24 DIY Pencil Holder and Stands For An Organised Desk

I like simple craft ideas and projects. It is one of my favorite ways to spend the summer months. These DIY pencil holder ideas are the perfect craft projects for the summer. 

Some of these DIY pencil holder ideas are so simple that you can even get your kids to do them. After all, there is no such thing as too many pencil holders! I keep losing and misplacing my pens and pencils, and these DIY pencil holder ideas are the best solution for this problem. 

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1. Cute DIY Pencil Holder from a Jar

DIY Pencil Holder

I love craft ideas where you reuse some waste material. This DIY pencil holder is one of those repurposed craft ideas. She has used an old mason jar for this craftwork. It is also a budget-friendly craft idea with an easy tutorial. All you will need are a jar, paint, paintbrush, and decorative papers.

2. Caterpillar DIY Pencil Holder


This one is another repurposed craft idea. Look how beautiful it has turned out! I am confident that your kids will have a gala time making this DIY pencil holder. The tutorial is simple and easy for kids. This caterpillar will need basic home supplies, so you will not have to run to the store for anything. It is the best out of waste! There are more toilet paper roll craft ideas that you can check out- 

3. Rubik’s Cube Pen Stand


We all love a decorated desk. And what is better than a DIY pencil holder that is also a fancy Rubik’s cube? In just 8 simple steps, you can accomplish this piece of craft. It is a little complicated, but with few tries, they can certainly finish the task. This one helps to sharpen the cognitive skills and keeps the brain active.

4. DIY Superman Pencil Holder


I am sure your kids will love this! If you are a fan of Superman, this will certainly flatter your eyes. You just need two basic supplies for this crafted piece- posca paint pens, and a milk bottle. You can follow the tutorial here.

5. Rustic DIY Pencil Holder

DIY Pencil Holder

This one is pure bliss! It is perfect for keeping all the crayons and color pencils sorted and decluttered. This wooden DIY pencil holder is rustic and has an aesthetic touch. It has a detailed tutorial for assistance. 

6. Boho-themed DIY Pencil Holder


This DIY pencil holder is a beautiful addition to your study table. It is a repurposed craft made out of plastic bottles. You will need household supplies like a plastic bottle, jute rope, glue, and scissors. In just 7 simple steps, you can have your own fancy DIY pencil holder.

7. Recycled Magazine Pencil Holder


We all have those empty toiler paper rolls filling our bin bags. If you have some lying here and there, nothing stops you from making this piece of craft. 10 exciting steps and viola! You have your DIY pencil holder. 

8. Back to School Pencil Holder

Another wooden DIY pencil holder! The good news is, it is super easy and super cool! You will need an unfurnished wooden box, craft paint, washi tapes, and a paintbrush for this one. As you are using washi tapes for the box, you can choose your favorite color, pattern, and style. In case you need some help you can refer to the tutorial.

9. Easy Pencil Holder

This easy peasy DIY pencil holder tutorial is super cool. Your kids will love this colorful craft idea. It is neat and clean. You can use colorful woolen yarns to give this pencil holder an extra edge.

10. Cup DIY Pencil Holder

DIY Pencil Holder

If you have some empty plastic or paper cups, grab them NOW! Along with that get some scrapbook papers, glue sticks, scissors, tape, and magnets. With few simple steps, you will have this neat and clean DIY pencil holder.

11. Glided Wooden Block Pencil Holder


Everyone loves to get a little more organized. And what is better than a fancy DIY pencil holder to organize your stationery items? This wooden pencil holder will not just tidy up your table but also will add a bit of bling to your desk. The tutorial is fun to follow and is a perfect summer project.

12. Wooden Cake Stand Pencil Holder

DIY rustic-pencil-holder

I love the rustic vibe of this one. It is artistic, classy, and chic. You just can’t deny the aestheticism of this DIY pencil holder. You will need a slice of wood, hand saw, drill, sandpaper, and this interesting tutorial, to accomplish this piece of craft.

