30+ Beautiful DIY Floating Shelves Ideas to Save Space

Who needs heavy cabinet storage that occupies all the floor space when you can create your own floating storage instead. DIY floating shelves are a spectacular way to display frames, books, or other personal items while saving tons of space.

They are a stylish and practical addition to any home. With their simple design, these shelves appear to be floating in the air, making them an eye-catching feature in any room.

From the living room to the kitchen, floating shelves can be used to store books, plants, picture frames, and other decorative items, allowing you to create a personalized and functional space.

In this article, we will explore some creative and inspiring floating shelves ideas that can help you enhance your home or make the most of your office space.

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1. Create Modern Kitchen Storage

Looking for modern kitchen floating shelves ideas? Here’s one that you will love! It uses minimal space, effort, time, and budget and looks extremely stylish. The wooden planks have a textured finish and are placed in a vertical line of three. These shelves are smaller but broad enough for storing crockery, plants, toiletries, displaying frames, etc. Here is the full video tutorial.

2. Go Camouflage With White

DIY floating Shelves

If you’re looking for some unique living room floating shelves decor ideas, you will love this neutral Scandinavian styled space. It has white floating shelves that blend in seamlessly with the white walls. This is an excellent way to focus attention on the decor items placed on the shelves rather than the wooden planks themselves! Check out the complete blog tutorial here.

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3. Upgrade Your Bathroom Storage

Looking for bathroom floating shelf ideas to organise your bathroom essentials like towels and toiletries? Then, you will love creating these as they add extra storage space and also enhance the decor of your bathroom. These shelves are attached to the wall with hidden brackets, giving the illusion that they are floating. Check out the tutorial here.

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4. Create Laundry Room Storage

DIY Floating Shelves 1

If you’re looking to maximize storage space in your laundry room, installing DIY floating shelves can be a great solution. These wood floating shelves provide extra space to store laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and woven baskets for laundry. A tiny rod can be connected to the shelves for hangers or towel rolls. Here is the complete tutorial here.

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5.Add A Floating Plant Shelf To Your Bedroom

A floating plant shelf for a bedroom window is a great way to add some natural beauty and greenery to your living space while also taking advantage of the natural light that comes through the window. It can also also help to purify the air and create a calming atmosphere in your room. Check out the tutorial here.

6. Create A Floating Library

A floating library in your home is a stylish and functional way to showcase your love for reading and display your book collection. It adds character to your home and makes it easy to access your favourite reads. Check out the tutorial here.

7. Create A Functional Entry Space

These DIY floating shelves are not just for creating storage but also for adding a super adorable touch to your entryway. You can add hooks to the empty wall space for hanging caps, bags, etc. The shelving units provide a space to store and display items like keys, wallets, hats, and scarves while keeping them organized and easily accessible. Here is how you can make this DIY.

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8. Add A Gallery Wall

Source – jcdesign1.1

DIY Floating shelves provide a unique and modern way to display artwork, photographs, and other decorative items. These shelves can be customized to match the style and décor of your home and are perfect for showcasing a collection of small items. To add depth and dimension to your gallery wall, mix and match different textures and colors of frames and decorative items.

9. Create DIY Floating Shelves Open Cupboard

If you have any narrow three-walled vertical space, you can transform it into this fantastic DIY floating shelves open cupboard. All you need to do is prepare as many shelves as you want according to the measurements that fit the space. Place these shelves at equal distances, and that’s it! Your open, easily accessible cupboard is ready. Such floating shelves placement ideas are great for kitchen pantries or the mudroom. Check out the blog tutorial here.

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10. Use It To Display Large Paintings

DIY Floating Shelves 2

A lone floating shelf is an elegant way to display paintings in your living room. Such a floating shelf should have sufficient length for holding large frames or showpieces. Leaning artwork is a form of Parisian style and it also saves you from making holes in your walls. Check out the tutorial here.

