30 Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas For Inspiration in 2024

The covered outdoor kitchens make for an amazing location to treat your friends and family with tasty barbecued and grilled food anytime. Outdoor kitchen spaces are suitable for all seasons, so never have to think twice before hosting a special house party. 

If you’re looking for outdoor kitchen design ideas to add an element of fun and creativity to your home or any other physical space, you will love these ideas. Even if you have a fully functional indoor kitchen, an additional covered outdoor kitchen space can be convenient for holding events. Here’s everything you need to know to get started. 

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How To Build A Covered Outdoor Kitchen?

When designing a covered outdoor kitchen, it’s a good idea to incorporate some of the covered structures. The covered systems help you give shelter from the elements and increase the amount of usable space around your place. 

Once you begin planning the landscape design of an outdoor kitchen, always look for a covered structure first that offers both appearances as well as function. 

Here are a few options to choose from – 

1. Canopies

Canopies are very easy to put up and inexpensive. You can also increase the size of your outdoor kitchen and provide cover for the entire area by selecting a canopy that is significantly larger than your outdoor kitchen space. 

2. Gazebos

Domed roofs and columns support an octagonal structure that is the typical shape of a gazebo. In addition to wood, metal and Canvas both are acceptable materials for the structures. The stained wooden gazebos can increase their weather resistance and make them more visually appealing. 

3. Pergolas

Pergolas provide shade in a more decorative way. Posts, beams and open lattice, make up the entire structure. Wine or Ira can be grown up the posts and through the lattice of a pergola. The roof and walls of pergolas can also be opened and closed with a touch of a button. 

Based on the climate in which you live and the purpose of the structures, you need to select the materials. Some of the most common materials for a finish include cedar, stone and manufactured stones. Additions like speakers, ceiling fans and lights should be supported adequately by a building’s framework. If you are residing in a rainy area, always remember to drain the covered structure along with the outdoor kitchen. 

Things To Consider When Creating A Covered Outdoor Kitchen

Many factors must be considered when you are building and covering outdoor kitchens, such as location, climate, material selections, weatherproof decor, furniture, and many others. 

1. Protection From Climatic Conditions

The outdoor covered kitchens can be used all year, and not just during the time when the weather is cooperating. An absolute necessity regardless of climate is covering such as pergola or awning that will block the sun’s rays and provide additional protection from the elements when it rains. 

Consider the add-ons that come under specific requirements. If the wind is an issue consider adding screens or erecting a barrier of tall bushes. If the weather is cooler you can use wall-mounted or umbrella heaters which are an excellent choice. Ceiling fans can also serve a dual purpose of providing additional heat relief and deterring mosquitoes. 

2. Using The Right Materials

The materials that are durable are very important for an outdoor covered kitchen as they will be exposed to high traffic of people and also to all the earthy elements. Try selecting the materials that will not crack as a result of temperature fluctuations. 

3. Using Balanced Lighting

When the sun goes down, outdoor covered kitchens become dark. So, for this reason, you will need to install lightning above the cooking areas mainly. 

You can also use landscape lighting that is fixed in the floor or maybe dimmable lights that can be hung from a roof. You should prefer these over harsh spotlights for evenly lighting the entire area. 

These were some of the important factors that should be kept in mind while creating a covered outdoor kitchen. There are various other things other than those mentioned above such as using appropriate appliances, plenty of seats available for people, amount of space, and so on. 

Have second thoughts about building one for yourself? You should definitely read about the benefits of outdoor kitchens then! 

4 Benefits Of A Covered Outdoor Kitchen

A covered outdoor kitchen is a great addition to any backyard. It adds a little bit of sun to your backyard without having to worry about sacrificing privacy or flexibility.

1. Increase the living space for you

Simply make use of the space you are already having on your back portion instead of building a room from the ground up. Outdoor kitchens are possible for those who have passion covered for them. You and your loved ones along with your friends can celebrate fun-filled holidays, or just enjoy the great outdoors dates by utilizing the covered outdoor kitchens. 

2. Enhances the flavor of healthy meals

Grilling not only enhances the flavor of the food but also reduces the number of calories to consume. Covered outdoor kitchens allow you to have grilled and barbecued food while also enjoying cooking with your friends. 

3. You can save money on restaurant bills

Who would love to go out and eat if you already have a small outdoor kitchen in your backyard? You can actually save money by preparing tasty food for your loved ones and close friends in your backyard when you have a covered outdoor kitchen. 

