29 Stunning and Diverse DIY End Table Ideas

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It is really amazing how a tiny piece of furniture can lift up any space and make it super cute! What makes it even more personal is if you build it on your own! Here are some gorgeous and super easy DIY end table ideas that can be used as small accent pieces for any part of your home. You can customize each of these designs to suit your style and space. It is not at all difficult or complicated to make and gives you some storage as well! While you are DIYing here are some wood accent wall ideas and DIY bench ideas for you to try out!

1. Adorable Slatted Cube Table

DIY End Table 1

Source: diymontreal

This slatted end table makes a great indoor or outdoor accent piece. It can be used as a side table next to your bed or as a corner table for your living room sofa, assembled using ⅜ dowels to avoid the visibility of any hardware or screws. It has a textured wooden finish that looks very boho style. Here is the video tutorial.

2. Ombre DIY Stump Side Table

Source: sugarandcloth

I love this DIY end table idea is a perfect space saver after completion and a time saver while building. The stump has a rustic and rough finish that makes it look very antique and unique. You can create as many as you like and place them literally anywhere inside or outside your home. The table’s diameter and height are also easily customizable, and the smooth circular top is great for displaying a flower vase or holding your coffee cup! Check out the tutorial here.

3. DIY Record Side Table

DIY End Table 3Source: theflourishingabode

All this DIY end table requires for making are three things: a vinyl record, a plant stand (preferably black to match the record), and a glue gun! Five minutes of assembling and attaching and voila! You have got yourself the most vintage and retro-looking end table in just a few bucks or even for free! Here is the complete tutorial.

4. Cottage Style DIY End Table with Storage

Source: southernoakhome

What best way to design a DIY end table than the one that looks spectacular and provides you with a lot of storage? This cottage style end table uses an old circular wooden basket of any size and a tray covering the basket as a lid. Place the tray over the basket and remove it any time you want to store something in the basket. It’s a great way to hide away all that mess in your room!

5. Midcentury Modern DIY End Table

DIY End Table 5

Source: built_something

Try out this simple mid-century styled design that can be used as an end table for your living room or a side table for your bedroom! The modern look of this table with four slanting legs at the bottom and a light beige stain can suit any space in your home. It has a top drawer with an open space below for stacking your favorite night time reads. Here is the full design plan.

6. Sturdy & Sleek Farmhouse End Table

DIY End Table 7

Source: build_something

Here is a simple farmhouse DIY end table, which comes with sturdy X-shaped support on each side along with a lower shelf that not only adds style but also increases the storage space. You can customize the size of the table according to the space you have. Finally, the faded finish gives this piece a very neutral and rustic vibe. Get the full plan here.

7. Upside Down Trash Can Table

DIY End Table 8

Source: mollyradandco

How would you like an end table that requires nothing but a pretty, old trash can? This DIY end table is perfect if you urgently need a side/end table. Grab a trash can and flip it over, and voila! Your table is ready! If you want to a step ahead, you can spray paint the can with any color of your choice to brighten up this table.

8. Pocket-Friendly Nautical End Table

DIY End Table 9

Source:  thehousehouseblog

Here is a fun DIY end table idea that is a must-try on a free day! Grab two identical trash barrels, and a spray can, rope, glue gun, charger plate. Here is the full tutorial to the process, which uses just these materials to build this stunning side/end table that would look lovely even as a center table. Here is the step by step tutorial.

9. Tiny Cute DIY End Table

Source: bloomingdiyer

It’s time to spray paint that spare stool (bar stool or any other) to recreate this awesome and adorable idea. The design originally had one top for keeping any items. However, tying some jute string tightly across the supporting rods of the stool creates two additional shelves and increased storage space! Do try this idea out to have all your necessities by your side all the time!

10. Neutral DIY Concrete Table

Source: kateschmdt

This concrete tabletop DIY end table is a beautiful, rustic, and elegant touch to any space in your home. The black metal stand supports the large round concrete top to complete this beautiful piece. You can replace the concrete with a wooden chopping board of any size. You can also use a planter stand as the support for the top. It’s easy, affordable, and looks very dainty!

11. Rustic Dainty Handmade End Table

Source: justjennaish

This minimal coffee-stained DIY end table has a simple and vintage design that looks stunning in any corner of your home. It has two wide drawers, and the thin four legs add some height. You can change the sizing accordingly and choose the stain of your choice. This wooden table is very easy to build, and the neutral tones suit any theme. Here is the full tutorial.

12. Vintage Shipping Crates End Table

Source: maplecrestfarmhouse

Stack two shipping crates upside down to reveal this beautiful DIY end table. The deep chocolate brown tone of the table with a textured, rough finish makes it look unique and classy. The size of the crates is large enough for placing all your essentials. You can stack as many crates to build your desired height.

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13. Classy Stacked Records DIY End Table

DIY End Table 14

Source: savannabrooke_com

Here is a revamped way of using some record cases and giving yourself this stunning DIY end table. All you need to do is stack several record cases to reach the desired height. Finally, place any spare tray over the stack to create the tabletop. This idea is a perfect way of reusing spare record cases. Check out this blog tutorial for the same!

14. Rustic DIY Suitcase End Table

Source: nummer_ni

Got a suitcase at your place that is too old for travel? Try out this DIY end table idea to make perfect use of it. Grab four cylindrical wooden legs and attach them to the four corners of your suitcase. Voila! Your table is ready, that too with hidden storage space!