11. Create Floating Corner Shelves For Plants

DIY Floating Shelves 4

A small corner space just beside window is perfect for installing boxy floating shelve that are sturdy enough to install plants. As this area will get sunlight from the window, such a shelf is perfect for placing plants without taking too much space. Here is how you can recreate this DIY.

12. Go Maximal With Long Floating Shelves

DIY Floating Shelves 5

This DIY has a pair of “wall to wall” long floating shelves that have a neutral, linear, and clean display that is grounded and approachable. The texture, colors, finish, everything comes together beautifully! Check out the complete tutorial here.

13. Show Off Your Best Crockery

Source: morning.cup.of.heather

This DIY floating kitchen shelves idea uses two long beige-toned shelves placed linearly above the kitchen counter. They are thick and sturdy, perfect for holding heaving crockery like bowls, plates, mugs, small wooden bowls, glasses, etc. The light tone of the shelves is suitable for any room and adds a rich look to any wall, from bricked to ceramic to painted.

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14. Create A Colour Palette

DIY Floating Shelves 7

Source: itsshannonlong

I love the theme and style of these floating shelves that use two wooden slats with big black brackets. The counter below it has a beautiful flower vase placed on a round wooden board in the same colour pallete. This area can be used for creating a coffee station or as a breakfast nook.

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15. Add A Wooden Headboard To Your Bed

A DIY floating wooden headboard above your bed is a great way to add a rustic and natural touch to your bedroom interior design. You can use it to create add a personal touch with framed pictures and quotes. Check out the tutorial here.

16. Add Farmhouse Style Rustic Shelves

DIY Floating Shelves 4

Boxy shelves have a very farmhouse vibe but look very stylish. They are also sturdier for holding heavy jars, glasses, or other decorative items. This is a budget-friendly and easy to recreate DIY project that blends in with existing decor. Here is the complete tutorial.

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17. Create A Statement Wall

An innovative way to add dimension to your home is to install floating shelves in linear, neat rows over the entire wall. Then, you can stack these shelves with your favourite decor to create a statement wall for a truly aesthetic appeal. Check out the tutorial here.

18. Add A Floating Mantel To Your Fireplace

Need a floating shelf that works as a focal point over your mantel? Then, this idea is perfect for you. Once you’ve installed a floating mantel, you can change the decor during summer, spring, fall and winters to match the vibe of the season. This help you add a unique creative touch to your living room. Check out the tutorial here.

19. Hang Mugs To Your Floating Shelf

Image and tutorial by thefrugalhomemaker

If you’re a coffee lover, a floating shelf coffee bar is a great way to display your favorite mugs and create a cozy and inviting space in your home. By hanging your mugs on your floating shelf coffee bar, you not only create a stylish display but also free up cabinet space. You can mix and match your mugs to create a fun and eclectic look, or choose a set of matching mugs for a more cohesive look.

In addition to hanging your mugs, you can also use your built-in shelves to display coffee beans, tea bags, and other coffee or tea accessories. Add a few decorative touches such as plants or candles to create a cozy and inviting space. With a little creativity and some careful planning, your floating shelf coffee bar can become a favorite spot in your home.

20. Organise Your Workspace

Image and tutorial by jennakateathome

Floating shelves are a great way to organise your workspace and keep your office essentials easily accessible. To keep smaller items organized on your floating shelves, use storage containers such as baskets or boxes. This helps to prevent clutter and keeps your workspace looking tidy.

21. Flaunt Your Collectibles

DIY Floating Shelves 11

Source:  jen_bedard_real_estate

Whether it’s figurines, vases, fancy tea pots or other collectibles, floating shelves provide the perfect place to showcase your treasures. You can choose to make practical use of the shelves as well instead of display. I love the walnut stain of these shelves; it gives a very sophisticated and stylish look.

