40 DIY Desk Organizers Ideas For A Tidy Workstation

We all have moments of clutter and messes taking over. If you don’t have a good organization system going for yourself, it might just make you feel lethargic and unable to get things done. With some good DIY desk organizer ideas, you can easily arrange your important documents, stack your craft supplies and keep your pens, pencils and markers within reach.

A desk organizer is also a great way to show off your creativity if you make them yourself. You can use almost anything to build your desk organization unit – wood, cardboard, old mason jars, tin cans, pvc pipes and even popsicle sticks. All of these materials will work to give a different vibe and appearance to your work space. This is a great way for your personality to come through in your space as well.

To make it easier for you, we have put together an extensive list of some amazing DIY desk organization ideas to help you get started on your journey. Hopefully with these, you can find the inspiration to organize your space as well as your mind while you work.

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1. Acrylic Desk Accessories

Image and tutorial by justdestinymag

This desk organizer tray DIY makes a really good open filing system. Pairing those with the adorable foil pen holders just elevates the look of the desk as a whole. It’s a really nice way to organize your desk in an elegant way while still being really efficient. Use this DIY desktop organizer idea to kickstart your workspace decor.

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2. DIY Painted Boxes

Image and tutorial by frugalcouponliving

Combine two of your favorite things together in this desk organizer DIY and make the best of both worlds. Painting is so therapeutic. Combining it with this DIY wood desk organizer is really going to bring out your creativity. Plus it is just more fun when you finally get to organizing your desk after finishing these wooden boxes.

3. 80s Inspired Desktop Organizer

Image and tutorial by akailochiclife

Bright colours and fun patterns dominated the 80s. And the same goes for these DIY wooden desk organizer plans. It’s great if you want to sort your papers and cards more easily. Plus the funky geometric shapes add so much dimension to this cute DIY desktop organizer.

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4. Modern Office Desk Organizer

Image and tutorial by sugarandcloth

A tidy work space makes for an efficient mind. And this DIY desk organizer wood and cork display is a great place to start.

5. Wood Drawer Desk Organizer

Image and tutorial by uglyducklinghouse

Who doesn’t like drawers to store their things in an organized way? This DIY desk drawer organizer is a genius way to compartmentalize. Best part? Use all the scrap wood you can find. This way you can mix and match. There are a lot of different ways you can use the different slots in this DIY wooden desk organizer.

6. Single Board Desk Organizer

Image and tutorial by poppytalk

This DIY wood desk organizer is great if you like keeping track of things you need while working. It’s got a unique yet clean way of displaying all your desk items. Since it stands up, it doesn’t take a lot of space either. It is an easy DIY desktop organizer that can be done in one day, so do try it out.

7. DIY Hanging Desk Organizer

Image and tutorial by designsponge

Accessible notepads and pens are the essence of an organizational unit. This is a very different kind of DIY desk organizer idea. It requires a hanging tree branch which will support the notepad and pen holder. It’s a great way to hold up reminder notes and jot down tasks on the go. If you are looking for a minimal desk organizer DIY, then you’ll do well with this one.

8. Pegboard Desk Organizer DIY

Image and tutorial by cravingsomecreativity

Pegboards are probably the best way to make a desk organizer DIY on a budget. This one is easy to make and can be completed in an hour. You can customize a pegboard as you wish. It can hold your papers, pens, craft items, you can hang other containers from it. The sky’s the limit with this simple DIY desk organizer.

9. Stencil Art Desktop Organizer

Image and tutorial by sisterssuitcaseblog

The best way to get some inspiration while working is to make sure that you have a good organizational unit. And sometimes, sprucing up a drawer you already have might just be the key to that. This cube organizer desk DIY is great for a standard box you already use to store your office supplies. Using stencil to personalize your space is a nice touch as well. If you’ve been looking for ways to customize your DIY organizer, then you should start with this one.

10. DIY Adjustable Desk Shelf

Image and tutorial by thehandymansdaughter

Instead of cramming everything into drawers, display your supplies on shelves. This is a better way to actually stay organized. This DIY wooden desk organizer plans your space in a way that is efficient. It is a great project if you have scrap wood with you Since the pieces are movable, you actually have a drawer like effect. This DIY wood desktop organizer can easily accommodate items according to your needs and space requirements.

11. Chic DIY Desk Organizer

Image and tutorial by angelamariemade

Space to stack your notepads and loose pages. A few compartments for your pens and markers. Maybe even a spot for your phone to rest in while you work. This DIY wooden desk organizer has it all. It is chic and classic while also being understated. If you like having a space for everything while you work, a DIY wood desk organizer like this is perfect.

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12. Modern Desk Organizer

Image and tutorial by lovelyindeed

Probably the most innovative way to make a desk organizer is to use the one thing most abundantly available – oven bake clay. The most attractive thing about this cube organization desk DIY is that it has a natural marbling appearance. Every time you make this, it will be a different and unique pattern so that is great too.

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13. PVC Pipe Desk Organizer

Image and tutorial by designsbystudioc

Cubby holes in different sizes are probably the cutest idea I have ever seen. You can create this adorable desk organizer DIY for as little as $10. Isn’t it great? Cutting a bevel on one end of each pipe sure does create a nice visual aspect for this cute desk organizer. However, if you want you can opt for the conventional straight tubes as well.

