22 DIY Hanging Shelves and Decoration Ideas

Do you have tiny trinkets, showpieces, plants, or frames lying in some trunk as you don’t have a way to display them? DIY hanging shelves are the perfect solution for you. They serve as a beautiful art piece and give you enough space to display anything you want. The look of unfinished wood adds an earthy touch and instantly lifts the look of the room.

These simple DIY hanging shelves save you a lot of time and money and end up looking stunning. They are versatile wall decor pieces and can be used in multiple ways, either as design elements for complimenting different spaces or as accents/transitional pieces for hallways.

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So, grab the supplies mentioned below and get crafting! Give those memorable pieces a special place in your room with these hanging shelves.

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What are Hanging Shelves?

Hanging shelves are wooden planks of varying designs and colors that are hung up against any wall. They act as beautiful wall art pieces and are great storage spaces as well. DIY Hanging shelves are also a way of maximizing space in tiny rooms. These shelves can be used as bookshelves or can display small plants, photo frames, scented candles, awards/trophies, or even boxes for storage. No matter where the shelves are placed, make sure they are level, sturdy, and properly secured.

How to Make Hanging Shelves?

DIY hanging shelves are very easy to make and require just six items to make. They are customizable and can be made in any shape, size, color, or design you like. You can simply hang two rectangular planks of wood with the help of a rope, or create a triangular shape, hexagon, circle, etc. Here is the list of the items needed:

  • wooden board(s)
  • rope cord
  • metal rings
  • scissors
  • saw
  • drill

Following are the steps to make these hanging shelves:

Step 1, cut the wooden boards according to the shelf size you want.

Tutorial Source: whydontyoumakeme.com

Now, drill holes on each corner of the wooden shelf.

Following which, cut two pieces of rope cord based on how high/low you want the shelves to hang.

Next, Fold the two pieces in half and place the folded end under a metal ring.

Tutorial Source: whydontyoumakeme.com

Now, pull the other end of the rope through the folded half, creating a knot around the ring.

Next, pull each of the four rope strands through each drilled hole and tie a secure knot.

Finally, hang the ring on a nail in the wall, and your DIY hanging shelves are ready!

For a complete, tutorial watch this video.

DIY Hanging Shelf Ideas

Here are some easy to make, minimal and elegant looking DIY Hanging Shelves ideas for your inspiration.

1. The Classic DIY Hanging Shelves

DIY Hanging Shelf Idea

Source: hunkerhome

Starting with the classic rope hanging shelves by hunkerhome. Follow the above steps to recreate this style. You can customize the color of the plank and the rope. You can also shape the plank square, triangle, or rectangle. Another option is to either match the color of rope with the plank or use contrasting colors. This shelf is basic but adds an adorable touch to any space.

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2. The Double-Storey Shelves

Source: keairras.kreations

This DIY Hanging Shelves idea by keairras.kreations is a twist to the classic shelf idea above. It is an excellent customization idea if you need extra storage/display space. All you have to do is add a shelf below the previous shelf. You can use one or two shades for the wooden planks and a complementary color for the rope. It is a classy way of dressing up your walls and displaying some of your favorite pieces. For a step-by-step tutorial, please refer to this video.

3. The U-Shaped Hanging Shelves

DIY Hanging Shelf Idea

Source: farmhouseinspirediyer

This unique and adorable DIY Hanging Shelves idea by farmhouseinspirediyer is an excellent way of displaying a single large item. All you have to do is connect three wooden planks of the same size in the shape of a square with an open fourth side. Connect a beaded rope on the two open ends of the shelf and hang in on a hook. This shelf can act as a container for either a plant, a vase, some books, a photo frame, or any unique souvenir you own. You can increase the storage space by switching the base plank with a longer rectangular shelf.

4. Hanging Window Plant Shelves

Source: thebryanshome

Want to display some indoor plants that are not fake? Try this DIY Hanging Window Plant Shelves by thebryanshome. This lovely idea adds an adorable touch to your room and gives you a chance to place real plants in your room. Since the idea involves hanging shelves against the window, real plants can get sufficient sunlight and keeps the room fresh. Watch the full tutorial here to recreate this idea.

