62 Spectacular & Unique Wood Accent Wall Ideas

Ever stared at a blank wall in your home and felt it was missing something? I’ve been there too. Instead of opting for the usual paint or wallpaper, I decided to venture into the world of wood accent walls.

The transformation was nothing short of magical. Wood accent walls have this unique ability to infuse warmth, character, and a touch of nature into any space. From cozy bedrooms to chic bathrooms and rustic kitchens, wood has a way of making its presence felt.

In this piece, I’m excited to take you on a journey through my personal experiences, sharing a plethora of ideas, invaluable tips, and detailed how-to guides on crafting the perfect wood accent wall.

Whether you’re an avid DIYer like me or someone just starting to explore the world of home decor, I promise this article will be a treasure chest of insights.

Let’s start with taking a look at some of the most beautiful wood wall ideas for every room of your house.

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1. DIY Weathered Wood Kitchen Accent

Source: theoldsummithomestead

Liven up your classic monotone kitchen or any other space by adding this wood wall. The design uses weathered wooden planks laid horizontally across the wall. The wood has an olive-brown stain that would suit a space of any color. It is a simple but spectacular way to spice up your kitchen space.

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2. Stylish Kitchen Shiplap Wall

Source: wallplanks

Add a luxurious and sophisticated backsplash for your kitchen using this wall design with wood. Grab some wooden planks and stain them in colors that compliment your kitchen cabinets. Stick these over the cooktop wall, and voila! Seal the wood with a matte topcoat to protect against cooking stains.

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3. Shiplap Wall Kitchen

Source – sketchfortytwo

A Shiplap Wall in the kitchen is a versatile design choice that can breathe new life into your culinary space. The clean, vertical lines of shiplap add a touch of rustic charm and texture to your kitchen, making it an ideal choice for creating a cozy, farmhouse-inspired ambiance. It not only adds visual interest but also serves as a protective barrier for your walls, shielding them from the daily wear and tear in a busy kitchen.

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4. Light Wood Accent Wall For Two Tone Kitchen

Source – thecouplethatflips

The addition of a Light Wood Wall in a Two Tone Kitchen can work wonders for your culinary haven. The light wood exudes warmth and a touch of nature, making your kitchen feel inviting and airy. It’s perfect for balancing contrasting cabinet colors and adds a subtle textural interest. Moreover, light wood is known for its versatility and ability to make a space feel larger.

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5. White Cabinetry And Wood Accent Wall

Source – ninawilliamsblog

White cabinetry and a wood wall make for a striking combination that offers timelessness and warmth. The white cabinetry exudes a clean and airy feel. At the same time, the wood wall introduces natural textures and a touch of coziness. This versatile pairing can thrive in various settings, from a modern kitchen to a rustic living room.

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6. Abstract Black Accent Wall Panelling

Source: rebelvilla

This black wood wall looks very elegant and modern. The abstract paneling across the wall looks stunning and unique. It is a versatile design that can be used for any room in your home. The idea is also very simple, and you can DIY it too! Grab some wooden slats and attach them diagonally across the wall in an abstract fashion. Finally, paint the wall and the slats in black or any color you like and voila!

While you are working on building the wooden wall designs, you can use the scraps to create some DIY Planter Boxes or DIY Hanging Shelves.

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7. Sage Green Herringbone Pattern Wood Accent Wall

Source – yorkieinnewyorkie

A Sage Green Herringbone Pattern Wood Wall can effortlessly transform your space with its timeless charm and versatility. The subtle, soothing green hue creates a serene ambiance while the herringbone pattern adds a touch of elegance and depth. This aesthetic choice is ideal for bedrooms and living rooms, infusing a sense of calm and sophistication.

Expert Tip by TCH: Experiment with paint or stains to create a unique look that matches your decor.

“To infuse some color into my bedroom, I painted the wood planks in various shades of blue before installing them. The contrast between the colored planks and the natural wood added a playful touch to the room.”

8. Tongue and Groove Wall

Source: interior_by_jessbel

This bedroom wood wall accent uses a combination of white wood molding wall and brown planked wall. It is perfectly suitable for a guest room, as well. The two in one style of wood walls makes this idea really unique and classy. It creates a lovely contrast and helps break the monotony of the room.