14. Popsicle Stick Desk Organizer

Image and tutorial by broogly

If you have a lot of popsicle sticks handy then this is a great way to utilize them. A DIY popsicle stick desk organizer is a fun way to get your children to do crafts. Plus they’re going to learn to organize all these crayons and pencils well with projects like these. This fantiastic desk organizer will take a maximum of half an hour to complete but the fun and memories stay forever.

15. Tin Can Pyramid Desktop Organizer

Image and tutorial by oregonlive

Always looking for unique and quirky ways to use your surplus tin cans? Well why not turn them into desk organizer DIY projects? This is probably the easiest yet most innovative of all the ideas for DIY desk organizers on this list. Stacking your tin cans in the shape of a pyramid not only allows for easier access but makes a very visually appealing structure as well.

16. DIY Mountain Desk Organizer

Image and tutorial by dreamalittlebigger

Sometimes while working it can be easy to let your mind wander. Especially if you have a cluttered workspace. This DIY wooden desk organizer plans all your work for your so that you are able to work without distractions. Having a cute desk organizer also ensures that your desk looks like it’s holding artwork while being useful as well. If you like mountains and valleys, you should try this one out for sure.

17. Mail Organizer DIY

Image and tutorial by thestonybrookhouse

Do you end up leaving your mail and work papers all over the living room tables and forgetting about them? With this simple and easy DIY desk organizer, you can stack all your important papers in one place. This makes it easy to sort everything into important and unimportant piles as well. And think of all the space you’ll save with this such cardboard desk organizer ideas.

18.  Homework Station Desk Organizer

Image and tutorial by anikasdiylife

This has been deemed a perfect get back to school project. This DIY wood desk organizer uses scrap wood to hold paper stacks. Along with that, having containers to hold your pens and markers is a great idea. So much that you can unhook these and take them with you if needed. Now isn’t that a handy and cute school desk organizer.

19. Colourful Geometric Desk Organizer

Image and tutorial by lovelyindeed

This colourful geometric DIY wood desk organizer will be the icing on the cake for your desk space. It is bright and colourful and perfect no matter what your age is. Even though you will need some power tools to finish this desk organizer DIY it is still really simple to do. When you’re not stacking your papers and books here, it will still look like a great piece of artwork. And isn’t that what we want to see on our work desks.

20. Monitor Raising Desk Organizer

Image and tutorial by abutterflyhouse

These types of DIY wood desk organizer plans look like cozy units in themselves don’t they. You can incorporate so much into this type of DIY desk organizer. There are shelves for stacking notepads and papers. Also, the drawers are great for holding spare pens and marks you might need while working. All in all, this detailed tutorial will show you exactly how to build the desk organizer of your dreams.

21. Clip On Desk Organizers

Image and tutorial by brit

This DIY desk organizer tutorial will really help you save space in the best way possible. Clip on containers can be customized as you wish and you can really experiment after getting a little nidge from the instructions. Not only do you free your desk of all unnecessary articles like pens and markers, they’re still easily accessible whenever you do need them.

22. Pencil Shaped Desk Organized

Image and tutorial by southernrevivals

For something unique, fun and memorable, make this DIY wood desk organizer in the shape of a pencil. It is really easy and with a little finesse, you will be able to make more than one of these in no time. If you like cute DIY desk organizers, you should definitely give this a try.

23. Lego Desk Organizer

Image and tutorial by kidsactivitiesblog

If you put your mind to it, you can build almost anything out of legos. And this creative cube organizer desk DIY is no different. This little project is great to do with kids and will enhance their creativity as well. It is bright and colourful. You can surely customize this to be bigger or smaller. And even make multiple DIY desk organizers if you like.

24. School Supplies Desk Organizer

Image and tutorial by majhofftakesawife

Stacking everything in easy to reach containers is so much better than shoving them into random drawers and finding them jumbled up later. This DIY wooden desk organizer hack is a simple solution to that problem. You can use this desk organizer tray DIY to align all your containers of school supplies on your desk. This way you can reach them whenever you need.

25. Composition Book Themed Mason Jar Pencil Holder

Image and tutorial by masonjarcrafts

This one makes me really nostalgic for school days. Mason jars are probably the best type of DIY desk organization ideas. This is the type of idea that makes for really great gifts as well. All you need is some paint and you can get these done in no time. Get ready to have quirky nostalgic and cute desk organizer DIY.

26. DIY Concrete Pen Holders

Image and tutorial by prettyhandygirl

All of us have reached over to take something from our pencil holders and had it topple over at least once. Now there is a solution for that with this concrete desk organizer. This way, you have a sturdy base that makes sure everything stays where it is supposed to be. Now that is a clever clever DIY desk organizer idea.

27. DIY Desk Accessory Set

Image and tutorial by hgtv

Containers really do make great and easy DIY desk organizers. This tutorial will show you how to paint and embellish your containers for a cool desk organizer DIY. It’s a great way to tie up and try to match the decor of your office space. Also, this way all your supplies will be within reach and you’re recycling old containers at the same time.

