20+ Vibrant Yarn Crafts for Kids Of All Ages

Yarn is a versatile resource for crafting. It is easily available, colorful, and budget-friendly. Kids enjoy crafting with colorful yarns. So here we have some amazing yarn crafts for kids to explore the creativity of your kids.

These yarn crafts for kids are easy, simple, and creative. You can teach your kids how to weave and braid with these yarn craft ideas. You can check out some more craft ideas for your kids here- 30+ Innovative Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For You.

Let’s check out some fantastic yarn crafts for kids to find some inspiration.

1. Spooky Spider Frame


Image and Tutorial by thecrafttrain

If you are looking for some interesting Halloween yarn crafts for kids, this might be something for you. I love this spooky spider frame. It is budget-friendly, easy, and crafty. Who knew you could make something this fancy and fun. This is a perfect display project and a keepsake gift. Check out some more interesting Halloween craft ideas here- 18 Halloween Decor Ideas For A Fang-tastic Celebration.

2. DIY Butterfly Yarn Magnets


Image and Tutorial by gigglesgalore

I love these kinds of colorful and repurposed yarn crafts for kids. Such craft ideas are not just fun but also teach your kids the importance of upcycling mundane products. Honestly, I just love these colorful yarn butterfly magnets. Your kids can make a few of these beauties, and you can use them as fridge magnets!

3. Butterfly Craft Yarn

Butterfly Yarn Square

Image and Tutorial by funwithmama

This one is a much simpler DIY butterfly craft idea. If you want a unique craft idea for your kids then this one is a perfect Spring project. I love how colorful it looks. And the best part is each child will make a unique butterfly. You just need colorful yarns, craft paper, glue, and scissors to make a few of these blooming butterflies.

4. How to Make String Heart Yarn Cards?


Image and Tutorial by hellowonderful

I love string crafts; they look so classy, versatile, and colorful. These yarn crafts for kids are a fun way to create personalized cards for friends and family. This craft idea encourages fine motor skills. These yarn hearts make beautiful and textured handmade cards! Here are some more string craft ideas that you should definitely try out 25+ Creative And Amazing String Art Ideas To Get Inspired.

5. Yarn Wrapped Cardboard Letters

Image and Tutorial by artbarblog

I love how unique and creative this idea looks! It is perfect for kids and requires minimum parental guidance. You can just cut out the alphabet and let your kids wrap them with colorful yarns. Wait and see the kind of patterns they create with the yarns. Let them explore their creative minds. You just need cardboard, scissors, yarns, tape, a plate, and a pom-pom maker.

6. Popsicle Stick Dolls


Image and Tutorial by happyhooligans

I love popsicle stick craft ideas; they are one of my favorites. And your kids can make these adorable popsicle stick crafts with just three basic supplies like popsicle sticks, yarns, and buttons. The process is easy and quick; it is a great way to enhance the motor skills of your kids. Go ahead and help them make a bunch of these popsicle stick dolls. Here are some more popsicle stick craft ideas that you can explore- 25+ Fantabulous Popsicle Stick Crafts For The Summer Time.

7. Yarn Wrapped Spring Tree


Image and Tutorial by iheartcraftythings

Spring is that time of the year when mother nature spring to life! And some craft project is the best way to keep your kids engaged. So this year, celebrate Spring with this beautiful yarn-wrapped Spring tree. Your kids can make this one with just colorful yarns, cardboards, and tissue paper squares. Here are some more tissue paper craft ideas for you- 15+ Amazing Tissue Paper Crafts For Your Fun Time.

8. Paper Plate Unicorn


Image and Tutorial by nontoygifts

These yarn crafts for kids are super cool. Your kids can make these any time of the year to celebrate the holiday season. This craft idea combines two favorite supplies- paper plates and yarns. I love the peaceful look on this pink unicorn. And your kids will love it too! Here are some paper plate craft ideas for kids- 20 Super Fun Paper Plate Crafts For Kids in 2021.

9. Yarn Wrapped Bird

Image and Tutorial by artycraftykids

It is important to teach kids about the environment, and one of the best ways to do that is to introduce them to recycled craft ideas. This yarn-wrapped bird is so cute and colorful. I just love it! Your kids can play around with the colors and explore their creativity and versatility. You just need scrap cardboard, yarn, colored paper, glue, scissors, and sticks to make these adorable DIY birds.

10. Simple Yarn Crafts For Kids

Image and Tutorial by theinspirationedit

This Easter gets a little more creative with these yarn crafts for kids. I love these simple, easy, and fantastic yellow chick and the orange carrot. This is a fun craft idea for your kids to enjoy Easter. You need colorful yarns, cardboard, a piece of orange paper, googly eyes, yellow feathers, a glue stick, and scissors.

