28 Best DIY Standing Desk Ideas For Your WFH Set-Up

In this era of remote working, building a comfortable and productive workspace at home has become the top priority for most of us. Building your own standing desk is one of the best solutions that have been gaining popularity in recent times because a standing desk offers many health benefits, including increased calorie burn, improved posture, etc. 

This article will show 28 simple and easy ideas to create a DIY standing desk at home without breaking the bank. So, why late? Scroll down, save your favorite pictures, and start building one. 

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1. DIY Standing Desk

Image and tutorial by A Beautiful Mess

This practical standing desk is spacious and runs across two walls in the room. It provides an elevated surface to work standing or using a tall chair. The best part is that since the desk is mounted to the wall, this design saves space. Check out their tutorial; plenty of tips are included to build your own standing desk with ease. 

2. Standing Desk With Extra Storage

Image and tutorial by Field Treasure Designs

Looking for a standing desk that can also double as a storage unit? Look no further! This Standing Desk With Extra Storage is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to stand up and work with easy access to all their office supplies. 

3. Dresser Converted Into A Standing Desk

Image and tutorial by Simple Home Simple Life

While a dresser cannot give the comfort of a proper desk, it can work pretty well if it has the perfect height. The above image is worth considering if you have a tight budget and want to stand while working. 

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4. Leaning Standing Desk

Image and tutorial by Ana White

Who wants to sit and work when you got this stunning leaning desk? It also has a built-in shelf to help you organize all your gadgets and accessories. Check out the tutorial; it is easy to build. You can experiment with your favorite wood stain and sealer to match your room’s style and color. 

5. Simple Adjustable Standing Desk

Image and tutorial by Spacekat

Lower your blood sugar levels and the risk of weight gain with this DIY adjustable standing desk plan. This plan allows you to customize the height according to your size. The angle outward metal legs stand durably, enchanting with a little retro desk and modern minimalist design. The best part – it provides lots of space inside to store all your accessories and gadgets. So why late? Save the tutorial and get started with the project already. 

6. Minimalist Adjustable Standing Desk

Image and tutorial by Family Handy Man

Who wants to break the bank when you can build a standing desk with custom features and dimensions? The tutorial will guide you in creating a sit-or-stand adjustable desk that provides ample space for a comfortable laptop or computer operating. 

7. Steel Pipe Standing Desk Plan

Image and tutorial by Simplified Building

Can’t afford those fancy standing desks? It is time to change things with this desk converter plan that helps you transform your old desk into a new comfortable stand desk. The standing desk converters have two levels – one for placing your laptop and the other for your keyboard. Since it is made from metal plumbing pipes and wooden shelving boards, durability is guaranteed. 

8. DIY Floating Desk

Image and tutorial by Open Soul

DIY standing desks like these are perfect for those with small spaces. The space-savvy wall-mounted standup desk nicely holds the computer screen and other necessary gadgets. So why late? Check out the simple tutorial and save it for your next DIY project. 

9. Standing Desk For Work From Home Setup

Image and tutorial by Imgur

Are you looking to set up a quick home office for your work-from-home routines? Then you should try creating this standing desk—warning: your friends and family might also ask you to build one for them.

10. Multiple levels Desk

Image and tutorial by William Durand

The standing desks can be the most expensive as they should be customized per your height. You only need two side tables, a black rubber slab, two black brackets, wood glue, and a few essential tools. Check out the tutorial; building one is very effortless and straightforward.

11. Cheap and Simple DIY Standing Desk

Image and tutorial by Joshua Berman Design

Tired of spending big bucks on fancy standing desks? Well, fret not, my friend, because you can create your standing desk with just a few simple and cheap supplies. This desk plan is efficient and easy to assemble.

12. DIY Standing Desk From Scratch

Image and tutorial by Spacekat

This Diy standing desk idea is perfect for beginners as it uses an actual wooden piece as the desk. The metal pipes are easy to assemble and durable. You only need to connect the pipes to the wooden piece and make it look aesthetically pleasing. The best part – it doesn’t require fancy tools; you only need a drill and a few screws. If you are new to DIY, consider starting your journey with this project. 

13. Large Standing Desk Or Kiosk

Image and tutorial by Woodshop Diaries

This bad boy is not for the faint of heart, or those with small apartments, as it takes up much real estate. But if you’re up for the challenge and want to elevate your standing desk game (literally), then this is your option.

