18 Halloween Pumpkin Home Decor Ideas For A Spooky Celebration

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It is never too soon to start prepping Halloween’s spooky season and planning your favorite Halloween costumes. Why not start getting creative with DIY Halloween Pumpkin Decor? These fantastic ideas would make sure that your place looks festive and unique, all the way from outdoors to indoors! 

These ideas would ensure that every inch of your house has a spooky, scary touch to it. This Halloween pumpkin decor is sure to surprise your party guests. We have included ideas for your house entrance, garden, living room, etc. Additionally, the ideas include carved pumpkin decor, no-carve pumpkins, and even glow in the dark pumpkin ideas. 

Carving pumpkins might look messy or complicated; however, it is one of the coolest ways of adding a funky twist to your Halloween decor. Also, they are the perfect option for adding a personalized touch to this year’s decorations. If you still don’t feel like carving the pumpkins, don’t worry, we have listed no-carved pumpkin ideas too! 

So get ready to be this year’s favorite Halloween hostess with these simple, quick, funny, and equally terrifying Halloween pumpkin decorations.

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1. Pumpkin Steps Entrance Decor

Halloween Pumpkin Idea

Source: holidaycountdowns

Fall is a season full of patterns almost everywhere, even on your pumpkins! If you have a stairway or want to decorate your home’s entry steps, try out this Halloween pumpkin decor idea by holidaycountdowns. Get orange and white pumpkins and grab some paint. This is a no-carve decoration idea, so it takes very little time and looks spectacular. Add black stripes or a check pattern on the white pumpkins. Mix these with the orange pumpkins and place them on the corners of the steps. You can take different sized pumpkins for an abstract look. Finally, put some flower pots here and there and voila! Your steps dressed up beautifully. 

2. The Pumpkin Nightlights Entryway Decor

Source: halloweeen.nights

Want a Halloween decor that stays spooky all day and all night? This Halloween pumpkin idea by halloweeen.nights is perfect for you. It says Halloween in the morning and stays spooky at night. All you have to do is carve out faces in a few pumpkins and fill them up with lights. Place these randomly at the entryway. Additionally, hang some string lights and lay a few on the ground as well. Light this up as the sun goes down, and let the freaky magic unveil.   

3. Ghostly Greetings Pumpkin Decor

Halloween Pumpkin Idea

Source: spookypuca_

Painting on your pumpkins is a fun, easy, and quick way to make some Halloween pumpkin decorations. Create a cluster of different sized pumpkins in the corner of your entryway. Paint some stripes or polka dots on some white and orange pumpkins. Place some candle lanterns among the cluster, and your house entrance looks straight out of a Halloween movie. Refer to the above idea by halloween.store.2020 for pattern inspiration.  

4. Stripe and Dots Halloween Pumpkin Decor

Source: halloween.store.2020

Painting on your pumpkins is a very fun, easy, and quick way to make some Halloween pumpkin decorations. Create a cluster of different sized pumpkins in the corner of your entryway. Paint some stripes or polka dots on some white and orange pumpkins. Place some candle lanterns among the cluster and your house entrance looks straight out of a Halloween movie. Refer to the above idea by halloween.store.2020 for pattern inspiration.  

5. Vintage Paper Mache Halloween Pumpkins

Source: scary_stuff_under_my_bed

This vintage jack-o-lanterns idea by scary_stuff_under_my_bed is a creepy entryway decor perfect for Halloween. These pumpkins are made out of paper mache with a scary face painted on them. You can replicate the same using real pumpkins as well. Just grab some black and white paint, refer to the Halloween pumpkins idea above and get brushing! Place these on and around the steps and give your guests a spooky welcome.   

6. Falling Leaves and Floral Pumpkin Decor

Halloween Pumpkin Idea

Source: connies_weird_wonderful_world

Yet another entryway Halloween pumpkin decor idea is this by connies_weird_wonderful_world. The idea is a twist to the classic carved pumpkins. Instead of carving the face, cut out some leaves and flowers from the pumpkins. Fill the pumpkins with some lights, and that’s it! Place these carved pumpkins in the corner of the steps. Add some non-carved pumpkins to the lot along with some greeneries.  

7. Bewitched Jack-O-Lanterns

Source: spookyhorrorhalloween

This jack-o-lanterns Halloween pumpkin decor idea by spookyhorrorhalloween is a unique touch to the traditional carved pumpkins. Start by carving a witch face, bats, ghosts, fox, or even Halloween words on the pumpkins. Now, put one pumpkin on each corner of every step. Fill them up with lights, add lots of flowers around, and your entryway is ready!  

8. The All-Orangy Garden Decor

Halloween Pumpkin Idea

Source: halloweenbabez

To recreate this garden Halloween decor idea by halloweenbabez, grab a bunch of carved pumpkins filled with lights. Hang a pumpkin from the top and place the rest around the tea-table. Next, place some orange candles on the table, along with orange cutlery. Add a flower pot on the table (preferable with orange flowers). That’s it! Your Halloween garden decor is ready. 

