50 DIY Keychains Ideas That Make Great Gifts

Are you looking for some inspiring DIY keychain ideas? Then you are at the right place. Whether you want a simple DIY leather keychain or a DIY photo keychain for gifting, you will find all sorts of options here. These amazing handmade keychain ideas will spark your creativity right away!

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This curated list of DIY keychain ideas has unique and innovative ideas that will inspire you to get all the necessary craft supplies and start making them.

1. DIY Leather Loop Keychain

(Image and tutorial by homeyohmy)

Leather loop keychains are so classy and sophisticated. Look at these two beauties, they are so simple and easy. It is a sleek and simple keychain to carry around your keys. This one is a fairly easy DIY keychain and simple for someone who is just starting with leather crafting.

2. DIY Personalized Leather Keychain

(Image and tutorial by jenwoodhouse)

If you are looking for some cute keychain DIY ideas then how about these personalized leather keychains? The look is simple and sleek. With just a few basic supplies, tools, and little patience you too can make these personalized key ring ideas.

3. Stamped Keychains

(Image and tutorial by somethingturquoise)

You can easily learn how to make handmade keychains like these. I love how gorgeous these look. And the best thing is these can easily be some sort of return gifts and wedding favor gifts for your guests. Your guests will love the thought and effort put into it.

4. DIY Leather Tassel Keychain

(Image and tutorial by liagriffith)

If you want some DIY tassel keychain without any hassle then this is it for you! Look how boho these tassel keychains look! Tassels are in trend, so why not get into some DIY keychain project?

5. Monkey Paracord Keychain DIY Project

(Image and tutorial by doodlecraftblog)

This paracord keychain is an excellent handmade gift idea. This fun craft is perfect for older kids and even adults. It will only take a few minutes to make one of these colorful paracord keychains.

6. DIY Pom Pom Keychain

(Image and tutorial by gluesticksblog)

Make a pom-pom keychain to accessories your backpack or your handbag. These are customizable to suit your style and personality. I just love how colorful and simple these DIY keychains look.

7. Cherry Pom-pom Keychains

(Image and tutorial by liagriffith)

Learn how to make keyrings at home with this easy tutorial. I love such simple keychain ideas that look cute and fun. These are so versatile that you can change the colors and can even use them for accessorizing bags. These are perfect for summer projects for kids.

8. DIY Lanyard Keychain

(Image and tutorial by myfrugalhome)

Learn how to sew a lanyard keychain fast for your IDs. I love how simple and easy this tutorial makes it look. This is a great stress buster and also an amazing DIY project for older kids. You can even make a few of these as gifts.

9. How To Make a Lanyard?

(Image and tutorial by loandbeholdstitchery)

Do you have a few scraps of clothes lying here and there? Then this is the sign that you should put them to some use. Making a lanyard is an easy and quick project. It is a great way of reusing waste cloth materials.

10. Photo Keychain DIY Project

(Image and tutorial by abeautifulmess)

I love cool keychain DIY projects like this one. These personalized and easy keyring ideas are super cool. You can make a few of these as gifts on Father’s day or even on birthdays.

11. Personalized Photo Keychains

(Image and tutorial by amyromeu)

Personalized gifts are always the best. They have love, effort, and admiration. If you love personalized gifts then you will surely love these DIY photo keychains. These are made out of faux leather. This is a crafty summer craft idea for your older kids.

12. Flower Keychains

(Image and tutorial by icreativeideas)

This is a unique plastic keychain DIY idea. We often struggle with plastic bottles, so instead of polluting the environment, you can reuse these plastic bottles to upcycle some fancy keychains. This is a fancy and colorful flower keychain.

13. Keepsake Keychains

(Image and tutorial by whatmomslove)

These stunning keepsake keychains are not just beautiful but also meaningful. It is super easy to make and super cool to look at. With some basic supplies and creativity, your kids can certainly make beautiful keepsake keychains.

14. Plastic Robot Keychain

(Image and tutorial by prettylifegirls)

This is an amazing DIY keychain project. It is so unique and super cool. The tutorial is also fun to follow. These are amazing DIY keychains for boyfriend. Shrink plastics are an amazing craft supply that can make any DIY project interesting.

15. DIY Resin Flower Keychains

(Image and tutorial by resincraftsblog)

If you are looking for something aesthetically pleasing, then this is it. Flowers usually fade away, but you can preserve them in these resin flower keychains. This is a smart way to keep your favorite flowers forever beautiful and fresh!

16. DIY Fabric Chapstick Holder

(Image and tutorial by makeit-loveit)

Do you struggle with dry and chapped lips? Then this is an easy fix for your problem. You can make a chapstick holder keychain like this one so that you can always keep your lips moisturized and soft. This is a perfect cushion for your chapsticks.

17. DIY Macrame Keychain

(Image and tutorial by hobbycraft)

This one is my favorite DIY keychain on this list. It is aesthetically pleasing and has such a Bohemian vibe. Macrame keyrings are easy and quick; these are perfect for birthday gifts or even surprise gifts. Once you follow this step-by-step tutorial you can experiment with different knots.

Macrame is beautiful, check out some other crafting ideas with macrame- 17+ Macrame Wall Hangings and Patterns.

