DIY Wine Bottle Crafts – 30+ Wine Bottle Decoration Ideas

Wine bottles come in different shapes and sizes, and that’s why it is so easy to upcycle them into fine wine bottle crafts. If you have some empty wine bottles crowding the floor and your dustbin, then this a sign to make some wine bottle crafts.

There are so many creative and interesting ways to repurpose wine bottles into amazing wine bottle crafts. And here, we have a list of ideas and tutorials for you to do the same with ease. 

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So let’s delve into this long list of ideas for some fantastic wine bottle crafts.

1. DIY Macrame Wine Bottle Hanger

DIY wine bottle crafts

Image and Tutorial by singlegirlsdiy

Wine bottle crafts are so versatile that they will blow your mind. For instance, look at this macrame wine bottle hanger. It is so easy, simple, and sophisticated. You can use this hanger as a plant holder, decorative gift ideas to present wine, and hanging lights. If you want some more hangers for plants or your outdoor area, here are some options for you- 30+ Beautiful & Stylish Pallet Planter Ideas For Outdoors.

2. Sunflower Wine Bottle Crafts

DIY Sunflower wine bottle crafts

Image and Tutorial by craftandsparkle

These centerpiece wine bottle crafts are perfect for an indoor candlelight dinner. This craft idea is so simple and classy. All you need are empty wine bottles, cotton twine, and sunflowers.

3. Twine Wrapped Wine Bottle Crafts

Image and Tutorial by jugglingactmama

These wine bottle crafts are so rustic. I like the whole rustic and raw look of it. This tutorial will give your empty wine bottles a new life. All you need for this one are wine bottles, jute twine, strips of colored burlap, and hot glue.

4. DIY Wine Bottle Citronella Candles

DIY wine bottle crafts

Image and Tutorial by helloglow

Nights can be magical, and there are ways to make them more magical. For instance, look at these wine bottle crafts; a great way to add some romantic and cool vibes to your outdoor area. These are amazing options for your front porch. Just a few minutes of dedication, and you can have your own wine bottle Citronella candles.

5. Wine Bottle Planter for Succulents

Image and Tutorial by succulentsandsunshine

If you are looking for some offbeat wine bottle crafts, then this is your stop. Planting succulents can be tricky; if you are looking for fancy ways of doing it, try planting them in wine bottles. Follow this amazing tutorial to make these classy wone bottle planters. Here are some more box planter ideas for you- 28 Beautiful & Unique DIY Planter Box Ideas.

6. Wine Bottle Crafts for Candles


Image and Tutorial by savedbylovecreations

I love a good rainbow-themed decorated space. And these wine bottle crafts are doing the same thing. So if you are looking for something colorful and easy for your backyard or even indoors, then this is it.

7. Tissue Paper Decoupaged Wine Bottles


Image and Tutorial by craftingagreenworld

I have a special love for tissue papercrafts. They are budget-friendly, easy, and colorful. These wine bottle crafts are great as centerpieces at wedding showers, birthday parties, and even brunches. You can even involve your kids in this craft project. Here are some more tissue paper craft ideas for you- 15+ Amazing Tissue Paper Crafts For Your Fun Time.

8. Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

DIY wine bottle crafts

Image and Tutorial by elizabethjoandesigns

One thing that I do in the summers is keeping food and water out for birds. So when I stumbled upon these wine bottle crafts, I thought of sharing them with you. This craft idea is a little complicated, but the tutorial will assist you to accomplish the task.

Wine Bottle Crafts With Christmas Lights

Christmas decorations are so much fun to play around with. They can be so interesting and beautiful. So how about we move a little from baubles and stars and concentrate on these wine bottle crafts? Make this Christmas more fun and welcoming with these offbeat decorations. Here are some more Christmas craft ideas- 30+ DIY Christmas Ornaments For Your Christmas Tree.

1. Light My Bottles


Image and Tutorial by modpodgerocksblog

If you love wine bottle crafts, then try out these light bottles. They are easy and super cool. You can make a few of these with just tissue paper and mod podge. These bottle lights are really easy to install. I can only imagine how beautiful and dreamy these would look on your front porch!

2. DIY Frosted Bottle Silhouettes

Image and Tutorial by hallmarkchannel

I love these wine bottle crafts. And the best part is, it is so easy to make. All you need are some wine bottles, frosted glass spray paint, acrylic paint, paintbrushes, and wine cork LED lights.

3. Christmas Bottle Lights

Image and Tutorial by pillarboxblue

I love how the house lights up with LED and fairy lights at Christmas. So here we have some ideas for you to use wine bottle crafts innovatively to deck up your house with lights. This is such a budget-friendly craft project and your kids will love to help you out. 

Wine Bottle Cork Crafts

If you have some extra wine corks lying here and there, this is your sign to gather them. Let’s see how we can reuse wine corks to make some useful craft products. Wine crafts make things look classy and sophisticated.

1. Wine Cork Vase


Image and Tutorial by onecrazyhouse

How classy does this DIY vase look? Wine corks are versatile and you can create something beautiful like this vase. It is perfect for your bedside table.

2. Wine Cork Calendar Holder

Wine Bottle Cork Crafts

Image and Tutorial by twotwentyone

I love how this one looks! It is a very easy and less time-consuming craft idea. There is a very simple tutorial that you can follow to make a few crafty candle holders like this one.