13. DIY Toilet Paper Roll Pen Organizer


Toilet paper tubes are an excellent craft supply. So this summer, you can get down to some crafty stuff with your kids. I like how colorful, bright, and fun these pencil holders turned out. Some more empty toilet paper roll craft ideas- 30+ Innovative Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For You.

14. Unicorn Pencil Holder


I am in love with this unicorn DIY pencil holder. So much so that I landed up making it for my niece. For this one, you need an empty tin can, construction paper, felt for the flowers, silver glitter for the horn, black marker, glue, and scissors. The tutorial was so much fun and detailed! If you ask me, you should give this one a try!

15. Wooden Bangle DIY Pencil Holder


I love clever this DIY project looks! All you need are some wooden bangles, paint, paintbrush, cardboard, scissors, and glue for this one. It is a fun and quick craft. This one is a great tutorial for repurposing your wooden bangles.

16. How to Make Clay Pen Holders

Kids love clay crafts.  You will have no hard time making this as the tutorial is simple and easy to follow. This is a good way of introducing the kids to DIY clay crafting. You will need some air dry clay of various colors, a glass tumbler, powder/flour, and double-sided tape, for this craft.

17. Empty Tin Can Pencil Holder

This is the best way of reusing the empty tin cans in the house. In just 7 simple steps you can accomplish this quaint DIY pencil holder. You just need to find some beautiful craft papers, and you are good to go.

18. Origami DIY Pencil Holder


This one here is one of the most unique DIY pencil holder ideas. DIY crafts can get a little complicated at times, and this one surely is a little tough to crack. But with this easy tutorial and the right supplies, you too can ace it. 

19. Dino Pencil Holder


This little green dino can be your homework buddy! How adorable does it look? And the best part is, it has a super easy tutorial. With a little patience and few steps, you can have your own dino DIY pencil holder. 

20. Bunny Pencil Holder


Yet another craft pencil holder for kids! I love how crafty this one looks! Especially, that tiny bunny tail, super cute. This white bunny is a must addition to your kid’s study table. The tutorial is well explained with images and detailed instructions.

21. Ruler Pencil Holder

I love this DIY pencil holder. It is super cool. Without a doubt, this is a perfect summer craft project for kids. It is easy, fun, and a perfect gift for Teacher’s day. All you will need are some scraps of wood, rulers, a beautiful ribbon, and a tutorial.

22. Repurposed DIY Pencil Holder


This one is so simple and easy that it will take just a few minutes to craft it. With just some empty toilet paper rolls, craft paper, cardboard, and glue, you can accomplish this task.

23. Tiles DIY Pencil Holder


This DIY pencil holder is so quaint. I am in love with the aesthetic essence. She has an elaborate tutorial to teach you how to turn ceramic tiles into pencil holders. It can also act as a box planter! You can check out some more box planter ideas here- 28 Beautiful & Unique DIY Planter Box Ideas.

24. Rattan DIY Pencil Holders


This minimal DIY pencil holder is easy to make and pretty addition to your desk. You will need few supplies to excel in this tutorial. I love how artistic this one looks! 

25. Bookworm Pencil Holder


DIY craft ideas are super fun to play around with. And this one here is certainly a star! This bookworm pencil holder is super easy and fun! Follow the tutorial and have your bookworm pencil holder.

26. Bath Caddy Pencil Holder


This crafted piece is so clever. All you need is a bath caddy, black spray paint, a wooden board; and you are all set to use your new DIY pencil holder.

27. Rainbow Pencil Holder


This one is a perfect colorful addition to the study table. It will certainly brighten up your mood. The best part is you will need little time, patience, and some basic supplies. You can follow the tutorial to get an idea about the process of achieving this crafted piece. 

There you go, people! We have covered easy, fun, colorful, and crafty ideas in this list. These DIY pencil holder ideas are all you need this summer to kill time productively. Let us know your favorite one in the comment section below. Happy crafting, people. 

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