25+ Fitness Bullet Journal Ideas to Keep You Motivated

A busy daily routine shouldn’t come in the way of staying fit, and a fitness bullet journal might be just the right solution for you. Fitness has become a part of daily life for many, but it gets hard to get those extra hours from our schedule.

Having a fitness bullet journal will keep you motivated and push you through those days when you get a little lazy. We all know how hard some days are to push a little more for those ab exercises, the muscle pain, and the body ache. Maintaining a fitness bullet journal will help you to set your fitness goals and also push you further every day.

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Well, we all want to look good, but fitness is much more than just looking good. It also instills a sense of feeling good and maintaining a positive healthy life.

So here are some fitness bullet journal ideas to set your fitness goals, track your progress, and managing your time. You can also check out some of the yearly planners here on 16 Bullet Journal Future Log Ideas For  Well Planned Year

4 Fitness Bullet Journal Ideas For Your Yearly Goals

Some of us have made fitness a part of life, a part of everyday routine, for such healthy souls fitness bullet journal is a blessing in disguise. Because, let’s admit it, in this busy life fitness at times feel more like a luxury than a necessity. In such a citation, maintaining a fitness bullet journal will enable you to manage your time efficiently without compromising with your health.

Here are some innovative ways to make a fitness bullet journal spread for you. Let’s get started!

1. ‘The Versatile Tracker’ Fitness Journal Idea

Yearly Fitness Bullet Journal 1
Source : journaliving

This fitness bullet journal by journaliving is like a monthly calendar, which makes it easy to recreate. Keeping the busy schedule in mind, this fitness journal is less time consuming but efficient. This is also a good fitness journal for people who like to spice up their fitness routines with different kinds of workouts. You can use different colors like shown in the picture to keep a count on the number of workout days in a month.

2. ‘Fill the Box’ Fitness Journal Idea

Source : pocketfulofplanning

I love the simplicity of this fitness bullet journal by pocketfulofplanning. This yearly fitness journal has made it a point to include a lot of various outdoor activities. You can of course make the changes according to your preferred workout regime. The keys on the side will help you remember the symbols, and it is barely a time-consuming way to keep yourself motivated.

3. Color Themed Fitness Log

Yearly Fitness Bullet Journal 3
Source : bulletjournalkiwi

If you want a colorful fitness bullet journal then this piece by bulletjournalkiwi is your pick. I am in love with how smartly this fitness log has got it sorted. The color of the season only brings a positive vibe to the pages of your fitness bullet journal. This fitness log is for people who have a fixed workout routine, and all they have to do is track your rest days and workout days.

4. ‘The Runner’ fitness Journal Idea

Source : hellobonjournal

The runner in you will love this fitness bullet journal by hellobonjournal. It is sophisticated and absolutely beautiful. It is also simple and easy, a few minutes and voila! You have your own fitness log ready. You can use the space to track the kilometers you run every day. Today’s entry will motivate you to push harder tomorrow.

15 Fitness Log Ideas For Your Monthly Goals

If you are new to the world of fitness and workout or someone who likes to have consolidated goals, then a monthly fitness bullet journal should be your choice. This is great for the monthly challenges. I personally like these as it helps me to set smaller goals and motivates me to achieve them. This type of fitness bullet journal is great if you are trying to lose weight fast but steadily.

Here are some of the best inspirations for you to create your own fitness bullet journal for keeping yourself motivated to complete those 30-days challenges.

1. ‘The 30days Challenge’ Fitness Tracker

Source : shainey.scribbles

This monthly fitness bullet journal by shainey.scribbles is perfect for a monthly challenge to get that summer body fast but in good health. You can personalize the fitness journal with the workouts you would want to include in your fitness regime. And how can one deny the cute little watermelon doodles that have made this fitness log fun? You can check out some more watermelon inspired journals here on How To Plan Watermelon Bullet Journal Theme?

2. ‘More Than Just Workout’ Fitness Tracker

Source : calligravivs

Whether it be drinking water or healthy meals or your workout, this fitness habit tracker bullet journal by calligravivs has it all on one page. You can see how well this fitness tracker has been planned, it not only tracks your workout sessions but also your 10,000steps, which is supposedly a way to a healthy life. This fitness tracker is much more than motivation, it is also an encouragement to live a healthier life.

