40 Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas To Inspire You

bullet journal weekly spread

If you want to take charge of your life by planning in advance or you simply want to write down your thoughts somewhere, you must try bullet journaling. By maintaining bullet journals, you can track the past, manage the present and design the future. I personally prefer the bullet journal weekly spread as you can plan a week in advance. You can draw up the layout every week and add tasks to each day to get a visual representation of how your week is going to be like. 

This article is a list of weekly spreads that you can use to organize your week. We have divided the list into minimalist bullet journals and some decorative ones. So read on.

Minimalist Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads

Minimalist bullet journals are a great way to increase your productivity. These are very functional and easy to create. A minimalist bullet journal is perfect for all those who can’t really draw, are a beginner to bullet journaling or are simply busy in life. Here is the list of top 20 minimalist bullet journal weekly spreads: 

      1. Hogwarts Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

This Hogwarts themed bullet journal is for all the Potter-heads out there. This is a minimalist bullet journal with doodles of the Hogwarts castle at night. It has a monthly calendar at the top left corner along with the week number. The page is divided into three with each third representing one day of the week. What I love about this one is that it also has small habit tracker in the corner.

2. The Planning Leaf Weekly Spread  

This fresh leaves-themed bullet journal weekly spread will give you a fresh start to your week. It has seven neat boxes spread over two pages for each day of the week, a notes column for you to take down important notes, a cute little goals box for your weekly goals and a calendar in the end. 

   3. Planner in Peach Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

This minimalist bullet journal is the easiest to make and is very functional. All you need to do is to divide the page into eight boxes- one for each day of the week and the last one for notes. You can use a highlighter to decorate the page or may choose to keep it simple.

4. Less = More  Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

This minimalist bullet journal follows a clean, horizontal layout. Simply divide the page into seven sections horizontally and use bold letters to indicate the day of the week. Keep it clean and simple by using bullet points to write your tasks for the day.

5. Weekly Highlights Bullet Journal

Just like the previous one, this one too follows a simple horizontal layout. Use different highlighters to indicate the different days of the week with the name of the month on top.

6. The productive plant Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

Unlike the above bullet journals, this one follows a vertical layout. Divide the page into two and then go on to further divide it into 3 vertical columns. If you have a lot to write, you can just stick to 3 days a page instead of 6. This one has a simple leaf design on the top. You can substitute it for any doodle of your liking.

7. Fly Me to The Moon Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

This moon and sky themed weekly spread bullet journal follows a vertical layout. The pages are divided into six with the last column representing the weekend. It also has a tiny calendar on the top left corner so that you can view your month and mark any important days.

8. Think Outside The Box, Write Within The Box 

This minimalist bullet journal is my favorite from the list. It follows a box layout with each box marked according to the day and date. The first box has the month and the year along with a monthly calendar to view the month at a glance. It is well-spaced for all the important events of your day. 

 9. Plan Your Week In Style

This one is very similar to the other weekly spreads above but what makes it unique and different is the detailed to-do list and habit tracker at the bottom. 

10. Blank Canvass 

This simple yet elegant weekly spread bullet journal by habitsbuzz.com again follows a box layout. The month is written in beautiful calligraphy with the monthly grid in the corner.

Use Hand Lettering to make the titles visually appealing. Make sure to check out our article on How To Get Started With Hand Lettering to know more about it.

11. Cuteness Overload 

This weekly spread has boxes to represent the seven days of the week for you to write down tasks to be completed. It also has space for goals, highlights and your weekly insights. It is complete with a habit tracker grid and some cute washi tapes to decorate it. 

 12. Productive Me = Happy Me  

simple  bullet journal weekly spread layout

This cute weekly spread bullet journal follows the horizontal grid layout. Its plain and simple layout accompanied by a minimalist floral design in the side is highly functional and effective.  You can write down the things to get done, errands to run, or simply pen down your thoughts.

13. My weekly Lineup 

This simple weekly planner by buujooo follows a grid pattern. The name of the month along with week is written on the top in neat calligraphy. Use different shades of highlighter to represent the different days of the week with an additional space to write down your thoughts or muse. You can make it more attractive by doodling in the blank spaces.

14. My Yellow Pages Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

This minimalist weekly planner is all that you need on a page.  It not only allows you to plan for the current week but also has a space for your next week.  It has allocated spots for your to-do list, important dates and also a place to pen down your thoughts and ideas. This bullet journal weekly spread is the complete package.

15. Make Hay When The Sun Shines

This is yet another bullet journal weekly spread that follows the horizontal layout. It is simple and is perfect for those who are bad at drawing or are simply busy. You can replace the sun doodle by any other design of your choice.

 16. Weekly Timeline 

This minimalist bullet journal is so simple and I love the pop of colour added by the leaf detailing. Along with the designated areas for each day, it also has a meal planner. So it is perfect if you like to plan your meal in advance. 

 17. Lavender Calender

This elegant bullet journal weekly spread by thesmalleststep.com follows a functional and highly effective box layout. The lavender pattern around the numbers and the doodling with the sweet quote in the side make it truly adorable and aesthetically pleasing. 

18. Geometric Lines Weekly Spread

This bullet journal layout is very minimal with plenty of space for writing down your tasks and thoughts. The simple geometric design in the corner gives it a very sophisticated look. Overall, it is super functional and I would recommend you to try this out.

