35 DIY Small Backyard Ideas That Create Large Impact

Have a small backyard? Don’t let that hold you back from having the most fantastic backyard imaginable! With these 35 small backyard ideas, you can have everything from an outdoor patio to a backyard oasis.

Whether you’re looking for a small backyard to call your own or want to add some green space to your current outdoor space, this article is for you. We’ve got all the details on how to make the most of your backyard space, including:

– How to create an outdoor patio area that’s both functional and beautiful?

– How to design a small backyard landscaping plan that fits any budget?

– What are the best ways to ensure your yard feels like an oasis amid busy city life?

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1. Use Mirrors To Enhance Your Small Backyard

Source – Pithandvigor

Mirrors are a great way to make small spaces look bigger, and they’re especially useful if your backyard is small. You can hang them on walls or use them as floor-to-ceiling drapes to give the impression of open space without actually taking up any more room than necessary!

2. Plant A Vertical Garden To Enhance Your Small Backyard Space

Source – Cornercartelboerne

If you want to add some greenery and color to your backyard, then vertical gardens are the perfect solution. They are easy to set up and allow you to grow vegetables and herbs in a small space.

Additionally, vertical gardens can be designed in any shape or size–from small pots on windowsills to large vegetable beds that cover whole backyards. The best part? Vertical gardens are low-maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about watering or fertilizing them regularly (though we recommend doing so every few weeks).

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3. Create A Multipurpose Dining Space

Source – Timeless Wrought Iron

Who said we could not have a garden and dining area in one space? The above image clearly shows how we can create a dining area and decorate it with plants and flowers to make it more functional and dreamy to look at. 

4. Install An Outdoor Shower

Source- The Plumbette

If you have more room to add exciting things to your backyard, make sure you choose something that you love doing and, at the same time, will dramatically increase the value of your home. One such thing is the outdoor shower. This rustic yet luxe outdoor showering area will surely make your backyard look more luxurious and dreamy. 

5. Use Smart Furniture And Pick Statement Greenary

Source – Apartment therapy

You can elevate your tiny backyard with innovative patio furniture that is super comfy and can seat several people. In this image, a simple daybed did the trick. Then, add statement greenery and a few throw pillows for a classy and rich impact.

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6. Add A Bar Cart To Make It Multifunctional

Source – Alicia Lund

This is one of the best small backyard ideas. Adding a well-styled multifunctional bar cart can quickly spruce up a small backyard. Plus, since the cart is on wheels, you can easily roll it back and forth into the kitchen for refills. In addition, the small herb garden and brick paving give an English garden vibe.  

7. Hang A Hammock For A Fun Island Vibe

If you are one of those who likes to take a nap in the backyard, then this idea is for you. You can still take advantage of the fresh air in your tiny backyard by hanging up a slim hammock. Then, add a jute rug, throw pillows, and floor cushions for an Island vibe. 

8. Brighten Up The Space With Pops Of Colour

Source – Decorilla

Functional outdoor decor, furniture sets, rugs, throw pillows, and colored plants can help you create an ideal outdoor living room, even when the space is tiny. Your guests will surely use the yard and enjoy it to their fullest. You can also add a sun umbrella to keep you warm and protected during a scorching hot day. 

9. Add A Fire Pit

Source – Chaylor and Mads

Whether it is a chilly October evening or a warm July night, those fun-filled conversations by the fire are what we all could never say no to. You can still manage an outdoor living space and a small pit fire ring, even with small backyards. Plus, a portable option like in the above image will give you all the perks of a campfire with none of the commitment. 

10. Build A Bistro Nook

Source – New Darlings

Having a bistro set is the most practical and charming way one could ever think of having in a small backyard. It makes a cozy spot to have coffee and chit-chat with a friend. You can also spend some alone time reading a book and enjoying the sunshine. Plus, different types of seating arrangements and potted plants can elevate the tiny patio.

11. Utilize The Wall

Source – Next Luxury

Mounting a folding shelf to the house’s exterior is a fantastic idea for holding party snacks, drinks, and utensils. Plus, the foldable table is a brilliant idea to make the most out of the tiny space. 

12. Spice Up The Space With String Lights

Source – Root And Well

Stringing lights from one side of the patio to the other can undoubtedly make your small backyard feel even cozier and romantic. And, of course, you don’t have to use up the coveted floor with standing lamps. 

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13. Decorate With Greenery

Source – Baby Meets The World

Floating plants as a gallery wall? Wow, just dreamy! All you have to do is attach flat-backed planters to the slats using small hooks and then fill them with colorful plants. Your dreamy rapunzel balcony is ready!

14. Go For Gravel

Source – Vegetarian Ventures

It is always practical to create an outdoor that requires little upkeep, especially if you are busy. Instead of grass, consider setting up a living room on a gravel bed. This concrete patio gives cozy and relaxed vibes – best of all, you don’t have to worry about cutting the grass regularly.

15. Build A Fountain

Source – The far Thing

A small fountain can beautify the area without taking up much room. This small fountain introduces style while giving a calming effect. 

16. Get Creative

Source – House Beautiful

You need to get creative and crafty when your backyard is actually a small balcony. First, add plenty of plants and turn them into a beautiful garden. Then add a coffee or bistro table, DIY chairs, a stool, pillows, and throws to make things cozy and warm. 