4. Suitable place for a party

There is a strong preference for all the young generations out there and that is house parties over club nights. Outdoor living spaces turned into covered outdoor kitchens can actually make this happen. When it comes to outdoor activities both millennials and Gen z kids prefer this. They can get the comfort of their homes while also getting to taste delicious food at the same time with a feel of a restaurant or a cafe. 

Do you want to go ahead and make a switch from your boring kitchen to a covered outdoor kitchen? Do not worry about finding the best ideas because we have got your back. 

30 Best Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas That You’ll Love

A covered outdoor kitchen can make your outdoor space more inviting and beautiful when it comes to cooking. Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

1. Royal Kitchen

Image and tutorial by homestratosphere

This kitchen will give a royal vibe to the guests with its elegant touch of colorful sofa set and lightning. The palace-like appearance will attract a lot of people to visit this place and have their best time. 

2. Cafe Feels

Image and Tutorial by Country living 

Want to visit a cafe but too lazy to go out? Why not bring one at home? This kitchen set up has a cafe like set up with a kitchen by your side. You can cook tasty food while also having a sitting arrangement like a cafe. 

3. Grill and Barbeque

Image and Tutorial by homestratosphere 

Grilled and barbecued food goes hand in hand. It’s easier to get both of their appliances set together and you would love to cook both simultaneously. An outdoor kitchen that contains both barbeque and grilling appliances, is considered the best and welcomes a lot of people. 

4. Rustic Room with Casual Bar-like space

Image and Tutorial by The Spruce 

The rustic room set-up gives the feel of a farmhouse. Always remember that decorations are minimal, with a rocky appearance overall. Add some minimal accessories to give a fancy look to it. 

5. Wood and Stone Blend Station

Image and Tutorial by The Spruce 

This blend of wooden and stone structures brings beauty like none other. It gives a more natural look. Add flower vases to add a touch of aesthetics to it. The sun rays add extra effects to it. 

6. Aesthetic vibes with Cupboards

Image and Tutorial by Crazy Laura

Keep a gray and white combination of the entire setup and do not forget to add cupboards. Gray cupboards always look amazing with white backgrounds. The addition of cupboards would also make things easier for you to store and use them further. 

7. Woody Station With A Firepit

Text and Tutorial by Divesanddollar

The Black and brown color combination gives an aesthetic look to the entire place. To give your outdoor kitchen a look of lit touch, add a fireplace in between. It would look so dashing when you complete the entire setup. Doesn’t require much maintenance either. 

8. Outdoor Space With Kitchen and Bar

Image and Tutorial by familyhandyman

This requires a very small space. You can build a kitchen that also works as a bar. You can invite your friends over and have a lot of chit chats while also enjoying cooking food for them. 

9. All Stone Station

Image and Tutorial by cosmosurfaces

This all stone kitchen will take you to the stone age times. The use of stone blocks will make your kitchen look more strong and elegant. All stone kitchens don’t require much care and this is the reason why most people opt for all stones setup.

10. Patio Style Kitchen

Image and Tutorial by The Spruce

The Patio style kitchen is a full-scale set-up for an outdoor dining space. It also has a deep countertop for the purpose of preparation as well as serving. Use some other accessories to give it a finished look because it is more like a dining space.

11. Nature Love With Fancy Furniture

Image and Tutorial by House beautiful

This setup would give a complete vibrant look with nature by your side. You wouldn’t need to add extra colors to your outdoor kitchen and leave it to nature. Keep flowers of different colors and some green plants. The blue coloured furniture looks extremely elegant with them. 

12. Beachy Vibe

Image and Tutorial by justgrillinflorida 

Do you have a living space by the beach? Well, you got lucky because people would love to visit your covered outdoor kitchen and spend some time on the beach. Keep the set-up minimal and use colourful lights for the nighttime. 

13. Backyard Outdoor Space

Image and Tutorial by diynetwork 

Backyards are boring when there’s nothing to make you feel happy. A covered outdoor kitchen is a good idea. Add a sofa set, an outdoor kitchen setup with oven and barbecue. Keep the lighting dim because it suits better for dinner dates. 

14. Summer Chills

Image and Tutorial by Houzz 

We need a cool aroma during the summer. So always use bright colors and a white coloured shelter for your kitchen. Also, add a cooler or a fan for your guests to feel cool. 