9. Neutrally Textured Wood Accent Wall

Source: montgofarmhouse

This beautiful wooden wall can instantly add character to your bedroom. It is suitable for a kid’s bedroom, guest room, etc. The light, rough planks stuck on the wall in the herringbone pattern look really cute and classy. This paneling looks very unique and way better than a regular painted wall. The neutral tones of the wall exaggerate the furniture in the room as well.

10. Dark Green Wall In Herringbone Board And Batten

Source – cribbsstyle

A dark green wall in herringbone board and batten is an exquisite choice for interior design enthusiasts. Its rich, moody hue adds depth and character to any room, while the herringbone pattern, board, and batten detailing bring a touch of sophistication and texture. The benefits? It creates a striking focal point, complements various decor styles, and can make a space feel cozy and inviting.

11. Distressed Charred or Burnt Wood Wall For Gallery Wall

Source – ashley.joyfullygrowing

Ideal for cozy living rooms, bedrooms, or rustic-themed spaces, this wall adds warmth and character. There might be a few installation challenges and potential difficulties in finding quality pallet wood that fits your design vision. Ultimately, the allure of a distressed dark wooden pallet wall is hard to resist, offering a touch of rustic elegance to any room.

12. Unique Arrangement Of Wood Battens On ceiling And Wall

Source – nis_interiors

These versatile design elements offer several benefits, including improved acoustics, as they can help dampen sound in large open areas. They also create depth and texture, making a room feel cozier and visually appealing. However, challenges may arise regarding installation precision and maintenance, requiring skilled craftsmanship to achieve the desired effect while ensuring longevity.

Expert Tip by TCH: Don’t limit yourself to just the walls; the ceiling is a canvas, too!

“For a truly immersive experience, I extended the wood wall onto the ceiling in my bedroom. It transformed the space into a rustic-chic haven.”

13. Small BOHO Bedroom With Wood Accent Wall

Source – ashley.joyfullygrowing

A small BOHO bedroom with a wood wall can bring warmth and character to your space. The natural textures and earthy tones create a cozy, inviting atmosphere, making it an ideal setting for relaxation and creativity.

However, challenges may arise when working with limited space, as clutter can quickly overwhelm the room. To fully embrace the BOHO aesthetic, opt for minimalistic furniture and smart storage solutions to maximize functionality while maintaining the room’s free-spirited charm.

14. Dark Grey Beadboard Accent wall

Source – birdsong.design

A dark grey beadboard wall can transform any room into a stylish and inviting space. The rich, deep hue adds a touch of sophistication and coziness, making it ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, or home offices. Its textured surface adds visual interest and acts as a sound absorber, making it perfect for quieter, more peaceful settings.

15. Wooden Pallets Arranged In Herringbone Pattern For Bedroom Accent Wall

Source – angievazquez.realestate

Transform your bedroom with the rustic charm of wooden pallets arranged in a herringbone pattern for an eye-catching wall. The benefits are twofold: it’s eco-friendly, as it upcycles pallets, and it adds warmth and character to your space.

However, the challenge lies in sourcing and preparing the pallets, as they need to be sanded, cleaned, and treated correctly to ensure a safe and aesthetically pleasing result. With a little effort, this DIY project can turn your bedroom into a haven of natural beauty.

16. Wooden Feature Wall For Adult Bedroom

Source – katiedavis_spruce

A wooden feature wall can be a captivating addition to any adult bedroom, instantly transforming the space into a cozy haven. The natural warmth and texture of wood bring a sense of comfort and sophistication, creating a perfect backdrop for the bed or a wall. Its versatility allows for various design styles, from rustic to modern, making it suitable for any aesthetic preference.

17. Horizontal Wooden Slat Accent Wall

Source – decortothedoorwithsherylee

One of the major benefits of this design is its ability to complement various interior styles, from rustic to contemporary. It’s perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, or even office spaces, providing a unique focal point that exudes sophistication. However, installing and maintaining a horizontal slat wall can be challenging due to precise measurements and alignment, so professional installation might be necessary to achieve the desired look seamlessly.

