24 Bullet Journal Period Tracker Layouts and Ideas For You

A bullet journal helps you stay organized and allows you to keep track of your work, mood, and everything necessary. So why not track your period as well? Having a bullet journal period tracker would not only stop you from getting any unexpected bleeding surprises as you will already be aware of the estimated date, but it is also an excellent way of knowing more about your body.

It is a simple and straightforward layout that would help you keep track of your menstrual health. With periods come major mood swings, so add some mood trackers to your bullet journal as well. 

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Tips for Making a Bullet Journal Period Tracker

A simple layout goes a long way when it comes to bullet journal period trackers. Adding an elaborate spread would demotivate you from updating it regularly. Creating a table with months and date columns is enough to track your period. However, here are some other things you track along with your menstrual cycle.

  1. List any symptoms you experienced during each period.
  2. Use a mood tracker for tracking how you felt during your cycle to check the hormones.
  3. List self-care tips and ideas, including hygiene, as well as mood relaxation.
  4. Record the dates of ovulation.
  5. Finally, recording the dates you have sex, whether you are trying to get pregnant or not, is good to keep track.

Bullet Journal Period Tracker Ideas

Here is a list of some unique, fun, and creative bullet journal period tracker ideas to add some relief during those horrible days. Add any of these ideas to your bullet journal, and you’ll be sorted for a year!

1. Go With the Flow Bullet Journal Period Tracker

Period Tracker Bullet Journal 1

Source: sun.wave.journal

We are starting our list with this super colorful and flowy idea. This period tracker uses different red tones for a diagonal pattern across the page with a six-month calendar to track the period. The layout also has a key with different categories for the flow, and the symptoms like spotting, heavy flow, headaches, cramps, etc. It is a very bright and exciting way to make a period layout.

2. Monstruacion BuJo Tracker

Source: eldiariodeannifrance

Here is a super adorable bullet journal period tracker for those monstrous days. It is a blue-themed tracker for the entire year. The layout is simple; all you have to do is highlight the days you get your period. That’s it! It is a quick and easy way to track your menstrual cycle.

3. Minimal Menstrual Tracker

Source: elizabethturn

This period tracker is very effortless, neat, and minimal. All you have to do is create an alphabet heading for each month, followed by 28-31 dots for each month. These dots can be circled or highlighted whenever you get your period. You can leave a thick plain border around the tracker for some added sleekness. Finally, add a heading on top and a tiny pattern below to bring the entire layout together.

4. Satan’s Waterfall Bullet Journal Tracker

Source: neues_kapitel

Menstruation can be devilish for some, so why not make your bullet journal period tracker a little fun? Add a funny heading to the tracker like in this idea – “Welcome to Satan’s waterfall hell week.” This will surely put a smile on your face during those miserable days. Draw an yearly calendar along with a satan illustration on the side. It is a very comical way to design your period tracking spread.

5. Red & Black Bullet Journal Period Tracker

Source: amavelbujo

Here is a monthly menstrual calendar which has a red and black theme. The layout uses separate mini calendars for each month across the two-page tracker. Simply highlight the days you get your period on and use fancy fonts for the headings. You can also add a category key along with the layout for a more informative spread.

6. Blue Leafy Illustration Period Calendar

Source: journalingyourway

Next up, we have the bad week tracker which spreads across two pages. It has a blue colored leafy illustration on one side and a tabular calendar on the other page. This layout is perfect for recording your yearly menstrual cycle. It is straightforward and can be customized in the designs and colors you like.

7. Categorized Bullet Journal Period Tracker

Period Tracker Bullet Journal 7

Source: aguacatealegre

This bullet journal period tracker is a simple but adorable way to design your bullet journal layout. Divide the page into two columns, one side for the heading, key, illustration, and the other side for the tabular calendar. Add a menstrual cup illustration or any other related image. The calendar would be year long, so try it now!

8. Checking the Flow Period Calendar

Period Tracker Bullet Journal 8

Source: nurias_journal

The bullet journal period tracker is also a great way to keep track of the flow, especially if you suffer from PCOD/PCOS. Recreate this idea with a key to track the flow from heavy to regular to spotting. Make an yearly tabular calendar for the same and add a quote next to it. Use red color for the font and for highlighting the dates. Use this idea to create a quick and effortless tracker for your bullet journal.

9. Simply Aesthetic Menstrual Tracker

Period Tracker Bullet Journal 9

Source: unsophisticated_bj

Try this quick and aesthetic idea to create your bullet journal period tracker. All you need to recreate this idea is a black pen and a lot of freestyling. Start by creating an yearly tabular calendar for tracking. On the left margin, draw long floral illustrations in black ink. You can add one flower or even a bunch. This design is effortless and looks very elegant.

10. Doodled Menstrual BuJo Layout

Source: soulletterstomyyoungerself

Here is another adorable and quick bullet journal period tracker idea, which is also a year-long calendar. All you have to do is add tiny period related doodles under your calendar. These can include tampons, pads, chocolates, medicines, cookies, etc. This is an effortless way to turn a boring layout into something creative and personalized.

11. Floral Ladytime Bullet Journal Period Tracker

Period Tracker Bullet Journal 11

Source: dottedblossoms

Recreate this chic and classy bullet journal period tracker idea to give your BuJo a fancy twist. The layout is simple and follows a black and white theme. It’s all hand-drawn, but you can use printed images, stickers, stencils, etc. The layout is divided into two columns, with one half having a black floral illustration while the other half has the calendar. You can make it unique by adding any image and color scheme you like.