 19. The Complete Package

This bullet journal not only has designated boxes for each day of the week but also has tiles titled now and later. It is complete with a meal planner, a sleep tracker, a mood tracker and a scope for gratitude and takeaways. What more! It also has a column for you to note down the word for the day.

 20. Blue Hue Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

This blue theme minimalist bullet journal by rediscoveranalog.com is all you need and more. Apart from the weekly planner it also has a month view on the top along with a to-do list. It is complete with a section labelled NEXT for the tasks to be completed next week.

Decorative Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads

We have covered the list of top 20 minimalist bullet journal weekly spreads. But if you are more of the artistic type, or simply like to decorate your journals, then here is a list of top 20 decorative bullet journal weekly spreads:

 21. Floral Paradise

If you are creative and love to draw, then you must try this floral bullet journal by mashaplans.com. It follows a vertical layout spread diagonally across the page. The days of the week are labelled by neat calligraphy letters. You can use this to write down your to-do list or simply pen down your thoughts. 

22. Flower Lover Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

This bullet journal weekly spread is very similar to the previous one. But it has additional details such as the month view on top and bold numbers to denote the date. Three lovely flowers at the bottom complete the look.

23. Zen Garden

This decorative bullet journal weekly spread reminds me of the Japanese zen garden. Its box layout accompanied by delicate pink flowers gives it a very soothing look. It is perfect for planning out your week and noting down any important points.  

24. The Comic Book Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

This decorative bullet journal is for all the comic book lovers out there. It has space for planning out your week along with a section for notes and goals. So if you are a comic book enthusiast or know anyone who is, then go make one immediately and gift it to them.

25. Watercolor Magic Weekly Spread

This blush pink watercolor bullet journal is all you ever dreamt of. It is adorable and will make you want to plan your week ahead. So what are you waiting for? Just take out your watercolors and paintbrushes and make one for yourself right now.

26. Chic Weekly Spread 

Looking for a simple, chic and elegant weekly spread for your bullet journal? We have got you covered. This weekly spread not only has a space for your daily to-do list and notes but also has a water tracker so that you stay hydrated.

 27. Dream Catcher

This is more of an inspiration board than a to-to list weekly spread. You can write down your thoughts and creative ideas every day and if you are into music then there is also an area to write down tunes. You can use magazine cut-outs or stickers to make it look even more attractive. 

Make sure to add Motivational quotes in your journal to keep you going. Check out our blog post 100 Never Give Up Quotes To Keep You Going.

 28. Your Weekly Dose Of Rose

floral pink  bullet journal weekly spread

This pink floral weekly spread by crazylaura.com is for the little princess in you. Its simple, cute and highly functional.

29. Cartoon Network Weekly Spread

This cartoon themed bullet journal weekly spread is just so adorable. You can fill the space up with your favourite cartoon character or any other doodling of your choice. It also has a box titled next week where you can plan the following week in advance. Isn’t that amazing!

30. Floral Dream Bullet Journal Weekly Spread   

This weekly spread is minimalist yet decorative. Its lavender flowers and leaves gives this bullet journal a very aesthetic look.

31. Bright Happy Days  

This happy go lucky bullet journal is here to brighten up your mood. Its bright yellow sunshiny pages will make you feel productive and energized at all times.

32. Out Of The World Bullet Journal  

This space-themed bullet journal weekly spread is truly out of the world. It has cute little doodles and a constellation in the side. Apart from the daily tasks, it also has a space for notes and things to get done in the future. You can fill it up with quotes to keep you motivated and right on track.

33. Woman On A Mission

Don’t get fooled by this floral weekly spread, it’s just as functional as the rest. Apart from the to-do list, it also has a designated area for you to note down what you are grateful for each day.  It’s complete with a habit and water tracker.

 34. AvocaDon’t Worry, Be Happy

This cool avocado weekly spread bullet journal will help you plan a smooth week ahead.

35. Happy, Bright And Everything Nice  

This floral weekly spread bullet journal is perfect for students. Along with the daily tasks, it also has a column for homework. You can decorate it with stickers and quotes of your choice.

 36. Bee Positive Weekly Spread

This honeycomb shaped weekly spread will make you productive so that you can also be as busy as a bee. 

 37. Write Away Your Thoughts

This crafty bullet journal spread by Rachel L is highly functional and efficient. You can use banners and calligraphy letters to make it decorative. Use stickers to personalize the journal.

  38. Green Queen  Weekly Spread

This bullet journal weekly spread gives off a very fresh, earthly vibe. It has a calendar on top so that you can view the month at a glance. It also has a notes section for you to jot down important points.

39. Wherever Life Plants You, Bloom With Grace

This sunflower bullet journal is all you need. It’s fresh, happy and vibrant. You can use washi tapes and stickers to make it look cute and awesome.

40. Crystal Clear Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

This watercolor bullet journal weekly spread is the last one on the list. It is crystal themed and is complete with a habit tracker, gratitude journal and a notes section.

So that was the list of top 40 bullet journal weekly spreads. Do try it out. You can choose one from the minimalist list if you aren’t artsy or are simply too busy. However, if you are more of the creative type, then do go ahead and choose one from the decorative list. Remember, you can customize them according to your needs or to match your taste.  


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