14. Industrial-Style Standing Desk

Image and tutorial by Just Girl And her Blog

One of the best IKEA hacks ever. Use the floor flanges, metal pipes, tee clamps, etc., to build the base of the desk. Then top it up with an IKEA standing desk frame with an excellent birch effect. You can customize the length of the pipes to suit your height. 

15. 38$ Adjustable Standing Desk

Image and tutorial by Instructables

Are you tired of slouching over your laptop all day? Do you wish you could stand up and stretch your legs while you work? Well, fear not, my friends, because you can have your diy electric standing desk for the low price of just $38! Don’t believe me? Check out yourself!

16. Standing Desk Add-On

Image and tutorial by Creative Green Living

Create a mini version of your existing desk and place it on top. Tada! You have got yourself a practical standing desk. You can simply remove it when you want to work while sitting. So why late? Get started with this fantastic DIY project already!

17. Simple And Reversible Standing Desk

Image and tutorial by Ikea Hackers

This DIY standing desk project is built in such a way that you can make it taller or shorted in just a few minutes. Amazing, right? The best part is that it has two levels to comfortably place your desktop and keyboard for easier access. 

18. A Sit-Stand Desk

Image and tutorial by Kevin Jantzer

Not sure whether you want to sit or stand while you work? No problem, just get a sit-stand desk, and you can do both! With just the push of a button or the turn of a crank, you can switch easily from a seated position to a standing one and back again. You can also try making a cardboard standing desk

using cardboard.

19. Vintage-Vibes Standing Desk

Image and tutorial by DIY Vintage Chic

Who needs a three-storied building when you got a three-level standing desk? I love this DIY standing desk plan as it gives you ample space to comfortably put all your accessories and gadgets. Warning: Your wife might complain about you not leaving the deas 😉

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20. Standing parson Tower Desk

Image and tutorial by Ana White

These DIY standing desks ergonomic are the perfect solution for those who want to feel like a superhero while they work. The desk stands tall, just like you will after using it for a few weeks. With its sleek design and ample storage, you can finally say goodbye to cluttered workspaces and hello to a more organized and efficient work environment.

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21. Wooden palette Desk

Image and tutorial by Dwelling In Happiness

Introducing the Wooden Palette Standing Desk – because who needs fancy-schmancy ergonomic chairs and adjustable desks when you can have a piece of wood propped up on some old pallets? With this bad boy, you can stand up and work for hours, or at least until your feet are numb.

22. Minimalist Desk Riser

Image and tutorial by Manmade DIY

I love how minimalist yet trendy this standing desk converter looks. Check out the tutorial; you will be in awe when you realize how simple and easy to build one. 

23. Foldable Small Space Standing Desk

Image by Decoholic

Looking for a standing desk that can fit in your small room? Say no more because this convertible standing desk is everything you need. So why late? Check out the simple instructions and get started with the project already! 

24. Pinterest-Worthy Standing Desk Plan

Image and tutorial by Paper & Stitch

Why settle for a simple boring desk when you can build a Pinterest-worthy aesthetic standing desk? I love the colors they chose! They give warm and cozy vibes.

25. Pegboard Kids Standing Desk

Image by Winter Daisy

Introducing the Pegboard Kids Standing Desk: the perfect way to make your child feel like a CEO while they’re doing their homework! With all that pegboard, they can hang up their stress balls and fidget spinners when they need a break from crunching numbers. So why settle for a regular desk when your kid can have the Pegboard Kids Standing Desk? It’s the only way to take their homework game to the next level!

26. Ikea Standing Desk Setup

Image and tutorial by Ryanngordon

This Ikea Standing desk setup is as practical as it looks! So, next time you are at IKEA, look for some stands that can serve as a desk add-on for your regular sitting desk.

27. Mobile And Adjustable DIY Standing Desk

Image and tutorial by DIY Creators

This versatile DIY adjustable desk allows you to stand tall like a giraffe or sit low like a frog, all with just a wrist flick. Plus, with its mobile design, you can quickly move it around your workspace, just like a boss in a high-rise corner office (minus the view, unfortunately).

28. Simple and Minimalist Work Desk

Image and tutorial by Visual Productivity

Not only will this DIY standing desk improve your standing position and overall health, but you’ll also impress your friends with your DIY skills. So why late? Put on your DIY apron and get started with this project already!

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