Expert Tip by TCH: Use a spacer to achieve consistent gaps for a clean, contemporary feel.

“In my bedroom, I chose sleek, dark wood planks for a modern aesthetic. The key was ensuring perfect spacing between the planks to maintain a polished appearance.”

18. Horizontal Slat Wood Wall For Kid’s Bedroom

Source – houseonwilshire

Ideal for a modern or rustic theme, this design element can quickly adapt to various color schemes and decor styles. However, challenges may include ensuring proper spacing and alignment of the slats for a seamless look and regular maintenance to keep the wood in good condition.

19. Reclaimed Wood Slats Wall

Source – mrsmeganhedley

A reclaimed wood wall is the perfect way to infuse warmth and character into any space. Its benefits extend beyond aesthetics, as it promotes sustainability by giving new life to old wood and reducing the demand for new resources. It is ideal for rustic and contemporary interiors alike and adds a touch of history and uniqueness to your home or office.

20. Square Pattern Wooden Grid Wall For Neutral Color Bedroom

Source – thedefineddesign

Elevate your neutral-colored bedroom with a square pattern wall—a stylish choice offering numerous benefits. It brings enhanced aesthetics, versatility, and personalization to your space, making it visually appealing and unique.

Ideal for contemporary or modern decor and smaller bedrooms, this design choice creates the illusion of more space. However, precision and symmetry are key challenges, requiring meticulous execution.

21. Gracefully Boho Bedroom With Stained Wood Wall

Source: ashley.joyfullygrowing

I love the neat and adorable look of this bohemian wood wall accent. It uses thin wooden slats stained in a bright beige. They have a glossy finish and are stuck on the wall to create a stunning X-like pattern. It will perfectly suit your boho bedroom or any other space where you want to add a boho vibe.

22. Paint and Planks Striped Wooden Wall

Source: murraymanor103

I like the minimal use of wood in this wall design. It is a unique way of styling your bedroom and giving equal attention to the wood and the paint underneath. Stick the wooden planks horizontally across the wall, leaving an equally thick space between each to highlight the paint color.

23. Roughly Nailed Beadboard Wall

Source: renovating_roden

I love this simplistic wood wall accent for vanity. The design uses thin wooden natural elements planks with a rough texture that are attached to the wall using two thick black nails each using a nail gun. It has a pallet design that looks very rustic and classy. The wooden accent highlights the light bulb mirror frame due to its neutral tones. It is a beautiful and easy way to decorate your home vanity.

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24. Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Accent Wall

Source: pineandfiberco

Here is a rustic and antique way of decorating your bathroom space with a wood wall. The design uses broad textured wooden planks with a multi-toned brown stain. The wall installation is behind the sink area, which highlights it best. You can customize the plank stains according to the theme of your bathroom.

Expert Tip by TCH: Reclaimed wood adds instant character and history to your space, but make sure it’s properly treated to prevent pests and decay.

When I installed a wood wall in my bathroom, I opted for reclaimed barn wood. The result was a cozy, rustic retreat.

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25. Horizontal Planks Wood Accent Wall

Source: vintagetub

I love this shiplap wood wall that uses horizontally attached broad planks. The wood has a matte mahogany stain and has a dark textured finish. You can install this wood accent on your bathroom window wall like in this design. It looks very elegant and matches any theme your bathroom has!

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26. Marble Bathtub Wioth Wood Paneling Wall

Source – birgitotteinterior

Combining a Marble Bathtub with a Wood Panelling Wall creates a luxurious and inviting bathroom oasis. The smooth, elegant marble bathtub exudes luxury. It is exceptionally durable, making it a perfect choice for a spa-like retreat. The wood paneling wall adds warmth and texture, balancing the coolness of the marble with a touch of natural beauty.

Expert Tip by TCH: In wet areas, prioritize wood type and sealing to ensure durability and prevent warping.

“A wood accent wall in my bathroom added a touch of elegance, but moisture was a concern. I used moisture-resistant wood and a high-quality sealant to protect against humidity and splashes.”

