Bullet Journal Finance Layout For Your Inspiration

6. Budget Tracker

Budget trackers are a great way to control your expenditures. It has helped me to avoid whimsical and mindless spending. You can set a budget and stick to it to increase your monthly savings.

7. Saving Trackers

If you have big plans or reasons to save up, I suggest adding a saving tracker to your bullet journal. A visual depiction will help you to track your expenses and motivate you to save up!

8. Bills Log

Tracking bills in your bill log is yet another effective way to keep a track of your expenses. This can include your grocery bills, your electricity bills, and so on.

9. Investments Tracker

In this modern world, investment is the smart way to regulate your money. Maintaining an investment tracker helps me to keep track of all my investments. You can calculate your profits and losses in this tracker.

10. Daily Spending Trackers

Daily spending trackers are underrated. This kind of tracker is a source of saving money gradually. Track your daily expenditures with a daily spending tracker.

11. Money-Saving Tip

The best part of financial planners is that they can help you save money. So if you are looking for a way to save more money, then this is it.

12. No Spending Day Trackers

This is more of a financial purgatory space. I have this ritual where I try to have at least 2 no-spending days in a week. And believe me, it will help you save a lot.

13. Debt Tracker

If you have some debts to pay, then you can use a debt tracker. This way you will be able to clear debts more strategically and efficiently.

14. Tax Returns

I often tend to forget to file my taxes, and it is indeed a burden. If you are struggling with the same, you too can add a tax return layout to your bullet journal.

15. Personal Expenses

Do you struggle with keeping your expenses in check? Then this one’s for you. Maintaining a personal expenses bujo page is all you need to keep a track of your expenditure.

(source- natashamillerletters)

This is a monthly budget planner. With this, you can track how much you are spending each month. There is a second layout, in this layout, you can track all your subscription plans. You can always improvise this layout as per your expenses.

(source- mrsk_plans)

I love this budget planner. This is a monthly budget planner which is extremely versatile and efficient. It has your income and the source, it has your fixed expenses, it has your variable expenses, your funds, debts, and savings. This is the ultimate budget planner!

(source- pocketfullofplanning)

This is an example of how you can plan your money-saving tips. You can have your tips to save more money. And stick to your tips!

(source- hotbujotea)

Use this expense tracker to keep a track of your expenses. This is a brilliant and colorful layout that will help you to track all your weekly expenses. Having an idea about your expenses also helps to save more.

Bullet Journal Ideas For Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle planners are life saviors! We all are guilty of having bad habits like munching on junk food and being lazy to work out. If you are lazy like me and lack motivation, then these bullet journal inspirations are all you need to stay motivated. Bring in little changes towards a healthy lifestyle with these bujo pages.

16. Self-care Routine

We all have our self-care routine. In this hectic life, take out some time for yourself. Pamper yourself! Love yourself! You can improvise your layout according to your mood and needs.

17. Morning Routine

I love a good morning routine. I love planning them but find it hard to follow; hence, a morning routine bujo spread is just the thing I need. Start your mornings on a positive note with a proper morning routine!

18. Evening Routine

Evening routines are as important as morning routines. So set a healthy evening routine for yourself and stick by it to have a more healthy lifestyle.

19. Night Routine

I like night routines. It is the time when I spend time with myself. You can include some productive things into your night regime like reading, journaling, listening to music, and so on. So make a beautiful night routine that you would like to stick to!

20. Skincare Routine

The skincare routine is so much in trend. It is the best way to pamper yourself every day. So have a luxurious skincare routine to show some extra love to yourself. Feed your skin with some extra love!

21. Meal Planning

Meal planning is the best way to cope with your cravings. Otherwise, it is just a day of making bad food choices. So, create a meal plan, or add a meal planner to your weekly bujo pages to have better eating habits. Here are some meal planners for you- 21 Unique & Colorful Meal Plan Bullet Journal Ideas.

22. Healthy Recipes

I have zero clues when it comes to healthy eating and that is why I have a healthy recipe spread to keep myself on track. If you share my plight, you can list healthy recipes and food to have a healthy eating habit.

23. Foods to Avoid

Make a list of food that you know has less nutritional value. Avoid such food and this idea will stop you from munching on junk food. For a healthy lifestyle, it is important to have healthy eating habits and avoid junk food.

24. Grocery Shopping List

Add some food with high nutritional value to your grocery shopping list. This will also help you to stick to your diet plans. Eating healthy can be challenging, and having a grocery shopping list is a big help!

25. Healthy Snacks

Who doesn’t love random snacking? But what do you munch on? I am guilty of snacking on all unhealthy packed food. So, create a list of healthy snacks and keep them in hand. This will keep away from unhealthy munching. This little step is a great help!

26. Alcohol Intake Tracker

As much as I love it and chill with friends, it is certainly not good for my health. Keeping a track of my consumption has helped me to cut down on my alcohol intake. And that has helped me to have much healthier habits.

27. Caffeine Intake Tracker

My day without coffee is no day at all. I need my morning coffee to function properly. But as we all know, too much caffeine is not good for health, I have started tracking my caffeine intake. And this little step has helped me to restrict myself to 3 cups of coffee every day!

