35 Creative Washi Tape Bullet Journal Ideas

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Are you looking for a way to design your bullet journal without using fancy artistic skills or having to draw tons of shapes or lines? Try out these washi tape bullet journal ideas that compile multiple ways you can use washi tapes in your BuJo.

These ideas help you create elaborate layouts effortlessly. They also help you organize your bullet journal logs. This roundup shows how you can make borders, sections, graphs, page and breaks using some decorative tapes. So, grab those fancy tapes and get ready to make some adorable additions to your BuJo.

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How To Use Washi Tape in Your BuJo

Washi tapes can be used for many more reasons than just creating cute borders. This section is a guide to ten diverse ways of using washi tapes in your bullet journal layout and designing.

Create Sections For Your Weekly Spread

The first and most timesaving use of washi tape is, it helps you create neat, uniform sections for your monthly/weekly layouts or even any of your bullet journal trackers. They are a great way of adding some color and design to your layouts as well!

1. Solid Sleek Washi Tape Weekly Layout

Create Sections For Your Weekly Spread 1

Source: mtworld852

This washi tape bullet journal idea by mtworld852 is a minimal and colorful way of creating uniform, neat sections for your weekly layout. It uses thin, solid-colored washi tape to create rectangular sections across the pages. Different colors are used for each date of the week. It is an excellent way of organizing your BuJo entires without any hassle.

2. Abstract Floral Washi Tape Section Layout

Source: mtworld852

I love how bright and adorable this BuJo spread looks just by adding some washi tape. Grab some floral washi tape or any designer tape for creating the sections of your weekly layout. The sections are not uniform, which makes this washi tape bullet journal idea by mtworld852 even more fun and creative.

3. Patterned Circles Washi Tape BuJo Layout

Source: mtworld852

Here is another unique way of creating washi tape sections rather than merely creating boxes. This idea by mtworld852 uses washi tape all over the sheet as a background. Circular sections for each day of the week are left empty through the tape background. It is a colorful and cute way of designing your washi tape bullet journal.

4. Galaxy Washi Tape Uniform Section Layout

Source: mtworld852

I love how magnificent and neat this idea by mtworld852 looks. All you have to do is use the tape to divide each sheet into four equal parts. For further details, double the washi tape at the page’s borders and in the middle of the page, as shown. This adds to the neatness of your washi tape bullet journal. You can recreate this idea with any other tape of your choice.

Create a Decorative Border

Another fantastic way of using washi tape in your bullet journal is by creating straight, neat borders. For these ideas, you can play around with different combinations of washi tapes, the color schemes, patterns, sizes, or even the way you stick them (horizontal, vertical, slanting, etc.)

5. Falling Stars Washi Tape BuJo Border

Source: mtworld852

Here is a beautiful falling stars washi tape idea by mtworld852 that is a one-side border on the top of the page. It is an effortless yet unique way to add a border to your washi tape bullet journal. Cut different lengthed pieces of tape and stick them vertically across the top part of the page. It will create a high-low effect along with a magical sparkly effect.

6. Leafy Margins Washi Tape Bullet Journal Border

Create a Decorative Border 2

Source: dreamsoblue

This is another one side border by dreamsoblue for your washi tape bullet journal. Stick two different washi tape designs aligned together along the length of the page. You can either stick these on the left or the right margin. Try using a combination of plain and patterned washi tapes for an elegant look.

7. Purple Space L-Shaped BuJo Borders

Source:  brookeplannergeek

Here is another galaxy washi tape border idea by brookeplannergeek. It is purple themed and stuck in an L shape on the two sides of the sheet. The layout uses a combination of galaxy washi tape and purple glitter tape. One side has a thinner border, and the other has a thicker one. The open edges of the borders are torn to give a relaxed detail.

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8. Duo Magic Thick and Thin BuJo Borders

Create a Decorative Border 4

Source: kitaangel.art

I love how gold washi tape borders beautify this rustic BuJo layout. The borders are a combination of different patterned gold tapes. There is a unique way the washi tape is stuck. The top and bottom borders are thicker than the left and right ones. Recreating this washi tape bullet journal idea by kitaangel.art is very easy and effortless.

9. Fizzy Floaters Washi Tape Bullet Journal Border

Source: paint.by.letters

Adding exciting and bright patterned washi tape can instantly add an adorable touch to your bullet journal layouts. Also, you can match the theme of your layout to the tapes. This washi tape bullet journal layout by paint.by.letters looks extremely pretty and is easy to make.

10. Row of Washi Page Break Border

Create a Decorative Border 6

Source: yesjohannaplans

Use tiny, uniform pieces of different washi tapes lined horizontally across the middle of the page as a page breaker. This is a neat and creative way of dividing the page into two large sections. It is a lovely touch to your washi tape bullet journal and a must-try idea by yesjohannaplans!

11. Sandwiched Washi Tape Dual Page Border

Source: yesjohannaplans

For a dual-paged bullet journal layout, this border idea by yesjohannaplans is perfect! Grab different washi tape styles and stick them in a slanting manner, across the middle of the page vertically. It is a beautiful way to add some character to a basic layout and make it stand out.

