1000+ Bucket List Ideas To Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Unique Bucket List Ideas

  1. Go bungee jumping

2. Set a world record

3. Get a tattoo

4. Try an extreme sport

5. Go white water rafting

6. Travel somewhere exotic

7. Visit the World Wonders

8. Scuba dive

9. Learn to surf

10. Climb a mountain

11. Visit the Grand Canyon

12. Take a U.S. road trip

13. See the Northern Lights

14. Go on a safari

15. Snorkel in a reef

16. Swim in all the major oceans

17. Sail on a sailboat

18. Visit a remote island

19. Hike a portion of the Appalachian Trail

20. Plant a garden

21. Host a family dinner

22. Bake together

23. Make a lemonade stand

24. Go on a family vacation

25. Go bowling

26. Have a picnic

27. Create arts and crafts

28. Discover your family tree

29. Make s’mores

30. Make a living room fort

31. Host a potluck

32. Take a trip together

33. Host a “girls” or “boys” night

34. Play cards

35. Sing karaoke

36. Have a movie night

37. Go to a concert

38. Try a new restauran

39. Write a friendship letter

40. Go on a spa day

41. Graduate from college

42. Mentor a younger student

43. Attend a work conference

44. Receive a big promotion

45. Start a business or side hustle

46. Speak at a school or work event

47. Lead a major work project

48. Perfect your resume

49. Find your mentor

50. Negotiate a raise

51. Go vegetarian/vegan for one month

52. Get a gym membership

53. Try a new sport or exercise

54. Forgive an old grudge

55. Create a reading list

56. Apologize for an old friend

57. Start end of life planning

58. Build your credit score

59. Pay down your debt

60. Donate to charity

61. Volunteer for a cause

62. Try yoga

63. Go camping

64. Learn an instrument

65. Be a tourist in your town

66. Finish a classic novel

67. Take a long vacation

68. Travel solo

69. Conquer a fear

70. Run a marathon

71. Live, study, or work abroad

72. See the Egyptian Pyramids

73. Visit the vineyards of Tuscany

74. Go on a road trip around the US

75. Fly in a hot air balloon in Cappadocia, Turkey

76. See the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)

77. Go on a safari in Africa – A top bucket list idea for animal lovers

78. Learn how to surf in Hawaii

79. Go to the Carnival Celebration in Rio de Janeiro

80. Go scuba diving or snorkeling

Summer Bucket List Ideas

81. Go to an Amusement Park

82. Leap Off a Rope Swing

83. Pick Strawberries

84. Try a New Food

85. Attend an Outdoor Concert

86. Ride a Ferris Wheel

87. Attend a Parade

88. Have a Picnic

89. Play on a Slip-n-Slide

90. Take a Road Trip

91. Feed the Ducks

92. Grow an Herb Garden

99. Be a Tourist in Your Own City

100. Go to the Beach

101. Learn to Juggle

102. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

103. Nap in a Hammock

104. Make Tie-Dye T- Shirts

105. Run Through Sprinklers

106. Go Wine Tasting

107. Learn to Fly Fish

108. Go Whitewater Rafting

109. Do a Cannonball into a Body of Water

110. Go to a Baseball Game

111. Go 24 Hours without Internet, Radio or Television

112. Have a Water Balloon Fight

113. Ride a Big Water Slide

114. Do a Random Act of Kindness

115. Play Disc Golf

116. Have the Ultimate BBQ

117. Watch Fireflies

118. Go Waterskiing

119. Run a Themed 5k

120. Host a Bonfire

121. Make Sangria

122. Paddle a Canoe

123. Make a Summer Playlist

124. Go to a Farmer’s Market

125. Sleep in a Cabin

126. Read a NYT Best Seller

127. Ride a Roller Coaster

128. Go to a Drive-in Movie

129. Watch the Sunset

130. Watch Fireworks

131. Go Skinny Dipping

132. Make S’mores

133. Get a Pedicure

134. Sleep Under the Stars

135. Fly a Kite

136. Watch the Sunrise

137. Spend the Entire Day Barefoot

138. Walk Barefoot in the Sand

139. Go Backpacking with a Friend

140. Make Ice Cream

141. Bake a Fruit Pie from Scratch

142. Brew Your Own Beer

143. Go Star Gazing

144. Porch Sit for the Afternoon

145. Make a Sand Castle

146. Get a Tattoo

147. Go Bowling

148. Learn to Surf

149. Skip Stones in a Lake

150. Take a Boat Ride

151. Go on a Scavenger Hunt

152. Visit a Historical Site

153. Attend Burning Man

154. Stand Under a Waterfall

155. Chase Down the Ice Cream Truck

156. Hike a New Trail

157. Build a Treehouse

158. Learn to Shoot a Bow & Arrow

159. Compete in a Food Eating Competition

