40 Easy DIY Wood Gifts Ideas For All Ages & Occasions

With everything becoming so easy to DIY, it is becoming possible for us to plan more thoughtful and affordable gifts for our loved ones. Wood Articles are a classic example of elegance and thoughtfulness – most especially when using scrap wood to do make easy DIY wood gifts.

Below we have a collection of some really unique and easy to make DIY wood projects for different occasions that would make some really contemplative gifts for different people and occasions.

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1. Wooden Cake Knife

Image and Tutorial by lazyguydiy

Reclaimed wood gifts are all the rage now. How would you like to have your own custom made wooden knife to cut your anniversary cake? This tutorial can make that a reality. This would be a great DIY wood anniversary gift. And let’s be honest, it does look pretty cool doesn’t it?

2. Etched Wooden Spoons

Image and tutorial by designmom

Keeping with the theme of handmade wooden kitchen utensils, this would be a great DIY wood gift for her. As wood working gains momentum, this easy tutorial will show you how to make the DIY wood projects for gifts that she will appreciate. Trust me, handmade can never go wrong.

3. DIY Wood IPad Holder

Image and tutorial by theidearoom

How many times have we referred to the internet for recipes but are worried about ruining our devices in the kitchen or keep running out to refer to them? Well, here we have a wonderful DIY gift made of wood that solves that problem. The IPad holder will be a much appreciated DIY wood gift for her or even as a DIY gift for mom.

4. DIY Pallet Wood Crates

Image and tutorial by apieceofrainbow

Do you know someone who loves vintage wooden crates? This tutorial shows you how to make amazing wooden crates to use your DIY wood projects as gifts. Use DIY reclaimed wood gifts to bring a smile on someone’s face for the effort you put in.

5. Wooden Books Stack

Image and tutorial by singlegirlsdiy

Farmhouse themed decor accessories are so hot right now. These wooden book stacks are almost a perfect DIY wood Christmas gift because of how simple they are to make. File this under DIY wood gifts for her.

6. DIY Wooden Tie Rack

Image and tutorial by craftaholicsanonymous

If you’ve been racking your brain for a good DIY wood gift for him for a while, we’re here to the rescue. This DIY gift made of wood is really handy for someone with a growing tie collection and bonus points for it looking so good.

7. Wooden Pour Over Coffee Stand

Image and tutorial by themerrythought

A one of a kind pour over coffee stand? A DIY gift made of wood for coffee lovers? You’re really seeing it. This would make a whopping DIY wood gift for him to enjoy his morning cup of joe. Go ahead, check out the tutorial.

8. Wooden Slice Coasters

Image and tutorial by gardentherapy

If you’re looking for a simple DIY wooden gift for mom that she will surely appreciate, then you should make these branch wood coasters. They look elegant and bring in sustic serene atmosphere to your decor. DIY woods gifts for her such as these will not disappoint.

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8. Jigsaw Wood Stool

Image and tutorial by familyhandyman

Never thought I would be talking about puzzle furniture. But here we are anyway. One of a kind DIY gifts made of wood do not get more innovative than this. This is a fabulous DIY wood gift for him to unwind with. So go on and see how it’s made.

9. Herringbone Wood Wine Rack

Finding a good space saving wine cabinet can be challenging sometimes. So here we have an idea that will be a marvelous DIY wood gift for him to show off his taste in style. One bonus other than impressing guests is how efficient its storage capacity is.

10. Farmhouse Style Wooden Stars

Image and tutorial by queenbeeofhoneydos

Making your own DIY wood Christmas gifts shows your love in a whole new way. With DIY wood projects as gifts gaining momentum each passing season, take a look at this tutorial to make some homely rustic stars that make perfect Christmas ornaments.

11. Wood Chalkboard

Image and tutorial by kraftykath

Make your own mini home blackboard with this DIY reclaimed wood gift idea. It is handy for writing to do notes for the day and hanging in places you might look often. Definitely a DIY wood gift for her that will be appreciated.

12. Wall Jewelry Holder

Image and tutorial by dreamalittlebigger

We can never have enough space for jewelry. If you’re looking for a good DIY good idea for her this would make a handy addition around the house. It’s modern looking and would surely add to the decor of your house. Not to mention everyone like DIY gifts made of wood.

13. Tic Tac Toe Game Board

Image and tutorial by anikasdiylife

Perfect if you have some scrap wood lying around. Easy to make and unique in premise, it would be an idyllic DIY gift made of wood. Kids and adults alike would have fun with it.

14. Wood Bottle Openers

Image and tutorial by makingmanzanita

Another reclaimed wood DIY gift made of wood that would be an excellent Father’s day present. Dan will definitely appreciate something this thoughtful.

15. Heart Box Planters

Image and tutorial by succulentsandsunshine

For an out of the box project, this DIY wood gift for mom would actually be an unrivaled option. It’s a very cute way of showing your love with this heart shaped DIY gift made of wood.

16. Picture Frame Desktop Organizer

Image and tutorial by thecraftpatchblog

For those looking for a DIY wood gift for Mom and don’t want to use tools or cutting wood, this easy project is the one.

It makes for a really pretty and thoughtful gift in the study. For the easy DIY gift made of wood, head to this tutorial.

17. Mid Century Wall Clock

Image and tutorial by sugarandcloth

A unique DIY wood wedding gift would be this mid century wall clock. It is really easy to make from scratch and will cost much less when compared to buying it at a home decor store.

18. DIY Wood Ring Box

Image and tutorial by instructables

This would actually make a really unique DIY valentine’s day wood gift since you can be sure that no one will do it exactly like you. She’s going to be delighted with the thought and effort you put into it. So go ahead and make a DIY wood gift for her.