27. Small Bathroom With Wood Slat Wall

Source – getclever

A Small Bathroom with a Wood Slat Accent Wall is a design gem that can work wonders in transforming a compact space. The natural warmth of wood slats can make your bathroom feel cozier and more inviting. It’s a fantastic way to add texture and character without overwhelming a limited area.

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28. Subway Tile Bathroom With Dark Wood Wall

Source – dreamlineshower

A Subway Tile Bathroom with a Dark Wood Wall is a design choice that brings a blend of classic elegance and contemporary charm. The sleek subway tiles add a timeless touch, making the space feel fresh and bright, while the dark wood wall introduces depth and warmth.

This combination strikes an ideal balance between simplicity and sophistication, making it suitable for many settings, from modern apartments to traditional homes.


29. Multi-Stained Pine Pallet Wall

Source: oakandironhome

Don’t forget to add some wood accents to your kid’s bedroom while decorating the rest of your home. Try this idea that you can recreate with a few wooden planks. The planks are textured and stained in brown and grey tones with a thin border around the wall for a neater look. It’s a gorgeous and simple way of revamping any space.

30. White Painted Wood Crisscross Wall Ideas

Source – bethbrowninteriors

White-painted wood crisscross walls bring a touch of elegance and charm to any space. Their clean, crisp lines and timeless appeal make them versatile for various interior settings. One of the key benefits is the way they brighten and open up a room, creating a sense of spaciousness and light. These walls work exceptionally well in minimalist, coastal, and farmhouse-themed interiors.

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31. Blue Accent wall Nursery Room

Source – projectnursery

A Blue Accent Wall in a nursery room can bring calm and serenity, making it an ideal choice for both babies and parents. The soft, soothing hues of blue promote a tranquil environment, aiding in a baby’s peaceful sleep and overall well-being.

32. Neutral Color Nursery Room With Vertical Board And Batten Accent Wall

Source – projectnursery

Designing a nursery room with a neutral color palette, a vertical board, and a batten accent wall brings a sense of timeless elegance and versatility to the space. The soft, muted tones create a calming atmosphere that promotes relaxation and sleep for babies and parents.

The board and batten accent wall adds depth and texture, making the room visually attractive. However, one challenge may be maintaining the wall’s pristine appearance, as it could be more susceptible to scuffs and marks, requiring occasional touch-ups.

Expert Tip by TCH: Plan for any obstructions in the wall before installation and incorporate creative solutions.

“During my wood wall project, I had to figure out how to conceal an unsightly electrical outlet. I added a hidden access panel within the wood planks, which seamlessly blended into the design.”

33. Reclaimed Pallet Wood Accent Wall For Farmhouse Nursery

Source – strangefarmhouse

Transforming your farmhouse nursery with a reclaimed pallet wood wall is a brilliant choice that combines sustainability and rustic charm. Reclaimed pallet wood not only adds a unique and warm aesthetic to your nursery but also reduces waste and supports eco-conscious living. This budget-friendly DIY project is ideal for creating a cozy and wholesome atmosphere in a rustic or farmhouse-themed nursery.

34. Grey Shark Mural On White Board And Batten Wall

Source – timberwooddesigns

The striking Grey Shark Mural on a pristine white board and batten wall is a captivating addition to any space, offering a unique blend of coastal charm and modern aesthetics. This mural serves as a visually stunning focal point and brings a sense of tranquility and oceanic allure to your surroundings.

35. Orange Board And Batten Accent Wall For Nursery

Source – projectnursery

An orange board and batten accent wall can bring a vibrant and playful atmosphere to any nursery. Its cheerful color evokes a sense of warmth and energy, making it ideal for creating a stimulating and engaging space for your little one.

However, one potential challenge with orange is finding the right balance to prevent it from overwhelming the room. Pairing it with neutral or complementary colors and using it as an accent rather than the dominant hue can help strike that perfect balance, ensuring a joyful and nurturing environment for your baby.

36. Grey Vertical Board And Batten Toddler’s Room

Source – milka_interiors

The vertical board and batten wall treatment not only adds a touch of timeless charm but also offers practical benefits. It provides durability and easy maintenance, making it perfect for a toddler’s room prone to messes and accidents. This design is highly adaptable and can work well with various color schemes and decor themes, making it an ideal choice for creating a soothing, gender-neutral ambiance.

