20+ Fall Crafts for Kids – Easy Fall Project Ideas for Kids 2024

Are you looking for some easy and quick fall crafts for kids this year? Then you are at the right place. Here I have prepared a versatile list of fall crafts for kids.

Honestly, fall crafts are fun, unique, and innovative. There are so many options thanks to Thanksgiving and Halloween. Your kids will love to make some of these crafts to put up for display.

Crafting is a great way to keep them indoors and indulged in something productive. And of course, crafting also enhances motor skills and will let them explore their creativity. You can also check out some more interesting craft ideas for kids- 15 Easy and Creative Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids.

So, let us delve into this long list of Fall crafts for kids without any delay.

1. Leaf Bowl Fall Crafts for Kids

Fall Crafts Leaf-Bowl

Image and Tutorial by madewithhappy

I don’t anything else represents the Fall more than the brown fallen leaves. It is like a prelude to the winter season. And this kind of Fall crafts for kids is a symbol of the same. I love how beautiful it looks. This is a great way to spend some time outdoors collecting leaves and spend some time with mother nature. You will need leaves, a balloon, white glue, a sponge paintbrush, and scissors for this one.

2. Leaf Suncatcher Craft

Image and Tutorial by thebestideasforkids

I find suncatchers nostalgic. They have always reminded me of my old school church windows. And I think Fall is the perfect time to make this kind of Fall crafts for kids. This craft idea is a great way to brighten up your windows. It is a quick and easy craft idea that your kids will enjoy.

3. Halloween Pine Cone Pumpkin

Fall Crafts For Kids

Image and Tutorial by mandapandaprojects

Fall crafts for kids are incomplete without some boo-tiful and spooky Halloween craft ideas. So, here we have this perfect DIY Halloween prop for you. This nature craft is fun and easy to make; the best part is it requires only a few basic supplies. So get ready to make this perfect DIY pine spooktacular Halloween pumpkin. Here are some more Halloween craft ideas that you can explore this Fall- 15 Halloween Crafts For A Boo-tiful Decor.

4. Pine Cone Spider for Halloween

Image and Tutorial by themagiconions

I just love this freaky pine cone spider. It is a perfect Halloween prop; it is so easy to make that your kids will love it. All you need for this spooky spider are a pine cone, four brown pipe cleaners, squiggly eyes, and glue. You can also check out some more craft ideas to try out this Halloween- 18 Halloween Decor Ideas For a Fang-tastic Celebration.

5. Easy Fall Crafts For Kids

Image and Tutorial by iheartcraftythings

This is a very easy and super cool craft idea for kids. Celebrate the colors of the season with these beautiful fall windsock craft ideas. I love that she has used yellow, red, and orange- the colors of Fall. Your kids will love watching the wind playing with the crepe papers once this windsock is ready to be hanged.

6. Hanging Bats

Image and Tutorial by buggyandbuddy

If you want to learn some easy and cool Fall crafts for kids, then this is the one for you. The primary craft supply that you will need for this one is empty toilet paper rolls. These cardboard tube hanging bats are a great way for the kids to get crafty this Halloween.

7. Fall Crafts For Kids: Fall Wreath

Fall Crafts For Kids

Image and Tutorial by buggyandbuddy

This tear art Fall wreath is a great craft idea for toddlers, preschoolers, and anyone interested! It is super easy and quick. All you will need for this minimal craft are a paper plate, scissors, construction paper, liquid glue, yarn, and fall-colored pompoms. You can check out some more paper plate craft ideas here- 20 Super Fun Paper Plate Crafts For Kids in 2021.

8. Paper Bag Fall Tree

Image and Tutorial by pikadillycharm

A recycled craft is the best kind of Fall crafts for kids. It teaches them the importance of recycling and repurposing things. You will need brown lunch paper bags, scissors, glue, and Fall-colored papers. I just love how creative this DIY craft has turned out!

9. Pony Bead Pumpkins

Pony Bead Pumpkin Craft For Kids

Image and Tutorial by cutesycrafts

Yet another Halloween craft idea for kids. Kids usually love stringing beads, making this one a perfect craft for kids. To make one of these fall crafts for kids, you will need orange pony beads, green pipe cleaners, brown cleaners, and orange pipe cleaners.

10. Hedgehog Craft

Image and Tutorial by craftymorning

How cute is this DIY hedgehog!? Honestly, I love Fall art using leaves. Collecting leaves makes it some much more fun. You will need simple supplies like brown paper, leaves, black marker, and glue. Go ahead and set your kids free on a leaf hunt!

11. Stuffed Paper Apple

Image and Tutorial by buggyandbuddy

Kids love quick and easy craft ideas. It gives them a sense of accomplishment easily. If you are looking for something like that, then this might be the right option for you. This paper bag craft will polish the motor skills of your kids. I love the colors of the apple; very Fall-like.

12. Mason Jar Fall Luminaries Craft

Image and Tutorial by whereimaginationsgrows

Mason jar crafts are very common. But this is a very unique and non-traditional take on the mason jar craft. Bring the best of the Fall leaves colors to your house with these Fall luminaries. These are perfect for your front porch; they have a certain romantic vibe. Here are some more mason jar craft ideas for kids- 20+ Cute Mason Jar Crafts For Kids That Are Too Cool.

