How To Plan Watermelon Bullet Journal Theme?

watermelon bullet journal

I don’t know about you but watermelon is my favourite fruit in the world! A bite of this watery fruit can always make me happy. Of course, I never stop after just one bite. I’ve gobbled up entire watermelons as well. No kidding! 

So, when I thought of compiling the best ideas for every bullet journal theme I could think of, watermelon bullet journal theme was definitely on my mind.

In this post, I’ve compiled some of the best ideas from across the internet by some of the very talented bujo creators. Let me walk you through them.

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Watermelon Bullet Journal Theme Cover

Nothing declares the coming of the new month like a fresh bujo month cover. If you’ve decided to go with water melon theme this time, you will definitely love these ideas!

1. One In A Melon Month Cover

bullet journal watermelon cover
Source: Sena Journals

A truck full of watermelons means summers! This cover page by sena_journals perfectly captures the summer vibe. I love the cute truck loaded with watermelons, the lovely watermelon border and the lovely cutout on the left page with quote ‘one in a melon’!

2. You Are One In A Melon Cover

Source: b.bulletjournal

Getting the hang of ‘one in a melon’ quote? Here’s another one by b.bulletjournal. I love the clever typography of the word ‘melon’ inside the melon. I think it looks super cute. Red and Green will be your theme this month which means leaf doodles can also be a great addition to your cover page. 

3. Hello July Watermelon Bullet Journal Cover

Source: journalwithstef

This water melon theme July cover page by journalwithstef is just perfect. I love the water melon in different shapes, sizes and colours. I also like the water melon seeds doodled across the page and the beautiful lettering of ‘July’.

4. Hello Summers Water Melon Cover Page

summer water melon bullet journal
Source: whimsical.doodles

Here’s a different idea. Did you know that Archer And Olive have come up with an all new black pages bullet journal by the name Blackout. This unique idea by whimsical.doodles has these lovely bright watermelons doodles across the page. What says ‘Hello Summers’ better than watermelons! 🙂

Watermelon Bullet Journal Theme Monthly Layouts

Your monthly layout or spread is one of the important pages of your journal if you like to mark the monthly events in advance. It’s also useful in referring to when you make your weekly layouts. Here are some ideas that you can take inspiration from. Let’s begin!

5. August Water Melon Theme Layout

Source: tarans_bujo

Here’s a simple monthly layout by tarans_bujo with those big tempting watermelon pieces. The colour theme is a simple combination of red, green and black. The lettering for the month of August is also simple and fun to make.

6. July Water Melon Theme Layout

Source: bulletjournal.ah

This monthly layout by bulletjournal.ah can be easily drawn on a single page. The grids are easy to make. In the colour theme, there are red, white and two shades of green. These colours give a realistic tough to the simple watermelon doodles. I specially love them in this layout!

7. Simple Calendar Month Layout

Source: dotted.pages

You don’t always need an elaborate monthly layout. Sometimes, just a mini month calendar also does the job. This layout by dotted.pages stands out for its beautiful lettering font of the month and the doodles. It has a mini month calendar to go with it.

8. July Monthly Layout Water Melon Theme

july watermelon bullet journal
Source: the.little.journalist

Want to keep it simple? Here’s an easy monthly layout by the.little.journalist full of tempting water melon doodles and a minimal monthly grid.

9. August Water Melon Theme Ice Lollies Monthly Spread

Source: blossom_bujo

Love water melon theme but want to try something in place of water melon doodles. Here’s an unique idea by blossom_bujo! I love these super cute water melon ice lollies. The monthly grid is also simple and hand drawn to maintain the playful vibe. 

10. Water Colour Watermelon Monthly Spread

Source: bujotrulla

Do you love water colours? Then, you will love this beautiful water melon theme monthly spread by bujotrulla. You need to be really skilled with water colouring for this. Otherwise you water colour illustrations might appear so neat. I also like how the weekend boxes are filled in with colours. 

11. July Water Melon Month Cover

july water melon bullet journal theme 3
Source: angelabujo

Want to create a quick monthly spread? Here’s an idea by angelabujo. The boxes are hand draw and the simple water melon doodles at the top are easy to draw. You can take inspiration from this design to create your own. 

How To Draw A Watermelon

Here’s another reason I love watermelon bullet journal theme – watermelons are so fun and simple to draw. You don’t need drawing skills to make this simple fruit. You can even create a watermelon illustration by simply using green and red sketch pens.