3. Colorful DIY Wine Cork Coaster

Wine Bottle Cork Crafts

Image and Tutorial by sustainmycrafthabit

Do you hoard wine corks? Then this one is a perfect way to reuse the wine corks. It is amazing how you can turn simple wine corks into something beautiful like these colorful coasters. You just need wine corks, paint, and glue for this one. 

Halloween Wine Bottle Crafts

What is your favorite thing about Halloween? For me, it is the food and the decor. I love spooky and themed decors on Halloween nights. So here we have some amazing ideas for you to explore. Make this Halloween a little different with these DIY wine bottle crafts. Here are some more interesting ideas to make a perfectly spooky decor this Halloween- 15 Halloween Crafts for a Boo-tiful Decor.

1. Halloween Chalkboard Wine Bottle Crafts

Wine Bottles Halloween DIY

Image and Tutorial by surroundingsbydebi

If you want something easy, fun, and super cool then these wine bottle crafts are your kind of thing. All you need are wine bottles, chalkboard paint, and a pack of gemstones.

2. Sparkling Boo-ze Bottles

Halloween Wine Bottle Crafts

Image and Tutorial by mysocalstyle 

I love glitters and sparkles, they always add so much drama to the craftwork. Look how crafty these otherwise simple wine bottles turned out!

3. Wine Bottle Scarecrow

Image and Tutorial by crochetncrafts

This one is an upcycled wine bottle craft. It is simple and super fun. These are perfect for your front porch or your backyard on Halloween night. Get innovation with these Halloween craft ideas- 18 Halloween Decor Ideas for a Fang-tastic Celebration.

Christmas Wine Bottle Crafts

Christmas is incomplete without a good decoration. Make it festive and welcoming with these wine bottle crafts, this Christmas.

1. Easy Christmas Wine Bottle Crafts


Image and Tutorial by hometalk

Joy, love, and hope are the three things that Christmas brings with itself. It was instant love for me when I saw these wine bottle crafts. Go ahead and give it a try!

2. Christmas Table Decorations


Image and Tutorial by vibekedesign.blogspot

Wine bottle crafts can’t get any easier than this one. This is a perfect choice for Christmas table decoration. If you like to keep things simple and sophisticated, then this one is for you.

3. Winter Wonderland Wine Bottles

Christmas wine bottle crafts

Image and Tutorial by monicascreativecrafts

This one here reminds me of the fantasy world of Narnia. Who knew transforming simple empty wine bottles can look this dreamy!?

4. Decorative Wine Bottle Crafts

Christmas wine bottle crafts

Image and Tutorial by shawnmosch

I love these wine bottle crafts in the red and silver color schemes. These are perfect handmade gifts for Christmas as well. Bring joy and happiness to your family with these blingy wine bottle crafts.

Fall Wine Bottle Crafts

Fall brings so much with itself. It is the beginning of the festive season. Don’t agree with that? So let’s make this fall more fun with these super cool wine bottle crafts.

1. Wine Bottle Pumpkin

Image and Tutorial by foodwinesunshine

If you are looking for something different than the traditional pumpkin this Halloween, try out these upcycled wine bottle crafts. These are crafty and easy. Check out some more pumpkin crafts for a spooky Halloween night- 18 Halloween Pumpkin Home Decor Ideas For A Spooky Celebration.

2. Wine Bottle Vases

Image and Tutorial by creativejewishmom

As a kid, my favorite summer project used to be painting vases. But then I grew up and started painting wine bottles! The best thing about this is I can just use empty wine bottles, making it a cheaper craft project.

Painted Wine Bottle Crafts

If you love painting, then I have some good ideas for you. These recycled wine bottle crafts ideas are just too beautiful to ignore. So go ahead get your painting supplies and start to paint.

1. Polka Dot Wine Bottle Crafts


Image and Tutorial by craftsbyamanda

If you want to paint your wine bottles, but looking for something easy, this one is for you. I love the white base and the bright colors used to draw the polka dots.

2. Painted Wine Bottle

Painted wine bottle crafts

Image and Tutorial by craftsbyamanda

I can’t get enough of these wine bottle crafts. If you have some empty and clean wine bottles lying around, I would suggest you gather them. These are perfect for a craft party fun time. You can spray-paint the bottles beforehand and later ask everyone to paint however they like.

3. Upcycled Wine Bottle Vase


Image and Tutorial by letscraftsinstead

For me, gold is bold! And I love being bold. This one here is a beautiful vase upcycled from empty wine bottles. How amazing is that?! This is the kind of beauty you need to add to your home decor. 

4. Beautiful Homemade Gift

Painted wine bottle crafts

Image and Tutorial by placeofmytaste

Mothers love handmade things. So this time on my mother’s birthday, I made her a hand-painted vase. Needless to say, she loved it. You too can make a few of these as gifts. I love the pastel base colors and the abstract painting. It looks very cool and chic.

5. Sprinkled with Love

Painted wine bottle crafts

Image and Tutorial by wannaberuby

If you are a party animal and love throwing parties, this might be for you. I can only imagine how amazing these wine bottle crafts would look on a brunch or a baby shower table. All you will need are wine bottles, spray paints, and sprinkles.

There you go, people. If you want to deck up and take your decoration skill up by a notch, give these beauties a try. Let us know your favorite wine bottle crafts in the comment section below. Happy crafting, people.

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