22+ Christmas in a Jar DIY Ideas For Gifting And Decor

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After a year full of canned goods, there are chances that you have some mason jars piled up. So, why not create some Christmas crafts using them? The cold weather is a great excuse to stay indoors and engage in this fun DIY activity. It is a great way to gift your loved ones a magical Christmas in a jar! These vessels are a ready supply for creating cute Christmas decorations, crafts, presents, or even a souvenir. These Christmas in a jar ideas can be recreated in a few minutes and are budget-friendly. These crafts are perfect for kids, so you can have some family time while creating them.

We have listed some of the easiest and beautiful Christmas in a jar ideas to make your celebrations special.

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1. Winter-Wonderland in a Jar

Christmas in a Jar Idea
Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/B6TNjeOl7J9/?igshid=1i0pjgbdghtun

This Christmas in a jar craft by selahcreativecompany is a little magical wonderland. It is made using only three things: a glass jar, salt/sugar, and a few bottle brush trees. Start by filling one-third of the glass jar with salt or sugar and a little bit of glitter (optional) for some sparkle. Add some bottle brush trees in it, and voila, your beautiful jar is all ready to be used as a decor piece or sent out as a present.

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2. Christmas Reindeers in a Jar

Christmas in a Jar Idea
Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/B6QujZelQdF/?igshid=1f7fdoe3cv4vp

Want to gift or store some treats in jars and want to make it Christmasy? This idea by window_of_fashion_by_moni is the way to go! This Christmas in a jar idea is perfect for adding an adorable touch to plain glass jars and make them appropriate for gifting or decorating this holiday season. Start by tracing reindeer ears on a brown paper and cut it out. Use white and black paper to create the eyes or buy googly eyes. Cut out a small red circle using blotting paper. Take a mason jar with a lid, and stick all of these on the jar as shown above. Stick a gold sequin string/ribbon/tape around the jar lid for some sparkle. Fill these jars with chocolate, flax seeds, cookies, or any other treats, and your reindeer jars are ready.

3. The Christmas in a Jar Centerpiece

Christmas in a Jar Idea
Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/B6YpkjQlsw0/?igshid=184pvovkt82uf

This Christmas in a jaridea by thecraftymomster is the perfect last-minute DIY Christmas centerpiece for this year’s dinner. All you need are some glass or tin jars, white paint, leftover ribbons, and some greeneries. Paint the jars using white color, and don’t forget to brush the paint in different directions for a distressed look. Tie a ribbon around the rim of the jar. Fill it in with greeneries of your choice and add some cranberries for a pop of color. That is it. Your centerpiece is ready. If you have a larger table, create four or five of these, line them up along the length of the table, or place them together in a cluster.

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4. The Lit Christmas Jar Snowglobes

Christmas in a Jar Idea
Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BrXR1tEFT0i/?igshid=14a1qcl5tvjlb

Want to create something this Christmas that will light up the whole room? Yes, you can make your lit snowglobes using this Christmas in a jar idea by sogniacolazione. It is simple, quick, and would be the star of your Christmas decor this year. Add a bottle brush tree, some fake snow, fairy lights, and a tiny doll to a glass jar. Tighten the lid and turn on the lights to witness the magic!

5. Mini Christmas Tree in a Jar

Christmas in a Jar Idea
Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BrBtDE1HV7n/?igshid=1e5id9b49cmht

This two minute Christmas in a jar idea by craytivesolutions doubles as a Christmas decor and a centerpiece! All you need are some cranberries, a glass jar/vase, a mini Christmas tree, and some string lights. Put the cranberries in the jar and place the Christmas tree wrapped in string lights and voila! Your earthy and natural Christmas centerpiece/decor is ready.

6. The Snowy Forest in a Jar

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/B5YrKNclEx2/?igshid=wlongl9hjx8o

Gift your loved ones a winter wonderland this Christmas using harperhomestead’s Christmas in a jar idea. Take a glass jar with a lid. Add some fake snow or Epsom salt in it. Stick in some tiny trees and a reindeer for a forest look. Throw in some fairy lights, and your magnificent Christmas gift is ready!