37. Double Vertical Wood Accent Wall

Source – donaghe.dwelling

Elevate your nursery with a double vertical pink accent wall. This versatile choice adds visual appeal and acts as a captivating focal point. It provides a soothing atmosphere and can transition with your child as they grow.

Consider complementary colors and lighting. The charm it brings to your baby’s space makes it a worthwhile investment, turning the nursery into a tranquil haven.

38. Grey Faux Pallet Wood Accent Wall

Source – weaberlumber

A Grey Faux Pallet Accent Wall, is a versatile and stylish choice for homeowners and interior designers alike. Its primary benefit lies in its aesthetic appeal, adding a rustic and cozy atmosphere to any space without the need for natural wood. While its installation is relatively straightforward, one challenge to consider is ensuring proper alignment and spacing for a seamless look.

39. Dark Wood Stained Wood Wall

Source – kehestoourhome

Dark wood stained wood walls have become a popular choice in interior design for good reason. Their rich, deep tones bring warmth and sophistication to any room, making them ideal for creating cozy and inviting living rooms, dens, or bedrooms. They provide a timeless and luxurious look, enhance the overall aesthetic, and complement various decor styles easily.

Living room

40. Dark Antique Living Room Wood Accent Walls

Source: classicdesignsbycassie

I love how modern and rustic the wood accent details look in the living room. The layout is simple, with dark and roughly textured wooden planks stuck horizontally. What makes it more designer is that the entire space is not filled with wood accents and allows your walls paints to show. The walls above the fireplace and the front of the cement shelf have a wooden accent, which makes it more detailed and sophisticated.

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Expert Tip by TCH: Leave some gaps between planks around the fireplace to allow for expansion and contraction due to heat.

“Installing wood walls around my fireplace brought instant coziness to the living room. Most of the furniture I have is made from similar wood to create a cohesive look that comes together very nicely”

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41. Vertical Battens For Tv Accent Wall

Source – katie_elaine

Vertical battens are stylish and versatile for creating a TV accent wall that adds depth and character to any room. These narrow, evenly spaced strips of wood provide a unique design element and offer practical benefits. They can hide unsightly cables and wires behind them, giving your entertainment area a cleaner and more organized look.

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42. Bright Brown Shiplap Accent Walls

Source: remodern

Brighten up your living room area with this beautiful shiplap accent wall. It uses long honey-toned wooden planks placed on the walls horizontally, leaving tiny spaces between each for the paint to show. This accent is perfect for any room in your home and suits almost any theme.

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43. Rustic Heart Pine Accent Wall

Source: encorelumber

Here is a wood wall made of pinewood planks that looks extremely colorful and rustic. Stained in tones of light browns to dark brows, this design is a classy way of adding a unique installation to your living area. This wall installation is behind the sofa and goes really well in the white room. You can customize it to suit your style.

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44. Brown Geometric Wood Accent Walls With Wooden Bench

Source – yaya_knudsen

A Brown Geometric Pattern, Wood Wall, can effortlessly elevate the aesthetics of any room. Its intricate design adds depth and warmth, creating a cozy atmosphere perfect for bedrooms and living spaces. The natural wood texture brings a touch of nature indoors, connecting your area with the outdoors.

However, achieving a flawless installation can be challenging for DIY enthusiasts, as precise measurements and alignment are critical.

45. Black and Wood Panelling Elegant Walls

Source: onestorycanvas

I love how stunning this passageway wall looks. The combination of a black painted wall with wooden slats looks very modern and classy. The slats have different heights and are attached to one vertical half of the wall. The black peeps through the wood and looks really stunning. Tiny black shelves are also connected to the wall for placing some showpieces.

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46. Fireplace Dusky Wood Accent Walls

Source: thorsonrestoration

This black and white fireplace has an elegant design created using a dusky wood planked accent wall. The design uses thick broad wooden planks stuck horizontally above the fireplace. For an additional touch, a diamond-shaped wooden mirror is stuck in the middle of the wood wall. This is a simple yet attractive way of designing your fireplace.