This bujo page by dotted.pages shows three simple ways to make water melon illustrations by using Tombow brush pens. The illustrations are so simple and yet so realistic. You can figure out your own creative ways to make these watermelon illustrations or doodles.

Watermelon Theme Expenses Tracker

An expense tracker can be a great addition to your bullet journal. It’s a simple page for you to keep track of your bills. You can also add other elements like dates and category of the expense.

expense tracker watermelon bullet journal

Here’s an expense tracker by dotted.pages made pretty with the watercolour illustrations. I absolutely love the unique lettering with watermelon theme fill-in. You can use similar font styles to add that extra fun element to your bujo.

Watermelon Bullet Journal Theme Weekly Layouts

Weekly layouts are one of the most widely used elements of a bullet journal. You can make your weekly spreads creative by taking inspiration from these ideas.

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1. Watermelon Days Weekly Spread

water melon bullet journal weekly spread

This creative weekly spread by kennsteschonlettering has a watermelon for each day of the week filled in with light colours. You can use these outlines to plan your days. There’s a mini calendar with the week in progress highlighted.

2. All In One Watermelon Theme Weekly Spread

water melon bullet journal weekly spread theme 2

Want an efficient weekly spread that helps you track everything at one place? This all-in-one weekly spread by kelsey.doodles is just perfect! I love how it has sleep tracker, mood tracker, habit tracker, reminder section and even a fitness dashboard. You can use this spread for a lot more than just planning your week. Come to think of it, isn’t it a great idea to track everything one week at a time? Smaller commitments are easier to follow through. I simply love this layout and the playful vibe created by the cute watermelon doodles.

3. Vibrant Weekly Watermelon Theme Layout


If you don’t want to get too intensive with your week planning, then you can take inspiration from this weekly layout by the.little.journalist. I love the red and green borders, the lettering of weekdays and cute water melon doodles. This spread gives you ample space to plan out each day of the week.

4. Plan In A Box Weekly Spread

water melon bullet journal weekly spread theme 5

I love how the.little.journalist has gone so creative with planning the spread of each and every week of the month. Here’s another layout in which she has created boxes for each day of the week and mentioned the date in the watermelon doodles.

5. Watermelon Days Weekly Spread


Here’s another super creative layout by the.little.journalist. I love the huge watermelon doodles with dates and the casual lettering for the day of the week. 

6. Week Planning Layout

water melon bullet journal weekly spread theme 7

I also love this simple yet creative week planning layout by bulletsandconfetti. It has some simple watermelon doodles and a neat layout for putting your tasks for each day of the week.

7. Watermelon Week Layout

water melon bullet journal weekly spread theme 8

Here’s another minimal and creative week layout by bulletsandconfetti. I love the blocks for each day of the week and the lettering with the watermelon pattern fill-in is super adorable.

Watermelon Theme Habit Tracker

You can have a separate page for tracking your habits and your daily routines in your bullet journal. I am a big fan of habit trackers and I strong believe that our habits determine the quality of our life.

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1. Habits and Skincare Tracker Watermelon Theme

habit watermelon bullet journal theme 1

This cute watermelon theme habit tracker by the.little.journalist has a creative layout for tracking habits for the entire month. It also has a section for tracking day and night skincare routine. Loving the illustrations at the border and the lettering for ‘habits’ and ‘skincare’.

2. Habit and Sleep Watermelon Theme Tracker

habit water melon bullet journal theme 2

I absolutely adore the colour theme of this habit and sleep tracker by blossom_bujo. The watermelon ice lollies add the perfect summer vibe to this tracker. Apart from that, the fonts and the layout are very minimal and easy to draw.

Watermelon Bullet Journal Theme Mood Tracker

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Just like habit tracker, mood tracker page is a great addition to your monthly bujo. Tracking your moods along with habits and sleep patterns help you understand what works the best for you.

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mood water melon bullet journal

The only thing that is not so good about watermelons are the its seeds. This mood tracker by lifeislikeabullet uses the number of seeds to depict the mood. The fewer the seeds, the better the mood. How creative! 🙂

Hope you loved this compilation of water melon theme bullet journals. If you particularly loved a layout, head over to the Instagram account of the artist and give them some love through likes and comments. Let them know that they inspired you. Keep spreading the love! 

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I love finding and sharing the best inspiration and ideas for bullet journaling, DIY projects, and recipes.

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