22. Create Boho DIY Floating Shelves

DIY Floating Shelves 12

Give your boho bedroom a beautiful wall display with these bright beige DIY floating shelves. This set of two tiny and chunky shelves paired with bright green plants will add an extremely aesthetic touch to your boho bedroom/living room. The color of these hanging shelves is suitable for literally any wall, from black, white to bricked, etc. Check out this link to make them!

23. Add An Easy Access Kitchen Display

DIY Floating Shelves 13

Here is another tiny floating shelves kitchen cabinet that is great for placing everyday use items, coffee mugs, some plants for freshness in the kitchen. It is a great corner decor idea for any room and allows quick and convenient access to the necessary items. You can also turn it into a morning essentials corner by placing some coffee/tea mugs, books you read every day, and other items. Here is how you can make them.

24. Use Narrow Floating Shelves For Display

DIY Floating Shelves 14

This is a bracket free way of installing some cute and useful DIY floating shelves in your home. The shelves are light neutral colored suitable for any space, and have a narrow and long design. It is great for storing sleek and flat items like frames, glass bottle plants, plates, etc. Here is the video tutorial.

25. Bring Home The Forest

DIY Floating Shelves 11

These DIY floating shelves are set in a natural forest theme. The planks have a wood textured finish with plants covering them. Along with that, some matching decorative items are placed to fill up the space. These shelves stand out beautifully against the plain white background. Here is the blog link.

26. Add More Space With White Floating Shelves

DIY Floating Shelves 17

These thick white floating shelves are just so clean and bright! I love how they complement the white bricked wall perfectly. These are great for living rooms or laundry areas, and you can recreate them in a few simple steps. You can’t go wrong with white, so they are perfect if you are a beginner! Check out the blog link here.

27. Sturdy Floating Shelves For Heavy Ceramics

DIY Floating Shelves 18

Floating shelves are an excellent addition to pretty much any room in the house, especially the kitchen. They make more room for storage and allow you to display some stunning crockery pieces that would otherwise be sealed in a dusty box. They also make it very convenient to grab items while you cook instead of reopening the closed cabinets every time. This DIY floating shelves idea is just the one for your kitchen decor! Here is the full tutorial.

28. Minimalist Storage To Your Bathroom

DIY-Floating-Shelves 19

Have you ever seen a more neat and pleasant set up in a bathroom? Everything from the classy white paint on the walls to the tiny adorable shelves corner is undeniably beautiful. These bamboo colored wooden DIY floating shelves are stained the perfect sandy tone, perfectly placed, and add a modern charm to the bathroom. Plus, they are smaller in size, thus easy to make and hang! Here is the full blog tutorial.

29. Sleek Vintage DIY Display Shelves

DIY Floating Shelves 20

These DIY floating shelves are wooden, sleek, bold, and add a charming vibe to this vintage living room. There are four floating shelves, two on each side of a large center painting. You can easily customize the size and stain of each shelf and also decide what to display. Each shelf has different items displayed, giving their unique aesthetic to the wall! Check out the tutorial here.

30. Elegant Multi-Stained Shelves

DIY Floating Shelves 21

This DIY floating shelves idea is more than a home project, and if you are into the farmhouse style, you will love this idea. The stenciled walls in this laundry space are perfectly complemented by two floating wooden shelves. This tutorial lists the steps you need to follow to recreate these rustic yet stunningly bold and beautiful wooden shelves.

31. Simplistic Long White DIY Shelves

DIY Floating Shelves 22

When you add floating shelves to all the rooms in your home, why leave the kids’ bedroom? The bright blue paint makes these white floating shelves stand out stunningly. These shelves are chunky, sturdy, and go from wall to wall. They are perfect for storing books, toys, frames, and other items that usually lay around on the bedroom floor. Here is the full blog tutorial.

We hope these ideas inspire you to give these DIY floating shelves a try. They are an upcoming, modern way of using the minimal available space in the maximum possible manner. You can customize any of these ideas very easily to suit the needs of your home.

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