28. Habit Tracker

It is crazy how habits and people around us can influence us! The best thing about habits and daily rituals is that small changes bring in big life changes. Maintain a habit tracker to develop good habits. Check out some cool habit trackers here – 25 Habit Tracker Bullet Journal Ideas For You

(source- lyd.tea)

Here is an example of how your self-care routine layout should look like. I just love how complete and comprehensive this tracker has turned out. There is so much going on here. There are motivating quotes, a section for the skincare regime, a space for notes to self, a list of things that calm you down, and also a music playlist!

Bullet Journal Ideas For Physical Fitness

Physical health is of utmost importance. Whether it is a workout regime or any other health issues, you can track it all with the help of these bullet journal ideas for physical fitness. You will be surprised to see how versatile these bullet journal collection ideas can get. Check 25+ Fitness Bullet Journal Ideas to Keep You Motivated.

29. Daily Step Tracker

This is the tracker that keeps me most healthy. Especially now that I am working from home, I spend too much time sitting. And a daily step tracker helps me to get some good active hours. It will motivate you to stay active!

30. Gym Routine

Are you a part of the gym gang? Then you probably need this tracker to keep track of what muscles you want to work on. You can keep your leg days and chest days separate with this tracker.

31. Stretching

Working for hours glued to the laptop can give you some seriously sore muscles. Stretching is the best way to cope with this issue. Trust me, take a few minutes after every hour and stretch a bit and you will feel the change. Add this stretching layout to your bujo to make this a habit.

32. Calorie Counter

I wish there was a way to have a healthy and fit body without counting calories, sadly there isn’t! So keep a check on your calories with the help of a calorie counter. If you are on a fat-loss or a muscle-gain regime, then this one will be a great help.

33. Water Tracker

I know that drinking water is such a basic thing, but trust me drinking enough water is the real struggle. With all the coffee, boba, and juice, drinking simple water is quite challenging. If you are in a similar problem, then ad a water consumption tracker to your bullet journal.

34. Period Tracker

Honestly, PCOS is so common today that having a period tracker sounds like a good plan. PCOS or not, we girls can always use a little heads-up before the menstrual cycle hits us.

You can do the same by adding a fancy period tracker to your bujo! Check out some amazing period trackers here- 24 Bullet Journal Period Tracker Layouts and Ideas For You.

35. Yoga Tracker

I like a versatile fitness regime. Because of this, I indulge myself in some yoga. It helps to refresh my mind and soul. And this tracker is a great way to keep an eye on your progress.

36. Pain Tracker

If you have some kind of chronic pain issue or migraine and headaches, you can add a pain tracker to your bujo. That way you will be able to keep track of severe pain days, days you needed meds to cope with the pain, and so on.

37. Supplement Trackers

If you take supplements, you must be aware that taking the right amount is crucial. And a bullet journal can help you with tracking these things.

38. Workout Challenges

You can create interesting workout challenges for yourself. And once you complete the challenge it will motivate you and give you a sense of accomplishment. This is a small way to stay motivated and commit to your fitness goals.

39. Weight Loss Tracker

When it comes to fitness trackers, this is my favorite kind. Trust me, it is the best way to stay motivated on lazy days. Set goals and achieve those with a weight loss tracker.

Check out some unique weight loss tracker ideas here- 18 Weight Loss Journal & Weight Tracker Ideas For 2021.

40. Diet Tracker

Workout regime and proper diet go hand-in-hand. So make a diet tracker and see how many calories you are consuming.

41. Vision Test

I cannot even begin to explain the importance of this one. If you are always glued to the screen, you should certainly get regular vision tests. And this tracker will help you to keep a check on your vision quality.

42. Running Tracker

If running is your favorite way to stay fit, then this one’s for you. Count the number of miles you have run with this tracker layout. Stay fit and healthy. And this tracker will also motivate you to increase your running efficiency.

43. Symptom Tracker

If you are dealing with some health conditions or want to track your mental health, then I would advise you to add a symptom tracker to your bujo. You can note down the new symptoms or keep your old symptoms in check with this tracker idea.

44. Measurement Tracker

If you are on a body transformation journey, then a measurement tracker can be helpful. It will keep you motivated and also let you see your progress.

Bullet Journal Ideas For Better Mental Health

Your mental health is as important as your physical health. Maintaining a bullet journal for your mental health is the best way to improve your mental health. You can have your customized bullet journal that you can use to write down things that have been bothering you, and so on.

Here are some mental health bullet journal ideas that you can explore – 25 Mental Health Bullet Journal Ideas To Help You.

46. Mood Tracker

I always add a mood tracker layout to my bullet journal. It helps me to keep a track of my low days and high days. And at the end of the month, I can see my overall mood. It is a big help if you are looking for a way to keep yourself in a positive mood. Here are some bullet journal mood tracker ideas to help you get started – 24 Best Bullet Journal Mood Tracker For Inspiration

47. Meditation Log

Meditation is a powerful practice. It can feel you with positive energy, calm your mind, and help with insomnia. But meditation is not easy. You can create a meditation log to make it a part of your daily routine.

48. Gratitude Log

A gratitude log is what you need to focus on self-love and self-care. Being kind to yourself is the first step towards self-love. Don’t be too hard on yourself and add a gratitude log to your bullet journal. Here’s how you can use a gratitude journal to transform your life.

