26 Best DIY Bed Frames For Your Bedroom Makeover

Your bedroom is quite literally your safe space in your home. So it makes sense that you have a bed that exudes warmth and comfort. A bed frame is the focal point of a comfortable bed. After all, it’s the place you’ll rest against every night. With the focus so much on making the best choice for your environment, DIY bed frames are getting a lot more popular than before.

Not only is building your own bed frame a good idea for repurposing materials, but it is also a cost effective way to style your room. There are a number of different DIY bed frame designs available to choose from – whether platform, canopy, pallet or floating. Also, there are a lot of different sizes of bed frames to choose from.

Keeping all these factors in mind, we have compiled a list of some of the best DIY bed frame ideas that will help you design the most comfortable space. If you are not completely adept at all kinds of wood working, you could request someone to lend you a hand while trying out a few of the ideas listed below.

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1. DIY Rustic Bed Frame

Image and tutorial by mrkate

Reclaimed wood really has a very beautiful look when done correctly. This is a DIY platform bed frame. The tutorial featured is for a DIY queen bed frame plan and does require some intensive work. However, the end result is definitely worth all the effort.

2. White Pallet Bed Frame DIY

Image and tutorial by honeynfizz

This is a simple DIY bed frame tutorial using pallets. Seriously, you’re not going to find an easier one than this. Straightforward and no fancy work needed, the DIY pallet bed frame can be done using just pallet boards. Try out this DIY wood bed frame for a cool room makeover.

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3. DIY King Size Bed

Image and tutorial by angelamariemade

Want to build your own DIY full size bed frame but don’t know where to begin? We got you. This detailed yet easy diy bed frame tutorial will guide you in how to make your bedroom the perfect sanctuary. And all of this will cost you a fraction of what you’d pay for a similar store bought bed.

4. Rustic Modern Bed Frame

Image and tutorial by ana-white

DIY rustic bed frames can really add a very comforting look to your room. This is a DIY queen size bed frame. Low in height, this platform bed frame can really make your room feel wider and more open as well. If you’ve been looking for DIY bed frame ideas for your bedroom this one will not disappoint you.

5. Simple Wood Bed Frame

Image and tutorial by abeautifulmess

A rather cute yet simple diy wooden bed frame is all it takes to change the look of your room. The tutorial makes use of different hair pin legs to make sure that the entire structure is well supported. So you can be sure that this is a sturdy bed frame. Just make sure you do the calculations correctly and you’re good to go. The DIY bed frame plans can be customised a little according to the size you’re looking for.

6. DIY Hanging Bed Frame

Image and tutorial by jennasuedesign

If you like anything unique and offbeat you will love this floating bed frame DIY. Although it is not common to have a hanging bed frame, it is really interesting. If you have a vacation home or beach house, this type of DIY floating bed frame would be perfect for the decor.

7. DIY King Slat Bed Frame

Image and tutorial by kiwiandpeach

This DIY bed frame plan requires wood slats and some dedication. The best way to get a good bed on a budget is to build it yourself. Since this bed has a full slat base, you will not need a box spring for your mattress. This tutorial will detail everything you need to make the perfect Boerum style DIY king bed frame. With this you can tie in the decor of your bedroom in the best way.

8. Rustic King Size Bed Frame

Image and tutorial by shanty-2-chic

Most store bought bed frames can cost a lot. How about we build a DIY full size bed frame for a quarter of that price? Mind you, it will take you some time, considering it is a king sized bed frame. But having a sturdy bed with a unique headboard and footboard is surely worth it. This beautiful farmhouse style DIY rustic bed frame is a really good bet if you want something chic yet old school.

9. Mid Century Inspired Bed Frame

Image and tutorial by biggerandthethreeofus

There is something really satisfying about building your own bed frame. This tutorial for a mid century style step by step DIY bed frame surely does not disappoint. The slats have an added advantage of supporting your mattress very well. It is a pretty easy DIY bed frame project to be honest. Also, if you prefer low beds to give your room a wider look, the end result will surely not disappoint you at all.

10. Easy DIY Bed Frame with Headboard

Image and tutorial by apieceofrainbow

When building a bed frame, one might wonder how they might transport it in case they had to move. Well, we have a DIY wood bed frame tutorial for that as well. This bed can be taken apart piece by piece and then put back together because nothing is glued together. You will not be disappointed with how easy it is to make. It is sturdy and people probably won’t believe that you made it yourself.

11. Upholstered Bed Frame DIY

Image and tutorial by viewalongtheway

A great thing about DIY bed frame ideas is that the sky’s the limit. You can mix and match and think up a whole range of different things that will work for you. Most often when we think of bed frames we don’t consider that it could be upholstered. This DY wood bed frame plan is not only easy and straightforward but uses upholstery to elevate the whole look. Now that’s a neat way to give your DIY bed frame a twist isn’t it?

12. Easy Platform Bed Frame

Image and tutorial by vivaveltoro

Something about a sturdy DIY platform bed frame just evokes a sense of comfort doesn’t it? This is a super easy yet satisfying tutorial that goes through each step in how to make the best DIY california king bed frame. Platform beds are usually low and even with a dark stain finish, this one will make your room look bigger. Also, the details on the headboard are quite charming. The best part? It can be done with a much smaller budget than one you will find in the store.