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47. Luxurious Weaved Wood Walls

Source: mytingedblue

Here is a glamorous and luxurious way to add a wood accent wall to your home. This design has a woven wood pattern made using strips of different colored wood. The main color scheme is greyish-brown with a matte textured finish. It is a spectacular looking style that can be recreated easily.

48. Stick-On Planks Multicolored Walls

Source: littlenestof4

Decorate any tiny corner of your home using such elegant wood wall ideas. This one has tiny wooden planks stained in different tones of brown, beige, and mustard. The best part is these are stick-on planks that make the job way more convenient and neat.

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49. Live Edge Wood Wall

Source – Country Living

Embracing the natural world within your home, a Live Edge Wood Wall is an eco-friendly and visually captivating design choice. The beauty of live edge wood lies in its organic, untouched edges that showcase the tree’s growth rings, providing a unique and rustic charm.

However, it’s essential to note that sourcing quality live edge wood can be a challenge, and installation may require more meticulous planning to retain the wall’s natural, irregular shape.

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50. Rustic Multi-Toned Accent Walls

Source: 480rustic

Give your passageway a modern makeover with this rustic wood accent wall. This accent uses multi-toned wooden planks in a pallet design. The tones range from white to brown to black and the mix of tones gives it a very appealing look. You can use this design for your fireplace wall or mudroom wall as well.

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51. Rustic Coco Textures Wood Feature Walls

Source: sav_more_store

Add some wood accents to your LED panel with wood feature wall ideas like this one. This design uses a wooden sheet stained in cocoa brown stuck on the wall behind the TV. You can customize the stain of wood depending on the other furniture in your living room. It’s a luxurious and classy way to decorate any space.

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Office Room

52. White Geometric Pattern Board And Batten Walls

Source – raisingfinnandave

This design’s clean and timeless design offers a fresh, modern aesthetic while maintaining a classic charm. The benefits of this decor choice include enhanced visual interest, added texture to your walls, and the ability to create a sense of dimension and depth. Ideal for both contemporary and traditional settings, it can transform any room into a stylish, welcoming environment.

53. Wood Trim Battens On Black Accent Wall

Source – dmarinteriors

Wood battens on a black accent wall bring a touch of rustic elegance to any space. The contrast between the deep, dramatic black and the warmth of natural wood adds depth and character to your interior. Ideal for both modern and traditional settings, this office accent wall not only enhances visual appeal but also provides practical benefits like improved acoustics and wall protection.

54. Textured Wood Herringbone Walls

Source: adornedhomes

Give your workspace a lively and aesthetic touch by adding this wood wall design idea. The combination of white wooden cabinets with a beautiful herringbone wall looks very classy. The planks have an ashy beige stain with a textured finish. It is a simple but unique addition to your workspace and would easily match any interior theme of your rooms.

55. Board And Batten Painted Wood Walls

Source – elizabethquinndesign

Ideal for a modern or rustic theme, this design element can quickly adapt to various color schemes and decor styles. However, challenges may include ensuring proper spacing and alignment of the slats for a seamless look and regular maintenance to keep the wood in good condition.

Expert Tip by TCH: Opt for wood tones that create a snug atmosphere for reading or relaxation.

“I transformed a corner of my bedroom into a cozy reading nook with a wood wall. The key was choosing a warm, honey-colored wood that made the space inviting.”

56. Neat & Polished Shelved Panel Walls

Source: interiorconsilions

This wood accent wall with thick white shelves is perfect for making a passageway accent or covering up any blank wall in your home. The wall has a wooden pallet design, with each plank having a unique texture in the same stain. The white shelves stand out against the neutral background. You can switch the colors according to the theme of your home.

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57. White Herringbone Pattern Board And Batten Walls

Source – beccabrownliving

The timeless herringbone design adds a touch of elegance and visual interest, making it ideal for creating a productive and aesthetically pleasing work environment. The board and batten construction also offers durability and can hide imperfections on the wall surface, but it may pose a challenge in terms of installation complexity for some DIY enthusiasts.