49. Sleep Tracker

I am a true insomniac, and I know how unhealthy that can be. But a sleep tracker has been a big help. It lets me count the number of hours I have slept. You can customize the layout according to your needs. Here are a few ideas to help you create a sleep tracker in your bullet journal – 30+ All-New Bullet Journal Sleep Tracker Ideas You’ll Love

50. Therapy Notes

The best kind of therapy you can give yourself is self-therapy. I like maintaining a therapy notes section in my bullet journal where I write down things that I learn from life.

51. Journaling Prompts

Ask yourself questions. What are the things that make you happy? What keeps you up at night? Such questions are some good examples of journaling prompts. Journaling prompt is a great way improve mental health, self-awareness, and stress.

52. Medication Tracker

If you have some prescribed meds, then this is the one for you. You can improvise and also keep track of meds you take to cope with headaches, anxiety, and so on.

53. Life Lessons

Do you ever have these thoughts about what a great teacher life is? I do that quite often. So, I created a layout to note it all down. You can do the same!

54. Self-care Ideas

We are too hard on ourselves. But honestly, self-care is so important yet we often neglect it. So, make a layout as a little reminder to give yourself enough love.

55. Triggers

This is one of the best ways to cope with anxiety attacks, panic attacks, and so on. You can track what exactly triggers such episodes.

56. Happiness Reminders

What makes you happy? Is it the little things? Or is it the big achievements? Whatever it is, maintain a layout to remind yourself of things that make you happy.

57. Massage and Spa Tracker

Who doesn’t like a massage and spa day?! It is a way to treat yourself with love and care. Create a tracker to see the number of days you pampered yourself.

58. A Line a Day

A line a day keeps depression away! Write a line to yourself every day. It can be anything positive. And see the difference it can bring in.

59. Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are a good practice to become a better self. This will help you to believe in yourself more, fill you with positive energy, and make you generally happier. Create a layout where you tell yourself positive things every morning.

60. Year in Pixels

This is more of a mood tracker for the entire year. You can add this layout to see what kind of moods you have had every month of the year.

61. Screen Time Tracker

Let’s be honest we all are guilty of spending too much time staring at the screen. This tracker will help you monitor how much time you are spending on apps, tv, etc.

62. Things That Make Me Happy

Happiness is the best medicine out there to have better mental health.

Create a layout where you can write down things that make you happy, movies that make you laugh, activities that fill you with joy, and so on.

(source- cuto_journaling)

This one is the perfect example of a layout of things that will make you happy and you should do it often. The layout is so colorful and simple that you will be happy to even look at it!

(source- lush.lettering)

This is a graphic depiction of what a morning routine layout can look like. And the best part is that you can improvise this and make it your kind of morning routine.

(source- tittlenjot.co)

I am a crazy overthinker. And I know how much of that overthinking can be dealt with by adding a layout like this one. Create a layout like this one to note down all the thoughts that have been crowding your mind.

Bullet Journal Page Ideas For Your Favourites

A bullet journal is not just about trackers and motivations. It is also about documenting what you like and what makes you happy. So here are some ideas to inspire you.

63. Books I Love

I am a bibliophile and this is a must layout for me. I like how I always tend to add to the list. It is also a great way to track your growth as a reader over the years.

64. Favorite Songs

I have a whole playlist of go-to songs for every mood! Don’t we all? And I love updating my bujo with my favorite songs.

65. Favorite Movies

Are you a movie buff? Then this is something that you will like and appreciate. Add the movies you like, movies that have left an impression on you, and movies that make you happy to this layout.

66. Favorite TV Shows

This is a layout that you can include your favorite TV shows. Sometimes I watch something and I really like it, but I forget the name of the show later on. So, this is exactly how I solved that problem.

67. Favorite Quotes

I find quotes extremely inspiring and motivating. Create a layout full of motivating quotes to keep you going through the hard days. Here are some quote ideas that will keep you going- 100 Never Give Up Quotes To Keep You Going. If you are looking for some self-care quotes, check out 250+ Self Care Quotes To Inspire You To Rest and Recharge. Some quotes will teach you the positive consequences of being patient, explore them here on 250+ Patience Quotes To Help You Through Difficult Times.

68. Favorite Podcast

This is where you can list and talk about your favorite podcasts. This is a pure entertainment section that you can use as you wish.

69. Favorite Games

Are you a gamer? Then this layout is just what you need. You can see adding more names to the list every year.

70. Favorite Athletes

Create a layout where you can register the names of your favorite athletes and things that you want to remember about them.

71. Favorite Recipes

Being a foodie, this is the kind of layout I need. I love noting down recipes for my recipe book. It is a way to refer to traditional recipes.

72. Favorite Outfit List

Make a lookbook for yourself with this bujo layout. This is a fashionista’s favorite. You can try out new looks and trends and keep a record of the same.

(source- stationerynat)

Here is an example of how your favorite playlist layout can look like. I love how this layout looks. It is fun, unique, and easy. You can play around with the colors and fonts.

Bullet Journal Ideas For Hobbies and Entertainment

Make your bujo pages more interesting and fun with some layouts that talk about your favorite hobbies and entertainments. With these ideas, you can also keep a track of all the entertaining things you have enjoyed. Currently, I am watching 3 different shows, and a layout like this is a big help!

