23 Best DIY Key Holder & Shelves Ideas For 2023

How many times have you gone around the house like a mad man looking for pesky keys? Happens to me all the time. For me, DIY key holder ideas are the best solution to this problem.

These DIY key holder ideas are interesting and beautiful enough to add to the beauty of your home decor. Moreover, there is no other better way to spend time making some craft that you can actually use!

A DIY key holder will keep your keys in one place. And believe me, for me, when I have my keys in place, my life is in place!

These  DIY key holder ideas are so fancy that you can actually make them a part of your home decor. Here are few more craft ideas to add to your home decor.

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1. Mountain Shelf DIY Key Holder

DIY Mountain Key Holder

Image and Tutorial by craftedbythehunts 

This is a magazine-worthy DIY key holder! It is so classy and sophisticated. It is a perfect addition to your indoor decor. For this one here, you will require woods, wood glue, nails, cup hooks, sawtooth hangers, stain, and sandpaper. The tutorial for this one is easy to follow. The step-by-step instructions will make this a piece of cake.

2. DIY Key Holder for the Wall

DIY Key Holder

Image and Tutorial by colormecrafty

This is not just an easy DIY key holder; but also an excellent idea for wall decor. All you need to make this keyholder is a piece of wood and some hooks. And just like that, you will have a cool place to hang your keys. I love how she has kept the tutorial simple and easy to follow. But my favorite part is the little reminder note on the holder. It adds an artistic touch to it.

Here are some more DIY wall decor ideas for you- DIY Wall Hanging From Recycled Paper Bags.

3. Birdhouse DIY Key Holder

Image and Tutorial by diycandy

If you are looking for a key holder tutorial that is not just easy but also adorable, then this is it! The best part is this is more of an assembling craft. Technically, you don’t have to make this one from the scratch. You will need a decorative birdhouse, paint, hook screw, and small sawtooth hanger. You can add a little message like ‘Home Sweet Home’ to give it a homely touch.

4. How to Build a Key Holder?

DIY Key Holder 4

Image and tutorial by homedepot

What I like about this DIY key holder is that it serves a dual purpose. It is a key holder and also a mail center. You can use the tiny drawers for serval things like message board, coat hanger, or even a facemask holder. This DIY project has an elaborate list of supplies and a very detailed tutorial.

Click here for more wood craft ideas.

5. Farmhouse-inspired Key Holder

DIY Wooden Key Holder

Image and Tutorial by homedit

They say that it is the little things that make a house, a home. And it is true. Something like this one here is the perfect combination of a welcome sign and a key holder. It has a homely and welcoming look. The tutorial video is very detailed, and you will have no problem making this DIY key holder.

6. Potterhead Key Holder

Potterhead DIY Key Holder

Image and Tutorial by mugglenet

Okay, who isn’t excited about this DIY key holder? Of course, it would be great if there was a spell to find your keys whenever you wanted; but this keyholder will at least keep them organized. I am in love with the magical look of this one. With woods, paint, and hooks, you too can achieve this piece of craft. There is an easy tutorial for you to follow.

7. DIY Key Holder for Entryway

Image and Tutorial by singlegirlsdiy

This one is a cute farmhouse style that is perfect for the entryway. Keyholders are usually expensive, but this one here only looks expensive but this inexpensive and crafty. You will need a wooden frame, primer, white paint, sandpaper, ruler, glue gun, and hooks. The tutorial is doable and specific.

8. DIY Farmhouse Key Holder

Image and Tutorial by mellowpine

If you are looking for something which takes less space, then this DIY key holder will do the job. It is compact and cute. You will love this key holder. You can use this even as a coat hanger. It even has a letter rack; how amazing is that! For achieving this masterpiece you can follow this tutorial.

9. DIY Key Holder with Lettering

Image and Tutorial  staedtler

You will need only an hour or two to accomplish this DIY key holder. Wooder board, lettering template, marker, and hooks you can make this one. She has an easy tutorial for you to make this ‘Welcome’ key holder.

10. Utilitarian Key Holder

Image and Tutorial by anikasdiylife

Now that we are living in a pandemic world, we all can use some good mask holders along with key holders. So, here is a tutorial for you for a multipurpose DIY key holder. This one is quirky and colorful. It is more like an art. The little shaded hexagons that you see are magnetic. You can use them for notes and pictures too!

11. DIY Picture Frame Key Keeper

DIY Picture Frame Key Holder

Image and Tutorial by temeculablogs

Crafting and DIY projects are not always about making new things. DIY projects are also about repurposing things. So if you have picture frames, then it is going to be easy to make this DIY key holder. Get that old picture frame, some hooks, and get ready to follow this tutorial.