13. DIY Floating Bed Frame

Image and tutorial by instructables

Add a little mystery to your bedroom with this floating bed frame DIY. You deserve a bedroom that is amped up on ambience and class. What better way to achieve that than with a DIY floating bed with led lighting plans? This tutorial is for a DIY queen size bed frame and will be completed in 10 steps. Cool isn’t it?

14. Modern Platform Bed Frame

Image and tutorial by diycandy

If you have the skills to do quality woodworking, you would never dream of buying a bed frame. Building your own DIY platform bed frame has got to be really rewarding too. The platform design ensures that your mattress gets even support. Another great thing about this bed frame is that it can be taken apart and put together with screws.

This tutorial is not hard to follow, it just needs your diligence and patience to do it correctly. Think of how great it will look once finished and you’ll find the motivation you require.

15. Platform Twin Size Bed Frame

Image and tutorial by domesticblonde

This is a great idea if you’re doing a makeover for your kids room. The DIY twin bed frame tutorial featured here is super easy to follow and doesn’t require too many steps. It’s great for children as it’s not too high and they can get in and out of it easily. Honestly, you could get this DIY wood bed frame done over the weekend.

16. Elaborate King Size Bed DIY

Image and tutorial by plankandpillow

Although this one looks grand and big and all round sturdy, you can build it yourself with the tutorial. This DIY king bed frame plan is actually really easy to follow, as long as you use all the correct equipment. For the way it looks, it can be done rather quickly. And then you will have your own elaborate and classy bed frame ready for use.

17. DIY Easy Box Bed Frame

Image and tutorial by themerrythought

Sometimes you don’t want the fuss and the fancy when you’re making your own easy DIY bed frame. This is a simple DIY bed frame plan that can be done over the weekend.If you prefer low bed frames then you’ll really like this one. It will fit well into a cabin bed room and can make a smaller room look larger than it really is. For those who like simple things and don’t want to do too much work, this would be a great place to start.

18. Farmhouse Style Storage Bed

Image and tutorial by mylove2create

The best type of bed available is one that has storage included. You will never have too much storage. This one is a farmhouse style DIY queen bed frame with storage plans.You can build not just 3 dedicated drawers but the middle slats open up for more storage space as well. The pattern of the headboard is also exquisite. It is quite extensive and will require some diligence to complete. However it is a worthwhile project considering the payout at the end.

19. Plywood Bed Frame with Welded Legs

Image and tutorial by danslelakehouse

If you like having a little contrast of wood and metal in your decor then this style of simple DIY bed frame. This type of bed frame works best with box springs. It also adds some more height to your bed, if that’s something you’re looking for. A surprisingly easy project considering the way it looks, this DIY full bed frame can be completed in no time at all.

20. Wood Pallet Bed Frame DIY

Image and tutorial by thewonderforest

There’s something about pallet beds that makes them really great. They are usually low to the ground which is a great visual aspect for a smaller room. This cottage style DIY pallet bed frame gives off a rustic bohemian vibe that can be replicated easily. The great thing about this DIY wood bed frame is how inexpensive and simple it is to make.

21. King Canopy Bed Frame

Image and tutorial by arinsolangeathome

If you’re looking to recreate the elegance and mystery of old times, then you cannot go wrong with a DIY canopy bed frame. It takes time, effort and a lot of dedication to build a good DIY bed frame. So make sure that you are ready to transform your bedroom into an 18th century sanctuary.

22. Reclaimed Wood Queen Size Bed Frame

Image and tutorial by jenwoodhouse

For a sturdy DIY queen size bed frame, this is a great tutorial. Using reclaimed wood can really change the look of the room and elevate the atmosphere when done right. Plus, it’s better for the environment as well. Although this project requires a whole lot of dedication, the fruits of your labour will pay off when this DIY wood bed frame is completed.

23. DIY Wood Plank Bed Frame

Image and tutorial by theaccentpiece

If you like fancy headboards and want to make a DIY queen size bed frame, this is a great place to start.The pallet headboard is quite attractive and adds a charming point. The selling point of this DIY bed frame plan is the well crafted legs. The whole DIY bed frame gives off a very regal vibe. If you have some time on your hands, you should give this one a try.

24. Beach Style Simple Bed Frame

Image and tutorial by decorandthedog

We love a bed frame tutorial that gives you the measurements for different bed sizes. This DIY king bed frame tutorial has very detailed instructions that take everything into account. You can’t go wrong with this light beautiful bed with it’s solid lines and calm colours.

25. Log Style Bed Frame

Image and tutorial by instructables

If you really want a DIY rustic bed frame I don’t think you can find another one quite like this tutorial. Although the instructions are for a DIY queen bed frame, you could probably adjust them with some calculations. As it uses genuine tree branches, you might have to do a little searching, but it will be worth the effort in the end.

26. DIY Built In Bed Frame

Image and tutorial by plankandpillow

For a children’s room, a bunk bed is the ultimate piece of furniture. This isn’t the conventional bunk bed but it’s pretty great. This step by step DIY bed frame with storage is a great tutorial. You can be sure that this DIY bed frame will be really sturdy to support the weight of whoever is on the loft. The instructions walk you through each step and how to build the perfect DIY bed frame plans.

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