73. Reading List

A reading list is where you can write down the names of all the books that you are currently reading. If you are an ardent reader, you can also make a monthly list; including the books you plan on reading in a particular month. Here are some examples of reading list layouts- 25+ Bullet Journal Reading List Ideas For Book Lovers.

74. Reading Tracker

I have a habit of reading at least two books simultaneously, and a tracker like this can help me to keep track of my progress. You can also use this to track the number of books you have read in a month.

75. Movies to Watch

There are so many amazing movies out there and sometimes keeping track of what you have watched and what you want to watch can get overpowering. And that is exactly why I have added this layout to my bujo.

76. TV Show Tracker

I watch a lot of TV shows; from Korean to English to Spanish, I watch it all. And sometimes it can get difficult to keep track of the storyline. This is a fun layout where you can keep track of the storyline. You can even track the shows you have watched and the TV shows you want to watch.

77. Restaurants to Try

Ask me where I would like to go and get some dinner with my friends and I would name my favorite go-to place. With this list, you can add some variety to your dining experience and try out new places in town.

78. Crafts to Try

Pinterest makes me want to try out everything! Create a layout like this to make a list of the ideas you would like to try out.

79. Bucketlist

I bet there are tons of things that you want to do, new activities, new hobbies, places you want to go to, and so on. Make a bucket list of all that and watch yourself accomplish them one by one.

80. Movie Quotes

Movie quotes can sometimes be very inspiring. And I have this habit of noting them down. If you feel the same way, you can have a layout like this one to note down all your favorite movie quotes.

81. Video games bought/playtime

This one is a gamer’s paradise. With the help of this layout, you can keep track of the video games you have bought so far. You can also track the games that you have already played.

82. Hobbies to Try

Make a list of new hobbies that you would like to try out with this layout. You can experience new things with a list like this one.

83. Hobby Tracking

This tracker is smart and helpful. If you have found a new hobby, you can track and see your progress with the help of this tracker idea.

84. Activities for Boredom

I am guilty of getting bored too often. If you face a similar situation, you can create a layout to make a list of go-to activities.

85. Inspirational Accounts

Sometimes when I am out of inspiration I like to spend time browsing through the accounts of people that inspire me. And I have created a list of all the inspirational accounts that I enjoy and relate to.

86. Foreign Language Phrases

I am into Japanese novels and foreign-language shows. And sometimes I pick up some amazing lines and words. You can create a layout like this one to write them down.

87. Dances to Learn

I am not much of a dancer but there is always the first step. So, if you are planning to learn new dance styles, you can list all that.

88. Vocab to Learn

I am a fan of good vocabulary. And I maintain a list of words that I can refer to or learn. This is a great way to improve your vocabulary.

(source- inette13)

Here is an excellent example of the summer bucket list. I love the look! It has a strong summer vibe. I love that it is in the form of a checklist. You can just tick off all of them, one by one.

(source- the.movie.journal)

This is an example of what a movie quotes bujo spread should look like. I love how there are cutouts and references to the movie. Makes the layout more fun and interesting.

(source- erikasjournals)

Here is an example of books I have read tracker. I just love the whole arrow concept. It makes this layout unique and fun. I love how there is a hopeful note at the bottom of the layout.

Family, Friends, and Pets

There is so much that happens in a family. From household chores to birthdays to shopping lists, there is so much to keep in mind. You can share the burden with your bullet journal. Let your bullet journal save the day.

89. Holiday Traditions

Holiday traditions are just too good to ignore. There is so much to plan, so much to decorate, and so much to celebrate. Create a bullet journal layout to maintain the holiday tradition itinerary.

90. Birthdays

I am guilty of forgetting birthdays. Hence, this layout is my savior. You can make a list of all the birthdays and surprise your family members on their special day.

91. Holiday Gift Ideas

If you always struggle with what kind of gifts you want to give your loved ones, then this layout is for you.

92. Doctor Appointments

With this layout, you will not forget your doctor appointments. You can use this one as a list and keep track of all your doctor appointments.

93. Holiday Planning

If you are a planner, then this one is just the right kind of layout for you. Plan your holidays, itineraries, and destinations according to your preferences in this layout.

94. Family Tree

As a kid I loved making family trees, this is a layout you would love to make for your little ones. But you can always make one for yourself.

95. Pet Medicine Tracker

If you have a pet, then you must be aware of all the medications and doctor appointments. Use a tracker like this one to keep track of all the medication details for your pets.

96. Pet Bath Tracker

It is a task to get some bath time for your pets. You can create a tracker like this one to keep a fixed routine for this purpose.

97. Pet Vet Appointments

With this layout, you can pre-schedule all the pet vet appointments, so that your pet doesn’t miss any medical attention.

(source- chrissi.bulletjournal)

Here is an example of a birthday calendar. You can keep a record of all the birthdays that you can’t miss.

Personal Bullet Journal Page Ideas

A bullet journal is traditionally a personal logbook. A place where you note down your favorite things to do, your favorite places to visit, things about yourself, and so on. But it can often get confusing as to what we would want to include in the journal. I tend to get overwhelmed when it comes to choosing what to add to my bullet journal. So here are some brilliant layouts that you can add to your bullet journal.

98. About Me

About me is the layout where you can write down about yourself. This is the little happy place for me, where I can talk to myself.