160. Volunteer

161. Go Somewhere You Have Never Been

162. Create a Cocktail

163. Sip a Umbrella Cocktail by the Pool

164. Make Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

165. Get a Summer Hair Cut

166. Go Camping

3. Couples Bucket List Ideas

167. Have a memorable first kiss.

168. Plan a trip to somewhere you’ve never been.

169. Watch each other’s favorite movies.

170. Go on an adventure.

171. Go on a double date.

172. Play 20 questions.

173. Stay up all night talking.

174. Have a tech-free date together.

175. Kiss in the rain.

176. Plan our future.

177. Say “I love you.”

178. Have our song.

179. Go backpacking through Europe.

180. Go skinny dipping together.

181. Take our picture in a photo booth.

182. Meet each other’s families.

183. Watch the sunset.

184. Watch the sunrise.

185. Tell each other our secrets.

186. Binge watch a new TV series.

187. Go to the theatre.

188. Attend a wedding together.

189. Have brunch together.

190. Live in a different country.

191. Stay in bed all day.

192. Share our true feelings.

193. Sing a karaoke duet.

194. Start a new tradition together.

195. Slow dance.

196. Get tattoos together.

197. Get engaged.

198. Kiss under the stars.

199. Go to a midnight movie.

200. Take a road trip together.

201. Become regulars somewhere we love.

202. Take a brewery tour.

203. Cook dinner together.

204. Read the same book (at the same time).

205. Build a pillow fort.

206. Have a picnic.

207. Write each other love letters.

208. Dine out at an upscale restaurant.

209. Have sex on the beach.

210. Go to a museum together.

211. Kiss underneath fireworks.

212. Dress up in a couples costume for Halloween.

213. Make a relationship playlist.

214. Make out at the drive-in theatre.

215. Ride around town on a motorcycle.

216. Go camping together.

217. Get married.

218. Take a honeymoon.

219. Go to a wine tasting.

220. Spend a day at a spa.

221. Join the mile high club.

222. Play mini golf.

223. Make a relationship time capsule.

224. Go bowling.

225. Wear matching sweaters for holiday cards.

226. Take a long walk on the beach.

227. Buy a home together.

228. Go for a hike.

229. Take a bubble bath together.

230. Host a couples game night.

231. Go ice skating.

232. Get flowers just because.

233. Kiss on top of a ferris wheel.

234. Celebrate our anniversary.

235. Fly first class.

236. Have a baby.

237. Host a dinner party.

238. Learn ballroom dancing.

239. Have breakfast in bed.

240. Rent a beach house for a summer.

241. Go sailing.

242. Recreate our first date.

243. Volunteer together.

244. Take a food tour.

245. Ride on a tandem bicycle.

246. Adopt a shelter pet.

247. Stay in an over-water bungalow.

248. Add a love lock to a bridge.

249. Relax together in a hot tub.

250. Be financially stable.

251. Take a cooking class together.

252. Cover the bed in rose petals.

253. Attend a gala.

256. Complete a jigsaw puzzle together.

257. Spend the weekend at a B&B.

258. Adopt a child.

259. Take a gondola ride.

260. Cuddle by the fire.

261. Attend a film premiere.

262. Go horseback riding.

263. Take a cruise.

264. Run a 5K together.

265. Take a hot air balloon ride.

266. Write our love story.

267. Travel to all seven continents.

268. Grow old together.

4. Crazy Bucket List Ideas

269. Do a skydive

270. Do a bungee jump

271. Do a base jump

272. Go free climbing (or free soloing for even more of a buzz)

273. Go high wiring (like slack lining, but up high!)

274. Do a wing walk!

275. Go paragliding

276. Go heli-skiing

278. Fly like a bird in a wingsuit

279. Go cliff jumping/diving

280. Try extreme hiking (check out Mount Hua in China to see what I mean!)

281. Try street luging

282. Go ski jumping

283. Try your hand at free diving

284. Do some aerobatics flying or gliding

285. Take a ride on a microlight

286. Try speed skiing

287. Get behind the wheel of a rally car

288. Ride a bobsleigh

289. Go extreme kayaking

290. Run with the bulls in Spain

291. Thru-hike across the country

292. Run across the country!

293. Go volcano boarding

294. Do some survival training

295. Do a long-distance cycle ride

296. Go jet-boating

297. Harness your inner Aquaman and go fly-boarding

298. Sail around the world

299. Go deep-sea scuba-diving

