35+ Gorgeous Bullet Journal Monthly Spreads You’ll Love

What is a Monthly Spread?

A bullet journal monthly spread is my favorite kind of log to make plans. It gives me an overview of the entire month. Everything, on one single page.

It keeps everything organized; you can have the whole month and also focus on the short-term goals. I have a curated list of ideas here to help you with your bullet journal monthly spread. It usually has two pages; that gives you enough space to keep your schedule and plans sorted.

Get some inspiration for the following ideas; you can always add or remove certain things according to your convenience.

Bullet Journal Monthly Spread Ideas

If you are confused about the kind of bullet journal monthly spread that you would like, then here are some inspiring ideas for you. Go through this long list of ideas and let your creativity flow free.

1. January Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

This January, try out something different. Start your year on a positive note with a bullet journal monthly spread. These will certainly keep you focused and motivated.

1. Yellow January

January Monthly Spread 1

Source : haru.bujo

I love how positive this January bullet journal monthly spread looks. It is so bright and happening. The layout is simple but she has put in this amazing quote which is such a great way to start your year!

2. January Monthly Log

Source : naomi.journals

I love this purple-themed January bullet journal monthly spread. The planet doodles make it a little dreamy. The layout is like a simple calendar, leaving ample space for you to manage your schedule.

2. February Bullet Journal Monthly Log

These February monthly logs are beautiful. They are simple and easy to make. Perfect planners to have an eventful February.

1. February Flamingo

February Monthly Spread 1

Source : journalbykim

Flamingo is one of my favorite doodles ideas for my bujo pages. This pink monthly log is so neat and clean. But my favorite part is the sections allotted to to-dos and goals. These will keep you focused on your monthly goals.

2. February Ice

February Monthly Spread 2

Source : bujomiranda

My favorite thing about this bullet journal monthly spread is the snowflakes. I love easy doodle ideas, and these are certainly easy to draw. It is simple, neat, and clean. And has extra space for notes!

3. March Bullet Journal Monthy Spread

March has pretty interesting weather. And you can put all of that in your bujo pages. You can include tiny doodles, interesting colors, fun fonts, and stickers to make your monthly log interesting.

1. March Monthly Log

March Monthly Spread 1

Source : gracceestudies

This pink March bullet journal monthly spread is so bright and fun. I love the simple layout. It is a basic traditional monthly calendar. But it looks so classy. I love how she has created extra space for notes and goals; it keeps things sorted.

2. March Floral Monthly Log

March Monthly Spread 2

Source : everydaybulletjournal

I love how this bullet journal monthly spread has turned out! The flower doodles are so easy, and the subtle touch of pink makes it look so classy. She has used teal blue washi tapes on the edges to create a beautiful contrast.

4. April Bullet Journal Log

April bullet journal logs that you usually come across are more about the elements of nature. They have flowers, ice creams, and summer doodles. But here, we have a refreshing take on the same elements that make April a beautiful month.

1. Hey April

April Monthly Spread 1

Source : papyrophie

I love this bullet journal monthly spread for April. Especially, the polaroid doodle used to write ‘Hey April’. I love the peachy flowers and that extra space to manage your plans. Bujo pages can always use some extra space!

2. Happy April

Source : alisonbujos

This bullet journal monthly spread is creative and colorful. She has used simple colorful doodles of jam, bread, and strawberries as the background for the monthly log. And look at all the extra space! This one is truly a masterpiece!

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5. May Bullet Journal Monthly Log

Create an amazing May monthly log with these ideas. Keep your May sorted and well-planned with these monthly bujo pages.

1. Simple May Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

Source : papyrophie

This two-page monthly log is just too perfect! I love the dragonfly doodles, the use of color is so subtle, and the layout is simple. She has used soft shades of blue to create a sophisticated look. And I love the extra space she has left out at the bottom.

2. May in Pink

May Monthly Spread 2

Source : planwithady

A bullet journal monthly spread can be more than just a planner. For instance, look at this one. She has also included a mood tracker alongside the monthly log. This one is the perfect option for someone who wants to stay away from doodling.

6. June Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

People love June. And when it comes to your bujo pages, you can experiment so much. Let’s see how we can make our June bujo pages unique and interesting. Here are some versatile June monthly journal ideas- 25 June Monthly Spread Ideas For A Creative Bujo.

1. Grid Board June

June Monthly Spread 1

Source : bulletsandconfetti

This one is truly a one-of-a-kind bullet journal monthly spread. I love how easy, simple, and unique this one looks. You can always add your favorite doodles to personalize it. But the best thing is, on the left you have a monthly planner, while on the right, you have a personalized daily planner!

2. June Lemons Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

June Monthly Spread 2

Source : planwithady

I don’t think making a monthly bullet journal can be any easier. I love the yellow and green color scheme! It is so simple and unique. And that little announcement that Summer is coming, adds the perfect kind of drama that this bujo page needs. If you like lemonacious bujo pages, there here are some tips for you- How to Create A Bullet Journal Lemon Theme?