99. My Future Self

Do you believe in the power of manifestation? Well, I do. And I have a layout in my bullet journal where I create some future goals for myself. This is also where I write down where I would like to see myself in the next 3 years. And this helps me to stick to my desired future self.

100. One Line A Day

One line a day keeps the stress away. This is the best way to deal with stress and focus on the good. One positive line each day can help a lot to cope with stressful life.

101. Brain Dump

A brain dump is a genius bujo spread. Here you can dump all that is crowding your mind. Create a layout where you can write down all that’s on your mind; you will feel the overthinking stop. Check out some fun brain dump ideas here on- 30+ Astounding Brain Dump Ideas For Stress Relief.

102. Passwords

I was ecstatic to know about the existence of this layout. Because I can never remember my passwords. So, this one here is a big help!

103. Month Highlights

Create a bullet journal spread where you can note down all the month highlights like birthdays, events, games, dates, and so on.

104. Year Highlights

Do you have some events that you have been waiting for? Or some special day you have been looking forward to? Then you can add this bujo layout to highlight all those special days.

105. Health Goals

Create fun and motivating layout to achieve your health goals this year! You can set your health goals here and watch yourself achieve them one by one.

106. Dreams Journal

Do you have nightmare issues? If your answer is yes, then this bujo spread is for you. You can create this layout to write down all the dreams and nightmares.

107. Visions & Goals Page

What is a person without some visions and goals? You can add a layout like this one to set new goals and visions for yourself. Here are 23 Bullet Journal Goals Page Ideas for Inspiration.

108. Wishlist

I love adding a wishlist bujo spread to my bullet journal. This is where I add all sorts of things; from books, I want to buy shoes I want to own! Add a fun bujo page like this one to make your wishlist more achievable.

109. Skills to Learn

In this pandemic I have harbored a new hobby, learning new skills! If you are looking forward to learning new skills, then create a layout like this one.

110. Prayer List

You can create a list of prayers and add it to your bullet journal. Add your daily prayers and keep a record.

111. Memories

Even in this age of digital records, you can do it more traditionally. In this layout, note down all your favorite memories. It is so nostalgic to read them later!

112. 30 Before 30

Write down 30 things you would want to accomplish or have before you turn 30. You can keep adding things to this list and watch yourself accomplish all of them before you turn 30!

113. Good Advice

Do you sometimes advise yourself? If yes, then you can create a list of good advice. This is a great way of keeping yourself positive and motivated.

114. Nostalgia

If you are into keeping records of memories, then you will like this layout. You can create a scrapbook full of nostalgic memories and thoughts.

115. Things I Love

You can create a fun and entertaining layout and add it to your bullet journal to keep a record of things that you love. This is where you can write down your favorite things.

116. Hair Maintenance

Honestly, I struggle with my curls! They require extra patience and care. It is a real task to take some time out for hair maintenance. This layout can help you out with this situation.

117. Word of a Year

Do you ever read and come across words that you find fascinating?! You can note down these words in a layout like this one. This will allow you to keep a record of all the new words you come across throughout the year.

118. Acts of Kindness

A single act of kindness can make you feel so good and experience an unexplainable wave of peace. You can create a layout and document all your acts of kindness to feel the peace and joy of kindness.

119. Yearly Resolutions

How many times have you made new year resolutions and forgotten about them?! But with this layout, you can make resolutions throughout the year. Make new resolutions, achieve them!

120. Life Milestones

In a layout like this, you can note down all the special and big milestones in your life. This one is a big motivation. Watching yourself cross all the hurdles in life is a big motivation to move forward towards your goals.

121. My 5 Year Plan

If you are a planner and an ambitious person, then this is your secret paradise! You can make an elaborate 5-year plan and vision in this layout. This kind of bujo page will help you to stay focused and achieve your goals in life. For me, my 5-year plan is my biggest motivation!

(source- minsmurillo)

This is an example of a layout that is a space where you can talk about yourself. I love how interesting and colorful this layout has turned out. You can make it like a scrapbook and attach pictures to give it a more fun look.

(source- projectpaperuk)

One line a day will keep the stress away! Create a layout like this one to note down one impactful line every day. This is a great way to keep yourself inspired and ambitious.

(source- m00n_studi0s)

Humans are meant to evolve. With this layout, set some goals and aims for your future self and watch yourself achieve them. This one is more like a note to your future self!

Travel Page Ideas For Your Bujo

Travelling makes me happy and gives me some peace. It is a great way to find yourself. Whether it is a solo trip or a trip with friends, a travel blog is a must. But you can also create interesting travel journals where you can create memories and plan more trips. Let’s check out some fun travel journal ideas! Get some ideas about your travel journal here on- 25 Travel Journal Ideas to Document Your Memories.

122. Places I’ve Traveled To

As a kid, I had a journal where I used to write down the names of places I wanted to visit and travel to. And now, I have a journal spread where I add names of places I’ve traveled to!

123. Packing List

A hardcore traveler knows how important it is to pack the trip’s essential things. You can create a layout to make sure that you miss any of this essential stuff and have a comfortable and safe trip. Check out 20+ Bullet Journal Packing List Ideas for Better Organization.

124. Itinerary

A travel itinerary is a must if you are on a vacation. This layout will be helpful. Here you can write down your day to day activities that you want to do on your trip. A pre-planned itinerary will save you time and money.

