27 Ridiculously Easy DIY Bookends For Your Shelves

If you are a bibliophile like me, then you are at the right place. I have a long list of books to be read this year, and I am happily booked! But I know how difficult it can get to arrange books. There is always a shortage of space! Don’t worry! We have marvelous DIY bookends for you to sort this problem. 

With these DIY bookends, you can stack your books in style, keep them organized, and keep adding new books to your library!

I have accumulated some easy DIY bookends tutorials for your inspiration. Let’s get into it right away!

1. Pineapple DIY Bookends

How ornamental do these DIY bookends look! I love how the golden color gives it a luxurious look. You can easily make these with the help of this simple tutorial. For this craftwork, you will need a block of wood, faux pineapple, a glue gun, and spray paint. 

2. How to Make DIY Bookends?


Making DIY bookends has never been this easy before. With just two steps you can accomplish this masterpiece. You will need two clear glass vases, decorative papers, scissors, pencils, glue, paintbrush, and pebbles as fillers. The tutorial is detailed with pictures. If you are an avid reader, this one is a classy option for you. 

3. Mountain DIY Bookends

With this house arrest and pandemic, I have got time to indulge in some craftwork. So, I decided to make this one for my books. It is super easy and super cool! This one is perfect for stacking up those few extra books that have failed to find a place in your bookshelf. I love the black and white combination. And the best part is the easy tutorial.

4. DIY Boho Bookends

DIY Boho Bookends

If you are into boho stuff, then this one is going to flatter your taste. These are rope-wrapped DIY bookends. You will need metal bookends, jute rope, cotton rope, a glue gun, glue sticks, scissors, and construction papers. And then you just have to follow the tutorial to have your own boho DIY bookends.

5. Terrazzo Concrete DIY Bookends

Terrazzo prints are in trend. They are rustic, chic, and super cool. I love how these DIY bookends have turned out. The tutorial for this one is certainly elaborate, but not that hard to follow. So, go ahead and make these bookends; they will enhance the beauty of your indoor decor.

6. Little House Bookends

I love this idea. Whether you are a book lover or not, these will certainly take your home decor to another level. They are sophisticated and classy. I love how easy the tutorial is to follow. You can buy these houses from a store, paint them black, attach a clamp to support the books, and there you have your DIY bookends. 

7. Invisible DIY Bookends


These DIY bookends are perfect for keeping your shelves organized. Honestly, no matter how much I try my books always end up unorganized, but these bookends are perfect for keeping the books decluttered. For this tutorial, you will need two book spines, two thin metal bookends, a board to fit the dimension of your books, super glue, clamps, and a craft blade. 

8. Ceramic Animal Bookends


I love the white ceramic faux animals and the contrasting wooden base. The combination is classy. You might need a few hours to accomplish this task, but the tutorial is specific, and you can easily follow it. With supplies like sturdy plastic animals, wood scraps, saw, drill, screws, sandpaper, paintbrush, white paint, and wood sealer, you can easily make this masterpiece.

9. Planter Box DIY Bookends


I love multi-purpose DIY projects like this one. Planter boxes are very fashionable and a smart way to add some green to the indoor of your house. These DIY bookends tutorial has used basic house supplies like toothbrush holders, cork coasters, glue, pebbles, and succulents. If you are looking for some more planter box ideas for home decor, then here are some inspirations for you- 28 Beautiful & Unique DIY Planter Box Ideas.

10. DIY Guitar Scrap Wood Bookends

If you are looking for a break from adulting, then how about crafting these guitar DIY bookends? They are super easy and fun. The tutorial is well detailed; the only time-consuming thing is the drying of the glue, otherwise, this is a 15-minute craft project. 

11. DIY Striped Bookends

Whether you want to decorate your indoors or want to keep the books sorted, these DIY bookends are perfect. These black and white blocks are simple, easy to make, and fun to look at! Try your hands at these by following the simple tutorial.

12. DIY Amethyst Bookends


I love these gorgeous and glam DIY bookends. Amethyst crystal bookends are pretty pricey. So if you want an inexpensive version of the same, then this tutorial is the easiest way to do that. This is a chic idea, and you will love the new look that it will bring to your bookshelf. 

13. DIY Bookends for Kids

This is a perfect gift for kids. These bookends will bring a bright smile to their faces just like this rainbow. It is an extremely colorful addition to the bookshelf. Follow the tutorial and surprise your kids with some crafty rainbow bookends.

14. Number Bookends


Okay, if you are a lover of wood crafts then this is a great option for you. All you will need for this one are wood numbers, gold paint, and few more tools and you will have your own DIY gold dipped bookends.

15. Wine Rack Bookends


Yet another multi-purpose bookends idea. Wine and books are a great combination. This is an interesting idea that will let you keep your books and wine bottles close together. Give it a try!

16. Concrete Colorblock Bookends

DIY Colourful Bookends

If you are looking for bookends that will also decorate your shelf then this one is for you. These are super cool and have an easy peasy tutorial. I love how colorful these turned out to be! 

17. Succulent and Cactus Planters Bookends


How amazing it will be if you can have planters that are bookends. These are aesthetically pleasing. And I am an ardent lover of indoor plants. If you feel the same way, these are perfect for you. 

18. Unicorn Bookends


The best part about these bookends is that they are customizable. Your little girl will love these magical bookends. So follow the tutorial and make some fancy bookends.

19. Fabric Pyramid Bookends

If you have an insatiable love for fabric then this one is for you. You can choose the fabric and pattern of your choice, fill it with rice, and you have your own personalized bookends. You can follow this easy tutorial to accomplish this crafted piece.

20. DIY Wood Triangle Bookends

If you have some timber pieces laying around, then how about trying out this tutorial? You can make these triangular bookends with basic supplies. I love how easy these are!

21. Glass Jar Bookends

DIY Bookends

These glass growlers are excellent craftwork. It an easy peasy. All you have to do is some pebbles and rocks to fill these growlers. And voila! You have your DIY bookends.

22. DIY Triangular Bookends


Geometric shapes are so trendy when it comes to home decor. So if you are looking for a funky and super cool, then this is it for you! These will keep your books straight in a line. Follow the tutorial if you want to deck up your house a little.

23. DIY Cement Bookends

These cement bookends are rustic and chic. It is an excellent option for you. You can make these cement bookends following this tutorial. This will add an edge to your bookshelf. 

24. Beautiful Wooden Bookends

These beautiful wooden bookends are classic. Look at that texture, the color, and that shape. Everything about this DIY project is so chic. This wooden craftwork will certainly have a lot of admirers. You also have an easy tutorial for it.

25. Block Letter Bookends

Oh! I am in love with these bookends! They are small, cute, and smart. And the best part is that they will always encourage you to read more!

26. Rock Bookends

DIY Rock Bookends

Source : hasharificway

It can’t get any simpler than this! If you are feeling a little lazy and not looking for something too crafty, then this one is for you. All you have to do is find some good rocks, and that’s it!

27. Happy Endings

If you have some square wooden pen stands, you can easily make these bookends. Paint them white, write the words, add some star stickers, and you will have perfect DIY bookends.

There you go, people! We have exhausted the list of ideas for your DIY bookends. These ideas are simple, easy, and inspiring. You can easily craft a few of these to keep your books decluttered. Let us know, your favorite one in the comment section below. Happy crafting!

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