40 Fun And Easy DIY Coasters To Gift Or Keep

Are you tired of boring, run-of-the-mill coasters that look like they were snatched straight out of a hotel lobby? Well, have no fear! The DIY coaster revolution is here, and it’s more fun and accessible than ever. We’ve scoured the internet for the most unique and entertaining coaster ideas you can make yourself, whether you’re a crafting expert or a total novice. So, grab some glue and get ready to impress your friends and family with these 40 fun and easy DIY coasters that are perfect for gifting or keeping.

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1. Budget-Friendly Wine Cork DIY Coasters

Image and tutorial by DIY Candy

Do you have wine corks piled up in your kitchen drawers that are starting to rival a vineyard? Well, don’t toss them out just yet! With this DIY budget-friendly wine cork coaster tutorial, you can turn those corks into a chic and functional addition to your home decor. Not only will these coasters protect your surfaces from pesky condensation rings, but they’ll also add rustic charm to your living space.

2. DIY Cork Coaster Ideas

Image and tutorial by 86 Lemons

Looking for a coaster that’s both practical and eco-friendly? Look no further than these DIY cork coasters! They’re perfect for the wine-loving environmentalist in your life. Just grab some cork sheets and basic crafting supplies, and get to work. You can personalize these coasters with creativity to fit any style or occasion.

3. Wool Felt Coasters

Image and tutorial by Abby Trys Again

Made from soft and durable wool felt, these coasters are perfect for snuggling up with a warm cup of coffee or hot cocoa on a chilly night. Plus, with different colors to choose from, you can match them to any decor scheme.

4. How To Make Coasters From Sharpies

Image and tutorial by Jessica Wellington Interiors

Are you looking for a DIY coaster that’s so easy that even a kindergartener could do it? Look no further than the DIY Sharpie Coasters! All you need is a pack of Sharpie markers and plain white tiles, and you’re ready to unleash your inner Picasso.

5. DIY Tile Coaters With Maps

Image and tutorial by Modpodge Rocks

Not only will these coasters protect your furniture from pesky condensation, but they’ll also showcase your love for all things geography. So gather some tiles, mod podge, and your favorite maps (bonus points if it’s a map of your hometown), and get to work!

6. Easy DIY Slate Coasters

Image and tutorial by Average Inspired

Made from nothing but slate tiles and a bit of chalk, these coasters are both stylish and functional. Simply scribble on the name of your drink, and voila – no more accidental cup-swapping with your roommates. Plus, the natural texture of the slate gives your home a cozy cabin feel, even if you’re living in a busy city.

7. Hudson Bay Blanket Inspired Coasters

Image and tutorial by House Of Hawthrones

Who needs a boring old coaster when you can have one inspired by the iconic Hudson Bay blanket? These coasters indeed add a touch of rustic charm to any home decor and are as practical as they are adorable.

8. Macho Man Fabric Homemade Coaters

Image and tutorial by Very Shannon

Get ready to add masculinity to your furniture with Macho Man Fabric Coasters! These coasters are not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill squares of fabric. Instead, these coasters are made for the manliest men (and the women who appreciate them). Each coaster is handcrafted with sturdy materials and features a bold, masculine design that will make any drink look tough.

9. Woven Rug Coasters

Image and tutorial by Never Skip Brunch

The Woven Rug Coasters are the perfect addition to any home that’s in dire need of some quirky charm. These little guys are like tiny, lovable carpets for your cups and mugs. Made with strips of woven fabric, they’re soft to the touch and super absorbent.

10. Wool Felt Ball Coaters

Image and tutorial by Inspired By Charm

Looking for a cozy and colorful addition to your coffee table? Look no further than these Wool Felt Ball Coasters! These little balls of joy are not only adorable, but they’ll also protect your surfaces from pesky condensation rings.

11. Floppy Disc Coasters

Image and tutorial by Intergalactic Galactic Galactic

Remember the good old days of floppy discs and dial-up internet? Well, now you can relive those nostalgic moments with these floppy disc coasters! These quirky coasters will surely add some retro charm to your coffee table while also protecting it from pesky water rings.

