30+ Innovative Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For You

Toilet paper roll crafts are fun DIY that you can easily master. And these DIY projects are not only fun to make, but also a good recycled substitute for your regular decorations. Paper roll crafts are cheap to make and are recyclable. Your kids will enjoy making these. And these ideas will certainly give your creative side a boost. Whether it is some school project or party decoration toilet paper crafts are an absolute go-to idea. 

One may think that toilet paper crafts are quite a weird choice for decorating the house for a party. Well, wait until you see our curated list of DIY toilet paper roll crafts for you. These ideas are innovative, creative, and unique. You will enjoy making these. And given this is a festive season you will certainly find a way to use these toilet paper roll crafts in your decorations.

It is an excellent way to keep your kids occupied with these ideas. It will not only expose them to their innate creative side but also teach them about the importance of recycling the usual everyday waste materials. 

Here is a list of holiday season-themed toilet paper rolls crafts for you and your kids. You can also explore some DIY crafts ideas for kids on- 15 Easy And Creative Thanksgiving Crafts Ideas For Kids.

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Paper Roll Crafts As Toys

Kids love toys. Well, some grownups love toys too, whether it is star wars toys or Marvel figurines, toy collection is a thing and we adults are often obsessed with it. If you are one such soul, then these toilet paper roll crafts ideas to make some toys will certainly interest you. And if you are a parent looking for some environment-friendly ways to surprise your kids, then these ideas will impress you.

1. Star Wars Toy

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Toys 1
Source : woodenthatbesomethin

This roll crafts idea by woodenthatbesomethin is not exactly a Star Wars replica, but it certainly is one of a kind rocket. The pink color and the beautiful pattern at the head gives the whole toy an added beauty. If your kid is a fan of space and spacecraft, then this will certainly cheer them up.

2. Rocket but Trash

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Toys 2
Source : brandibee423

This toilet paper roll crafts idea by brandeebi423 is a recycled rocket that will take your spirits to the moon. These little and simple rockets made out of trash is going to light up the mood of your kids and the beauty of their room.

3. Rocket Craft

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Toys 4
Source : paula.thanksmommy

This is an absolutely colorful replica of rockets made out of empty toilet rolls. This toilet paper roll crafts by paula.thanksmommy is a brilliant creation. Especially the fire effect created with the help of colored papers at the bottom end of the rocket has sky-rocketed the effects.

4. Roll Doll Craft

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Toys 5
Source : ladylemonadenl

This beautiful doll craft by ladylemonadenl is proof that rockets are not the only thing that can be achieved with empty toilet rolls. When it comes to toilet paper roll crafts there is no limit to creativity.

5. Little Mermaids

Source : ladylemonadenl

This crafts idea by ladylemonadenl is like little figurines out from a Disney story. These are an excellent choice to decorate the bedroom of your kids. You can use the color of your choice to suit your kids better.

6. Flying Rolls

Source : recycleandplay

These flying planes by recyclendplay is a treat to the eyes. Your kids will love these, and would certainly enjoy flying them high. Make these excellent flying planes that have a touch of a vintage look to make their day.

7. Toilet Roll Airplane

Source : chasing_arrow

This little toilet paper roll crafts by chasing_arrow is a beautiful choice for your study table. It has a vintage look, it is easy to make, and it is a recycled product. It will add a character to your study table.

Some Toilet Paper Roll Crafts To Make Organizers

We all could use some extra organizers. So how about this time instead of the pricey and plastic organizers opt for toilet paper roll crafts? These are not only a cheaper option but also environment-friendly. All you will need are the empty toilet paper rolls and some DIY props, and you are good to make your own organizers. The advantage of making your organizers is that you can always improvise according to your need, space, and purpose. Here are some of the creative ways for toilet paper roll crafts for making organizers. They are beautiful and once finished they look nothing like their actual appearance.

1. Up-cycled Organizers

Source : _ashlee_white_

These recycled organizers by _ashlee_white is a perfect choice to declutter your study table. Make a few of these to store your stationery items. They not only keep your study or workspace clean but also looks beautiful. You can choose the color according to your choice to level things up by a notch.