12. Patterned Cuteness Monthly Layout Borders

Create a Decorative Border 8

Source: washigang

This washi tape bullet journal idea by washigang is a pastel-toned theme of absolute cuteness. Grab two designs of washi tapes and create a two-layer bottom border for the monthly layout. Use the same tapes to fill out empty spaces in the calendars. That’s it! Do try this multipurpose and pretty border idea for your next month’s layout!

Create Washi Tape Bullet Journal Graphs

Washi tapes are also a great way to review your monthly progress in your bullet journal. You can use them to create graphs for rating each aspect you want to review. It’s quick, effortless, efficient, and customizable!

13. Pastel Washi Tape Bullet Journal Graphs

Create graphs

Source: alotmallforyou

I love the cute, pastel combinations of washi tapes used in this idea by alotmallforyou. You can buy a pack of washi tapes and use them to create your graphs. If not, even one kind of tape can be used for all the bars. It is an adorable touch to your BuJo with minimal effort.  

Cover Up Your Mistakes

Made an error while working in your BuJo? Washi tapes can come to your rescue! Grab some solid colored washi tapes, stick them on any mistakes, and you have got your blank canvas ready again!

14. Tape Texture Bullet Journal Layout

Cover up your mistakes 1

Source: paint.by.letters

Here is a weekly bullet journal gone wrong that is fixed using red, pink, and white washi tape. The headings are then written over the tape, and the white tape conceals any errors made in the text boxes! I love this idea by paint.by.letters as it gives a fantastic texture to your BuJo as well!

15. Layer it Up Washi Tape Bullet Journal

Cover up your mistakes 2

Source: ebonysdc

Here is another way you can layer up the mistakes by using some washi tape. This washi tape bullet journal idea by ebonysdc uses patterned tape instead of a plain one. Stick it over any errored text, and voila! Your BuJo looks cute and creative.

Decorate Your Washi Tape Bullet Journal Headings

Washi tapes not only dress your BuJo layouts but can also help in decorating the headings of each spread. Write the headers over the designer tape and instantly make your BuJo elegant and beautiful.

16. Black Elegance Washi Tape Headings

decorate your headings

Source: mia_teegan

Use a combination of black and gold washi tape and stick them in an overlapping manner. The addition of gold makes the headings even more elegant and luxurious. Write the headings in white and stick it over the tape background, as shown in this idea by mia_teegan.

Create Hollowed Out Patterns

You can also use washi tape as a masking tape to create some neat and beautiful patterns in your bullet journal. This technique can be used to make headings, backgrounds, or any other design you like.

17. Split in Half BuJo Monthly Headings

create hollowed out patterns

Source: esthersletters

I love this heading idea by esthersletters, which has a floral border at the top and bottom. Start by sticking some layers of washi tape horizontally. Create a floral design above and below the stuck tape. Finish off by peeling the tape and use the empty space to write the month heading. That’s it, your neat and pretty headings are ready!

18. Abstract Background BuJo Cover

create hollowed out patterns 2

Source: letterbystarlight 

You can create unique backgrounds using this masking tape technique by letterbystarlight . Start by sticking tape pieces in a random pattern all over the cover. Next, paint the empty spaces in the colors of your choice—finally, peel of the tapes to reveal neat white borders. Add a heading over the background, and voila!

Decorative Washi Tape Bullet Journal Cover

Another classic way to use washi tapes is by designing your bujo cover pages. Grab some washi tape that matches the theme of your journal cover and get creating!

19. Tones of Coffee Washi Tape Bullet Journal Cover

Source: angilettert

I love the use of different styles of washi tapes that match the coffee theme of the cover. Also, the tiny hints of washi tape across the cover make it sleek and neat. This idea by angilettert is a great way to escalate the elegance of your washi tape bullet journal.

20. Covered in Stripes BuJo Spread

Decorative cover page 2

Source: myflexibilitea

This washi tape bullet journal idea by myflexibilitea is straightforward and looks very cute. All you have to do is grab some complimenting washi tapes and stick them alternatively in a horizontal style. You can choose the colors and the spacing of each stipe according to your choice, and voila!

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21. All Taped Up! Washi Tape Cover

Decorative cover page 3

Source: giuliamsouza.art

This cover idea by giuliamsouza.art highlights the heading by adding some washi tape. Use tiny pieces of different washi tapes and create an abstract background shown in this idea by xxx. Finish off by adding the month’s name over the tapes, and your journal cover is ready!

Use as Page Dividers

Tiny pieces of washi tape are great for dividing your bullet journal. These tape flags allow easy and quick access to any section of your bullet journal.

22. Tiny Flags Page Separators

washi tape bullet journal

Source: sinsarahty

This idea by sinsarahty has color-coded page dividers that look colorful and cute. You can add these color codes to your journal index. Another way is to write the section name over the washi tape flags. This idea will make your journaling way more accessible, so try it now!