11. Yarn Spider Craft for Kids

Image and Tutorial by hellowonderful

This is a not-so-spooky option for Halloween crafts for kids. I love these creepie-crawlies, and you will need some basic supplies to make a few of these spooky spiders. You will need styrofoam balls, pipe cleaners, yarns, googly eyes, a hot glue gun for these creepy spiders.

12. Cardboard Roll Bunnies


Image and Tutorial by oukidthings

Yarn crafts for kids should be fun and quick like these DIY bunnies. The result is super cute and fun. These cardboard bunnies are wrapped in warm yarn sweaters. This is an engaging project which will keep your kids focused. Try making a few of these with your little ones.

13. Easy Pom-pom Dream Catcher Craft

Image and Tutorial by artsycraftsymom

I love dream catchers, and this one looks super cute. This dream catcher has such a great boho look. All you need to make a colorful dreamcatcher like this one are craft wire, colorful yarns, colorful pompom, colorful feathers, colorful papers, markers, scissors, and a hot glue gun

14. Cute Baby Turtles

Image and Tutorial by pinkstripeysocks

I love cute yarn crafts for kids; look at these baby turtles! They are super adorable! This is such a unique way to upcycle popsicle sticks and colorful yarns. And I love the cute little eyes drawn with the markers. Some colorful yarns, paints, markers, and mini popsicles sticks and you will have your own DIY baby turtles.

15. Cardboard Wrapped Bugs


Image and Tutorial by ourkidthings

I just love how creative this craft idea looks! They are colorful, they are fun and super cute. You will need colorful yarns, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, felt, a single-hole punch, tape, scissors, and hot glue to make these colorful little bugs.

16. Yarn Pom-pom Chicks


Image and Tutorial by craftsbyamanda

These yarn crafts for kids are so simple, quick, and fun. I just love how easy it is to make a few of these chicks. You can make these and use them as DIY key chains. This is a cute project for Easter and Spring. The supplies that you will need for these yellow chicks are yarn, scissors, googly eyes, orange craft foam, and craft glue.

17. Yarn Tree Craft for Christmas


Image and Tutorial by onecreativemommy

Look at these bright red DIY Christmas trees! This is a kid-friendly addition to this list of yarn crafts for kids. With a little yarn and glue, we created DIY Christmas trees. I just love the sparkling stars at the top. Here are some more fun Christmas crafts that you can try out this year- 22+ Christmas in a Jar DIY Ideas For Gifting And Decor

18. Little Apple Yarn Crafts for Kids

Image and Tutorial by makeandtakes

These apple yarns are super easy and cute. They are budget-friendly, sun, and kids-friendly. You will need colorful yarns, pipe cleaners, pieces of cardboard. I just love the red and green yarn apples. They are a perfect addition to your brunch table.

19. Easy Yarn Wreath Ornament

Image and Tutorial by redtedart

Up for some easy yarn crafts for kids? There is nothing quite heartwarming than cute ornaments for Christmas trees. All you need to make these adorable Christmas tree ornaments are colorful yarns, a little felt, cardboard, scissors. Here are some more fancy ornaments for your Christmas tree- 30+ DIY Christmas Ornaments For Your Christmas Tree.

20. DIY Ornament Yarn Crafts for Kids

Image and Tutorial by easy-crafts-for-kids

Everyone loves a well-decorated Christmas tree. It enhances the beauty of the otherwise simple tree. Kids enjoy easy Christmas craft ideas that give them a sense of accomplishment. These yarn crafts for kids are exactly that kind of project. You just need large craft sticks, green yarn, brown felt, white rick rack, craft glue, buttons, scissors, and a glue gun.

21. Monster Yarn Crafts for Kids


Image and Tutorial by artycraftykids

How cool are these yarn-wrapped monsters?! These are fabulous options for Halloween decorations. If you are feeling a little uninspired and out of creative options, then go for these unique yarn monsters. Super simple, super effective, and cool DIY monsters.

22. DIY Woven Craft Sticks

Image and Tutorial by fun365.orientaltrading

Use this elaborate tutorial to turn craft sticks and yarn to turn them into woven craft stick baskets. This is a fun way to introduce your kids to weaving. You can even use these DIY yarn baskets as box planters. Here are some more box planter ideas to deck up your house- 28 Beautiful & Unique DIY Planter Box Ideas.

There you go, people. We have come to the end of this long list of yarn crafts for kids. Here you will find interesting, unique, and fun ideas to keep your kids entertained and invested productively. Let us know your favorite one in the comment section below. Happy crafting, people.

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