300. Drive 200kph down a German autobahn

301. Go on a caving adventure deep underground

302. Go to space!

303. Go on a zero-gravity flight

304. Pan for gold in an exotic goldmining destination

305. Ride the world’s tallest rollercoaster (Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey)

306. Try canyoning and coasteering

307. Visit all 7 wonders of the world

308. Set foot on all 7 continents

309. Go hunting for the Northern Lights**

310. Swim with great white sharks (bonus points if you get out of the cage!)

311. Ride a bull at the rodeo

312. Ride a camel through the desert

313. Get up close and personal with snakes or tarantulas

314. Get in a “cage of death” and swim with saltwater crocs

315. See a tiger in the wild

316. Go on safari in Africa

317. Hang out with wild orangutans in Malaysia

318. Learn to ride horses bareback

319. Go dog sledding in Alaska or Scandinavia

320. See real-life reindeer in the Arctic tundra

321. Go gorilla trekking in Uganda

322. Swim with sea turtles in Costa Rica

323. See wild Asian elephants in Sri Lanka

324. Snorkel with whales (and sharks) on the Great Barrier Reef

325. Get up close and personal with penguins in Antarctica

326. Take a falconry class

327. Feed pelicans in Australia

328. Croon over Komodo dragons in Indonesia’s Lesser Sunda Islands

329. Follow in Darwin’s footsteps on the Galapagos Islands

330. Go storm chasing

331. Surf some mega waves

332. Go winter/ice swimming

333. Live alone in the wild for a week

334. Go big wall “vertical camping” (AKA extreme bivouacking)

335. Climb Mount Everest

336. Set foot on a glacier

337. Go searching for real-life dinosaur footprints

338. Witness a “dirty thunderstorm” (i.e. a lightning storm over a volcano!)

339. Swim in the cenotes of Mexico (i.e. stunning underground natural springs)

340. Witness phosphorescence

341. Play with perspective on the Bolivian Salt Flats

342. See the multi-coloured mountains of the Zhangye Danxia Landform, China

343. Step into Avatar in the Wulingyuan Scenic Area, China

344. Bathe in the ultimate natural infinity pools at Pamukkale, Turkey

345. Explore an ice cave

346. Float down subterranean rivers are stare up at glow worms in New Zealand

347. Go see the mighty redwoods in California

348. Take a sand-board down giant sand dunes

349. Witness a solar and lunar eclipse

Simple Bucket List Ideas

350. Buy Coffee for the Person Behind You in Line

352. Give Out Free Hugs

353. Ask Someone to Dance

354. Go out to Dinner Alone

355. Kiss in the Rain

356. Get Ordained Online

357. Finish a Crossword Puzzle

358. Watch the Sunrise

359. Watch the Sunset

360. Run a Mile

361. Complete a 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

362. Read a Classic Novel

363. Feed an Expired Meter

364. Reconnect with an Old Friend

365. Make a Time Capsule

366. Dance on a Bar

367. Write a Poem

368. Change Your Hair

369. Donate Your Clothes

370. Do Something You’re Afraid Of

371. Volunteer

372. Go 24 Hours Without Your Phone

373. Write a Letter to Your Future Self

374. Give Blood

375. Walk Along the Beach

376. Make a Vision Board

377. Be a Tourist in Your Own City

378. Write a Journal

379. Throw a Party

380. Buy a Plane Ticket

381. Take a Photo in a Photo Booth

382. Learn a Card Trick

383. Write a Fan Letter

384. Go skinny dipping at night.

385. Navigate around an unknown place with just a map and compass.

386. Camp in your backyard or a public park overnight.

387. Learn to juggle and send a video to your friends as proof.

388. Sing to someone in public.

389. Prepare an entire meal using a campfire.

390. Go on a scavenger hunt outside of your home.

391. Dance with a loved one in the rain.

392. Plunge into a pool when it’s cold out.

393. Recreate a famous photograph in your city.

394. Change your hair color or style.

395. Get up and watch the sunrise every day for a month.

396. Make a new friend in a public place and learn their backstory.

397. Conquer your biggest fear.

398. Read a book on the Banned & Challenged Books list.

399. Meet and chat with someone famous.

400. Bike 25 miles (the length of the biking portion of a triathlon) around your city.

401. Visit the historical sites in your home state.

402. Visit your childhood home.

403. Find a world record to break.

404. Paint a Picture