58. Sleek and Sophisticated Slat Walls

Source: this_little_nook

Looking for sophisticated wood wall design ideas for your workspace? This design uses thin beige wooden slats stuck together on a black wall. This neat layout makes it a spectacular accent wall that looks unique yet subtle for your home office. The light beige color of the slats beautifully complements the black wall. You can customize the stain of the slats and their placement according to your liking.

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Dining Room

59. Minimal Walls Panelling Dining Room Feature Walls

Source: zowiesbabyjourney

I love how this simple wood wall accent instantly lifts the look of the classic white kitchen and dining space. This wooden slats design uses thin beige wood-lined vertically across the wall. This addition also helps in reducing the echo in the hall. It is a modern and elegant way to decorate your plain dining area.

60. Rustic Pallet Wood Grain Accent Walls In Dining Room

Source – rebelrustictexas

A rustic pallet accent wall in your dining room can transform the entire space, giving it a cozy and inviting ambiance. The reclaimed wood not only adds character but also promotes sustainability. Ideal for farmhouse, industrial, or shabby chic decor, this DIY project is budget-friendly and versatile, allowing you to customize the design and finish to suit your style.

Expert Tip by TCH: Consider the orientation that complements your room’s dimensions and style.

“In my dining room, I have experimented with both vertical and horizontal wood planks to create a unique pattern. Vertical planks drew the eye upward, making the room feel more spacious, while horizontal planks gave a cozier, intimate vibe. So, the choice completely depends on the look you want to go for”

61. Forest Green Slat Wood Accent Walls

Source – weaberlumber

A Forest Green Slat Accent Wall is a captivating addition to any interior space. Its rich green hue brings a touch of nature indoors, promoting tranquility and connection to the outdoors. Ideal for bedrooms, dining areas, or home offices, this accent wall infuses warmth and sophistication, transforming your space into a cozy haven.

62. Outdoor Mixed-Width Cumaru Walls

Source: advantagelumber

Dress up the outdoors of your home with this minimal and classy wood wall. Several cumaru wood planks of varying widths are placed all over the wall horizontally. They are stained in a soothing walnut brown color. The shiplap design adds to the neatness and modern appeal of the installation.

Expert Tip by TCH: Always check the wall’s condition before starting to avoid surprises.

“While installing a shiplap wood wall in my dining room, I discovered that the wall had an uneven surface. I attached furring strips to create a level base for the shiplap to make it work.”

How To Choose Your Wood Accent Wall?

Wondering which wall of your home is best suited for this makeover? In this section, I’ll share my personal experience and some essential tips on choosing the right wall to convert into a wood wall.

Purpose and Mood:

Begin by asking yourself what mood or ambiance you want to create. Do you want a cozy, rustic vibe or a sleek, modern feel? Your desired mood will guide your wood choice.

First Impressions Matter:

The ideal wall to accentuate is often the first one you notice upon entering a room. It ensures that the wall remains a focal point for both you and your visitors.

Architectural Elements:

Seek out walls with distinct architectural features like fireplaces, built-in bookcases, or unique nooks. These elements can enhance the wood’s appeal and make your accent wall truly shine.

Symmetry and Visibility:

Choose a wall that’s symmetrical and free from interruptions like doors, windows, or cabinetry. Avoid walls with inclines or other features that might distract. Think of walls behind prominent furniture pieces like couches or beds.

Evaluate Existing Decor:

Before deciding on your wood accent wall, take a look at the current furniture and decor. If a wall is hidden behind art, tall furnishings, or window treatments, accentuating it might not have the desired impact. Opt for a wall that’s visible and unobstructed.

How To Install Wood Accent Wall?

