40+ Outer Space Crafts For Kids To Make

Make learning about the planets, galaxies, and stars much more interesting with these outer space craft ideas. Children have a curious mind, and it is important to cater to their curiosity.

Kids always have so many questions about the stars, galaxies, and outer space. You can make their learning lessons fun and easy with these space art crafts.

Fun space crafts ideas are the best way to let your younger ones explore outer space. So let’s delve into this list of cool space crafts ideas and see what your kid picks up. They will have a gala time with these easy space crafts. And the best part about crafting is that it polishes the cognitive skills, so it is a win-win.

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1. Constellation Space Craft

(Image by tutorial by barleyandbirch)

This dark mighty space craft is just too good. I love how educative this craft idea is – a perfect space project for kids to teach them about stars and constellations. It is inspired by the night sky and bright colors, capturing the beauty of a starry night. You will need basic art supplies for this one, and it is simple enough to add to the list of preschool space crafts.

2. Paper Roll Rocket

(Image by tutorial by lookwerelearning)

Who doesn’t like rockets and space theme crafts? Space crafts are interesting but I love this one; it is super easy and colorful. If you have some empty tissue paper rolls lying around, then this is the sign that you should indulge create some outer space rocket crafts. This is one of the simplest outer space crafts for preschool.

3. Simple Rocket Space Art for Kids

(Image by tutorial by – thekindergartenconnection)

Finding some simple space crafts for preschoolers can be challenging. But here we have another brilliant rocket which is not just simple but also super cool. This space craft uses plastic eggs from Easter, toilet paper roll, and some other readily available craft supplies. 

4. Planets Outer Space Craft

(Image by tutorial by iheartycraftythings)

Look how colorful these planet crafts for toddlers turned out! I just love how easy and fun this one looks. Your little one will enjoy coloring these planets and adding glitter glue. And the best thing is that this space craft idea requires minimum parental supervision.

5. How To Make a DIY Planet?

(Image by tutorial by kristenhewitt)

This is one of those brilliant and unique space craft ideas that your kids will love instantly. All you need for this unique space craft are 4-inch foam balls, CDs, hot glue, some paint, and paintbrushes. It is a super easy space art project for elementary students that will let them explore their creative minds.

6. Galaxy Playdough

(Image by tutorial by kidsactivitiesblog)

I don’t know even one kid who doesn’t like getting creative with playdough. Playdough space crafts are perfect space projects for kindergarten kids. My niece loved recreating this craft idea. She had so much fun sticking the twinkling stars. Go ahead and let your kids have a fun time with this craft idea.

7. Cardboard Aliens

(Image by tutorial by artsycraftsymom)

Make these cute cardboard aliens with some colored papers and googly eyes. These are perfect space crafts for older kids. They are easy, colorful, and super cool. If your kids are always curious about the existence of aliens, then this one is just for them. These are aliens, so there is nothing like too much; let your little ones unleash their creative minds. These are also good for decking up your house on a Halloween night.

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8. Space Craft Wall Hanging

(Image by tutorial by honeybearlane)

How about a handmade nerdy space craft wall hanging for your kid’s room? There is always that one empty wall that needs a little touch of creativity. And this one here serves the purpose. This craft idea is colorful and fun. Your kids will love this innovative addition to their room. Here are some sophisticated wall hangings that you can put up in your common area – 17+ Macrame Wall Hangings and Patterns.

9. Handprint Rocket

(Image by tutorial by theinspirationedit)

This handprint space rocket is the perfect kind of preschool space craft. This space craft uses the minimum and basic supplies and allows your kids to get creative and innovative. And I love the colors; kids always tend to get more experimental and creative with colors. So wait and see what your kids do with their handprint rocket!

10. Rocket Corner Bookmark

(Image by tutorial by artsycraftsymom)

Bookmarks are nothing less than basic school supplies. And what is better than having some handmade crazy-looking corner bookmarks?! All you need for this one are craft papers, a pencil, scissors, and craft glue.

11. DIY Galaxy Jars

(Image by tutorial by bitzngiggles)

This one is a brilliant space craft idea for kids, teens, or anyone who loves glitters. As a kid, I have always found galaxy globes and jars fancy stuff. But this one here is such a simple DIY galaxy jar that you have to give it a try. All you need to do is layer cotton balls, acrylic paint, water, and glitters to make your galaxy jar!

12. Space-themed Wreath

(Image by tutorial by 3dinosaurs)

Kids love space arts and crafts ideas; they are fun, interesting, and super cool. Look at these space-themed wreaths, they are perfect for decorating the doors. These are amazing substitutes for the usual flower wreaths for this Homecoming. You too can make a few of these with some paper plates, paints, and some basic supplies.