28. Drawer and Shelf Desk Organizer

Image and tutorial by woodshopdiaries

If you have some space wood lying around this is a great little DIY wood desk organizer tutorial. The little drawer is a great way to make sure that your little nick nacks don’t get lost anywhere, plus you can hide the surplus of your supplies. If you have some experience with wood working, this desk organizer DIY will be a breeze.

29. Painted Storage Boxes

Image and tutorial by tellloveandparty

Sometimes when you put your office supplies away it becomes a story of out of sight, out of mind. This is an easy DIY desk organizer hack to curb that tendency. Although it’s not bang in your face with all the supplies being displayed, it has its perks. These colourful storage boxes come in handy when you want to store the rolls of ribbon and stacks of paper you bought wholesale.

30. Smart Catch All Desk Organizer

Image and tutorial by designformankind

You might require a bit of time on your hands to be able to do this DIY desk organizer cardboard idea completely. It is extensive but completely worth it. Probably one of the most unique looking DIY desk organizers on this list, it is a really great way to store your office supplies. Did I mention it was completely customizable?

31. Colourful DIY Desk Organizer

Image and tutorial by asubtlerevelry

Some of us like having our office supplies out on display instead of hidden away in drawers. This inexpensive and easy DIY desk organizer will serve you in many ways. This is a great idea to use even in the kitchen for your spoons and spatulas. You can even pin up recipes for easy reference.You can also make it into a rainbow desk organiser idea by choosing the VIBGYOR colours for the holders.

32. Shoebox Desk Organizer

Image and tutorial by crazycraftlady

When we say that we can build a desk organizer out of anything we set our minds to, we really do mean it. This is a handy DIY cardboard desk organizer that can be done quickly and easily. The great thing about DIY desk organizer ideas like these is how effective they are at space saving. You can fit everything you want into this shoebox and call it a day.

33. DIY Recycled Desk Organizer

Image and tutorial by modpodgerocksblog

If you like crafting, then you’re going to love this DIY cardboard desk organizer idea. It’s a great way to recycle your old cereal boxes and toilet paper rolls to make something useful. And let’s be honest, we can all do with a handy desk organizer in our lives.

Also, this is a fairly inexpensive cute DIY desktop organizer as you can find most supplies rather cheaply. Overall however, it is up to you to design and customize this DIY project to your preferences.

34. Eames Inspired DIY Desk Organizer

Image and tutorial by monsterscircus

This is one of those offbeat and unique DIY desk organizer ideas that look difficult but aren’t. It is budget friendly when you make it using felt instead of leather and gives the same effect. This desk organizer DIY can be used to keep a bunch of different things like keys, notes and miscellaneous office supplies you want.

35. DIY Faux Metal Desk Organizer

Image and tutorial by hgtv

Cereal boxes are all you will need to make this DIY cardboard desk organizer. With some careful painting techniques, these boxes will look like weathered metal in no time. You can customize this easy DIY desktop organizer to your needs by adding as many compartments as you like. Once you add the office supplies, you can be sure that this will be the highlight on your work desk.

36. Upcycled DIY Desk Organisers

Image and tutorial by yesterdayontuesday

You want to create a desk organization unit but don’t know where to start? Well now you do. This is an easy and inexpensive tutorial for you to make a desk organizer tray DIY. All you need are old tin cans and some paint to get this done.

Since it is pretty straight forward, you can ask your children to help you with this cute DIY desktop organizer. It is a great way to save space and have all your office supplies gathered up in one place.

37. DIY Constellation Desk Organizers

Image and tutorial by markmontano

Have cardboard boxes lying around? Use them to build these constellation DIY cardboard desk organizers. It’s a great way to recycle old items and the pattern is so dreamy as well. This DIY cardboard desk organizer template needs very little supplies and even less time to finish. Give these to anyone who likes galaxy themed decorations and they will be really happy.

38. Desk Set Organizer

Image and tutorial by inmyownstyle

Recycle, reuse and repurpose is the mantra used while making this cardboard DIY diy desktop reference organizer. Even though it is a really simple project, using little decorative bits and pieces can change the look if it. For example, you can use ribbons and beads on the perimeters. It is an easy desktop organizer project to bring out your creativity.

39. DIY Wood Desktop Organization Unit

Image and tutorial by learn.kregtool

You will most likely be looking for a functional yet fantastic looking desk organizer. With this easy DIY wood desk organizer, everything has a dedicated space that’s easy to access. If you are good with wood working, you will be able to assemble this in no time.

This is a simple project even for those who are just getting started and want to make their own diy desktop reference organizer.

40. Cardboard Desk Organizer with Drawers

Image and tutorial by icreativeideas

Want a good DIY cardboard desk organizer but don’t know where to begin? This is the perfect tutorial for that situation. It has multiple dividers and drawers so that you can get the most out of your space. You can use it to store stationery, keys, accessories, even cell phones. Isn’t that neat?

You can even decorate and customize it easily since it is a DIY cardboard desk organizer template. Whether you decide to use wrapping paper or fabric, you can be sure that such DIY desk organizer ideas are bound to stand out.

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