18 Weight Loss Journal & Weight Loss Tracker Ideas for 2023

Looking to lose a few pounds and want to keep track of your progress along the way? Then you have come to the right place. You may want to lose weight in order to look fit, be healthy, fit in that dress you grew out of or simply want to lead a healthier life. Whatever be the reason, the path to losing weight may not always be a smooth one.

You may encounter a few bumps and obstacles along the way. If you are someone looking to lose a few pounds then a bullet journal weight loss tracker can be the perfect tool to guide you through your journey.

By using a weight loss tracker, you will get a visual representation of your weight loss progress and this will keep you motivated and right on track. You can also use your weight loss journal as a system of rewards to incentivize yourself along the journey.

In this article, we have a list of bullet journal weight loss tracker ideas and layouts that you can take inspiration from to create one for yourself. Don’t hesitate to customize them according to your needs and preferences.

But before we begin, just a friendly reminder – You are beautiful the way you are 🙂

Weight Loss Tracker Bullet Journal Ideas

Here are some weight loss bullet journal tracker ideas that you can use to keep track of your weight.

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1. Track Your Weight Using This Weight Loss Journal

bullet journal weight loss
Source: craftycurlee

This weight loss tracker by craftycurlee on Instagram is a fun way to track your weight loss progress. It is a roadmap of your weight loss journey with the starting weight and end goal clearly specified. Along the road, you have hilarious distractions that will slow you down such as the sea of soda, fast food forest, cake pop cove, frappuccino falls, chocolate peaks and nacho bay. Your goal is to cross all those hurdles to finally reach the victory garden. You can also track your weight by writing them along the road. This fun weigh loss journal will motivate you to lose weight and attain your ideal body.

2. Poundopoly Weight Loss Tracker

weight loss journal ideas
Source: plan_in_color

Make your weight loss journal fun with this poundopoly weight loss game. Turn losing weight into a board game. This tracker will motivate you to lose 50 pounds. Each time you lose a pound, simply mark it in this poundopoly board game in your bullet journal. To motivate you along the journey and help you lose weight, add small rewards every five pounds. The rewards can be as simple as getting a pedicure or buying a new pair of shoes.

3. Holiday Weight Loss Tracker With Workout Log

holiday weight tracker for bullet journal
Source: rina_g_art

It’s a good idea to combine your workout log with your weight tracker. This bullet journal spread by rina_g_art is a holiday themed workout log and weight tracker. This journal for weight loss is shaped in the form of candy canes and has boxes where you can track your weight every day. It also has a notes section on both the pages where you can write down anything that’s on your mind.

4. Weighing Scales Weight Loss Tracker

weight log bullet journal
Source: bonsaigiant

I love this weight loss tracker by bonsaigiant that I found while scrolling through Instagram. The page consists of mini weighing scales with your weight measures written on them. The scales also have positive affirmations to keep you going. This bullet journal weight loss tracker with positive affirmations will surely push you to achieve your ideal body weight.

5. Mini Goals Weight Loss Journal

weight log bullet journal
Source: planneristica

Here is another weight loss journal idea that will help you reach your desired weight. This tracker has a start weight and end objective clearly specified at the beginning of the page. Simply use stickers and write down mini weight goals on them. You can cross them off once you lose weight to reach that specific weight. Breaking up your goal into smaller, achievable parts is a great way to keep you motivated to achieve your end goal. This also provides a visual cue that will help you lose more weight.

6. Half Yearly Weight And Body Fat Tracker

minimalist weight loss journal
Source: erinflotodesigns

Here is a 6 months weight and body fat tracker by erinflotodesigns. I love the minimalist design and the efficiency of this tracker. This tracker follows a graph layout where the x axis represents days at an interval of 15 days and y axis represents your weight and body fat percentage. The dotted lines indicate your goal or ideal weight and fat percentage that you must aim for. It also has a quotes page to keep you motivated and on the right track.

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7. Minimalist Weight Loss Journal

weight tracker bullet journal
Source: portraits_and_bujo

I love this minimalist weight loss journal by portraits_and_bujo on Instagram. The page has boxes with mini weight goals that you can highlight or cross off once you achieve them until you finally attain your dream body. I really like the line doodling in the centre as well. It gives it a very elegant look.

8. Body Progress Tracker With Weight Loss Goals

bullet journal for weight loss
Source: a.nerd.and.a.pen

I really like this body progress tracker that I found on Instagram by a.nerd.and.a.pen. This tracker not only measures and keeps track of your weight loss goals but also tracks your body measurements. Use this to track your weight, chest size, the size of your hips, waist and arms in your bullet journal. This is a yearly spread where you can note down your recordings each month. I also am in love with the illustrations on the other page. The quotes on both these pages will motivate you to ensure that you attain your perfect body.

