200 Unique & Fun Things To Do On Your Birthday

Your birthday is a special day, and it only comes once a year. It’s a time to celebrate and do something unique, memorable, and fun. However, with so many options out there, it can be challenging to decide on what to do for your birthday. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 200 unique things to do on your birthday.

Whether you’re looking for a low-key celebration or an adventurous outing, our list has something for everyone. From solo activities to group events, we’ve got you covered. So, get ready to make your birthday unforgettable with our comprehensive list of 200 unique things to do on your special day.

1. Have a picnic in the park

2. Go on a hot air balloon ride

3. Take a cooking class

4. Rent a limousine for the day

5. Have a spa day

6. Go on a road trip

7. Have a movie marathon

8. Cross off an item from your bucketlist

9. Host a costume party where everyone has to dress up as their favorite childhood cartoon character

10. Take a spontaneous trip to a foreign country

11. Rent a limousine and tour the city with your friends

12. Take a dance class

13. Go to a concert

14. Have a game night with friends

15. Go to a wine tasting

16. Take a yoga class

17. Have a karaoke party

18. Go on a hiking trip

19. Decorate your bedroom

20. Take an aerial silk class

21. Have a backyard barbecue

22. Take a painting class

23. Go to an amusement park

24. Have a picnic on the beach

25. Go to a museum

26. Take a pottery class

27. Go to a sporting event

28. Create a wood craft

29. Get a temporary tattoo of a silly phrase or image

30. Have a themed party

31. Take a horseback riding lesson

32. Go on a bike ride

33. Have a bonfire on the beach

34. Go to a casino

35. Have a spa day at home

36. Take a photography class

37. Have a game night with family

38. Go to a fancy restaurant

39. Have a movie night at home

40. Go to a comedy show

41. Design a website

42. Take a fitness class

45. Go on a shopping spree

46. Have a wine and cheese night

47. Make an Instagram post with an interesting caption

48. Go to a zoo or aquarium

49. Have a potluck dinner party

50. Take a language class

51. Go on a camping trip

52. Have a DIY project day

53. Go to an art gallery

54. Have a picnic in a botanical garden

55. Learn knitting

56. Take a cooking class with friends

57. Rent a boat and spend the day on the water

58. Have a rooftop party

59. Go to a trampoline park

60. Have a backyard movie night

61. Take a singing lesson

62. Go to a theme park

63. Learn how to doodle

64. Have a video game tournament

65. Go on a brewery tour

66. Have a brunch party

67. Take a pottery class with friends

68. Go to a psychic reading

69. Have a dance party

70. Go on a whale watching tour

71. Have a spa day with friends

72. Add Self Care Quotes To Your Wall

73. Take a calligraphy class

74. Go to a beach party

75. Have a paint and sip night

76. Take a pottery throwing lesson

77. Go to a fancy hotel for the day

78. Have a costume party

79. Gift yourself a book from your reading list

80. Take a fitness class with friends

81. Go on a helicopter ride

82. Have a board game marathon

83. Go to a laser tag arena

84. Have a cocktail party

85. Take a knitting class

86. Go to a winery

87. Start a gratitude journal

88. Have a cupcake decorating party

89. Take a stand-up comedy class

90. Go to a water park

91. Have a breakfast in bed party

92. Take a soap-making class

93. Go to a music festival

94. Have a flower arranging class

95. Take a bartending class

96. Go to an escape room

97. Have a cheese and wine pairing party

98. Take a woodworking class

99. Go on a nature walk

100. Have a craft beer tasting party

101. Take a sushi-making class

102. Go to a local fair or festival

103. Have a gingerbread house decorating party

104. Take a flower crown making class

105. Go on a ghost tour

106. Have a chocolate tasting party

107. Take a woodworking class with friends

108. Go on a city tour

109. Have a pizza-making party

110. Take a cupcake decorating class

111. Go skydiving

112. Try bungee jumping

113. Attend a live concert

114. Take a hike in nature

115. Go on a photography tour

116. Go on a food tour

117. Have a sleepover with friends

118. Go to a flea market

119. Take a pole dancing class

120. Have a fancy dinner at a restaurant

121. Have a photo shoot

122. Soak in hot springs

123. Go on a city walking tour

124. Take a horse-drawn carriage ride

125. Go rock climbing

126. Have a tea party with friends

127. Go on a haunted house tour

128. Have a pool party

129. Watch the sunset

130. Go to a live theater performance

131. Go on a safari

132. Take a trapeze class

133. Take a glassblowing class

134. Have a scavenger hunt

135. Take a balloon twisting class

136. Go to a cat cafe

137. Have a murder mystery party

138. Go on a sunset cruise

139. Have a game of paintball

140. Take a jewelry-making class

141. Go to an art gallery

142. Take a self-defense class

143. Go to a farmers market

144. Go to a renaissance fair

145. Have a chocolate-making class

146. Take a cocktail making class

147. Have a staycation

148. Test drive your dream car

149. Stay at an all-inclusive resort

140. Rent a party bus and tour your city’s nightlife scene

141. Organize a flash mob or dance party in a public place

142. Organize a charity fundraiser or volunteer event in honor of your birthday

143. Have a virtual reality gaming party with your friends

144. Make origami

145. Visit a planetarium or observatory

146. Vlog your day

147. Go on a shopping spree with your closest friends and buy each other crazy outfits

148. Have a celebrity impersonator or magician perform at your birthday party

149. Have a dessert party and try as many different sweets as you can

150. Host a talent show or open mic night with your friends

151. Attend a psychic reading or tarot card reading session with your friends

152. Go on a spelunking or caving adventure

153. Attend a burlesque show or drag queen performance

153. Bake a cake

154. Volunteer at an old-age home

155. Look at your old photo albums

156. Paint your room walls

157. Go on a cycling tour

158. Go for a trek

159. Visit your hometown

160. Attend a paint and sip class

161. Go for salt therapy

162. Go on a glider or hang gliding adventure

162. Bar-hop till morning

163. Become a plant parent

164. Plan a trip to visit a friend

165. Hire a private chef

166. Reflect on the past year

167. Play with dogs and puppies

168. Donate to charity

169. Set new goals

170. Buy yourself flowers

171. Wear a stunning outfit

172. Eat breakfast in bed

173. Get a piercing

174. Go to a drive-in theatre

175. Play mini golf

177. Write a letter to your future self

178. Get professional hair and makeup done

179. Create a birthday playlist

180. Hear a speech by someone who inspires you

181. Go watch your favourite sport live

182. Go for bird-watching

183. Buy yourself a new gadget

184. Discard all your useless belongings

185. Have a potluck dinner

186. Take a surfing lesson

187. Host a yatch party

188. Go to a trivia night

189. Travel to two cities on the same day

190. Try a food item you’ve never tried before

191. Get a manicure and pedicure

192. Wear a cool wig

193. Sing and record your favourite song

194. Write a poem dedicated to yourself

195. Make a list of all things you’ve accomplished and proud of

196. Write a letter to Santa with all your wishes

197. Feed local stray animals

198. Run a marathon

199. Commit to a healthy habit

200. Click some self portraits

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