18. Macrame Keychain

(Image and tutorial by prettylifegirls)

How about some boho DIY personalized keychains? I just love these; they are cute, pastel, and super cool. You can improvise and change the colors and knots according to your own style. You can even add full names, characters, or even your favorite totems.

19. Macrame Rainbow Keychains

(Image and tutorial by abubblylife)

Rainbows are eternally beautiful. These cute rainbow macrame keychains are just too adorable to ignore. I love the pastel colors that make the whole look sophisticated and sober. You can always add some pop colors to give it a more fun look.

20. Rope Tassel Keychains

(Image and tutorial by aliceandlois)

If you have some brass swivel hooks then it is time to learn how to make keyrings. The design reminds me of the childhood bracelets that we wore on friendship day. I love the simplicity of these tassel keychains.

21. How To Make A Layered Tassel Keychains?

(Image and tutorial by carriecolbert)

If you are looking for something more colorful than a leather tassel keychain, then this is it. Tassels are the easiest DIY project because of the shape they create. With this simple tutorial, you too can create some colorful keyrings. You can use yarns or even some strings to make these tassel keychains.

22. Quarter Keychains

(Image and tutorial by seekatesew)

This penny keychain DIY project is so smart and unique. I love the printed faux leather used in this DIY keychain idea. Now you will not have to struggle with those extra quarters after your grocery shopping!

23. DIY Acrylic Keychain

(Image and tutorial by aprincessandherpirates)

A DIY acrylic keychain can be easily made with vinyl. With some silhouette cameo, transparent vinyl adhesive, and some acrylic blanks you too can make some of these cute acrylic keychains.

24. Personalized Acrylic Keychains

(Image and tutorial by amylattacreations)

I love personalized gifts; they have so much thought and love. Customized keychains are perfect gift ideas for anyone and any occasion. These personalized acrylic keychains are super inexpensive and effortless.

25. DIY Lego Keychain

(Image and tutorial by dreamalittlebigger)

Do you like Lego? Who doesn’t?! If you have a special love for Lego then you will certainly love this fancy DIY lego keychain. This is an excellent craft idea for your kids. They will have a gala time making this lego keychain.

26. Lego Keychain Display

(Image and tutorial by aspoonfullofsugardesigns)

Being a fan of Lego, I am in love with this DIY keychain display! I just love this Lego house key display. The best part is that you can always add more elements like flowers, trees, windows, and so on.

27. Bottle Cap Keychain

(Image and tutorial by artsyfartsymama)

I love this bottle cap keychain DIY project! It is perfect for kids and older kids as well. Your kids will love these custom-made, awesome, and super cool bottle cap keychains. It is a versatile idea, and you can improvise it as per your choice.

28. DIY Beaded Keychain

(Image and tutorial by mycomputerismycanvas)

This DIY beaded keychain is just too good. It is so flawless and beautiful that it doesn’t even look like a craft project. If you are a fan of beads and boho vibe, then this is what you need.

29. DIY Ribbon Keychain

(Image and tutorial by mysocalledcraftylife)

I just love this DIY ribbon keychain. It is so fresh and beautiful. I love the whole pattern and that bright red border. Finding your keys will no more be a problem with this amazing DIY keychain.

30. DIY Wood Monogram Keychain

(Image and tutorial by karacreates)

You can make your usual beaded keychain a little more interesting by adding wood monograms. Your keys will look better with these DIY keychains. This one is an inexpensive and easy craft idea that you should certainly try out.

31. DIY Marbled Wood Bead Keychain

(Image and tutorial by dearhandmadelife)

If you are too busy for some elaborate DIY keychain project then this one is apt for you. This is an easy and inexpensive keychain idea. Coloring the beads is so much fun. Let your imagination flow and see what kind of marbled wood bead keychain you create!

32. How To Make Wine Cork Keychain DIY Project

(Image and tutorial by ladyandtheblog)

This wine cork keychain DIY idea is just too good. It is an excellent and gorgeous keychain as a gift. This is hardly a 3-5 minutes craft idea. So if you have some wine corks lying around then gather those and make a few of these amazing wine cork keychains.

Here are some more wine cork craft ideas for you- 25 Wine Cork Crafts For Your Next House Party.

33. Fingerprint Keychain DIY Idea

(Image and tutorial by runtoradiance)

If you want to learn how to make key tags at home then this is the right choice. This fingerprint keychain DIY project is so easy, simple and unique. Kids will love making a few of these personalized keychains.

34. Felt Keychain DIY

(Image and tutorial by akailochiclife)

I can’t get enough of these felt keychain DIY ideas. These felt ball ice cream cones look so beautiful and cute. It is simple and you can even use it to accessorize your phone!

35. DIY Puzzle Piece Keychain

(Image and tutorial by cutoutandkeep)

I am loving this geometric DIY puzzle piece keychain. It is a unique and truly one-of-a-kind work of art. This one is actually a good Valentine’s day gift for your other half.

There you go, people. If you are looking for keychain-making ideas then explore these ideas. You can find all sorts of ideas here from a DIY wristlet keychain to something as unique as a DIY bottle opener keychain. So go ahead and explore. Let us know in the comment section below which ones you liked the most. Happy crafting, people!

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