9. Bullet Journal Weight Loss Tracker

weight tracker
Source: amiejournals

I love this yearly spread weight loss tracker by amiejournals. This tracker follows a comprehensive layout with the start weight and target weight mentioned clearly at the beginning. By setting a goal in advance, and visually representing it, you will be motivated to achieve the results faster. This bullet journal for weight page has a table where you write down your weight each month. I also really like the concept of this pounds lost jar where you measure the pounds that you have lost throughout the journey. The header is also really cool.

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10. Habits, Meals And Weight Loss Tracker For Your Bullet Journal

weight tracker bullet journal
Source: listsandlettering

Healthy habits and a well balanced meal is key for a healthy weight. This bullet journal for weight spread consists of a habit tracker page along with a page to plan your meals and track your weight. This follows a monthly layout, where you can track your habits every day and plan your meals and track your weight every week.

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11. Weight Loss Journal At A Glance

weight tracker ideas
Source: madebymet

This is a year at a glance of your weight loss and workout journey. The weight tracker follows a graph format where you can track your weight each month. It also has a year of workouts page where you can track the different workouts that you did that year. All you have to do is assign different colors to each type of workout that you do and fill the grid accordingly. The spread also has a quote to remind you to fall in the process. After all, staying fit is always a way to shower yourself with some self love.

12. Fun Bullet Journal Weight Loss Tracker

weight loss log
Source: bulletjourdan

Here is a fun, colorful weight loss tracker by bulletjourdan. It has the start weight and goal weight clearly specified. The page has tiny boxes all over the page, each representing 0.5 kg. Each time you lose half a kg, you can shade one box. All multiples of 2.5 kgs are marked using colorful sketch pens. I also really like the fonts used on this page.

13. Monthly Weight Loss Bullet Journal Spread

weight loss journal
Source: bujo.by.lara

Here is a lavender themed weight tracker and sports routine bullet journal page by bujo.by.lara. The sports routine tracker is kind of like a fitness tracker where you can track the different activities that you do that contribute to your weight loss journey. The weight tracker follows a graph format so that you can get a visual representation of your progress. I also really like the lavender doodles and stickers used.

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14. Bullet Journal For Weight Loss And Steps Tracking

weight tracker
Source: neecies.notes

Here is a floral themed weight tracker and steps tracker by neecies.notes. Both these trackers offer a graphical representation of the number of steps that you’ve walked each day and your weight for the day. This follows weight loss bullet journal spread has x axis representing the days of the month and the y axis denoting your weight/ number of steps taken. I absolutely adore the use of flower stems to track your progress. It just adds a cuteness factor to the otherwise boring graph. It is also a reminder that no matter what your weight is, you are beautiful.

15. Physical And Emotional Health Journal For Weight Loss

weight loss tracker bullet journal
Source: crafty.elephant

Your emotional and physical health plays a huge role in controlling your weight. So why not keep track of them as well in your weight loss bullet journal. Here is a physical and emotional health tracker by crafty.elephant that emphasises self care. It consists of an activity tracker, weight tracker, menstrual cycle tracker emotions tracker. This weight loss journal follows a grid format so that it is easy to track. Use the activity tracker to keep track of the various activities you do such as dance, yoga and gym. The weight loss tracker can you used to measure your progress. Using the cycle tracker, you can keep track of your periods and also specifics like flow, PMS, etc. the emotions tracker is like a mood tracker where you record how you are feeling on a particular day.

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16. Cute Bullet Journal Weight Loss Tracker

bullet journal weight loss tracker
Source: bujo.ver

Here is a cute and adorable weight loss tracker that I found on Instagram by bujo.ver. This page has  12 tiny weighing scales to represent different months of the year. You can write down your weight and record them each month in these boxes. I love those cute eye doodles on the scale.

17. Weight Loss Board Game For Your Bujo

weight loss journal
Source: amandaknitsyyc

Here is a board game themed weight loss tracker for your bullet journal by amandaknitsyyc. It follows a board game layout with start and finish clearly marked. You can specify your start weight and end weight as well. Each time you lose 1 kilogram/ pound, you can color or shade one box on the page. Your end goal is to lose 50 pounds. I love the fact that this weight loss tracker follows a reward system wherein you will be rewarded every time you lost 5 pounds. You can use quotes to keep you motivated along the journey.

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18. Harry Potter Weight Loss Tracker

weight loss tracker ideas
Source: sewjomc

Here is a harry potter themed weight loss tracker by sewjomc. This weight loss journal idea is inspired with Harry Potter theme. It shows measurements in the form of Jelly Beans with different flavours. This tracker page follows a very simple layout wherein each time you lose a pound/ kilogram, you get to color a new flavour. The goal is to lose 50 pounds.

Weight Loss Journal Printables

If you’re not into bullet journaling, then using a simple weight loss journal printable will be helpful in tracking your journey. You can download and print the printable below and start using it to track your weekly measurements.

There you go! That was the list of 18 bullet journal weight loss tracker that will help you lose weight to attain your ideal body. But do remember that no matter what your weight is, or what shape or size you are, you are beautiful. Do not feel pressurised into losing weight. Nobody is perfect.

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Weight Loss Tracker Bullet Journal

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