45 Pallet Deck Ideas To Make Your Outdoors A Dreamy Oasis

Looking for a budget-friendly way to make your outdoors a creamy oasis? Then, look no further than a few wood pallets! Who knew these versatile little wood pallets could be transformed into a fantastic deck with just a little creativity and effort? 

In this article, we have listed 45 wood pallet deck ideas that will make you want to grab your tools, put on the DIY apron, and start building. So relax, and get ready to be inspired by the fantastic possibilities of wood pallets!

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1. Simple Floating Pallet Deck

Image and tutorial by Instructables

This little beauty is made from repurposed free pallets and a whole lot of elbow grease. It’s a deck that floats above the ground, giving you the illusion of being above it all – until you realize that you’re only a foot or two off the grass. 

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2. Pallet Wood Deck On Block

Image and tutorial by Imgur

Who needs to be high up in the sky when you’ve got a beautiful wooden deck to chill on? Just grab a cold one and enjoy the rustic charm of this humble yet functional creation. But, of course, your neighbors will be so jealous they might just try to steal your pallets.

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3. Easy Wood Pallet Deck

Image and tutorial by Hoosier Homemade

Say goodbye to expensive patio furniture and hello to a wooden pallet deck that’s sure to impress all your friends. Plus, the best part? You can feel good about upcycling those old pallets and doing your part for the environment. So grab a hammer, some nails, and a cold beverage, and get ready to transform your outdoor space into the envy of the neighborhood with this pallet deck idea. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

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4. DIY Pallet Wood Decking

Image and tutorial by Coach House Crafting On The Budget

Who needs a fancy, expensive deck when you can have one made of old pallets? Impress your neighbors with your rustic-chic style pallet decking and your commitment to upcycling. Warning: They might want you to build one for themselves.

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5. Beautiful Pallet Deck Idea

Image and tutorial by The Crafty Life

looking for a unique way to turn your outdoors into a beautiful hangout space without losing an arm? Look no further than this pallet deck idea! With just a few deck boards and some screws, you can create a Pinterest-worthy outdoor space that will make all your friends green with envy.

6. Wooden Pallet Backyard Deck

Image and tutorial by Fresh Exchange

Who needs expensive, professionally-built decks when you can repurpose old wooden pallets and create your own backyard oasis? Check out their tutorial; it is effortless to build one. 

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7. Outdoor Pallet Deck Kitchen

Image and tutorial by Place Of My Taste

With plenty of space for your BBQ, smoker, and any other outdoor cooking gadgets you can dream up, this Outdoor Pallet Deck Kitchen is the ultimate backyard accessory. So why late? Grab your DIY apron and all the necessary tools, and start the project!

8. Small Courtyard Pallet Deck

Image and tutorial by Contemporist

This Small courtyard pallet deck is the ultimate solution for those who want to enjoy the great outdoors without leaving their tiny backyard! Check out their tutorial! You will be in awe when you realize how easy it is to build one. 

9. Pallet Deck Construction

Image and tutorial by Imgur

This pallet porch redo is like building a small empire on top of wooden squares. It’s a great way to upcycle those unwanted pallets cluttering your backyard and turn them into a charming outdoor hangout spot. Just love how everything compliments each other.

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10. Garden Deck Using Upcycled Pallet 

Image and tutorial by Cassie Fairy

You know those ugly, beat-up wooden pallets you see lying behind warehouses and supermarkets? Well, with a bit of elbow grease and some creativity, you can turn those discarded pieces of trash into a beautiful garden deck that will make your neighbors green with envy!

11. DIY Easy Pallet Deck

Image and tutorial by Nothern Homestead

Not only this pallet deck is environmentally friendly, but it’s also budget-friendly. So get ready to put on your DIY hat, grab a hammer and some nails, and turn those pallets into the most fantastic garden deck you’ve ever seen! Trust me; your backyard will thank you.

12. Pallet Wood Front Porch

Image and tutorial by Redo Redux

Tired of having a boring old deck that looks like a landlubber built it? Fear not, because, with this DIY Easy Pallet Deck guide, you can create a deck that will make even the most seasoned sailors green with envy. All you need are wooden pallets, a hammer, nails, and elbow grease. Then, just nail the pallets together, and voila – you have a cozy little nook to relax and enjoy the salty sea air.

13. Low Budget Pallet Deck

Image and tutorial by Instructables

Who doesn’t love a good upcycling project? And with a pallet wood front porch, you’re not just saving money but also the environment. Plus, you get to show off your DIY skills to all the neighbors, who will undoubtedly be impressed by your resourcefulness.

14. Floating pallet Deck

Image and tutorial by Jenwood House

This low-budget floating deck might not be the fanciest porch in the neighborhood, but it’s got character. And if you’re feeling adventurous and fancy, you can even paint it a funky color to make it pop. So go ahead, and embrace this pallet deck – it’s the perfect way to add some quirkiness to your home’s curb appeal.