Create Washi Wreath Cover Page

Another exciting way to design your washi tape bullet journal cover is by creating a wreath. You can use any style of tape you want to for designing the cover page wreaths.

23. Multicolored Washi Wreath BuJo Cover

Source: mtworld852

This bullet journal idea by mtworld852 is pretty straightforward and effortless. Use some floral washi tape and stick it over the cover in a circular design. Use the empty space in the wreath to write the heading, and your design is ready! 

24. Lovely Lavender Washi Tape BuJo Cover

Source: mtworld852

Here is another easy washi wreath idea by mtworld852 for your BuJo cover page. Cut pieces of floral washi tape in tones of lavender, pink, and blue. Stick these on the cover in a circle, and your washi wreath is ready! Customize this in any way you like, and voila!

Stick Notes in Your BuJo

Washi tapes can also be used to stick some notes or pictures in your bullet journal. They are an adorable and elegant detail to your journal spreads.

25. To-Do List Washi Tape Journal Idea

washi tape bullet journal

Source: wanderbujo

I love this abstract layout by wanderbujo, which looks way cuter with the to-do list stuck using designer washi tape. It is a great way to highlight any important section of your bullet journal layout, from the to-do list to some important dates.

Washi Tape Swatches Page Ideas

These washi tape swatch spreads are the most adorable pages of your washi tape bullet journal. You can create this layout monthly/yearly or randomly to display the tape collection you have.

26. Washi Tape Rollers BuJo Spread

Washi Tape Swatches Page Ideas 1

Source: darlingjournals

Stick samples of different washi tapes all across the page, and for an adorable detail, draw tiny paint rollers and one end of each tape. This makes the layout too cute, fun, and unique. It is a quick and effortless way by darlingjournals to design your washi swatch page.

27. Red to Pink Washi Swatches BuJo Page

Washi Tape Swatches Page Ideas 2

Source: mtworld852

This swatches page idea by mtworld852 is designed for February and follows a valentine’s theme. The color scheme goes from red to pink and looks very pretty and bright. A dotted border is created around the washi tape samples for a neater layout.

28. Leafy Green Washi Tape Bullet Journal Swatches

Washi Tape Swatches Page Ideas 3

Source: mtworld852

This swatches page idea by mtworld852 has a thematic layout following a leafy design. All the washi tapes used have different leafy patterns and are displayed in a table going from large sections to smaller ones. It is a neat and great way to style your washi tape swatches.

29. Washi Tape Collection Garland

Washi Tape Swatches Page Ideas 4

Source: bujolover_ct

Another way you can design your washi tape bullet journal swatches spread is this idea by bujolover_ct. Draw a garland using a black marker with tiny banners. Use these banners to stick in different washi tape designs. It is an excellent way of displaying your washi collection and adding a cute touch to your BuJo. 

30. Hanging Washi Boards BuJo Page

Washi Tape Swatches Page Ideas 5

Source:  study.owls

Give each washi tape in your collection a special space with this idea by study.owls. Draw some hanging boards across the swatches page and stick pieces of washi tape on each board. The layout is categorized into thick and thin washi tapes and looks very beautiful.

31. All Natural Washi Tape Collection

Washi Tape Swatches Page Ideas 6

Source: cynthiabujo

This washi tape bullet journal spread by cynthiabujo has an all-natural theme of green and brown. The tapes are stuck on as polaroids over a wireframe drawn in black pen. The tapes are all green with leafy/floral patterns. This spread looks earthy and organically beautiful.

32. Complimentary Washi Tape Hangers

Washi Tape Swatches Page Ideas 7

Source: x_anya.journals_x

I love this swatches spread by x_anya.journals_x, which displays complimenting washi tapes alongside one another. The layout has hangers with two tapes on each hanger, one thick and one thin. Additionally, the layout has a patterned tape complemented with a solid glitter tape for uniformity.

33. Washi Tape Polaroids Swatch Page

Washi Tape Swatches Page Ideas 8

Source:  isa_bujos

These washi tape polaroids look extremely cute and adorable. This idea by isa_bujos also allows you to highlight each washi tape design in your collection. The polaroids are randomly scattered, and the background is decorated with patterns and light-colored tape.

34. Categorized Washi Tape Bullet Journal Spread

Washi Tape Swatches Page Ideas 9

Source: nicolligraphy

This washi tape swatches spread is categorized into multiple types according to their designs. You can try this idea if you want to have an organized washi collection. Some categories can include patterns, florals, glitter, and miscellaneous, like in this idea by nicolligraphy.

35. Wall of Washis Swatch Page Spread

Washi Tape Swatches Page Ideas 10

Source:  emmadbujo

I love how creative you can be with washi tape spreads like in this idea by emmadbujo. Draw a café scene with a table, chair, and a menu board. Hang your washi tape collection on the café wall in this sketch, and voila! Your beautiful washi tape collection is ready!

We hope you enjoyed this roundup and were inspired to use washi tape in your bullet journal. You can use it in many different ways and can even display your collection in your washi swatches spread! So, grab your box of tapes and get ready to create.

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