125. Vacation Goals

Yes! Vacation goals are a thing, people! You can set goals like overcoming fear, searching for yourself, and so on. Create a fun list of vacation goals and accomplish them!

126. Level 10 Life

This one is an exciting layout for your travel bujo. You can take 10 things that you want to experience. This journal spread is primarily for tracking personal growth. You can choose 10 such aspects of personal growth and track them during your vacation.

127. National Parks Visited

I have a thing for national parks! If you share this fetish, then you can create a layout for your bujo to keep a record of all the national parks that you have visited so far.

128. Saving Money for Travel

Don’t let the money problem keep you from traveling to your favorite destinations. You can create a bujo page to help you save money for your trip more efficiently.

129.Travel Bucket List

Instead of a usual bucket list, you can have a more travel-specific bucket list. Here you can write down all that you want to do and the fun activities you want to experience during your trip.

130. Mileage Tracker

If you are planning a road trip, then this one’s for you. Road trips can be fun but you also have to keep track of time, map, and mileage.

131. Gas Consumption

This is yet another tracker which is helpful if you are out on a road trip. With the help of a tracker like this one, you can keep a check on the gas consumption. Following this, you can stop for fuel as per requirement.

132. Weekend Getaway Ideas

I grew up in a small hill station, and my parents always made weekend getaway plans. Somehow, despite my busy life, I still have this habit of coming up with weekend getaway ideas. If you are a wanderer, then you will certainly love this bujo page idea.

133. Camping Supplies Checklist

Camping sounds fun, but it also requires a lot of preparation. You have to have the basic supplies including food, flashlight, and so on. You can make a checklist for this so that you don’t forget any essential items.

134. Staycation Ideas

Being a fan of a staycation, I would suggest you add this bujo page to your travel journal. If you are planning a staycation, this is the time to come up with some amazing staycation activities and ideas. It is a great way to spend some quality time with your family.

(source- eurekapalatte)

This is an example of a visionary layout to show the places you have traveled to. You can recreate a layout like this quite easily. It is an excellent DIY substitute for the usual scratch maps.

(source- carbonstamps)

This is a smart and easy checklist for all the basic supplies for your trip and travel plans. It is simple, easy, and efficient. With a checklist like this, you will never forget to take any of the essential items needed on a trip.

(source- cowgirl_journals)

I love this travel bujo layout! It is detailed, beautiful, and efficient. You can create a layout like this one, dedicated to the place you are visiting. This is an amazing travel itinerary. I love how there is also a place for a packing list. This is a very comprehensive travel itinerary.

Also check – 8 Creative Travel Bullet Journal Ideas You’ll Love

Bullet Journal Business Page Ideas

If you are looking for a business planner, then you can customize one! These kinds of planners will make your work and schedule well sorted and organized. A good business bullet journal can be hard to find, so here we have certain layout ideas that can make your business bujo efficient.

135. Content Planner

If you have a small business, a content planner can be a big help. You can add the type of content, the crux of the content, the publication date, etc. A content planner will make your work more organized. You will be able to work more strategically.

136. Work Tracker

This is just like any other tracker, but better! With a work tracker, you can keep a track of your daily work and progress. It will also allow you to set new bars for yourself. Work trackers will also save you from procrastination and will make you more productive.

137. Master To-do List

A master to-do list is a true savior! You can gather all your to-do lists and consolidate them to make a master to-do list. This is a much more broad to-do list. This will help you to adopt a proper strategy to accomplish your task.

138. Project Management

Managing something is a task in itself. But you can help yourself with a layout like this one to share the burden. You can put in all your ideas and ways of project management here.

139. Time Block Notes

Time management is the simplest way to accomplish any task at hand. But managing time is not an easy task. So you can create a layout like this one, and focus on finishing the bigger tasks and smaller tasks, accordingly.

140. Business Expenses

This layout is more like a financial account for your business. Here you can maintain a proper account of your investments and expenses. This bujo spread will allow you to keep track of your profits and losses.

141. Office Supplies

Office supplies include consumables and also pieces of equipment that are regularly used by businesses. A list of office supplies can be helpful to have hassle-free access to them.

142. Scrum Meetings

Scrum meetings are essential for a well-managed business. You can create a properly scheduled scrum meeting for your team. This layout can also be used to write the meeting minutes and other important meeting-oriented things.

143. Work Schedule

They say that business has no time frame for all the work. But you can change that by adding a work schedule to your business bullet journal. With the help of this bullet journal spread, you can have a proper time slot for your work.

144. Job Search Ideas

You can always note your job search ideas at the back of some random notebook. But adding a layout like this one to your business bujo will keep all your job ideas in one place. It makes the job hunt more organized and decluttered.

145. Resume Info

Making a good resume requires some serious talent. But you can make it a little easier by making a layout where you can keep adding your skills and past work experiences.

146. Sick Day/ Vacation Leave

In this kind of layout, you can track the number of vacation leaves you can take and the number of sick days you have had. This is perfect for the people with jobs but a traveler’s soul. With a layout like one, you can count the number of days you can go out on a vacation!

147. Work Milestones

Whether it is life, academic, or work, celebrating milestones is a must for me. Milestones are nothing but a reminder of your success. Having a layout for your work milestones will act as a motivation.