5. The Multilevel DIY Hanging Shelves

DIY Hanging Shelf Idea

Source: stephchapperss

Here is another great option if you want increased storage space. This DIY Hanging Shelves by stephchapperss uses three wooden planks for a multilevel look. It helps you display a lot more items, and alternatively, you could use each plank for a different thing. For instance, use one shelf as a bookshelf, the next one for plants, and the next one for frames, etc. It is a super customizable option and helps in dressing up a large space.

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6. Twin Walnut Hanging Shelves


Source: workhardplanthard

This idea by workhardplanthard is a twist to the classic shelves idea. All you have to do is take walnut planks instead of plain wooden planks. The dark color of the shelves adds a lovely contrast against light-colored walls. An even better way is to make two of these in varying sizes and hang them in the same fashion as shown above. It is a minimal yet fancy way of decorating your walls.

7. The Two-Tier White Hanging Shelves

DIY Hanging Shelf Idea

Source: springmeadow.co

This two-tier white hanging shelves idea by springmeadow.co is a quirky way to display beautiful pieces of decoration. It is the same as the above double-storey idea, only with painted shelves. All you have to do is paint the wooden planks with any color of your choice (preferably white or neutral). You can add any number of layers to this idea and use any shade of your choice. Hang this up, place your favorite items, and voila!

8. Macrame Wall Hanging Shelves

Source: knots.and.hilo

This idea by knots.and.hilo layers hanging shelves against macrame wall hanging. Macrame is a type of textile made using knotting techniques(instead of knitting or weaving). To recreate this idea, hang some macrame wall hanging on the wall. Connect the ropes of the shelf to the macrame, as shown above, and voila. This decorative macrame wall hanging shelf is very crafty and has a bohemian vibe. Check out this video for a detailed tutorial.

Wall Hanging Shelves Decoration Ideas

Are you confused about what to place on those beautiful shelves you just created? Here are some wall hanging shelves decoration ideas for your inspiration.

1. The Natural Hanging Shelves Decoration

DIY Hanging Shelf Idea

Source: downlenoxroad

This hanging shelves decoration idea by downlenoxroad adds a super fresh touch to your DIY hanging shelves. All you have to do is get a few tiny indoor plants and place them on the shelves. The indoor plants are easy to maintain and add natural brightness to any space. If you can’t commit to real plants, you can also get fake plants online. You can get any plant you like from bamboo to air plants, to foliage plants, etc.

2. Glass Bottle Vase Decoration

Source: knottinganddrifting

This decoration idea by knottinganddrifting is an excellent way of reusing glass bottles. Grab some old glass bottles of milk/juices and clean them nicely. Place some greenery or flowers in the glass bottles. Now put these glass bottle vases in your DIY hanging shelves and voila. Your hanging shelves’ decoration is ready.

3. Hanging Bathroom Shelves’ Decoration

Source: downlenoxroad

Put up these DIY Hanging Shelves in your bathroom for extra storage/display. You can add plants to these shelves or containers for storing soaps. You can also place a diffuser for some fragrance along with dry towels. This adds an adorable touch to your basic bathroom walls and also helps in storage. Refer to the above hanging bathroom shelves decoration by downlenoxroad.

4. Hanging Kitchen Shelves Decoration

Source: idoitmyself.be

Give your ingredient containers a lovely display on your kitchen wall with these DIY hanging shelves. Create any of the above shelves according to your preference and place plastic/glass jars on it. This hanging shelves decoration idea by idoitmyself.be gives you quick access to daily kitchen ingredients and simultaneously decorates your kitchen walls. You can also place some plants or frames on the shelves for a personalized touch.