3. ‘The Elaborate’ Fitness Log

Monthly Fitness Bullet Journal 3
Source : anncakes.art

This elaborate fitness bullet journal spread by anncakes.art is for you if you are someone who doesn’t like to mix and match the workout regime. In this fitness log, the months have been divided according to the workout of your choice. You can always make some improvisation to suit your personality while making a replica of this fitness bullet journal.

4. ‘The Pop of Color’ Fitness Journal

Source : ihggs

This colorful fitness log by ihggs is compact and well segregated. This journal will enable you to track everything, from the workout choices you make to tracking your weight loss. What I like about this fitness tracker are the space for weight and BMI and body fat content. This journal will make your weight loss journey easy.

5. ‘It Is a Habit’ Fitness Journal

Source : hellobonjournal

This fitness bullet journal by hellobonjournal is basically a habit tracker. It takes a lot of patience and determination to make something your habit. And this habit tracker will track both your fitness regime and your habits.

6. ‘The Fitness Expert’ Bullet Journal

Source : jennaxxjournal

This fitness log by jennaxxjournal is the best pick for someone who follows the fitness regime of the fitness vloggers. But if you are someone who has joined an online fitness class, this fitness journal will work just fine for you.

7. ‘The Outdoor And Indoor’ Fitness Tracker

Source : hellobonjournal

If you are looking for a simple tracker then this fitness bullet journal by hellobonjournal is for you. This tracker will help you manage both your outdoor and indoor fitness methods.

8. ‘The Colored Boxes’ Fitness Log

Source : bujonewbi3

This monthly fitness tracker by bujonewbi3 is fun to maintain. You fill the boxes and allot colors to your kind f workout. Voila! You are all set to go.

9. ‘Yes I Can Do It’ Fitness Log

Monthly Fitness Bullet Journal 9
Source : mijournalle

I love the determined emoticon used in this fitness journal. It will forever remind you of your monthly goal and will motivate you to fish your 30day challenge of staying fit.

10. ‘Self-love is Self-care’ Fitness Log

Monthly Fitness Bullet Journal 10
Source : kelsey.doodles

This fitness bullet journal by kelsey.doodles reminds me of how much self-love can boost your confidence. The best thing about this journal besides being a tracker is the left side where you can tell one thing you love about yourself every day. There is probably no other way to express self-love than self-care.

11. ‘The Professional’ Fitness log

Monthly Fitness Bullet Journal 11
Source : mijournalle

This fitness log by mijournalle belongs to a professional. This journal has kept it simple but a hardcore workout routine. It will help you to do one more extra crunch to get those abs booming.

12. ‘The Bar Graph’ Fitness Tracker

Source : zebrapen_usa

This fitness bullet journal by zebrapen_usa is a simple yet colorful bar graph that will help you track the miles you run and the number of Russian twists you have done. Track your progress and maintain a stable and healthy fitness statistics with this simple Bar graph. Like they say keep it simple, keep it efficient.

13. The Purple Themed Fitness Tracker

Monthly Fitness Bullet Journal 13
Source : pieceofmindjournal

A fitness bullet journal is supposed to have a limitless scope, and this fitness tracker by pieceofmindjournal does exactly that. It has a positive vibe with all the shades of purple and lilac. Ticking these tiny boxes will definitely instill you with a sense of accomplishment. And that is necessary to achieve those fitness goals.

14. ‘The Cardio and Yoga’ Fitness Tracker

Monthly Fitness Bullet Journal 14
Source : hannahbananabujo

A fitness tracker can be made look more like fun than something hard and serious. This fitness log by hannahbananabujo proves just that. With these tiny little doodles, this fitness journal will keep your pre-workout mood a little less intense. I love how creative this little bullet journal looks.

15. ‘The Reviewer’ Fitness Journal

Monthly Fitness Bullet Journal 15
Source : bujoncoffee

One of the basic purposes of a fitness tracker is to watch your progress and the results. And this fitness log by bujoncoffee serves the basic purpose of a fitness journal and much more. This fitness bullet journal not only tracks the number of steps walked each day but also reviews the result of all the workout regime and long walks.

Fitness Tracker Ideas For Your Weekly Goals

Setting weekly goals to achieve a fit and healthy body is probably how you can start making efforts to have a healthy life. A fitness bullet journal with weekly goals is the first step towards a fit life. Let’s be honest, the first few days and a couple of weeks are the hardest. In this situation, instead of over-ambitious goals for months or a year, what works the best is the short weekly goals. One week, at a time.