148. Project Deadlines

Create a layout to write down your project deadlines to avoid any sort of delay. This layout is a blessing for someone who has a lot of projects to deal with.

149. LinkedIn Follow up

How many times have you forgotten to follow up on your LinkedIn profile? With a layout like this one, avoid such situations. You can set a particular schedule dedicated to updating and editing your LinkedIn profile.

150. Professional Idols

Do you have a list of idols or an idol who has inspired you? Then you can create an idol bullet journal or a layout to write down about their achievements. Feel inspired every time you look at this layout.

151. Meetings Schedule

Instead of a boring list, you can have an interesting layout for scheduling your meetings. This is an innovative way to avoid any overlaps of meetings.

152. Leads & Prospects

Without a proper vision and way forward, business and life in themselves are pretty meaningless. This layout is exactly for that! You can write down your idea and then the prospects of the idea; this will give you a proper vision of the future.

153. Done List

While a tracker helps you to track your progress, a done list will give you a sense of accomplishment. This is the best way to motivate yourself. It will also give you an idea about the work you have already completed. Honestly, this layout will keep your work to-do and work completed sorted!

154. Mail Tracker

A mail tracker might seem quaint and unnecessary in this world of direct and digital communication, but trust me it has its charm. You can track the mails you have sent and the mails you have received with a tracker like this one.

(source- journalwithemmamarie)

This is an excellent and comprehensive example of a content planner. I love how this layout has space for goals, collabs, and also a letter tracker. It is a simple monthly calendar that is easy to recreate.

(source- kayworx_on_paper)

I love how simple and easy this colorful work tracker looks. It is super easy and cool. She has used different colors to denote various aspects of work. You can always improvise this layout according to your work needs.

Bujo Skills Ideas

Have you ever seen those Pinterest bujo pages? They never fail to amaze me. People are so talented and creative when it comes to bujo pages! Honestly, I don’t have any special bujo skills, if you feel the same way and want to change the situation, then here are some ideas for you.

155. How To Draw

If you struggle with creative drawings and doodles for your bullet journals, then this layout can be helpful. You can add drawings and doodles to this layout to get a little inspiration.

156. Header Ideas

Headers make a bullet journal spread interesting and fun. But it can get difficult to come up with new and innovative header ideas every month. You can create a layout like this one, to have your collection of header ideas.

157. How to Doodle

I am a failure when it comes to doodling. So every time I come across a doodle art that I like, I tend to add it to my doodle collection. You can do the same with the help of a layout like this one. Explore some more doodle ideas here on- 25 Easy Christmas Doodles You Can Draw.

158. Bujo Font Ideas and Inspirations

Getting creative every time with the font ideas can get difficult. But you can add a layout to your bullet journal as a collection of bujo font ideas and inspirations that you like. Check out some innovative font styles for your bujo pages- 20 Best Bullet Journal Fonts For Your Bujo Pages.

159. Banner Ideas

I love banner ideas! They give the bujo page a fun and interesting look. You can change the whole vibe of the layout with just a banner! Create a layout of banner ideas that you can refer to; this makes things easy and quick.

160. Washi Tape Swatch

I love how aesthetically pleasing washi tapes look. They come in different colors and patterns. You can create a layout and use it as a washi tape swatch collection.

161. Pen Test

Journaling is so fancy that it leaves me intrigued. The best part about journaling is the variety of pens you get to use. From brush pens to micron pens, you can use all of them. But each pen has a unique purpose and you can create a layout for testing the pens.

162. “Next Bujo” Migration

Bullet journal migrations are crucial. We have busy lives but being busy means being productive. But we often fail to complete all the tasks scheduled for a particular month. If that happens, you can migrate the incomplete tasks to the next month.

163. Watercolor Swatches

Watercolors are lovely for including some color in your bujo pages. But how do you choose the colors? For that, you can create a layout for exhibiting the shades of the colors.

164. Pattern Practice

Practice makes a man perfect. And when it comes to bullet journal pages, patterns, doodles, and drawings make them beautiful. You can have a layout for practicing all the creative patterns to brush your doodle skills.

(source- journalwithru)

This is a step-by-step drawing tutorial for you. You can create similar layouts for more doodle ideas. This kind of layout is a blessing for someone who struggles hard with doodles. Here are some doodle tutorials that you can check out 22 Creative Summer Bullet Journal Doodles To Try; 130+ Step-by-Step Doodle Ideas For A Creative Touch.

(source- hufflebujo)

Header ideas are the easiest way to make a bullet journal happen. You can create layouts dedicated to each month and create a collection of header ideas. And you can refer to these ideas to give your bullet journal a refreshing vibe. Here are some more interesting header idea layouts that you can explore- 35+ Best Bullet Journal Headers & Title Ideas For 2021.

Bullet Journal Ideas For Household Work

I think household trackers and bullet journals are the best. They keep everything sorted and scheduled. In this hectic life, having a time slot for the basic household chores can be challenging. But with these household bullet journal layouts, you can make daily chores manageable.

165. Cleaning Tracker

Cleaning is the most basic household chore but getting time for it is not easy. In our hectic schedule, you can make a proper cleaning tracker and make cleaning a part of your daily routine. You can even allot a few days in a week for cleaning according to your preference. Here are some unique cleaning trackers that you can recreate- 16 Best Bullet Journal Cleaning Schedule Trackers For You.