17. Embrace Coziness

Source – Next Luxury

Don’t you think one well-designed sitting area is everything you need to create a dreamy backyard? The best part of this tiny outdoor space is that it is inherently cozy and totally in love with how everything is placed. 

18. Build A Gazebo

Source – Home Stratosphere

If you are a big fan of stylish hang area that feels truly transporting, then this backyard gazebo is what you need. The crawling vines, sheers, and camouflaging paint color allow the gazebo to blend into the background. In addition, the bench and the coffee table give us comfort and cozy vibes.  

19. Make A Sauna

Source – Ursell

Want a luxurious oasis? Then you should definitely consider installing a small two or one-person sauna in your small, lackluster backyard. You can either buy one from the market or try building one yourself. There are plenty of DIY tutorials around the internet. 

20. Use The Colour – Gray

Source – Ivy Nook

A grayscale color pallet can help transform your tiny backyard into a more spacious, stylish, and bright space giving you an illusion that it is larger than it really is. So, consider putting gray furniture in your outdoor space. 

21. Pallet Seating For A Budget-Friendly Backyard

Source – Comment Cents Hub

Pallets are used for delivering pretty much everything to warehouses and stores. Many businesses have loads of them on their hand and would be very glad to clear a few ways. Pick a few from the nearby garden centers and supermarkets and make beautiful and stylish furniture like the above. All you have to do is tap a nail here and there and paint your favorite color. This is a lot cheaper than buying new furniture. One of the best budget-friendly ideas to make cozy outdoor spaces. 

22. DIY Outdoor Chalkboard

Source – Common Cents Hub

Don’t want to hear those three dreaded words.. ‘Mom, I am bored”? Then you should definitely try out your hands on this fantastic outdoor activity idea. An outdoor DIY chalkboard wall is a great way to engage your kids in fun activities. 

If you don’t want to spend your money on a large chalkboard, try using chalkboard paint on a sheet of plywood. 

23. Include A Swing Chair

Source – Dear Designer

A simple way to elevate your tiny backyard space is by using a statement geometric tiling or an outdoor rug and hanging a swing chair from the ceiling. Would this be a perfect space to catch up on your summer read? 

24. Make Your Own Gardening Station

Source – Ipsy DIY

Take DIYing to the next level by creating a gardening station using wood and paint. Place it near your garden and create an aesthetically pleasing and functional space. 

25. An Outdoor Playhouse

Source – Almost makes Perfect

Want to create a space for your kids to have some outdoor playtime? Then this tiny playhouse is everything you need to make your kids the happiest in the whole world. 

26. Build A Stock Tank Pool

Source – The Spruce

Love lounging poolside but didn’t have the space and budget to create one? Then this is especially for you! All you need is a stock tank poll. Yup, you heard that right. Get those large, galvanized vessels typically used for livestock to drink out of, and you are good to go. Your mini version of some stylish hotel pool is ready in a few minutes. The above image is living proof of how a small backyard can turn surprisingly modern without a significant price tag. 

27. Set Up A Cozy Garden Cinema

Source – The Wonder Forest

A cozy and sparkly summer outdoor cinema setup like the above is everyone’s summertime goal. The swing chair and fire pit give us warm and relaxed vibes. 

28. DIY Built-In Grill For Small Patios

Source – Clean And Scentsible

The built-in grill in the backyard is making us think about the fun dinner parties with grilled chicken, pizza, and burgers. The above image brings this dream within reach with a neat, tidy, built-in grill outdoor kitchen. 

29. Use Architectural Elements

Source – House Beautiful

The above image inspires us to use the architectural elements of our homes to our advantage. This house has got an indoor bench that extends outside to remove the need for patio furniture and open up more space for greenery and tiles. 

30. Focus More On Landscaping And Florals

Source – Engineering Discoveries

For nature lovers, you can use your backyard to reconnect with your nature and unwind in the fresh air. So, instead of filling it with furniture and decor, focus more on flowers and landscaping. 

31. Keep It Minimalistic And Cheerful

Source – Pop Sugar

The cozy furniture and the fun throw pillows align beautifully with the colours and the vibe. Who is in for some sun and cheerful vibes? 

32. Set Up An Herb Garden

Source – BHG

Upgrade your cooking game by setting up a mini nursery or a gerb garden on the walls of your tiny backyard. There are not only aesthetically pleasing but also a great healthy choice. 

33. Weather-proof Your Backyard Space

Source – Interior Notes

Why limit outdoor enjoyment for a few seasons when you can party daily? The above image shows how we can enjoy our outdoor space, rain or shine, with aesthetically pleasing details. Make your porch timeless using Bermuda shutters and galvanized steel corrugated panels overhead. 

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34. Paint The walls and the floors, White

Source – Almost Makes Perfect

Paint the floors and walls white to create an illusion of more open space like the above image. Add a wooden stable and a few chairs to contrast the walls and make the area look classy. 

35. Give Antiques Second A Chance

Source – Sweenten

Add a few antique chairs and a coffee table to your patio for a chic and shabby aesthetic. 

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