35+ Easter Crafts for Kids That Are Super Easy and Fun

Your Easter decoration shouldn’t stop as soon as you are done decorating some Easter eggs. Try out some of these non-conventional Easter crafts for kids for decoration.

While kids love dipping, dyeing, and coloring Easter eggs, there is so much more to Easter crafts for kids. For instance, look at these easy DIY craft projects; your kids will fall in love with these Easter crafts for kids instantly. You can also check out some more craft ideas for your kids- 25 Best Red, Blue, and White 4th Of July Crafts For Kids.

Let’s check out some DIY Easter crafts for kids ideas that you and your little ones can try out this year.

1. How To Make Paper Roll Bunnies?

Easter Crafts For Kids

Image and Tutorial by onelittleproject

These paper roll bunnies are so adorable! They look cute and mischievous little bunnies ready to jump. I love the fuzzy white cottontail in the air. This one is just too cute! If you are up for some painting project, then go ahead and paint for toilet paper rolls. Here are some more empty toilet paper roll craft ideas for kids- 30+ Innovative Toiler Paper Roll Crafts For You.

2. Popsicle Stick Easter Crafts for Kids


Image and Tutorial by thebestideasforkids

Popsicle stick crafts are so fun and versatile. If you are looking for simple and easy Easter crafts for kids, you should go for this one. This is a perfect way to celebrate Easter and Spring! You will need only a few basic supplies to accomplish this idea; here are some more popsicle stick craft ideas that you can explore- 25+ Fantabulous Popsicle Stick Crafts For The Summer Time.

3. Cute Bunny Paper Plate Craft


Image and Tutorial by acultivatednest

Paper plate crafts for kids are a fun way to celebrate Easter. Look at these adorable bunnies! Paper plate crafts are fun and easy to do; they are inexpensive and budget-friendly craft ideas. Check out some more paper plate craft ideas- 20 Super Fun Paper Plate Crafts For Kids in 2021.

4. Easter Crafts for Kids: Easter Egg Basket

Image and Tutorial by buggyandbuddy

Here is a simple Easter craft for kids that is a lot of fun! It is an easy craft idea and perfect for preschoolers and kindergarten kids. Make this sponge-stamped Easter basket full of colorful eggs! Your kids will have a gala time making this colorful craft!

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5. Easter Craft for Kids: Recycled Can

Easter Crafts For Kids

Image and Tutorial by organized

Easter is a happy holiday with sunshine and memories. And some good and easy Easter crafts for kids make it all the more fun. This one is an upcycled craft project. If you have an empty can, make this cute DIY easter bunny. This is a craft-tastic idea!

6. Easter Paper Plate Basket


Image and Tutorial by thebestideasforkids

With Easter right around the corner, it is time to indulge in some easy Easter crafts for kids. This one is perfect for kids of all ages. It is easy, quick, and fun. This easter egg craft idea is a great way to spend your afternoon. I just love the bling added by the glitter glue makes it so fancy.

7. Cardboard Roll Yarn Wrapped Bunnies


Image and Tutorial by ourkidthings

These cardboard rolls are seriously so cute! You can color the cardboard tubes or leave them the way they are; they are cute either way. You will need multi-color yarn, cardboard rolls, cardstock, acrylic paints, black sharpie, googly eyes, scissors, and glue for this one.

8. Candy-filled Easter Egg Carton Chicks

Easter Crafts For Kids

Image and Tutorial by onelittleproject

Who doesn’t love simple craft ideas? Well, kids certainly do. Easter is coming up, and these candy-filled Easter eggs are just what you need to get your kids all excited. This is an adorable addition to your Easter dinner table decor. I love the bright yellow color. Your kids will be super proud to make some of these for Easter decoration.

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9. Suncatcher Easter Egg Craft


Image and Tutorial by fun365.orientaltrading

I have a special love for suncatchers. A beautiful and colorful suncatcher is all you need to deck up your windows this Easter. This project is easy and requires minimum supervision. It is a great way to keep your kids occupied creatively. All you need for this idea are cardstock paper, scissors, glue, and tissue paper. Here are some more ideas for tissue paper craft that you can try out 15+ Amazing Tissue Paper Crafts For Your Fun Time.