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13. Constellation Cards

(Image by tutorial by littlefishblog)

It is always interesting to look at the stars and guess the constellations. These outer space crafts are the best way of teaching your kids the names of all the famous constellations. You can even get your kids to make their constellations. These are also amazing handmade greeting card ideas for this Christmas.

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14. Spaceship Alien Craft

(Image by tutorial by theinspirationedit)

This one is a multipurpose craft idea. You can get your toddlers to make a few of these space crafts for a fun time; you can even use these as fun bookmarks! You just need popsicle sticks, craft papers, scissors, glue, and a pencil for this fun space craft.

15. Chalk Pastel Art

(Image by tutorial by projectswithkids)

This one reminds me of the Milky Way! It looks so beautiful and dream-like. This one can be a fun school project. All you will need are black paper, chalk pastel colors, Q-tips, and a pencil.

16. Solar System Necklace

(Image by tutorial by rockitmama)

Fancy a unique necklace? Then you are in for a treat! This solar system necklace is a great way to teach your kids the names of all the planets in the solar system. And the best part is your kids can even wear their own craftwork. You will need assorted wooden beads, acrylic paint, wooden skewers, chain, and paintbrushes for this one.

17. Solar System Craft for Kids

(Image by tutorial by todayscreativelife)

Kids are always enthusiastic about space and planets. For instance, this is an excellent science project for kids. It is not just fun but also can be an interesting way to educate them about the solar system.

18. DIY Galaxy Painting

(Image by tutorial by craftsbycourtney)

This craft idea is simply an out-of-the-world kind of galaxy painting! Your kids will love this colorful space craft idea. It is easy and super colorful. You will need wooden embroidery hoops, wax paper, paint, and paintbrushes for this one.

19. Candy Constellation Game

(Image by tutorial by handmadecharlotte)

With just a few basic supplies you can make this edible space craft! This game is classic! It can be a little tricky to get this one right. But this craft idea is perfect for older kids. And to be honest, even I would love to play this game!

20. Paper Plate UFO

(Image by tutorial by woojr)

Kids or adults, we all are fazed by the mystery of UFOs. This space craft idea is simply mind-blowing. It can be a great space craft for preschoolers with a little parental supervision. I just love how cute this one looks, especially the green alien.

21. Crayon Resist Space Art

(Image by tutorial by craftingintherain)

I love how this one turned out. It is simple, crafty, and super cute! This one has an easy tutorial with pictures making it easy for kids to follow. With just a few steps your kids can recreate this space craft.

22. Alphabet Puzzle

(Image by tutorial by teachingmama)

This one is a simple and fun activity. It is perfect for preschoolers. Make learning alphabets fun with this puzzle game. You will need printables, wide craft sticks, glue, and scissors for this one.

23. Foil-printed Moon Craft

(Image by tutorial by adabofgluewilldo)

Space craft can’t get any easier than this one! It is perfect for toddlers. This one is a non-conventional painting style where you don’t need paintbrushes! All you need to do is make a stamp out of foil and use that to paint the moon. How amazing is that?!

24. Sparkly Galaxy Playdough

(Image by tutorial by madetobeamomma)

Kids love playdough and colors. And this craft idea has both! I just love the colors that have blended to create a space-like scene. You will need flour, water, salt, cream of tartar, vegetable oil, food coloring, glitter, confetti, and this easy tutorial, to accomplish this outer space project.

25. Paper Plate Magnet Maze

(Image by tutorial by skiptomylou)

This paper plate magnet maze is a great way to keep the kids occupied. And the best thing about this craft idea is that your kids can even play with it. You will need a paper plate, compass, pencils, markers, dowel, glue, and magnet buttons for this one.

26. Astronauts for Space Week

(Image by tutorial by letsdosomethingcrafty)

How about some crazy astronauts for decking up the walls? Your kids will love these astronauts suddenly occupying their room. This one is a simple and easy space craft for kids that requires basic art supplies. With this easy tutorial, you can make a few of these in under an hour.

27. Galaxy Glitter Jars

(Image by tutorial by firefliesandmudpies)

If you are a fan of mason jar craft ideas, then this one is just the right one for you. Making this beautiful glitter jar is an easy, simple, and creative activity for the kids. It only needs mason jars, glitter, water, and glue. This craft idea is therapeutic!

Here are some more mason jar craft ideas that you can try out 20+ Cute Mason Jar Crafts For Kids That Are Too Cool.

28. Moon Craft

(Image by tutorial by fantasticfunandlearning)

Look how mighty this moon craft turned out! I just love those yellow stars hanging from the moon. This craft idea is so aesthetically pleasing. With just some time and patience, your toddlers can make their crafty moon with yellow stars.