12. Hexagon Macrame Mug Coasters

Image and tutorial by Marching North

Want to include a bit of boho chic to your morning coffee routine? Look no further than these Hexagon Macrame Mug Coasters! These trendy and stylish coasters are the perfect accessory to keep your mug from leaving rings on your table while showing off your impeccable taste in home decor.

13. DIY Resin And Wood Coasters

Image and tutorial by DIY Huntress

Introducing the ultimate DIY project for those who desire to add a bit of nature into their home without stepping outside DIY Resin and Wood Coasters! These beauties combine the warmth and texture of rustic wood with the sleek and modern look of resin.

14. Do It Yourself Picture Coasters

Image and tutorial by Plaid

This DIY coaster is the perfect way to add rustic charm to your home while showing off your favorite cowboy or cowgirl moments. Transfer your favorite Western-themed photos onto the coaster using crafty magic (aka photo transfer paper), and you’ll have a coaster as unique as a two-headed snake.

15. Quick And Easy Fabric Coasters

Image and tutorial by Angie’s Art Studio

Looking for a way to protect your coffee table while showing off your style? Do not look any further than these quick and easy fabric coasters! With a few scraps of your favorite fabric and some basic sewing skills, you’ll have functional and fabulous coasters.

16. Mason Jar Lid Coasters

Image and tutorial by Angie Holden

Tired of pesky water rings ruining your precious wooden furniture? Well, fear not, my friend, for the Mason Jar Lid Coasters are here to save the day (and your table). Made from those trusty old Mason jar lids that are probably gathering dust in your kitchen cupboard, these coasters are practical and super cute.

17. DIY Glass Coaters

Image and tutorial by Homemade Ginger

These nifty little creations protect your surfaces from unsightly water rings and add a pop of personality to your home decor. All you need is some plain glass coasters, a few colorful markers, and a steady hand (or a willingness to embrace imperfection).

18. DIY Agate Stone Coaters

Image and tutorial by Lela Burris

These DIY beauties will make you feel like royalty without selling off any limbs. With simple materials like polymer clay, paint, and a touch of imagination, you’ll have stunning coasters that make you feel like you’re sipping champagne in a palace.

19. Tree Limb Coasters

Image and tutorial by Curbly

Tired of the same old boring coasters? Then branch out with these Tree Limb Coasters! Made from real tree limbs, these coasters are great for the nature lovers who like to bring the great outdoors inside.

20. Seashell Coasters DIY

Image and tutorial by Running With Sisters

These little coasters are as cute as they are functional, and they’re the perfect excuse to hit the beach for some seashell scavenging. Just grab some shells, a glue gun, and a few cork coasters, and you’re on your way to crafting some stylish and unique coasters that will have your guests ooh-ing and aah-ing.

21. Clay Kitty Coasters

image and tutorial by A Beautiful Mess

Introducing the perfect addition to your coaster collection – Clay Kitty Coasters! These adorable coasters that are shaped like little kitty faces will make you smile every time you set your drink down.

22. Printable Kiwi Drink Coasters

Image and tutorial by Oh Happy Day

These juicy and vibrant coasters will add a burst of fruity fun to any drink, whether you’re sipping on a refreshing summer cocktail or a cozy cup of tea. Just print them out, cut them to size, and voila! Your drink will have a stylish new accessory that will turn heads.

23. DIY Terra Cotta Coasters

Image and tutorial by Suburbia

Looking for a coaster that’s rustic, charming, and will make all your friends say, “Ooh, where did you get that?” Look no further than DIY Terra Cotta Coasters! These adorable little discs are made from terra cotta pots, making them durable enough to withstand even the clumsiest coffee drinkers.

24. DIY Copper And Burlap Coasters

Image and tutorial by Twinsisters

The copper gives them a touch of sophistication, while the burlap keeps things down-to-earth (literally). Your guests will think you’ve gone all Martha Stewart on them, but little do they know, you whipped these up between Netflix episodes.

25. DIY Beer Coasters

Image and tutorial by Hip 2 Save

Are you a beer enthusiast tired of leaving rings on your precious furniture? You have got lucky, my friend! These DIY beer coasters will not only save your tables, but they’ll also show off your love for hops and barley in the most stylish way possible.