10. Easter Garland

Image and Tutorial by modpodgerocksblog

A simple Easter garland is a perfect decoration for Easter brunch! Make these Easter eggs with glue and colorful yarns. Your kids will love helping you to make a few of these Easter eggs. It is honestly a fun project! You will need yarn, glue, balloons, and a sponge paintbrush for this one.

11. Painted Easter Egg Rocks


Image and Tutorial by projectwithkids

If your kids are into painting then introduce them to this craft idea. I love these kinds of Easter crafts for kids; so unique and colorful. These are perfect for an Easter egg hunting game. All you will need for this one are rocks, acrylic paints, paint brushes, Q-tips, paint palate, and glue. Here are some more rock painting ideas that you can try- 40+ Spectacular Rock Painting Ideas For You To Experiment With.

12. How to Make a Wash Cloth Bunny?


Image and Tutorial by smartschoolhouse

Crafting can’t get any easier than these Easter crafts for kids. It is easy, fun, and budget-friendly. To make these boo-boo bunnies all you will need are a washcloth, hair ties, ribbons, googly eyes, pompoms, and glue.

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13. Pasta Easter Eggs


Image and Tutorial by thebestideasforkids

Have you ever made ornaments and accessories with pasta and macaroni? This one is a fun craft idea that your kids will enjoy. Just get the supplies and let them be creative and make their pasta easter eggs. To make these amazing pasta easter eggs you will need macaroni, fusilli, penne, a cereal box, acrylic paint, and glue.

14. Silly Easter Chicks

Image and Tutorial by theprettybee

I can’t get enough of these cute little Easter chicks! They are so cute and tiny! This one will be a fun DIY Easter craft for your kids. All you need are basic supplies like styrofoam balls, toothpicks, paintbrushes, orange pipe cleaners, yellow flocking powder, glue, orange cardstock, and pins for eyes.

15. Sheep Puppets


Image and Tutorial by kidscraftroom

Easter crafts for kids should be fun and fantastic, just like this one here. I love puppet crafts; they are fun and allow kids to be creative and tell imaginative stories. This is a lovely Spring and Easter craft that needs simple supplies like cardstocks, packing peanuts, jumbo craft sticks, wiggle eyes, a white paint pen, glue, sticky tape, and scissors.

16. Paper Plate Bunny

Image and Tutorial by eighteen25

I can’t imagine Easter crafts for kids without a cute Easter bunny. So here it is! A cute little paper plate Easter bunny to make your little one happy and merry! With simple supplies and an easy tutorial, your kids will love this craft idea. I love the pink whiskers against the white paper plate.

17. Easter Bunny Garland

Image and Tutorial by diycandy

This cute and easy Easter bunny garland is so colorful and fun. It is perfect for Easter brunch decorations. It is made out of scrapbook paper and yarn. Everyone loves a cute Easter bunny; both kids and adults will love making these bunny garlands.

18. DIY 3D Paper Eggs

3D Paper Egg

Image and Tutorial by simplisticallyliving

I love budget-friendly Easter decorations. This is a great option for a budget-friendly decoration. The best part is these 3D eggs are colorful and fun. You will only need cardstock papers, glue, and scissors for these 3D paper eggs.

19. Pompom Chicks


Image and Tutorial by practicallyfunctional

Easter is incomplete without some adorable Easter decorations. And these yellow pompom chicks are perfect to fill your Easter with fun and cuteness. They are cute and easy to make and fun to look at! You will need yellow yarn, googly eyes, orange felt, scissors, and hot glue.

20. Easter Bunny Bookmark


Image and Tutorial by easypeasyandfun

A book lover like me can never have too many bookmarks! I just love this corner bookmark. It is super cool and cute. And folding their corner bookmarks is a great way to encourage your kids to read more books. You can follow this easy tutorial to make a few of these corner bookmarks.

21. Easter Candy Jar

Image and Tutorial by crazylittleprojects

These easy Easter candy jars are so easy to make and also a great Easter gift. Make a cute chick or a bunny face Easter jar and fill it with sweet candies for your kids. It’s perfect for Easter!

22. Easter Egg Doily Craft

Image and Tutorial by alittlepinchofperfect

How about some Easter eggs without paint or colors? Here is a craft idea for which your kids will not need paint or colors. All you need for this one are paper doilies, craft papers, paint brushes, markers, small containers of water, and craft glue.

23. Easter Handprint Cards


Image and Tutorial by thebestideasforkids

Easter is a happy time. But you can make it more special with handmade gifts and greeting cards like these handprint cards. You too can make these with your little ones. My favorite one is the cute little sheep. Which one is yours?