Whether you’re aiming for a rustic retreat or a modern oasis, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you install your wood accent wall:

  1. Choose Your Wood:
    • Reclaimed Wood: Offers a rustic, vintage look.
    • Hardwood (e.g., Oak, Walnut, Maple): Durable and provides a polished appearance.
    • Softwood (e.g., Pine, Cedar): Lighter and can make a space feel airy.
  2. Finish, Texture and Sustainability: From rough-sawn to smooth or distressed, the texture can add depth and character to your wall. Choose the texture that gives you the aesthetics you’re looking for. Also, consider sourcing sustainably harvested or reclaimed wood for an eco-friendly choice.
  3. Budget and Sample Testing: Determine a budget and explore options within that range. Some woods may require more care than others, so factor in maintenance when making your choice. Before finalizing, get samples of your top choices. This helps you visualize how they’ll look under different lighting conditions in your room.
  4. Measure and Plan: Measure the wall’s dimensions accurately. Lay out the wood planks on the floor to visualize the pattern or design.
  5. Prepare the Wall: Clean the wall to remove any dust or debris. Remove any baseboards, outlet covers, or trim. Sand the wall lightly to ensure a smooth surface.
  6. Cut and Trim: Based on your measurements, cut the wood planks to the desired size. Ensure all cuts are straight and clean.
  7. Installation: Start from the bottom corner and work your way up and across. Use a level to ensure each plank is straight. Attach the wood planks using adhesive or nails. Adhesive offers a cleaner look, while nails can add a rustic touch. Press firmly and ensure each plank is securely attached.
  8. Spacing: If you prefer gaps between the planks, maintain consistent spacing. This can add character to the wall.
  9. Finishing Touches: Once all planks are installed, seal the wood with a protective finish to enhance its color and protect it from wear and tear. Reattach baseboards, outlet covers, and any trim.

5 Essential Maintenance Tips for Your Wood Accent Walls

So, you’ve installed that stunning wood wall that transformed your space into a cozy haven. It’s a focal point that exudes warmth and character, but like all good things, it requires care and attention to maintain its beauty over time. Here are five personal maintenance tips for your accent walls:

1. Regular Dusting and Cleaning:

Dust and dirt can accumulate on your wood walls, diminishing its natural beauty. Make a habit of dusting it regularly with a soft, dry cloth or a gentle duster. Use a wood-specific cleaner to remove grime and maintain its sheen for deeper cleaning.

2. Inspect for Damage:

Periodically inspect your wood walls for any signs of damage, like scratches, dents, or water stains. Address these issues promptly to prevent further deterioration. You can use wood filler and touch-up paint to disguise minor imperfections.

3. Sunlight and Humidity:

Sunlight and humidity levels can affect your wood wall. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause your wood wall to fade, so consider using curtains or blinds. A dehumidifier can help prevent warping and cracking in areas with fluctuating humidity.

4. Avoid Harsh Chemicals:

When cleaning your wood walls, avoid harsh chemicals and materials that can damage the finish. Stick to wood-specific cleaning products or a mild soap and water mixture for safe and effective cleaning.

5. Reapply Sealant:

Over time, the protective Sealant on your wood accent walls may wear off. Consider reapplying a clear sealant every few years to maintain its durability and luster. This helps in protecting the wood from moisture and wear and tear.

Taking care of your wood walls isn’t just about preserving its appearance; it’s about maintaining the inviting ambiance it brings to your space. With these maintenance tips, your wood wall will continue to be a timeless and captivating feature, ensuring that your home remains a place of comfort and style for years to come.


How do I choose the right type of wood for my accent walls?

The choice of wood largely depends on your desired aesthetic. Reclaimed wood provides a rustic, weathered look, while hardwoods like oak or maple offer a sleek and modern appearance. Consider the style of your space and the level of maintenance you’re willing to undertake.

Can I install a wood accent wall in a bathroom or kitchen?

Yes, you can install a wood accent wall in moisture-prone areas. However, it’s crucial to use treated or moisture-resistant wood and ensure proper sealing to protect against damage from humidity. Regular maintenance is also essential to keep the wood in good condition.

What’s the best way to remove existing wood accent walls?

Removing a wood wall can be a bit of a project. Start by carefully prying off any trim or molding. Then, gently use a pry bar to detach the wood planks from the wall. Finally, patch and repair any wall damage before refinishing or repainting.

How do I ensure my wood accent walls complement my room’s decor?

To ensure your wood wall fits seamlessly, consider your room’s color scheme and overall style. You can stain or even paint the wood to match existing elements, like furniture or flooring, for a cohesive look. Additionally, experiment with different wood orientations, colors, or finishes to find the perfect fit for your space.

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