2. Doggo Organizers

Source : ilzeievina

If you are a dog lover or your kid’s table requires a cute little organizer then this is it. This organizer has enough chambers to declutter your desk and organize them efficiently. Toilet paper roll crafts by ilzievina are fun and yet fancy.

3. Tinker Space

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Organisers 3
Source : suyencruz80

This DIY crafts idea by suyencruz80 is too cute to handle. This organizer is an excellent choice for your brushes. If you are a painter or a makeup lover, your brushes and your art or makeup supplies will love you for these. This one here will manage your items like a pro.

4. Toy Car Garage

Source : bubblesandbellylaughs

If simplicity and fancy were to be found together, this would be it. This simple yet so cool toy car garage is a winner. It is easy to make, your kids too can make it effortlessly. This organizer idea by bubblesandbellylaughs will be your car-obsessed kid’s favorite. But even adults can use such an organizer, for instance, to organize towels or even socks.

5. Critter Cottage

Source : dontblinkmama

How about making the animal toy organizer for your kids a little fun? This toilet paper roll crafts by dontblinkmama is a popular option and a much-loved toy organizer. The best part is you can make it bigger or smaller, depending on the need.

6. Paper Roll Caterpillar Pencil Holder

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Organisers 6
Source : fromunderapalmtree

This caterpillar pencil holder is easy to make. Your kids will enjoy recreating this one. It will also improve their motor skills of cutting and pasting. This crafts by fromunderapalmtree is a good activity for your kids, to keep them occupied.

Toilet Paper Crafts For Your Kids

Paper crafts  are an excellent way to keep your kids engaged. It is not only innovative but also a productive manner of teaching your kids the importance of recycling.

Here are some ideas to use toilet paper roll crafts as a part of DIY projects for kids.

1. Spring Cereal Trees

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For Kids
Source : bubblesandbellylaughs

This DIY organizer by bubblesandbellylaughs is as easy as it gets. The simple colors and the use of the color have made these organizers vibrant.

2. Butterfly Fly Up High

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For Kids 2
Source : littlecreativecrown

This organizer by littlecreativecrown is the replica of a butterfly. It is a beautiful decorative item for any function at your place. Especially for your kid’s birthday party, this one is going to be an attention stealer.

3. Little Fishes

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For Kids 3
Source : learningwithmymommy

This kid’s craft will keep your kids occupied and is a good fun project to enhance their creative aspect. With some empty toilet rolls and some colored papers, learningwithmymommy has created an amazing DIY product for kids.

4. Roll And Snowman

Source : honigkukuk

These snowman themed paper roll crafts by honigkukuk is perfect DIY dolls for Christmas decoration. Your kids will love the idea and will enjoy contributing to the party preparation. You can also add some white cotton balls in the background to add some extra character to the white Christmas theme.

5. Paper Roll Homes

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For Kids 5
Source : recycleandplay

This toilet paper roll crafts by recycleandplay are cute houses. They also do look like spooky castles, which are perfect for Halloween decorations. And you can also use these craft ideas for fun projects for your kids during summers.

DIY Paper Roll Animal Craft Ideas

These DIY ideas with the help of some toilet paper roll crafts are amazing. They are eye-catching, creative, and of course excellent display of talent. These animals are so fancy that they can easily be a part of party decoration. You can also use them as wall decorations, especially for the kid’s room, or the study room. Personally, I would say these belong to the playroom, kids will love it. And they are so easy to make that the kids will enjoy every bit while making it.

1. Hello Ladybugs

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Animals 1
Source : barely_crafty_mom

These ladybugs are an absolute delight to the eyes. The animated look of the eyes and the patterned body is an amazing replica of ladybirds. This roll crafts by barely_crafty_mom is a cheap and easy DIY for kids.

2. Bunny And Carrot

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Animals 2
Source : wundertuetchen

Wundertuetchen has outdone herself in this crafts. The cute little bunny and those eager eyes are too pretty to ignore. The addition of the toilet paper carrot adds to the scene.