19. Industrial Reclaimed Wood Bookends

Image and tutorial by familyhandyman

Bookends are a great gift when done correctly. And a unique reclaimed wood gift DIY is something people don’t forget in a hurry. This is a pretty underrated gift that could start many future conversations for sure.

20. DIY Woodland Baby Mobile

Image and tutorial by anikasdiylife

A really imaginative and thoughtful DIY wood gift for mom and baby. You can customize these according to what is available and it will always be a great gift.

21. Reclaimed Wood Mirror

Image and tutorial by viewalongtheway

Unique ways of using reclaimed wood are abundantly available here. And this is another exclusive way of creating a DIY wood gift for her that will surely be cherished for how thoughtful it is.

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22. Wall Clock

Image and tutorial by twoityourself

A wall clock on it’s own might not be such an innovative gift. But a reclaimed wood DIY gift made of fence planks – that is an innovative way of making a wall clock for sure. It would be an interesting DIY wood anniversary gift that will surely win you some praises.

23. DIY Wine Box

Image and tutorial by familyhandyman

Nothing says thoughtful DIY wood gift for him like a beautifully done wine box. This idea can be customised according to your liking and the occasion but be sure that it’ll be the topic of many future conversations once you give this DIY gift of wood a try.

24. DIY Computer Stand

Image and tutorial by familyhandyman

Show them your love and thoughtfulness with this DIY wood gift for him. It is an item that is actually useful almost everyday for working and would help them remember the thoughtfulness that went into making it.

25. DIY Wood Birdhouse

Image and tutorial by scavengerchic

If you have a friend that likes birds and pretty things, this DIY wood project for gifts idea will not fail to impress and delight them. Imagine the birds on this one. It would be a picture worthy moment for sure.

26. Wood Slice Snowman

Image and tutorial by somewhatsimple

Looking for a DIY wood Christmas gift but running out of ideas? How about snow man christmas ornaments? These enchanting DIY wood gifts can be great for anyone and they will admire it for many more holidays to come.

27. DIY Wooden Snowflake Shelf

Image and tutorial by woodshopdiaries

This statement DIY gift made of wood screams adoration and effort. You cannot go wrong with this DIY gift for her as a Christmas present. The different shelf compartments can be used for a multitude of purposes. We never want to run out of shelf space now do we?

28. DIY Tree Shelf

Image and tutorial by jaimecostiglio

Reclaimed wood gifts diy are always made with purpose and deep thought. Have spare wood that you don’t know what to do with? Use it to make some pretty shelves to hold some nicknacks. These gifts show your sensitivity towards the people you give them to.

29. DIY Earring Holder

Image and tutorial by sawsonskates

We all know that handling earrings can be one of the trickiest. They get into unnecessary bunches and get lost easily. Having something to organize them would be a Godsend. This DIY wood gift for her would be a great way to show her your attentiveness and will be appreciated beyond doubt.

30. Wooden Bottle Opener

Image and tutorial by artofmanliness

A great DIY wood gift for him to show off at the next barbeque is this simple bottle opener. It is easy to make and yet he will surely recognize the thought that went into it.

31. Painted Wood Slice Coasters

Image and tutorial by unoriginalmom

We’re always looking for the next unique and unparalleled gift to give aren’t we? And with these painted DIY wood gifts for mom, you cannot go wrong. It is whimsical, it is quirky and most of all it is so easy to make. DIY reclaimed wood gifts with your own touch.

32. Wooden Elephant Puzzle

Image and tutorial by theuglyducklinghouse

For the child in you, try this uber cute DIY gfit made of wood, It is a great project for children to do if they’re looking to make a DIY wood gift for mom or even grandma. It’s fun, it’s whimsical, and it’s going to make anyone who looks at it smile.

33. Wooden Dog Leash Hanger

Image and tutorial by kitchenconcoctions

If you knnow someone with dogs, this is a wonderful and thoughtful DIY wood project for gift idea. Anyone would be thankful of the thought and effort that goes into making this simple yet adorable gift. Bonus that it’s so much easier on the pocket than something store bought.

34. DIY Christmas Ornaments

Image and tutorial by thelittlefrugalhouse

DIY wood Christmas gifts like these will make your kids and other family members smile with fondness. An ornament like this is classic yet simple to make and shows that you’re putting thought during the time for festivals.

35. Mail Card Holder

Image and tutorial by thelittlefrugalhouse

How many times do we end up receiving Christmas letters and not knowing where to put them? This simple Mail Card holder could help solve that and make for a really nice DIY wood Christmas gift.

You could give it as a DIY wood gift for mom as well, because we know she wants to display all the artwork proudly.

36. Wooden Bead Necklace

Image and tutorial by craftandcreativity

Make a cute DIY wood gift for her with these ideas for a nice valentine’s day present. Or even just because you felt like it. Jewelry is always appreciated. And handmade gifts convey the thought that you put into them nicely.

37. Wood Block Candle Holders

Image and tutorial by markmontano

If you’re looking for a unique stand for your tea light candles then look no further. This pretty painted DIY wood gift for her would be a marvelous combination of thoughtful and creative. Using old wood pallets to make DIY gifts made of wood is always nice either way.

38. Wood Burned Bottle Stoppers

Image and tutorial by abeautifulmess

Wooden stoppers as an article of gifting is a unique thought, I must be honest. This DIY wood gift for him is certainly going to make him wonder how you came up with the idea but it’s not going to make him any less appreciative.

39. Round Ring Holders

Image and tutorial by dwellbeautiful

Anything involving jewelry is always going to make a perfect gift. You can be sure of that. And this DIY wood gift for her is a pretty good example of that. This one is simple and easy to make with just a few materials and whoever you give it to will definitely cherish it.

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