12. PMS & Menstrual Tracking Spread

Source:  ratihrozuwanty

Want to track your period as well as your PMS moods? Try this fantastic idea which allows you to customize your bullet journal period tracker. Use the left half of the page to create your monthly calendar and the right half for the keys. Use one key for the period flow tracking and another key for the PMS moods like fatigue, cramps, agitation, etc.

13. Drops of Positivity Bullet Journal Period Tracker

Period Tracker Bullet Journal 13

Source: kriativedesigns

Try this fun and quirky period tracker idea to add an adorable touch to your BuJo. Use the center of the page to create the yearly tabular calendar. Now, add the fun touch and draw tiny doodles like pads, coffee mugs, tampons, blood drops, etc. You can also write some motivational quotes to help you get through those miserable days. It is a lovely idea, and you should add it to your journal.

14. Don’t Ovary Act BuJo Tracker

Period Tracker Bullet Journal 14

Source: letterstoshanti

This bullet journal period tracker idea is a very informative and detailed version. It allows you to categorize and log multiple things in the tracker. You can mark symptoms, bleeding flow, moods, etc. and create different keys for each. Now, add an yearly calendar table and use tiny boxes to mark each key. Use a red theme to suit the bloody tracker and voila!

15. Simply Scribbled Massacre Tracker

Period Tracker Bullet Journal 15

Source: rediscoveringcandance

This bullet journal period tracker idea is extremely easy to recreate. All you need is a black pen/marker and create an yearly calendar table with tiny, neat boxes. Use the right margin to draw small doodles related to menstruation. Add a heading and your tracker is ready. You can add some colors if you like, but this looks equally creative!

16. Tiny Dots Sleek Period Calendar

Period Tracker Bullet Journal 16

Source: silviajournaling

Here is a sleek and straightforward period tracker idea which is an elegant addition to your bullet journal. Use a fancy font to write the heading, followed by a dotted calendar of 365 dots. It is an incredibly effortless way of creating a tracker. You can add month headings to make it more convenient. Finally, use a red marker to circle the period dates.

17. Oh Bloody Hell, Rosy Menstrual Tracker

Period Tracker Bullet Journal 17

Source: manga_alice

Surround your bullet journal period tracker calendar with a rose border to recreate this lovely idea. The use of a witty heading like “Oh Bloody Hell” adds a unique touch to your tracker. It is a year-long table, so just one page is enough to track your cycle throughout the 365 days. The roses match the bloody theme but add a fresh twist to the otherwise gloomy days.

18. Make a Note! BuJo Period Spread

Period Tracker Bullet Journal 18

Source: x_creativeheart_x

This bullet journal period tracker idea is multipurpose and straightforward! It not only tracks your period days and the type of flow but also allows you to create notes in one section. These could include listing your medicines, doctor appointments, symptoms, mood, or anything else you want to track. The idea is simple, with an added section for the notes. This is a very customizable idea and gives you space to make a note during your period.

19. Mean Girls Inspired Period Tracking Layout

Period Tracker Bullet Journal 19

Source: bulletable

Here is a two-page period tracker idea, inspired by the movie, Mean Girls. The tracker has one page for a period related quote and the other page for the layout. You can replace the above dialogue from any other relatable/inspirational quote of your choice. This idea is an effortless way to give character to your mainstream bullet journal period tracker.

20. Period Quote Bullet Journal Tracker

Period Tracker Bullet Journal 20

Source: little_highlights

Want something to relate to while marking the dates on your bullet journal period tracker? Why not write it down right next to the calendar? This idea is similar to the previous layout, one side for a quote, and the other for a calendar. The calendar is year-long and comprises of dots with month numbers on top of each column. Add any quote/dialogue/meme you like on the left page and voila!

21. Straightforward Bullet Journal Period Tracker

Source: samijournals

I love how basic, colorful, and straight forward this idea is. The simplicity with hints of different colors makes this bullet journal period tracker stand out. All you have to do is add a calligraphic heading on the page, followed by a dot calendar for the year. Now for the colorful part, use different shades to write each month’s initials on top. This simple step adds an adorable touch to your tracker.

22. Code Red Bullet Journal Period Tracker

Period Tracker Bullet Journal 22

Source: sun.wave.journal

Well, period is really a CODE RED situation, so why not add the freakiness to your bullet journal period tracker as well? I find the above idea to be super creative, bright, and perfect for menstruation. Create a red and yellow themed layout for your tracker, add a big red button for an alarming effect. Make an yearly calendar, along with the key, and write a bold, broad heading saying “Code Red.”

23. Fancy Lady Bullet Journal Period Tracker

Period Tracker Bullet Journal 23

Source: drawing_and_journaling

Here is another lady period tracker idea, which is a lovely reminder of the queen that you are! Divide your sheet into two columns and make the yearly calendar on one half. Use the second half to draw a quirky illustration of a woman. You can switch this up with any portrait of your choice.

24. Moody Period Tracking Spread

Period Tracker Bullet Journal 24

Source: bulleting_jessandtess

We are ending our list with this simplistic yet detailed two-paged period tracker. One side of the page has a menstruation-related illustration along with the yearly calendar. The next side has the key for different moods and a large text box for notes. It is an all-inclusive tracker idea, which is a must add to your BuJo.

We hope these ideas have inspired you to keep track of your period-health. One entry each month in your bullet journal period tracker allows you to have an overview of your moods or symptoms during those days. Since it’s an yearly calendar, make it one day, and you only have to update it!

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