How To Make A Paper Crown – 20 Easy DIYs

Do you like theme parties? If yes, then keep reading this article. Here you will learn how to make a paper crown. Making paper crowns is a fun activity; it is the cutest paper craft idea for kids. You can also decorate your paper crowns with gemstones, glitter papers, flowers, and laces.

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There are easy tutorials here to learn how to make a paper crown. So get a little creative this year and try out some amazing ideas to answer- How to make a paper Crown.

1. DIY– How To Make A Paper Crown

Yellow Paper Crown

Image and Tutorial by thecraftathomefamily

This paper crown is easy, fun, and kids-approved. It also requires basic craft supplies, making this one a budget-friendly craft idea. The easy tutorial will certainly teach you how to make a paper crown.

2. Purple Paper Crown

Image and Tutorial by firstpalette

If you have a birthday party coming up, then you can learn how to make a paper crown. This one has an amazing tutorial to teach you all about decorating a cute paper crown. I just love the little details in this one, especially the tiny flower.

3. Bridal Flower Paper Crown

Image and Tutorial by marthastewart

Flower crowns have always been perfect wedding accessories. And I love a beautiful trend like this one. I love paper crowns more than fresh flower crowns; they are much longer-lasting. The purple color of this paper crown makes it more beautiful.

4. New Year’s Eve Paper Crown

Image and Tutorial by partywithunicorns

If you are a party animal on New Year’s eve, then this is your stop. This new year paper crown is an easy surprise for your kids. I love how simple and fancy this looks. With all the glitters and stars, this will certainly bring a smile to your kid’s face.

5. Easy Paper Crown Craft

Yellow Paper Crown

Image and Tutorial by ohpartyland

Here you can learn how to make a paper crown. It is an easy and simple tutorial that is perfect for a good kid’s craft project. Your kids can make these king and queen crowns for a fun playtime. All you need are yellow construction paper, glue, scissors, and glitter papers.

6. DIY Paper Crowns for Princess

Princess Paper Crown

Image and Tutorial by merrimentdesign

I love these 3D personalized paper crowns for a birthday party. This is a fast 10-minutes craft for kids. I love how she has cut out the patterns in the paper crown. These are just awesome!

7. Abstract Paper Crown

Image and Tutorial by instructables

If you want to learn how to make an artistic paper crown, then here we have an option for you. This one is so easy that you can do it whenever you want. It is simple, easy, quick, and made out of paper. All you need are paper, scissors, glue, decorative paper, stickers, and decorative tape.

8. Fall Leaf Crown Craft

Image and Tutorial by rhythmsofplay

If you want an earthy crown to cheer up your little one, this is your sign. Make this gorgeous autumn headdress for your little one at this year’s fall party. Here you can learn how easily you can make an autumn leaf crown quickly and easily.

9. DIY Paper Crown

Image and Tutorial by honestlyyum

Look at this beauty! It doesn’t even look like a paper crown, does it? You might have to do a little shopping for this one. But trust me, it is worth it. All you need for this royal crown are Dresden trim, vintage ribbon, and a sewing machine. The blue and gold in this crown make it look luxurious.

10. Birthday Crown


Image and Tutorial by asubtlerevelry

Honestly, I want to learn how to make this birthday crown for myself! That is how much I love this one. If you want to pick a fancy and easy tutorial, for how to make a paper crown, this one is just for you. I love the colorful pompoms and the glitters in this crystal-like paper crown.

11. DIY How to Make a Paper Crown

Image and Tutorial by designlovefest

If you like bling and gemstones, then this one is for you. I love how loud and bold this paper crown has turned out to look. All you need is like poster board, scissors, pencils, craft glues, lots of gemstones, sequins, pompoms, and small binder clips.

12. Flower Crown Tutorial

Diy paper flower crown

Image and Tutorial by honestlywtf

If you are a sucker for simplicity and flowers, then go for this one. This is genius craftwork. It is so flawless and the flowers are arranged so seamlessly that it doesn’t even look like a paper flower crown. So, go ahead and make this crepe paper flower crown and enjoy your craftwork.

13. DIY Paper Crowns for Kids


Image and Tutorial by wermemorykeepers.wpcomstaging

Yet another craft project for your kids. This is a perfect assignment to keep your kids involved and indulged in something creative. It is a great way to enhance the motor skills of your kids. I love the yellow and purple combination in this paper crown. So if you want a quick and easy tutorial on how to make a paper crown, then go for this one. Here are some more craft ideas for your kids- 25 Best Red, Blue, and White 4th of July Crafts For Kids.

14. Origami: How to Make a Paper Crown

Image and Tutorial by blog.consumercrafts

I have always love Origami; it is so therapeutic. But when I came across this masterpiece, my mind was blown away. The best part, you don’t need scissors and glue for this one. All you need to know is how to fold papers skillfully. So, choose beautiful origami paper and get ready to fold some papers.

15. DIY Fairy Paper Crown

Image and Tutorial by liagriffith

A birthday girl needs a crown, don’t you think so?! I love how Greek this paper crown looks. And I love the gold bling, so when I saw this paper crown, I just had to add it to this list. It looks so classy and chic. Let your kid be a queen on her birthday with this paper crown.

16 DIY Paper Crowns

Image and Tutorial by persialou

Birthdays are always special but how about we make it a little more special this time, with this paper crown? This one is so gorgeous and royal, that you just can’t get enough of it. You will need colored cardstock, a craft knife, glue, and some more basic supplies.

17. Toilet Paper Crown

Image and Tutorial by creativejewishmom

I love recycled craft ideas, so I had to include this easy DIY crown to this list of how to make a paper crown. All you need are some empty tissue paper rolls, fabric paint, markers, and a knife. I love how rustic this one has turned out. Here you can check out some more toilet paper crafts for kids- 30+ Innovative Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For You.

18. Paper Flower Crown

Paper Flower Crown

Image and Tutorial by paperluv_222

Apart from how exquisite this one looks, I am loving the colors. I love the pastel shades of yellow, green, and purple. It is subtle and chic, perfect for kids at a brunch party.

19. Fake Flower Paper Crowns

Floral Paper Crown

Image and Tutorial by

You can choose a floral crown without real flowers! So if you want something like that, then this beautiful paper flower crown is just right for you. I love how realistic the flowers look. The colors and the patterns are working out so well in this one. I especially love the purple color used.

20. Folding Paper Crown

Image and Tutorial by milsuenosdepapel

Get your kids ready to become kings and queens with these paper crowns! I love that these paper crowns don’t involve glue or scissors. You can choose beautiful papers and fold them skillfully to make a few paper crowns.

21. Paper Headband

Source : lacountylibrary

If there is a dress-up party coming up, I suggest you make this unique paper crown for your kids. All you need are construction papers, paper patterns, and yarn to create this colorful and wearable craft. The paper flowers make the headband so much fun.

There you go, people. You have an entire list of interesting ideas and tutorials to learn how to make a paper crown. The list has easy options, creative ones, and also gorgeous ones. You can also check out some more interesting paper craft ideas for you- 25+ Cute Paper Crafts For Kid For A Fun Time. So, let us know your favorite one in the comment section below.

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