12. DIY Key Organizer

DIY Key Organiser Holder

Image and Tutorial by songbirdblog

Are you the owner of a bunch of keys and you keep losing them? Here is a solution to that problem. This is a perfect minimalist DIY organizer for you. You will need only a few supplies for this one and an easy tutorial to follow.

13. Pretty Pastel Pink Key Holder

Pretty Pastel Key Holder

Image and Tutorial by kreative_spaces

I have a deep love for cactus doodles, arts, and paintings. And I love pastel shades. This DIY key holder is super fun! If you like painting, this one is certainly a good choice for you. There is a tutorial video for this artistic key holder. This is a sustainable piece of craft that will beautify your walls.

14. DIY Box Key Holder

DIY Chic Styled Key Holder

Image and Tutorial by glitterdots.diynlots

I love box planters; they look like a pretty addition to home decor. It looks chic and classy! You can either make this wooden birdhouse or even buy one from a store. Paint it white, attach some hooks, and stuff it with some pretty flowers. Get ready to follow the tutorial for this chic key holder. Here are some DIY box planter ideas for you- 28 Beautiful & Unique DIY Planter Box Ideas.

15. Skeleton Key Holder

Image and Tutorial by saturatelife

 How cool does this DIY key holder look? It is rustic and mystic! I love it! You will need an assortment of skeleton keys, wood backing, drill, craft glue, and liquid gold leaf. There is an easy tutorial that you can follow.

16. Lego Key Organizer

DIY Key Holder

Source : diyprintshop

Where are the Lego fans? I love how cleverly she has crafted this key holder. It is easy to assemble and fun to make. My favorite part is that you can always change the message you wish to put up on your key holder board.

17. Green Pot Key Holder

DIY Planter Key Holder 1

Source : itsybitsycraftstore

Who wouldn’t like a key holder that is also a planter? And on top of that, it is an easy peasy craft. All you need is a plastic mug, white paint, green paint, some hooks, and you are all set to have your own planter-cum-key holder.

18. Picture Frame Key Holder

DIY Home Sweet Home Key Holder

Image and Tutorial by houseofmahalo

I love craft ideas that save place. This DIY key holder is easy, cute, and chic. It will take up minimal time to craft. It will also occupy very little space on your wall. All you need to do is get a picture frame of your choice and attach some hooks to it. And there, you have your own DIY key organizer. Follow the tutorial for this little piece of art.

19. Creative Key Organizer

DIY Creative Key Holder

Source  : sapnadecor_ideas

Creativity is truly bliss. This key organizer is so creative. It has repurposed the basic supplies that you will find in your house. She has used disposable containers for the planter. With a little patience and creativity, you too can recreate this masterpiece.

20. Alohomora DIY Key Organizers

DIY Key Holder

Source : craftsbyashley93

I am in love with this craftwork. It is classy and quirky. She has repurposed the basic house supplies like wine corks. Wine corks are the perfect waste material; they can be repurposed into making something new. For this one, all you need is some wine corks, hooks, wooden board, and paint to write ‘Alohomora’. Here are some more fancy wine cork crafts for you to try- 25 Wine Cork Crafts For Your Next House Party.

21. Brush Santa Key Holder

DIY Brush Santa Key Holder

Image and Tutorial by hobbyideas

This DIY craft is perfect for the Christmas season. An apt decoration to your home decor during the festive season. There is an easy tutorial for this paintbrush key holder. You can also check out more craft ideas; in case you are looking for some Christmas decorations- 30+ DIY Christmas Ornaments For Your Christmas Tree.

22. Minimalist Key Holders

DIY Key Holder

Image and Tutorial by the.d.i.wife

It can’t get any more classy than this one. It is a great option for minimalism lovers. It is so chic and sophisticated. And it is a strong boho touch to it. You can follow the tutorial here.

23. Popsicle Stick Key Holder

DIY Popsicle Key Holder

Source : panda_lilly13

I love popsicle stick craft ideas. They are so easy and fun. This key holder is adorable and has a rustic touch to it. You can add in some stars to give it a festive vibe. Here are some more popsicle stick craft ideas for you- 25+ Fantabulous Popsicle Stick Crafts For The SummerTime.

There you go, people. These DIY key holder ideas will help you keep your keys organized. You will never lose your keys again, you will have a nice place to stack your bunch of keys, and they will add to your home decor. Let us know your favorite idea in the comment section below. Happy crafting, people!

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