26. Crochet Watermelon Coasters

Image and tutorial by Make And Takes

These crochet watermelon coasters are the perfect addition to your summer decor – and they’re just as juicy as the real thing! These little cuties are made with bright pink and green yarn for that authentic watermelon look. They’re so adorable; you’ll want to take a bite out of them (but please don’t, they’re not edible).

27. DIY Marble Coasters

Image and tutorial by Let’s DIY It All

Are you ready to give your coffee table a classy look without breaking the bank? Look no further than these DIY Marble Coasters! With just a few supplies and your creativity, you can create elegant and stylish coasters that impress even the fanciest guests.

28. Recycled CD Coasters

Image and tutorial by Crafts By Amanda

Who said CDs were dead? These recycled CD coasters prove that even outdated technology can still be helpful. Not only are these an eco-friendly way to repurpose old CDs, but they’re also super stylish and easy to make.

29. DIY Easy Rope Coasters

Image and tutorial by A Beautiful Mess

Want to add a touch of nautical charm to your coffee table? Then, you came to the right place! You only need some rope, glue, and a steady hand to create these adorable and functional rope coasters.

30. Dyed Tile Coasters

Image and tutorial by One Little Project

Say goodbye to boring coasters and hello to the colorful world of dyed tile coasters! These lovely coasters are a perfect addition to any home if you are okay with a little mess. To create your own set of dyed tile coasters, you only need some plain tiles, a few bottles of dye, and a willingness to get a little wild.

31. DIY Soda Can Coasters

Image and tutorial by The Idea Room

Want to give your recycling bin a break and add some personality to your coffee table? Look no further than these DIY Soda Can Coasters! They are not only eco-friendly but also a fun and exciting way to show off your love for fizzy drinks.

32. Ceramic Tiles Coasters

Image and tutorial by Kenarry

Do your beverage vessels leave unsightly rings on your furniture? Fear not, dear friend! Our ceramic tiles coasters have got you covered. These little squares of ceramic goodness protect your precious surfaces while adding a touch of style and sophistication to your decor.

33. Simple DIY Beachy Rope Coasters

Image and tutorial by Craftsy Hacks

Why settle for boring old coasters when you can make these adorable beachy ones yourself? So whether you’re sipping on a mai tai by the beach or daydreaming about it, these cute coasters will transport you to a tropical paradise.

34. Homemade Photo Coasters

Image and tutorial by Savvy Homemade

Are you tired of using dull, uninspired coasters to hold your drinks? Why not jazz things up with some homemade photo coasters? This easy DIY project lets you immortalize your favorite memories on something useful (sorry, scrapbooks).

35. Apple Gem Coaster Craft

Image and tutorial by Reuse Grow Enjoy

Who says you can’t have your apples and drink them too? With these Apple Glass Coasters, you can enjoy a deliciously cute coaster while keeping your drink safe from those pesky condensation rings.

36. DIY Clay Coasters

Image and tutorial by Collective Gen

It’s time to get your hands dirty because these DIY clay coasters are the ultimate crafty challenge. Mold, shape, and create your own coasters with this unique and customizable material.

37. Quilted Circle Coaters

Image and tutorial by Crafted Foxes

Tired of circular coasters that don’t provide the comfort and protection your drink deserves? Enter the Quilted Circle Coasters! These bad boys will cradle your beverage with the love and care of a great parent.

38. DIY Colorful Cork Coaters

Image and tutorial by Angela Hums

Is your drab collection of coasters putting a damper on your entertaining game? Spruce things up with these DIY Colorful Cork Coasters! These little coasters will add a pop of color to your coffee table while keeping those pesky water rings at bay.

39. Tile Coasters With Scrapbook Paper

Image and tutorial by Design Improvised

Tired of boring, plain coasters that look like they belong in a dentist’s office waiting room? Spruce up your coffee table with these Tile Coasters with Scrapbook Paper! You don’t need to be a crafting mastermind to create these beauties – all you need are some tiles, a mod podge, and your favorite scrapbook paper.

40. Constellation Coasters

Image and tutorial by Almost Makes Perfect

Are you tired of setting your drinks down on tedious, plain coasters? Well, it’s time to add a little twinkle to your table with Constellation Coasters! These celestial-inspired coasters are perfect for anyone who loves gazing at the stars.

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