7. July Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

If you are looking for a theme for your July bullet journal monthly spread, then you are at the right place. Switching themes can get a little tricky. So let me handle that for you. Some more monthly cover ideas to spice up your July- 18+ July Monthly Spread to Plan Your Month in Style.

1. Minty July

Source : bujomiranda

You know what? This mint-green July bullet journal monthly spread reminds me of mint ice cream! I love the color, the layout, and how spacious this bujo page looks.

2. Simple July Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

July Monthly Spread 2

Source : bujobycel

If you want something simple and easy, then this bullet journal monthly spread is what you need. This orange and yellow color is doing wonders for this bujo page. I love the simple doodle and the traditional monthly calendar.

8. August Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

August is all about fun adventure, time with family, and making new memories. So let’s see what kind of bujo pages we can make to keep us focused and motivated this August.

1. Adventurous August

Source : journalsbyclara

I have a special love for hot air balloons. And when I saw this one, I couldn’t ignore it. I love the doodle work in this one. And I love the colors and the little boxes allotted for the extra plans. If you too love hot air balloons then here are some inspirations for a hot air balloon-themed bujo pages- 30 Bullet Journal Hot Air Balloon Theme Ideas.

2. August Blues

Source : naomi.journals

Isn’t this August bullet journal monthly spread so beautiful and divine?! I love the origami crane doodles. The layout is simple, neat, and clean. You can also keep your work and your classes segregated with the help of the box planners.

9. September Bullet Journal Monthly Log

Monthly logs for September can be tough. Too many themes, too many colors, and so many options. So let’s see something unique for your September bullet journal monthly spread. Look through some more September monthly journal ideas- 30 September Bullet Journal Ideas to Plan The Month.

1. Black & White September

Source : supermassiveblackink

If you want a simple yet trendy bullet journal monthly spread for September, then go for this one. I love the unique flower doodle, and the twisted touch to the traditional monthly log. She has made monthly task boxes to give each day enough space.

2. September Clouds

Source : alisonbujos

Isn’t this layout so dreamy?! I just love the look. It is simple, neat, and unique. The cloud doodles make this otherwise mundane layout trendy. If you are looking for a simple monthly log, then pick this one.

10. October Bullet Journal Monthly Log

October is the prelude to all the festive days that Fall brings. Usually, October has a lot of events and things to do. So let’s weigh some options before choosing a monthly log for October.

1. Orange October

October Monthly Spread

Source : bujoforstars

I love the color. It is the color of October. The doodle work is magnificent. It gives the whole layout a very extravagant look. I like how she has kept the overall layout simple and traditional.

2. Spooky October

Source : positivethoughts.ca

Having a spooky theme for October is super cool. And I love this layout. It is simple and the doodle work is easy. This is also a perfect countdown for Halloween!

11. November Bullet Journal Monthly Log

November is full of anticipations. It is the beginning of all the good things and fun. So why not have a fun and quirky bullet journal monthly spread to plan your November events?

1. Colorful November Monthly Log

November Monthly Spread 1

Source : haru.bujo

If you are into colorful bujo pages, then maybe this is your kind of jam. This monthly spread has it all. It has doodles, colors, a spacious layout, and even space for birthdays, notes, and the following month!

2. Blue November

November Monthly Spread 2

Source : littlemissrose

This one has to be my favorite in the entire list of bullet journal monthly spread ideas. I just love it! It is simple, clean, with the right touch of color. If you are a fan of minimalism, this one is your kind of thing.

3. Kind November Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

November Monthly Spread 3

Source : barbarahaegerart

I like how cute this monthly spread turned out. It is simple and cute. But what I like the most is the inspiring quote on the left. Your bujo pages can always use a motivating quote that can keep you focused.

4. November Bliss

Source : somekindwords_

I love these random winter doodles that have embellished this bullet journal monthly spread. There is so much space at the bottom that you can customize according to your need. My favorite is the woolen mittens and the pinecone doodles.

12. December Bullet Journal Monthly Log

December is a month festival, happiness, and joy. So let’s find ways to make your December bullet journal monthly spread more happening and interesting.

1. Remember December

December Monthly Spread 1

Source : journalbykim

I love how simple this December bullet journal looks! Usually, December bujo pages are colorful or red, this one for a change is not so colorful. But that green tree makes up for all the missing reds! So, make your December that you can remember!

2. Red December

Source : alisonbujos

This red-themed December bujo page is just too good and festive to ignore. It is a simple and clean layout with colorful doodles. Or you can even improvise and use paper or stickers instead of doodles.

3. Merry Christmas

December Monthly Spread 3

Source : btav_bujo

This December bullet journal monthly spread is so merry. I love the penguin doodle. So adorable with that little red gift! The layout is simple and clean. And the doodle works spices things up.

There you go, people. You have a plethora of options to choose from for your next bullet journal monthly spread. All you have to do is just decide which you like the most. Let us know in the comment section below which one you liked the most. Happy journaling, people!

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