24. Shaving Cream Marbled Paper Easter Eggs

Image and Tutorial by typicallysimple

What I love the most about these marbled paper Easter eggs is that it is perfect for messy kids. All you need for this one are shaving cream, cardstock papers cut into egg shapes, acrylic paints, a tray, toothpicks, newspaper, and paper towels.

25. Easter Basket Craft

Easter Basket

Image and Tutorial by thejoysharing

I love this one! It is easy, fun, and unique. It is a great way to upcycle the empty toilet paper rolls. Once done, you can fill these with Easter candies and eggs. So go ahead, get some popsicle sticks, paints, pipe cleaners, washi tapes, glue, and scissors.

26. Easter Wreath

Image and Tutorial by theresourcefulmama

The Fall is all about beautiful wreaths for your doors and walls. So how about some easy paper Easter wreaths? This one is so easy and requires minimum parental guidance. You will need paper plates, Easter-themed colors, glue, glue dots, ribbon, scissors, and an oval cookie cutter.

27. Bunny Slime

Image and Tutorial by thebestideasforkids

If you are looking for some fun Easter crafts for kids- then this is it! These slime bunnies are so much fun to play around with. Your kids will enjoy making this one. They can also be amazing Easter gifts to include in your Easter basket. All you gotta do is fill the jar with colored slime and then make the jars look cute with paper ears and googly eyes.

28. Easter Egg Black Glue Art


Image and Tutorial by iheartcraftythings

These Easter eggs might come across as complicated craft ideas, but they are so easy to make and fun to look at! You just need mixed media paper, glue, stirring stick, acrylic paint, liquid watercolors, and scissors.

29. Easter Bunny Eggs

Image and Tutorial by littleredwindow

These little cute Easter bunny eggs are so cute and easy to make! These are perfect ideas to add to your list of Easter crafts for kids. These will make your kids chuckle the moment they see them. You just need white craft eggs, white stiffened felt, acrylic paint, hot glue, and pompoms, for this one.

30. Baby Chick


Image and Tutorial by makeandtakes

This craft idea is a perfect way to spend Spring afternoon with kids. I love how bright and yellow this craft looks. It feels like Spring! What are you waiting for? Grab those craft supplies and get to ‘chirping’ on this craft!

31. Felt & Yarn Cards


Image and Tutorial by thediylighthouse

This is an egg-cellent easter craft idea for kids. It is simple, unique, and inexpensive. But the best part? Is that you can personalize these according to the style of your kids. Let your kids give this one a try to see their creative potential. I just love the pink bunny! Which one is your favorite?

32. Yarn Egg Easter Craft


Image and Tutorial by thefantasticfunandlearning

Easter activities are always full of fun. So when I saw these little yarn Easter eggs I just had to include them in this list of Easter crafts for kids. All you need for these colorful eggs is a piece of cardboard, some yarn, and craft tapes. I just love the pink, yellow, orange, and green color combo!

33. Gingerbread Houses


Image and Tutorial by itsalwaysautumn

It is almost a tradition to make gingerbread houses during Christmas. How about we make some gingerbread crafts this Easter? The fun thing is we are going to use Graham crackers to make it a more kids-friendly craft. Here you have a step-by-step tutorial for you to share with your kids. All you need for this little cute house are 3 graham crackers, hot glue, 1 peep, M&Ms, sprinkles, and candies for decorating.

34. Sock Bunny


Image and Tutorial by apumpkinandaprincess

Sock bunnies were my favorite as a kid. They are nothing fancy but such a budget-friendly craft idea for kids. To make these sock bunnies you will need small socks, felt, large pompoms, googly eyes, ribbon, clear rubber bands, and rice.

35. Handprint Easter Crafts for Kids


Image and Tutorial by simpleeverydaymom

Kids love making handprints. They think it is magical that their handprints can transform into beautiful bunnies. And this makes this craft idea one of the best Easter crafts for kids. You will only need some basic supplies for this one- colored card stocks, glue sticks, pencils, white pipe cleaners, pink pompoms, glue dots, scissors, and bunny templates.

There you go, people. We have come to the end of an exhaustingly long list of Easter crafts for kids. Have fun this Easter, making a few of these with your kids! Let us know your favorite ones in the comment section below. Happy crafting, people!

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