166. Meal Planning

A big part of living alone and adulting is meal planning. It seems a very basic thing to do but takes a lot of time. So why not have a layout that has all your meal plans?! Sounds great to me! Create a layout and plan your meals; this is a great way to have a proper diet meal every day!

167. Shopping List

With a layout like this one, you can create a checklist for your shopping items. Whether it is a grocery list or household essentials, you can put down all in here!

168. Konmari Spread

Konmari is a decluttering method. This kind of bullet journal page is easy to format and recreate. You can note down and make a checklist of ideas that you want to put to practical use. The steps to do this are simple; start with a category, cross off each item as you declutter, and move down the list.

169. Dream Home

Make your dream home a reality. You can make a vision board like this one manifest in your dream home!

170. Home Remodeling Plan

A home makeover is in trend! If you are planning to remodel your home, having a bullet journal dedicated to that should be helpful. Here you can plan everything including the budget and the style.

171. Household Organization

I am a messy person and for me, a household organization is a necessity. Here you can list down all the things you need to organize, things you want to add to your interiors and set particular days for the tasks.

172. Chore Tracker

In this new world of work from home, a chore tracker is a necessity. You can make a chore tracker and keep track of your daily chores.

173. Fridge/ Pantry Inventory

Do you ever watch these fridge organizing videos? I find them so satisfying! And that’s why I have a fridge or pantry inventory layout. That way my fridge is always stocked and full!

174. Warranty Information

I always lose the warranty slips and cards. So I have a layout that has all the warranty pieces of information. That way I never forget or lose my appliance warranty information.

175. Vehicle Maintenance

Never skip your vehicle maintenance schedule with a layout like this one. Write down all your vehicle maintenance dates and never miss an appointment.

176. Important Membership Numbers

Even though you have a digital log you can always go old school. I always have a list of important numbers just to be safe.

177. Emergency Medical Numbers

Create a layout and keep all the emergency medical numbers handy. You can refer to these numbers in case of emergency.

178. Plant Watering Spreads

Plant watering spreads are the best solution to keep your plants well-hydrated and fed. You can make a simple spread with fun and doodles to track plant watering.

179. Appliance Repair Log

Appliances require regular maintenance. And you can set dates and times for repairing your appliances. That way you will not have any issues with broken appliances.

Study Planning Page Ideas

I think a bullet journal is a best friend. It is a great study partner. You can plan your goals, focus on the critical materials, and even schedule your study breaks. A study planner can be of various types. Here are some study planner layout ideas for you.

180. Homework Assignments

Create a layout and never forget your homework assignments! In a layout like this one, you can not only note down your homework assignments but also set time slots for doing them.

181. Study Plan

I always have more than one study plan. One having the bigger goals and the other having a more detailed plan with time stamps. This way I can utilize my study time to the optimum level.

182. Exam Preparation Planning

Remember those intense exam study sessions? You can manage the intensity with a good preparation plan. Write down the things that require extra attention and set them apart from the portions that require a mere revision. That way you will not feel lost in the exam pressure.

183. Class Schedule

Class schedule layout will help you to prepare well for the classes. Whether it is some extra research work or some class preparation, with a proper class schedule you will be able to manage your books better.

184. Extracurricular Schedule

Extracurricular means extra credits! And with a proper schedule for the same, you will successfully manage your classes and study hours along with those mandatory extracurricular activities.

185. Test Dates

As useless as it may occur, test dates and schedules are important. Marking the date of your tests will not only give you an idea of the number of days left to prepare but will also boost your learning process. With a proper test dates routine, you will be able to plan your study hours more effectively.

186. Continuing Education

If you are a nerd like me, I am positive that you have a never-ending academic plan! If that is the case, this is a layout for you! With this layout, you can plan your future academic choices and options.

187. Grade Tracking

I have always been a sucker for good grades. So a grade tracker has been my thing. With a tracker like this one, you can keep track of your credits and grades. This is a great way to focus on the subjects that require your extra attention.

188. Attendance

Attendance trackers will help you to calculate the number of days you have to take a leave of absence. This little step can be a big help and save you from losing any credit points.

Other Bullet Journal Ideas

A bullet journal is so versatile that there is no end to the things you can accomplish or track with it. So here are some more handy bullet journal layout ideas that you can explore.

188. Weather Tracker

You might say that we have digital weather trackers, but trust me nothing beats an old-school record keeper. So you can add an extra layout to track the daily weather and by the end of the month, you will notice a pattern. This one is more of a fun layout that you can add to your bullet journal.

199. Miracle Tracker

Do you believe in magic and miracles? Sometimes the universe sends you signs but we often fail to notice. If you believe in the occurrence of miracles, you can create a layout to record them. This tracker has a psychological benefit. Seeing miracles happening will boost your positive vibe. It will become your own ‘Ikigai’.

There you go, people. We have finally come to the end of the exhaustingly long list of bullet journal spread ideas. From this article, I am sure you have got an idea about how creative you can get with bullet journals. If you’re still looking for page ideas, you can check out these 55 Bullet Journal Pages Ideas For Your Bujo.

So go ahead and create amazing bullet journal layouts and conquer the world! Happy journaling! Also, you can pin this article to your Pinterest board by clicking on the image below.




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