3. Easter Bunny

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Animals 3
Source : bayusedbooks

This paper roll craft easter bunny by bayusedbooks will remind you of the holiday season. With all the whiskers and big eyes and those bunny ears, these cuties are absolutely adorable.

4. Under The Sea Crabs

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Animals 4
Source : funlearninglife

This red crab paper crafts by funlearninglife are a little tricky to recreate. But it is certainly worth the effort. These are cute and can be placed almost anywhere. You can certainly surprise your kids with these, or even help them recreate these red little crabs.

5. Amazing Animals

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Animals 5
Source : peaceandpapercompany

These cute animal figurines are made out of trash, well out of empty toilet rolls. These toilet paper roll crafts by peaceandpapercompany are cute and fun. They look adorable and will certainly cheer up your kids and light up their rooms.

6. Little Birdie

Source : sofiaysuscuentos

This little birdie craft by sofiaysuscuentos is so perfect that one can never guess it to be a toilet paper roll crafts. The best part is you can make these easily and also enjoy throughout the process.

7. Funny Bunny Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Animals 7
Source : blueyedbombshell01

If pink is your color and bunny is your choice then look no further and hop on to make these little bunnies. This one by blueyedbombshell01 is nothing but adorable. The big pink bunny ears are too hard to ignore.

8. Paper Peacock

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Animals 8
Source : athomeartsandcrafts

This toilet paper peacock by athomeartsandcrafts is as colorful as it gets. It does make use of paper plates along with empty paper rolls, but then it is indeed a recycled DIY craft.

9. Some Little Reindeers

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Animals 9
Source : kitchencounterchronicles

The red-nosed reindeers by kitchencounterchronicles can definitely be a part of your Christmas decorations. Don’t these belong under the Christmas tree? This one will always remind you of the Rudolph song

10. Butterfly Butterfly

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Animals 10
Source : jumbletree

This toilet paper roll crafts by jumbletree are quite unique. All you need to do is cut the rolls, flatten it, and color it. And that’s it, that’s all it takes.

Decor With Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

What else can one wish for if you can utilize some old and used stuff from your house? And that too unique and beautiful craft ideas. It is a win-win for you. And certainly, an environment-friendly way to decorate your home space.

1. Rock My World DIY Yours

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Decor 1
Source : houghton_habitat

This group of DIY fireplace decorative vases is an exceptional idea to decorate the fireplace. This toilet paper roll crafts by houghton_habitat will brighten up your fireplace because of all the color around.

2. Toilet Paper Roll Lanterns

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Decor 2
Source : jamiedcannon

These toilet paper lanterns are a perfect way to decorate the backyard. You can hang these paper lanterns by jamiedcannon in your backyard for some brunch parties and these will be an absolute stealer.

3. Paper Flowers

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Decor 3
Source : jumbletree

These colorful toilet paper crafts by jumbletree look as attractive as real flowers. These recycled DIY products are excellent for decorating your hall space.

4. Flower on the Wall

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Decor 4
Source : pracowniapastelka

These flower cuttings are a good choice to paste on a frame. That is an innovative way to create some DIY wall hangings. You can easily recreate these wall hanging by pracowniapastelka to give some character to that empty wall in your house.

Toilet Paper Roll Planter

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Planter
Source : thenewweiscenter

Toilet paper roll crafts are eco-friendly but how about utilizing them to give something back to nature? If you have some empty toilet paper rolls in the house, then get them out, cut them into suitable sizes to recreate these planters by thenewweiscenter. If your guilty pleasure is some gardening, then these toilet paper roll crafts seed planters won’t disappoint you.

Gift Wrap Ideas

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Gift wrap
Source : heiterkram

If you thought that toilet rolls belong to the dustbin, then think again. Because here is an excellent way to make use of those empty rolls this festive season. Yes! You can actually make small, cute, and eco-friendly gift packs with the help of some toilet paper roll crafts by heiterkram.

There you go, from waste to new ways, we have come to the end of the curated list of toilet paper roll crafts ideas. You can use these simple raw materials and some stationery supplies to create something uniques and beautiful. Let us know your favorite empty roll DIY in the comment section below.

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