15. Black Fluted DIY End Table

DIY End Table 16

Source: homebynicky

Here is a fun yet modern looking DIY end table idea that is perfect for any corner of your home. The table has a fluted design made using thin wooden slats and a round wooden top. For finishes, the table has been painted black to match the theme of the space. You can adjust the stain and size of the table accordingly. Here is the full tutorial.

16. DIY Mid Century Nightstand

DIY End Table 17

Source: bukatron.com

Mid-century furniture is a sure-shot way of giving an iconic touch to your room. So, bring that mood to your home by trying this DIY end table. All you need to do is build a simple shelf using plywood and stain it in the color of your choice. Finish off by patching it with black hairpin legs to reveal the elegance of this piece. Click here for the tutorial.

17. Elegant Trunk Top DIY End Table

DIY End Table 18

Source: muyingenioso.com

All that this DIY end table requires for making is a round stool and a wooden log slice. Stick these together to create this iconic table. Use a hot glue gun for attaching the wooden log to the stool top. Done! Place this in the living room or the bedroom to add a soothing natural vibe.  Here is the complete tutorial.

18. Reclaimed Nautical Side Table

DIY End Table 19

Image and tutorial by simplystylethings

This DIY end table would bring a sea ambiance to your home. The roughly painted sky blue tabletop adds a rustic look, and the rope gives a chic accent. It is a beautiful and easy to recreate DIY that looks really spectacular.

19. Colorful & Inexpensive DIY End Table

DIY End Table 20

Source: sugarandcloth

This DIY end table design gives your home a very modern touch. The inside of the tabletop can be used as a tiny storage space for magazines, coins, etc. Besides, the combination of soft pink and natural wood color makes it very unique and stunning. Here is the complete tutorial.

20. DIY Modern Twisty Table

DIY End Table 21

Source: woodshopdiaries.com

Do you like a piece of furniture that adds some uniqueness to your home? This DIY end table offers twisty cuts but is equally sturdy. It is perfect for adding to the vintage or modern vibes of your home. As the table size is not too large, it is perfect as a vase planter or as a corner decor piece. Check out the tutorial here.

21. Cute Curvy DIY Side Table

DIY End Table 22

Source: hertoolbelt.com

This adorable table requires some basic carpentry skills, some wood, and paint of your choice. The little effort would yield some amazing results that are personal and unique. Also, the aqua crystal color of this DIY end table brings a nice nautical theme to the room. Check out the tutorial here.

22. Wired Base Beautiful DIY Table

Source: homemadeheather.com

Break the bounds of your creativity! Try out this simple yet iconic DIY end table that is sleek and gorgeous. All you have to do is stick a wooden disc on top of a metal umbrella basket. You can use some oil wood finishes to add a beautiful polish coating to the wood. This metal and wood combination is a must-try! Here is the tutorial.

23. Luxurious End Table with Wooden Top

DIY End Table 24

Source: https://unhappyhipsters.com

Bring a luxurious impression to your home with this simple DIY end table design. Grab some carved aluminum sheet to create a tube base for your table. Next, add a wood round as the tabletop. And finally, polish it using glossy spray paint. Try making two different sized tables for some added character to the accent. Here is the complete tutorial.

24. Chalk Painted Charming End Table

DIY End Table 25

Source: diybeautify

Here is a tall but tiny end table idea that is painted in the elegance of classic white. It has two tiers connected using three spiral wooden rods. The space is small enough to hold a planted pot and a coffee mug. You can increase the size easily to suit your bedside needs! Click here for the tutorial.

25. Hairpin Legged Suitcase Table

DIY End Table 26

Source:  designbynatashah

Grab a spare metal trunk and attach four hairpin legs to it to recreate this beautiful DIY end table. The legs and the trunk are painted white for a bright and modern look. It comes with a lot of storage inside the trunk and above it. You can add a cute sticker on the trunk to break the monotony.

26. Marble Tile DIY End Table

DIY End Table 27

Source:  self.assembly

I love the uniqueness and simplicity of this creative DIY end table. All you have to do is get three rectangular marble pieces of the same size. Connect these as shown above using metal brackets, and voila! Your end table is ready in no time and looks very pretty due to the marble design!

27. Upcycled Wooden DIY End Table

DIY End Table 28

Source: flowersandfolk

To recreate this stunning design, buy a slice of any wooden log and stain it in the colors of your choice. Attach three wooden legs to the disc for height and support, and voila! Your elegant and sturdy wooden table is ready to add a natural touch to your room!

28. Tomato Cage Marbleized Side Table

Source: slumberingalligator

If you want to add a colorful touch to your room, this DIY end table is just the one for you! It is very cost-conscious and extremely stylish. The pine round top covered in a bright marble design is placed on a tomato cage to create this masterpiece. A pair of these is perfect as bedside tables. I love the quirky design of this table. Check out the tutorial here.

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29. Chic and Modern DIY Armrest Table

DIY End Table 30

Source:  ohoh.deco

We are finishing our list with this gorgeous and modern DIY armrest table. Grab two wooden shelves cut out in a hexagon shape and some wooden rods of the desired height. Use one shelf as the tabletop and attach eight thin wooden rods to two sides of the plank. Connect the next shelf to the design a few inches above the ground. I really like the look of this DIY and the fun involved in recreating it! Click here for the tutorial.

We hope you will try some of these amazing DIY end table ideas that are very versatile and unique. They are perfect to suit any space inside or outside your home!

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