15. Red Brick Kitchen

Image and Tutorial by watsontownbrick 

This covered outdoor kitchen is entirely made of red bricks. It will look amazing when you add chairs and appliances matching red and white. It would be cost-effective as well. Did you just think about your school? It’s a better place to study as well though! 

16. Farmhouse Space

Image and Tutorial by bbqguys

This requires less space to build a kitchen, just a barbeque and grill appliances would work, and you can use the entire farmhouse space for the guests to chill by adding extra seats. 

17. Rocky Hills Space

Image and Tutorial by The Spruce

Rocky hills space- We know it’s a dream of a lot of people to build a cafe on the hills. Make your dreams come true by having a covered outdoor kitchen on the top with the best sunset view. 

18. Waterfall Kitchen Station

Image and Tutorial by kochkuts 

After completing the entire setup for a covered outdoor kitchen, you can give a little bit of space for a small waterfall because the sound of the water falling gives peace. The chills of water flowing down continuously will be loved by everyone and it looks different too. 

19. Private Bar Space

Image and Tutorial by hgtv

Want to have a private space for your dates? Well, build one beside your living space and you can come out anytime to spend quality time with your close ones. Keep the entire appearance more vibrant and extra classy. You don’t require many extra fancy tools after all it is your own private space, so make it look more natural. 

20. Pool by the side

Image and Tutorial by Houzz 

This covered outdoor kitchen will bring a lot of people to your place because it also has a pool. Keep a small sheltered space for your kitchen and keep everything open. 

21. Slim and Sleek Set Up

Image and Tutorial by hgtv

This setup is not applicable during windy days and the rainy season. You can always move this setup inside as well. But it looks amazing when you want to host small house parties. 

22. Open Air Room

Image and Tutorial by longislandweekly

This is an open-air kitchen but you need to cover it under the trees. All you’re required to do is to bring appliances and proper sitting arrangements for the guests. It is not suitable during the rainy season. 

23. Spanish Style Bright and Colourful Outdoor Kitchen

Image and Tutorial by pinterest

This outdoor kitchen gives a magical touch with the colour pallet used to design it. Brings a taste of Spanish culture with a vibrance look. You can surprise your guests by cooking Spanish food items while also giving them a reason to visit your outdoor kitchen more. 

24. Common Shelter For Cozy Space

Image and Tutorial by designrulz 

Make a common shelter for both the kitchen and sitting area, where you’ll love to hang out with friends and also show some of your cooking skills. The common space doesn’t require much area too, so you can actually have extra space to play around with your pets and friends. 

25. Bonfire Space

Image and Tutorial by thewiredshopper

Build a covered outdoor kitchen, and also give a space for a bonfire during the time of winter season. A perfect date for winter season check! The bonfire along with the outdoor kitchen is an amazing match during the winter season, but not suitable during winters. 

26. Mediterranean Touch

Image and Tutorial by gotohomerepair

Giving a Mediterranean touch to your outdoor kitchen is a great option because it looks different and also gives you a feel of vacationing to a foreign country. How about giving them a reason to visit your place the most. The style and pattern of designing of this is totally different. 

27. Pizza Oven Space Kitchen

Image and Tutorial by Country living 

This oven space is made of red bricks and can bake a lot of delicious pizzas for you, while you also chill with your friends. It has a small and cute chimney as well. If you love baking, you can only build this one outside and call your friends over to taste the food items baked by you during the weekends.

28. Modern Space Kitchen

Image and Tutorial by interiorzine

This space can give you a better place to have business meetings as well. This outdoor kitchen is built with modern-day taste. The furniture and everything is set up with modern style. If you want more elegance, then you can also use glass items and a TV for your entertainment. 

29. Vineyard Kitchen Space

Image and Tutorial by Houzz 

You can give another natural look with vineyards on the top and the sides and build a kitchen under it. The entire set-up looks magnificent and helps you consume some vitamin D. 

30. Cool and Comfy Space To Rest and Chill

Image and Tutorial by onekindesign 

It is the perfect setup to invite relatives and friends because you can actually see both children and the old generation having fun with a comfy setup. Add a sofa set that matches your entire outdoor kitchen. 

These were the ideas that you can use to build your covered outdoor kitchen. You can host a lot of date nights, parties, dinner for your friends and make their weekends special. 

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