13. Paper Strips Pumpkin

Image and Tutorial by colorthemoon

Fall crafts for kids can’t get any easier than this one here. I love how simple and colorful this one looks. This is a perfect craft idea for toddlers; easy, simple, and fun. You will need 2 sheets of white paper, few strips of Fall-colored paper, green tulle, scissors, twine, and hot glue.

14. Fall Leaf Finger Puppet


Image and Tutorial by craftsbyamanda

Kids love puppet shows and the stories they tell. So get your kids to collect some leaves from outside and get them involved in this fall craft for kids. This one requires basic supplies like empty toilet tubes, leaves, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes.

15. Leaf Mason Jar Lanterns

Image and Tutorial by mamasmiles

There is something dreamy and romantic about lanterns. And these mason jar lanterns are perfect for backyard parties. Let your kids enjoy a fun time outdoor, making these mason jar lanterns. You can also use faux leaves if you want a more durable mason jar lantern.

16. Witch Paper Doll


Image and Tutorial by craftsandactivitiesforkids

If you are looking for Fall crafts for kids that are both cute and spooky, then this is a great option for you. Kids love crafting so get them to participate in this fun and easy craft idea. All you need are colored craft papers, a pencil, scissors, craft glue, and a sharpie.

17. How To Make Halloween Egg Carton Spiders?

Image and Tutorial by neddlepointers

It is time for some easy Fall crafts for kids. This one is a classic Halloween craft idea. These creepy-crawly spiders are so spooky! All you need for these big black spiders are a cardboard egg carton, black craft paint, black pipe cleaners, craft glue, paintbrush, paper clips, and googly eyes.

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18. Fall Leaves Garland

Image and Tutorial by abeautifulmess.typepad

I can only imagine the number of ways I can use this Fall leaves garland to decorate my indoor space. This one is an easy craft idea. All you got to do are cut Fall-colored felt into leaves and knotting them together with yarn.

19. Clay Leaf Ornament

Fall Crafts For Kids

Image and Tutorial by littlehiccups

Most of the craft that involves leaves are not that durable. But this one is different. It is a non-traditional way of treating the Fall leaves. I love how real these look. These clay leaf ornaments are easy, realistic, and an excellent way to decorate your indoor space. This one has to m=be one of my favorites in this list of Fall crafts for kids.

20. Cute Acorn Crafts for Kids


Image and Tutorial by simpleeverydaymom

I love this adorable acorn craft. They are easy and super cool and the best part, it is kids approved! All you will need for this one are construction paper, pipe cleaners, markers, glue, scissors, and an acorn template.

21. Chalky Fall Leaf Garland

Leaf Garland

Image and Tutorial by handmadecharlotte

I love when the leaves start to change colors. And this craft idea reminds me of exactly that time of the year. I love the pastel colors of these paper leaves that have this amazing chalky pattern all over. This craft idea is so chic and classy.

22. Cone Critters

Image and Tutorial by parents

Do you wanna build a cute hedgehog?! If yes, then go for this one. I am in love with these adorable hedgehogs. There is a detailed instruction for you to follow that will help you accomplish these cone critters.

23. Paper Plate Owl Craft for Kids


Image and Tutorial by frugalfun4boys

Here is a fun craft idea for kids to make something beautiful out of paper plates. You can also attach magnets behind these paper plate owls to make them refrigerator magnets. You only need paper plates, paint, construction paper, scissors, ribbon, and glue for this one.

24. Toiler Paper Roll Leaf


Image and Tutorial by craftymorning

This is one of those refreshing and interesting Fall crafts for kids that will brighten up their day. Fall is a great time to do a creative project like this one. I love how easy and innovative this one turned out. All you need are empty toilet paper rolls, colors, and a white sheet of paper. Here are some more interesting toilet paper roll crafts for kids- 30+ Innovative Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For You.

25. DIY Indian Corn

Corn Style Fall Crafts For Kids

Image and Tutorial by onelittleproject

Indian corn is known for its beauty and colorful kernels. This one is a staple in the Thanksgiving decoration. So why not let your kids make a few of these DIY pony beads Indian corns.

26. Accordion Fold Fall Paper Leaf Banner

Colourful Fall Garland

Image and Tutorial by pinkstripeysocks

This is another one of those easy Fall crafts for kids that your kids will love. I love the multi-colored paper leaves, reminds me of all the fun and warmth of loved ones that Fall brings with it. You too can make this one by following the easy peasy tutorial.

27. Paper Pumpkin

Image and Tutorial by diyinspired

These little pumpkins are so much fun to make. You can make these paper pumpkins with your kids, or your friends to decorate the mantle or even the dinner table. You can also try this craft idea with different colored papers. Here are some real pumpkin decor ideas for this Halloween- 18 Halloween Pumpkin Home Decor Ideas For A Spooky Celebration.

There you go, people. We have come to the end of this exhaustingly long list of Fall crafts for kids. Here you will find a variety of ideas, that will encourage your kids to spend some productive time. Check out our easy Christmas craft ideas for kids here- 26 Easy and Fun Christmas Crafts For Kids. Let us know your favorite one in the comment section below. Happy crafting, people!

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20+ Unique & Easy Fall Crafts Ideas And Tutorials For Kids To Try

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