15. Outdoor Hammock Stand With Pallet Deck

Image and tutorial by Woodshop Diaries

Who needs a yacht when you have a floating pallet deck? It’s the perfect place to soak up the sun, enjoy a cold beverage, and pretend you’re a fancy millionaire lounging on your private island.

16. Tree-Encompassing Deck

Image and tutorial by Hgtv

Introducing the ultimate relaxation station: the Outdoor Hammock Stand With Pallet Deck! It’s the perfect combination of comfort and convenience, allowing you to sway gently in the breeze while admiring your backyard oasis. And let’s not forget the bonus of feeling like a DIY master by repurposing those old pallets into a trendy deck.

17. Outdoor Pallet Deck DIY

Image and tutorial by 1001 Pallets

If you’re looking for a deck that is both functional and one with nature, look no further than the “Tree-Encompassing Pallet Deck.” It’s the perfect place to relax, read a book, and maybe chat with your new wooden friend.

18. DIY Pallet Porch

Image and tutorial by Owner Builder Network

This pallet deck is the perfect project for the handy person wanting to show off their DIY skills and love for upcycling. Plus, nothing says “I’m a cool and hip homeowner” quite like a deck made entirely from repurposed shipping pallets. So why late? Check out the tutorial and get started with the project already!

19. Pallet Wood Pathway

Image and tutorial by Funky Junk Interiors

This pallet deck combines resourcefulness, creativity, and a complete lack of desire to spend money on fancy outdoor furniture. So check out the tutorial and get started with the project already!

This DIY project involves taking a few wooden pallets, breaking them down into slats, and then piecing them back together to create a charmingly imperfect walkway. Sure, your guests might have to watch their step to avoid tripping on the occasional wonky board, but that’s all part of the fun, right?

20. Old Beat-Up Pallets Deck

Image and tutorial by 1001 Pallets

Who knew we could make something this beautiful from an old beat-up pallets deck? It is stunning, right? The best part – you can quickly build it with minimal materials. 

21. Making A Walkway With Pallet Wood

Image and tutorial by Wook Creek Farm

Not only will this project give your garden a unique and quirky touch, but it’s also a great way to reuse old pallets that would otherwise end up in a landfill. So, grab a hammer and some nails, and get ready to awe your family and friends with your upcycling skills. Who needs expensive paving stones when you can create a one-of-a-kind pathway out of humble pallets?

22. Small Freestanding pallet Deck

Image and tutorial by So Much With Age

This little deck packs a big punch – perfect for those who like to enjoy the great outdoors without leaving their house. And the best part? It’s made entirely of pallets, so you can feel smugly eco-conscious while sipping your lemonade and enjoying the sun.

23. Beautiful Deck For Less Than $250

Image and tutorial by 2 Bees

Do you yearn for a place to enjoy the great outdoors without breaking the bank? Well, fear not, my penny-pinching pal, because I’ve got the solution for you: a beautiful deck for less than $250! With a bit of creativity, some elbow grease, and a lot of bargain-hunting, you can have a deck that will make your neighbors green with envy. So, grab your tool belt and your sense of humor, and let’s get to work!

24. Small And Easy Outdoor Pallet Floor

Image and tutorial by Ella Claire Inspired

Looking for a quick and cheap way to spruce up your outdoor space? Why not try a small and easy pallet floor? Just grab a few pallets, give ’em a good scrub (or not, if you’re going for that rustic look), and lay them out in a pattern that suits your fancy. Voila! You’ve got a funky new floor perfect for sipping lemonade.

25. Handmade Pallet Deck

Image by Maya Blu Home

Why settle for a dull old deck when you could have a one-of-a-kind, handmade masterpiece? I love the whole hippie vibe going on! 

26. Deck Makeover With Pallets

Image and tutorial by A Carried Affair Blog

Say goodbye to boring and hello to grand! Let’s get pallet-able and give that deck the makeover it deserves! So why late? Check the tutorial and save it for your next DIY project.

27. Fanstastic Pallet Deck Idea

Image by Houw

Are you looking to add some rustic charm to your backyard? Try this Fantastic Pallet Deck Idea! It’s the perfect way to give your outdoor space that “I found this on Pinterest” vibe while also making use of all those leftover pallets you have lying around.

28. Pallet Deck And Black Privacy Fence

Image by Craft Berry Bush

Who needs a fancy pool when you have a pallet deck and a black privacy fence? It’s the perfect combination of style and security; all it took was creativity and a few pallets. So go ahead, build your own, and join the exclusive club of pallet deck owners with a sassy black fence. Your neighbors will be green with envy!

29. Back Patio Makeover

Image and tutorial by In Honour Of Design

Say goodbye to those cracked tiles, rusty furniture, and outdated decor and hello to a backyard oasis that will make even Martha Stewart jealous. Don’t blame us when you become the go-to spot for all your friends’ summer BBQs.