1. ‘Slow and Steady’ Weekly Goals Tracker

Weekly Fitness Bullet Journal 1
Source : thathappyjournal

The best way to keep yourself motivated is by pep-talking. Well, not all of us have a life coach to guide us through what a healthy lifestyle looks like. So we can be our own health expert, by maintaining a weekly fitness journal like this one by thathappyjournal. You can also add some quotes to keep yourself motivated.

2. The Flower Themed Weekly Fitness Journal

Weekly Fitness Bullet Journal 2
Source : hellobonjournal

This fitness log will definitely make you feel like an achiever every time you color a box after the day’s workout. You can include both your indoor and outdoor workout regime in this fitness journal by hellobonjournal.

5 Fitness Challenge Progress Tracker

If there is one thing that everyone is excited about when it comes to fitness, it is the challenge. They come in all forms; 30 days challenge; 100 reps challenge; 50 burpees challenge; 15,000 steps in a day challenge and so on. The best part is that these fitness challenges keep you motivated.

1. ‘The Wedding Bells’ Fitness Tracker Journal

Fitness Challenge Progress Tracker 1
Source : sapphires_and_moonlight

This fitness bullet journal by sapphires_and_moonlight is probably a part of every woman’s pre-wedding plan. Of course, you can always take up this challenge anytime you want to fit into your favorite dress for the cocktail party. Anyone who is into fitness is aware of the famous Chloe Ting 2 weeks shred challenge, that this journal talks about. But what I like the most is the bottom right corner, the confession.

2. ‘The Wellness tracker’ Fitness Tracker Idea

Source : doodlelou.co

This fitness bullet journal by doodleoe.co is proof that maintaining a healthy lifestyle and making workout a part of the daily routine is not just for a good body, it is also for a good mood. Studies have shown that 30 minutes of workout every day helps to elevate the mood of a person. And this tracker tracks the wellness mood with the help of graph representation.

3. ‘Improvement is the Key’ Fitness Tracker Idea

Fitness Challenge Progress Tracker 3
Source : jessie_journals

If one could tell you what is the most important thing that a bullet fitness journal, they will tell you how motivated they make you feel because you can track your improvements every day. And this is indeed true in this journal by jessie_journals. You can track your workout days, your body measurements’ this will give you the confidence to push beyond the pain and walk another extra mile.

4. ‘The Sit-Up’ Challenge Fitness Tracker Idea

Fitness Challenge Progress Tracker 4
Source : creativefiggy

This fitness bullet journal might not look so impressive at a glance but it is as effective as it gets. You can of course make your own challenge instead of sit-ups. But this journal with the shades of blue will certainly motivate you to jump from 40 crunches to 60 crunches. Stay motivated, and keep pushing through your limits.

5. ‘The Push-up’ Challenge Fitness Tracker Idea

Fitness Challenge Progress Tracker 5
Source : creativefiggy

Everyone knows how hard push-ups can get, whether you start today or two weeks later, it never gets easy. And if that’s your view too, then I would suggest you should pick this fitness bullet journal by creativefiggy to track your push-up challenge. It will keep you motivated and will also make you feel better and boost your confidence to set new goals.

Training Schedule Ideas

If you are a hardcore fitness freak, or maybe a fitness blogger, or a gym trainer, this might be it for you. You probably already own one such journal, but still here are some more ideas to spice up your training routine.

1. Sports Training Schedule

Training Schedule 1
Source : hellobonjournal

This training schedule by hellobonjournal is a blessing for a full-time sports person. Whether it be tracking your morning run, or the hill trekking, or your badminton practice, this training schedule has it all laid out in a spreadsheet.

2. Gym Layout Training Schedule

Training Schedule 2
Source : bluerobinlife

If you get nightmares if you miss a workout day then this fitness bullet journal by bluerobinlife is perfect for you. This one has it all sorted, from legs to those benches, to HIIT days. This one will not let you miss anything. And the simplicity of this journal is its true beauty.

So there you go, if you are into fitness and don’t know how to manage your workout routines, I am sure you must have chosen some really cool layouts for your fitness bullet journal. And if you are not into fitness, I a sure the cuteness of these journals has certainly motivated you a bit. Fitness is not just for your body it is for your healthy mind and mood too.

So go ahead pick up that journal and make your own fitness bullet journal. And don’t forget to mention your favorite pick in the comment below. 🙂

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Fitness Bullet Journal Ideas

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