5. Multipurpose Hanging Kitchen Shelves Decoration

DIY Hanging Shelf Idea

Source: middleandmain

Another great hanging kitchen shelves decoration idea allows you to use the space in multiple ways. You can place packages, cups/mugs, plants, or other ingredients on these shelves. This is useful for accessibility, decor, and adding some freshness to your kitchen space. Hang the shelves from the ceiling, as shown in this idea by middleandmain, and add as many levels as you want.

6. Hanging Book Shelves Decoration

Source: lballardlifeandstyle

Another great way of decorating your DIY hanging shelves is by turning it into a bookshelf. Place some or all of your favorite novels on the hanging shelves. To make it extra adorable, place a plant, a soft toy, some vases, or other trinkets here and there. It breaks the monotony of the bookshelf and stops it from looking like a library. This idea by lballardlifeandstyle is perfect for inspiration.

7. The Sectioned Hanging Book Shelves

DIY Hanging Shelf Idea

Source: coloringthemap

Another great way of storing some of your favorite novels is this idea by coloringthemap. This three-level DIY hanging shelves idea can be decorated by sectioning. Place some frames/showpieces on the top two shelves, followed by an entire shelf dedicated to books. This prevents the space from looking congested and monotonous. It also allows you to use the bookshelf for displaying other items, as shown in this hanging bookshelves decoration idea by coloringthemap.

8. The Reading Corner Hanging Book Shelves

Source: hesti.novitadewi

This hanging shelves decoration idea by hesti.novitadewi is a gorgeous way of amping up your staircase space. It is an earthy and natural way of creating a reading corner in your house. Place some books on the DIY hanging shelves along with some hanging ferns (fake or real). You can also add scented candles for a soothing fragrance to your reading space.

9. The Thematic Hanging Shelves Decoration

DIY Hanging Shelf Idea

Source: sophiewarran

Pick up your favorite color and use it on your hanging shelves decoration like this idea by sophiewarran. It can be customized to match the theme of your room or can contrast against it. All you have to do is paint the shelves with any chosen color. Place some decorative pieces of the same shade over the shelves to create an adorable thematic wall decor.

10. The Motivational Hanging Shelves Decoration

Source: make_home_yours

Why not wake up to a beautiful reminder every morning? This hanging shelves decoration idea by make_home_yours is an excellent way of adding an optimistic touch to any space. Place a showpiece or frame on the shelf with any motivational quote/word. You could write, “Life is Good,” “Positive vibes only”, etc. Add a plant next to the frame for extra freshness and voila.

11. Hanging Window Plant Shelves Decoration

Source: tdotjungle

Another great way of adding a natural touch to any space is by using this idea by tdotjungle. You simply have to place potted plants on the DIY hanging shelves. These pots could be of varying sizes or designs. You can also paint or design these on your own. Choose any indoor plants of your choice and it is ready.

12. Farmhouse Treasures Shelves Decoration

DIY Hanging Shelf Idea

Source: foreveritts_home

All you have to do to recreate this earthy idea by foreveritts_home is to stack up the DIY hanging shelves with plants. You can also add a jute bucket, a vase, some books, etc. on the shelves for a put-together look.

13. White and Bright Shelves Decoration

Source: iza.perez_coloresdemialma

This hanging shelves decoration idea by iza.perez_coloresdemialma is perfect for brightening up any space. It primarily uses white shelves with white decor pieces placed on them. To break the monotony, add some mud pots randomly across the shelves. You can also place small boxes of different colors to act as storage. This idea would match light-colored walls, or pop against dark ones.

14. The Symmetrical Hanging Shelves Decoration

Source: rajaladecor

Finally, here is a neat and sleek hanging shelves decoration idea by rajaladecor. It uses different pieces that are placed symmetrically or in any organized way as you like. Grab some plants and an equal number of other items like frames, watches, lamps, etc. Place one plant and one of the chosen things next to it on each shelf. Repeat the same on each shelf, and voila your minimal yet classy wall decor is ready.

We hope this DIY hanging shelves guide inspired you to recreate some of these in your style. They are all easily customizable and require only a few materials to make. These shelves are perfect for storage/display and add an adorable touch to your walls.

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