7. The Vintage Bus Christmas in a Jar

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/_koQAUAba4/?igshid=166b0shhbf0l9

A twist to the classic snowglobes is this Christmas in a jar idea by wallstreetcraft. Use those tiny vintage cars/buses lying around and tie a bottle brush tree over it using a string. Place this horizontally inside a glass jar and add some fake snow on the base. Use this as a gift or a decor piece, this Christmas season.

8. Teddy Santa Christmas in a Jar

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BNDFLn5hRKD/?igshid=btxj7uuj8g4h

Send across this teddy Santa in a snowglobe as a Christmas gift this year. This idea by thepinkpineconestudio adds an adorable twist to the mainstream snowglobes. Your loved ones would be awestruck upon receiving this as a gift. But, if you like it too much after making it, you can keep it for yourself! Fill in some fake snow or salt in a glass jar and a tiny Christmas tree in it. Place a small beer dressed as a Santa in the jar and tighten the lid. Wrap a ribbon/band around the lid, which says Merry Christmas, and that is it!

9. Twinkle Twinkle Christmas in a Jar

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BoOc8o1jR8b/?igshid=1wbl55yeuuhlc

This candlelight vessel is an excellent Christmas in a jar idea by twinkle.twinkle.little.jar. It acts as a beautiful night lamp while adding on to your Christmas decorations. All you need is a glass jar, a candle, and some paint. Brush the glass jar roughly using white color. Now draw some houses and buildings along the base of the jar using silver paint. Add some stars in the sky with the silver paint. Lastly, paint a Santa sleigh with reindeers in the sky using black paint. Place a candle in the jar, and your DIY Christmas lamp is ready!

10. Festive Settings Snowglobe

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BcnZTWznzsK/?igshid=1xa8rxwkltlaj

If you are on time and budget crunch, this Christmas in a jar idea by szaryland is the best for you! All you have to do is put in some salt/fake snow in a glass jar, add two mini trees or bottle brush trees, and tie some red bakers twine around the lid of the jar. In just a few minutes and with minimal supplies, your decor piece is ready.

11. The Overloaded Christmas Ornaments Jar

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/B6WyNB4Ak6z/?igshid=x73vyvav7l5g

Feel like literally wrapping up Christmas and gifting it to someone? Well, then try out this idea by szycha_w_dzbanie. If you want to describe Christmas, use this Christmas in a jar idea. Take a glass vessel and add a piece of jute in the bottom. Fill the remaining container with tiny Christmas ornaments/embellishments like pine cones, dried oranges/cranberries, cinnamon sticks, snowflakes/stars, etc. Place some fairy lights to add a charming touch. Close the jar using another piece of jute cloth and secure it with a lace ribbon.

12. The Animal Kingdom Snowglobes

Christmas in a Jar Idea
Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/B6NMj9-HjuW/?igshid=fks7y0sqxlkc

Create a snowy animal kingdom for gifting this Christmas season. This idea by jtru_designs adds an adorable twist to the simple snowglobes. Grab some miniature animals and trees, a pack of fake snow/salt, some bakers twine, and some glass jars. Fill up the jars with snow at the base, followed by some miniature animals and trees. Finish it off by tying some bakers twine on the jars’ lids, and the kingdom is ready for Christmas celebrations.

13. The Bottlebrush Terrariums

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/B5TUTAUhiwa/?igshid=r4kufhyhti40

Create these tiny terrariums for your bottle brush trees as a Christmas in a jar decoration. These terrariums by blairbaileydesign require just a minute to make and look extremely luxurious. Take some glass jars and place some bottle brush trees in them. Tighten the lid, and you just made a festive, colorful Christmas decor piece for yourself.

14. Christmas Bowtie Wall Jars

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/-ziqgyF807/?igshid=14spd9p1v2zpv

Dress up your mason jars in plaid bows to attend the Christmas party! This unique idea by jankynola not only decorates your Christmas celebrations but also brightens it up. Fill up some fake snow/salt at the base of a mason jar and add a bottle brush tree or tiny tree. Tighten the lid and wrap a plaid ribbon around it, forming a bow. Place some fairy lights over this jar, and your luminous jars are ready!