9. The Angry Halloween Pumpkin Heads

Source: halloween.store.2020

These carved pumpkins are angry and ready to scare everyone this Halloween season. The above Halloween pumpkin idea by halloween.store.2020 is perfect for decorating your garden, or even indoors. Carve out pumpkins with and without teeth and make sure they look super scary and angry. You can also cut out the pumpkin’s lid and place it back on for a spooky effect. Place these on a stone slab in the garden, or the tea-table, and try not to get too frightened! 

10. Traditional Jack-O-Lanterns Garden Decor

Source: halloween.store.2020

What better way to decorate your garden than going back to the traditional carved pumpkins? Stack three jack-o-lanterns on a pile of leaves along with some tealight lanterns. Place this decor on your garden table or the grass below! Add any other Halloween decorations of your liking like bats, ghosts, or skeletons. Nothing is spookier than this traditional Halloween pumpkin decor idea by halloween.store.2020

11. Disney Halloween Pumpkins Rack

Source: houseofmouseohboy

This is an indoor Halloween pumpkin decor idea by houseofmouseohboy that is inspired by Disney. Pick up your favorite Disney character and combine it with pumpkins to recreate this idea. For instance, the above idea is all about Mickey Mouse. Carve out Mickey’s face in the pumpkin and add ears to it. You can also buy a plastic pumpkin as shown. Place some Mickey-shaped wooden boards/cardboards on the shelves of any rack with the pumpkins. Add a few plain pumpkins of different sizes. Finally, fill up the shelves with other Halloween ornaments, and it is ready! 

12. Happy Haunting Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween Pumpkin Idea

Source: halloween.store.2020

An apple a day keeps the boogeyman away! This indoor Halloween pumpkin decor idea by halloween.store.2020 uses apples and cranberries to add to the traditional jack-o-lanterns. Place some apples and apple-shaped candles around the jack-o-lanterns. Top the pumpkins with some cranberries. Finally, sprinkle a few autumn leaves on the arrangement, and your corner decor or table decor is ready. 

13. Eye Spy Halloween Pumpkin Decor

Source: halloween.store.2020

Spiders are another eerie touch to your Halloween pumpkin decor. This idea by halloween.store.2020 uses a classic jack-o-lantern. Place a plastic spider near the eye of the pumpkin. You can add more spiders around if you like. Lay some candles and tealights around the pumpkin, and your Halloween decor is ready. Use this as a table centerpiece or a shelf piece.  

14. Glow in the Dark Pumpkins

Source: onelittleproject.com

This glow in the dark Halloween pumpkin idea by onelittleproject.com is not only a cool decor idea but is also a fun craft to try. Grab some glow in the dark spray paint and some pumpkins. Stick a face template (hand-drawn/printed) on the pumpkin. Now, spray the pumpkins with the paint and peel of the face sticker. Your glow in the dark pumpkins are ready for a spooky, unique, and cool touch to the indoors. Check out this link for a detailed tutorial.  

15. The Colorplay No-Carve Pumpkins

Halloween Pumpkin Idea

Source: ellieandpiperco

Coat your pumpkins thoroughly with paint for a fun and quirky Halloween. These no-carve pumpkins by ellieandpiperco use tones of pink and orange to color the pumpkins. It is an adorable twist to the otherwise scary Halloween pumpkins. You can paint either real pumpkins or plastic ones. Additionally, you can paint using spray paint or paintbrushes. Use different sized pumpkins stacked on top of a fireplace, or the table, or anywhere else. 

16. Black Magic Halloween Pumpkins

Source: love.autumn.winter

Here is a no-carve mantel decor idea by love.autumn.winter. This Halloween pumpkin decor uses a combination of black and orange and is perfect for a spooky fireplace. Hang a banner of orange and black wizard triangles on the mantelpiece. Place some pumpkins on stands in front of the fireplace. Create patterns on each pumpkin using black paint. It could be stripes, polka dots, spider webs, nets, flowers, etc. That’s it; your fireplace is decorated for Halloween, effortlessly and in a budget!

17. The Halloween Pumpkin Fireplace

Source: studiodiy.com

Start a pumpkin fire with this year’s Halloween decor. This adorable and unique Halloween pumpkin decor idea by studiodiy.com uses minimal items and gives marvelous results. Grab some pumpkins of varying sizes and colors. You can also buy just orange pumpkins and paint them. These could be real or plastic. Start placing these inside your fireplace and pour them outwards. Hang a tassel garland on the mantel and stick a spider web close by to finish your spooky fireplace.  

18. The Rainbow Pumpkin Mantel Decor

Halloween Pumpkin Idea

Source: akailochiclife.com

Who says Halloween decor has to be all creepy? It can also be colorful! This mantel decor by akailochiclife.com is a beautiful Halloween pumpkin decor. All you need are some paints and pumpkins of possibly every different size you can find. Divide these pumpkins into equal groups for each color, say 5 per color. Paint the pumpkins of each group with varying shades of the chosen paint. Place all the groups stacked in line on the mantel. Add a leaf garland and place candles in the fireplace. Your rainbow pumpkin decor is ready for the Halloween party. 

We hope these ideas inspired you to vamp your house from your front yard to your backyard for this year’s Halloween celebration. DIYing your decor pieces adds a beautiful uniqueness and personality to your crafts and makes them extra special. So, try these affordable, bootiful, and very spooky Halloween pumpkins for a skele-ton of fun! 

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