30. Decorative Wood Deck

Image by Jennifer Rizzo

Want to add some rustic charm to your backyard? Why not build a wood pallet deck? It’s the perfect DIY project for those who love a good challenge and have a few spare pallets lying around. Plus, nothing says “I’m trendy,” like repurposing old materials into something new and fabulous. 

31. Outdoor Oasis With Pallet Deck Floor

Image and tutorial by The Thompson Trotters

Who needs a fancy resort when you can have your slice of paradise right in your own backyard? So grab some friends and a few beers, and let’s get hammering!

32. Deck Makeover DIY

Image and tutorial by Jessica Sara Morries

Looking to transform your backyard into a paradise without breaking the bank? Look no further than a pallet deck floor! This DIY project is perfect for the budget-savvy and environmentally conscious, using repurposed pallets as the foundation for a luxurious outdoor deck.

33. Black Pallet Deck Flooring

Image by Swoon Worthy

It’s the perfect flooring for the brooding, mysterious type – or anyone who wants to pretend they’re Batman. And let’s not forget about the practicality – any spills or stains are easily concealed, so you can be messy and classy at the same time.

34. DIY Pallet Deck Idea

Image by Inspired Reality

If you want your deck to be the envy of all your friends (and enemies), look no further than this enigmatic brown Pallet Deck Flooring. So why late? Let’s get started with the project already!

35. Pallet Deck Outdoor Patio

Image by Livvy Land

Who needs expensive patio furniture when you can just stack some old pallets together and call it a day? Think of all the money you’ll save on chiropractor bills from lifting those heavy wooden planks! So grab a hammer, some nails, and your best flannel shirt, and get ready to deck out your backyard.

36. Decking Made From Pallets

Image by Rain And Pine

Decking made from pallets is the perfect way to give your backyard that “rustic-chic” look while simultaneously fulfilling your lifelong dream of becoming a master carpenter (or at least pretending to be one on the weekends). So gather up a few wooden pieces and start decking already!

37. Deck Out Of Wooden Pallets

Image by Sixat21

Not only will you be recycling some old pallets, but you’ll also have a unique and rustic addition to your outdoor space. Plus, you can impress your friends by telling them you built it yourself – just keep them from knowing how easy it was! Finally, ensure you secure those pallets tight unless you want your deck to take you on an unexpected cruise. Ahoy, matey!

38. Bohemian Pallet Deck

Image by Bohemian Decor

With its rustic charm and earthy vibes, a Bohemian pallet deck is a perfect addition to any free-spirited outdoor space. You’ll feel like you’re at a music festival whenever you enter your yard. Just grab some colorful cushions, a few potted plants, and maybe even a dreamcatcher, and you’ll be living your best boho life in no time.

39. Wood Pallet Backyard Deck

Image by Undecorated Home

Who needs a fancy-schmancy deck when you can have a wood pallet backyard deck? Not only is it cheap, but it’s also eco-friendly!

Gather some sturdy pallets, slap on some paint, and voila – you’ve got a deck that would make Bob Vila proud. You can add some pizzazz with outdoor string lights or potted plants. Just be sure to watch out for any splinters – ouch.

40. Easy DIY Pallet Deck

Image by Camilla Da Costa

Listen up, DIYers! If you’re looking for a project that’s easy as pie (or as easy as eating pie), then a pallet deck is the way to go. You don’t need to be a carpenter or have a fancy toolbox, just grab some pallets and get to work!

41. Pallet Deck Play House 

Image an tutorial by Bev Cooks

Made entirely from recycled wooden pallets, this playhouse is a DIY project that makes you feel like a real buccaneer. With a spacious deck for scanning the horizon and a cozy cabin for taking a break from pillaging, it’s the ultimate play space for kids (and kids at heart).

42. Rustic Pallet Deck

Image by In Honour Of Design

Using pallets for your deck not only gives it that charming, rugged look but also lets you show off your woodworking skills (or lack thereof). You can even leave some pallets intact to create built-in benches or planters, giving your deck a touch of rustic sophistication.

43. Roof Top Pallet Deck

Image and tutorial by Houzz

Who says you need a fancy rooftop garden to enjoy the great outdoors? With some creativity and wooden pallets, you can transform your drab roof into a hip and happening hangout spot! So why late? Check out the tutorial and save it for your next DIY project!

44. Porch Deck With Pallets

Image by Home My Design

Why settle for a boring porch when you can spice things up with some good ol’ wooden pallets? That’s right; you can turn your patio into a masterpiece with just a few simple steps! So why late? Grab your tools and get started with the project already!

45. Raised Pallet Deck

Image and tutorial by Fox Hollow Storage

Looking to take your backyard to new heights? Why not try building a raised pallet deck? It’s like a regular deck but with a new level of sophistication (and fewer splinters in your feet). Plus, you’ll give those old wooden pallets a new lease on life, so you can pat yourself on the back for being eco-friendly.

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