15. Mr. Snowman Jar

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/B4bJFhHh5bg/?igshid=xrsuty9jl36l

What’s a Christmas without a snowman! These snowman Christmas in a jar idea by theseasonalmercantile is a must-have in your Christmas decorations or presents list. Fill up a glass jar with tiny thermacol balls at the base. Place a handmade or store-bought snowman in the jar. You can dress the snowman in a cap and scarf for a cozy feel. Tighten the lid and wrap a pompom twine(or any ribbon/string) around it. Use this as a Christmas decoration or as an adorable gift for your loved ones.

16. The Lush Green Christmas in a Jar

Christmas in a Jar Idea
Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/B4mrzlZBqC8/?igshid=1a3afh1q2gfhv

This idea by blairbaileydesign combines all shades of green bottle brush trees in a glass jar and finishes up as an elegant Christmas in a jar decor. The wooden lid of the is an additional earthy touch to the entire craft. It is easy to make and looks very soothing. This versatile decor piece can last throughout the holiday season and even after it, as the natural decor is evergreen!

17. Glow in the dark Terrariums

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BcpiR_BHZFO/?igshid=7f3hleakbk92

Add a lovely glow to your Christmas night with this Christmas in a jar idea by pandalavdesign. It is natural as well as Christmasy and takes a few minutes to make. Start by placing some greeneries in a glass jar to create a terrarium. Place one or more mini snowmen in the jar and top it off with some fairy lights. Tighten the lid and wrap it with some jute twine. Your glow in the dark Christmas jar is ready!

18. Dashing through the Snow Jars

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BN-AOeWgC8e/?igshid=1kr2ramfkywy8

This Christmas in a jar DIY by XX is a perfect Merry Christmas jar combining tiny elements that reflect the true essence of the festival. Fill up one thrids of a glass jar with fake snow/salt. Add mini trees/bottle brush trees and a cute Santa Claus with a reindeer. Finish off by tying a string around the lid of the jar and hanging some embellishments as well. For some extra glow, either add some fairy lights inside the jar or leave them outside. That’s it; your holiday’s glass jars are ready.

19. The Christmas Landscape Jar

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BjrttA2HNij/?igshid=18e21yy916ks4

Gifts.galore._‘s Christmas in a jar idea is perfect for gifting or decorating your house! This handmade craft is a great way to show your loved ones that you care. Add some fake snow/salt to a glass jar, place a tiny tree, and snowman in it. Throw in a cute wrapped present and stick a heart on the inside of the jar. Close the jar and tie a plaid cloth over it using a twine. Your minimal yet festive jar is ready to send out.

20. The Falling Stars Christmas in a Jar

Christmas in a Jar Idea
Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/B6bcXSMoKr0/?igshid=kjz9z6lmmy9f

This Christmas in a jar DIY by maman.tortu3 is a little elaborate but is super easy to recreate. Start by creating an irregular base using self-drying paste and plant a tree in it. Next, cut out a cardboard circle, which is equal to the size of the jar lid. Thread some nylon strings through the cardboard piece and secure it with a knot. Alternate tiny stars and white pompoms on the strings and tie a knot on the other end. Close the lid and tie a fancy ribbon/pompoms around it, and your falling stars Christmas craft is ready!

21. The Embellished Christmas Tree in a Jar

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/-v7-THAZa-/?igshid=167j2lt0cb9f7

This simple but elegant Christmas in a jar decor by tashicreation is a quick way of decorating this holiday season. All you have to do is place a tiny tree with embellishments in the glass jar. Sprinkle some sparkly snow around in the vessel. Close the lid, and tie a jute twine around it. Your pretty Christmas decor is ready!

The Stuffed Christmas in a Jar

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BdEBdELH-Mf/?igshid=putx1524vphw

This Christmas in a jar idea by floralove.pl looks very Christmasy, is an excellent gifting option, and takes teeny tiny effort to make. All you have to do is fill up a jar with anything Christmas related lying around the house. It could be embellishments like pine cones, bell ornaments, or greeneries, or walnuts, cranberries, etc. Add some fairy lights for a shiny glow. Add a ribbon bow to the lid and voila!

It’s incredible how you can reuse those canned glass jars to create such beautiful Christmas gifts and decor. We hope these ideas inspired you to create yours today.

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