29. Galaxy Painting

(Image by tutorial by artsymomma)

I am often cornered by my niece and her curious mind. She will ask me all about stars. So when I came across this one, I had to give it a try. I love how abstract this painting looks. It is perfect for anyone who is mesmerized by the beauty of this. I got my niece to do the painting with the splatter technique and then I helped her make her favorite constellations with sequins.

30. Outer Space Shuttles

(Image by tutorial by alittlepinchofperfect)

I love how easy these outer space shuttles turned out. They are super easy and fun to make. And the best part is that you just need empty toilet rolls for these space crafts for kids. Once you are done making your space shuttle, color them as you like it.

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31. Paper Plate Space Craft for Kids

(Image by tutorial by theinspirationedit)

This is your stop if you are looking for something easy and simple for your kids. This craft idea has basic supplies and takes minimum time and patience. You just need paper plates, colorful craft paper, scissors, glue, and colored makers.

32. Glitter Galaxy Rocks

(Image by tutorial by twokidsandacoupon)

These galaxy glitter rocks are easy and fun craft ideas. This kind of rock painting is just too much fun for the kids. It is simple and super cool. You will need some smooth rocks, paint, paintbrushes, glitter glue, varnish spray, and parchment paper.

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33. Solar System Button Snake

(Image by tutorial by schooltimesnippets)

This solar system button snake craft idea is a great way to combine motor skills and science. It is a perfect craft idea for toddlers and preschoolers. You just need solar system printables, ribbons, buttons, laminators, scissors, and needles for this one.

34. Yarn Wrapped Planet Crafts

(Image by tutorial by andnextcomesl)

Yarn-wrapped crafts are unique, innovative, and eco-friendly. And all you need are cardboard, yarn, and scissors for this one. This one is perfect for older kids, and even toddlers with a little parental guidance.

35. Easy Comet Toy

(Image by tutorial by tikkido)

How about something more colorful than usual space craft ideas then this is your stop?! This one is a fun and fabulous comet craft that is perfect for the kids. It’s easy enough for the preschoolers but will also be a fun activity for the older kids.

36. Rocket Ship

(Image by tutorial by frugalmomeh and homeschoolpreschool)

I love how colorful this rocket looks! And how adorable is that little astronaut?! This one is a wonderful classroom project for kindergarten kids. You will need three basic supplies for this one- cardstock, scissors, and glue.

37. Origami Rockets

(Image by tutorial by origamiexpressions)

Making origami rockets was the first thing that I ever crafted as a kid. This origami rocket is just everything. It is perfect for older kids and also kids-friendly so you can teach your toddlers the art of folding papers.

38. Satellite Craft

(Image by tutorial by mombrite)

Teach your kids the importance of satellites with this easy and fun craft idea! This one requires basic craft supplies like empty toilet paper rolls, pencils, scissors, glue, and construction papers.

39. Rocket Craft for kids

(Image by tutorial by simpleeverydaymom)

Yet another simple and easy rocket craft idea for your kids. This is much more than your standard crafting. It has coloring, painting, and cutting! So much fun! It is a great project for elementary school kids. I just love the dark starry sky and that colorful rocket.

40. DIY Astronaut

(Image by tutorial by conserveamome)

I just love this one! This one has to be one of my favorite outer space crafts on the list. It is simple, easy, and super cool. This one is a little crafty and tricky and hence, is perfect for the older kids. They will have so much fun drawing and cutting out this conventional astronaut.

41. DIY Moon Rocks

(Image by tutorial by thecraftingchicks)

This craft is an upcycled craft idea that can also be used as a paperweight. You will need some moon sand and make it mouldable to make these beautiful dream-like moon rocks. It is black with some shiny glitter this will reflect the sunlight just how the sun reflects off the moon’s surface.

42. Flying Saucer Toy

(Image by tutorial by onetimethrough)

This is an innovative craft idea with paper plates. These are super cool and great for the kids to play with during brunch parties and picnics. You will just need a paper plate, scissors, stickers, and some crayons to make these interesting flying saucer toys.

42. Paper Mache Solar System

(Image by tutorial by- fun365.orientaltrading)

This one is an excellent repurposed space craft idea. The paper mache technique is unique and fun. Make learning about the solar system and all its planets more interesting with this paper mache solar system. You need some balloons, newspaper, paint, glue, and paintbrushes for this solar system.

44. Pie Plate UFO

Image and tutorial by notimeforflashcards

Are your kids fascinated with UFOs? If yes, they will have so much fun making this simple craft from paper plates. Let them use decorative items such as popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners and foam cut-outs to make their UFO appear quirky and fun.

There you go, people. We have exhausted all the interesting and fun space crafts for kids. These outer space craft ideas for early years are just too good to ignore. Let us know your favorite one in the comment section below. Happy crafting, people!

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