405. Do a Cartwheel

406. Pick Flowers

407. Make a Wish on a Star

408. Jump in a Pool with Your Clothes On

409. Take a Different Route to Work

410. Do Something Before Being Asked

411. Get a Library Card

412 Go Cloud Watching

413. Make a Playlist of Your Favorite Songs

414. Take a Bubble Bath

415. Start a Blog

416. Go to the Zoo

417. Do Something Nice for a Stranger

418. Exchange Books with a Friend

419. Bake a Cake

420. Say “I Love You”

6. Travel Bucket List Ideas

421. Get stunned by the Great Pyramid of Giza

422. Walk along the Great Wall of China

423. Explore Petra

424. Visit the Colosseum

425. Walk to Chichen Itza

426. Trek to Machu Picchu

427. Discover the Taj Mahal

428. Hike to Christ the Redeemer

429. Be intrigued by Stonehenge

430. Discover the Amazon Rainforest and River

431. Sail on Ha Long Bay

432. Discover the Milan Cathedral

433. Visit Notre Dame Cathedral

434Drink wine under the Eiffel Tower

435. Visit Saint Basil’s Cathedral & the Red Square

436. Visit the Acropolis of Athens

437Visit Easter Island

438. Enjoy yourself at Sydney Opera House

439. Discover the magnificent Angkor Wat

440. Visit the Summer Palace in China

441. Visit Hagia Sophia

442. Dive on the Great Barrier Reef

443. Participate in a Hiking Tour in the Grand Canyon

444. Sail to the Statue of Liberty

445. Visit the city of Lhasa and the Potala Palace

446. Climb the Kilimanjaro

447. Discover the Wailing Wall

448. Admire Mount Rushmore

449. Swim in Palawan, Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

450. Visit St. Peter’s Basilica

451. Admire an aurora borealis in Norway

452. Search for Nessie in the Loch Ness

453. Explore the Incredible Temples of Bagan

454. Discover the Iguazu Falls

455. Tour in Patagonia

456. Watch whales at Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park

457. Trek through the Himalayas

458. Get splashed at the Victoria Falls

459. Skydive the Great Blue Hole

460. Participate in a wild safari at Serengeti National Park

461. Be amazed by the Great Geysir in Iceland

462. Admire Big Ben’s mighty clock

463. Visit the Louvre Museum

464. Relax at Blue Lagoon

465. Walk around on Cinque Terre

466. Visit Pompeii

467. Visit the Sistine Chapel

468. Discover Venice on a Vaporetto

469. Visit the mighty Sagrada Familia

470. See your reflection at Salar de Uyuni

471. Walk in the Sequoia National Park

472. Ride through the Sahara

473. Hike through the Antelope Canyon

474. Discover the Jeita Grotto

475. Climb the Mount Fuji

476. Visit the British Museum

477. Explore the Moma Museum

478. Walk along the Canals of Amsterdam

479. Discover the remains of the Berlin Wall

480. Visit Versailles

481. Explore the Glowworm Cave

482. Walk on Golden Gate Bridge

483. Visit the Great Mosque of Cordoba

484. Walk around on Mont Saint-Michel

485. Enjoy yourself at Las Vegas Strip

486. Admire the Forbidden City

487. Get splashed at Niagara Falls

488. Climb the Leaning Tower of Pisa

489. Walk on Giant’s Causeway

490. Visit the White House

491. Snorkel on Komodo Island

492. Times Square

493. Drive through the Black Forest

494. Climb the stairs at Tianmen Mountain

495. Visit London’s Warner Bros Studio

496. Admire the view from Burj Khalifa

497. Explore the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park

498. Admire The Great Sphinx

499. Hike on the Rainbow Mountain

500. Sandboard at Huacachina

7. Bucket List Ideas For Teens

501. See all of the must-see movies of the season.

502. Spend the day at the pool or the beach.

503. Gather up goodies in a basket and have an outdoor picnic.

504. Or plan a Barbecue — have their friends all bring a dish and have a teenage barbecue. You may have to help them with the grill.

505. Dye your hair a different color. It’ll grow out by the time school starts up. Or maybe you will love it.

506. Camp out in your backyard.

507. Mani-pedi/Spa night.

508. Complete a 1000 piece puzzle with your friends.

509. Or a make-up tutorial night (there are lots on YouTube).

510. Once you are all made up, have a photo shoot.

512. Host a Sunday brunch after your all night slumber party.

513. Host a book club slumber party.

514. Visit a college campus you are interested in attending after graduation.

Go on a road trip.

515. Cook dinner for your family.

516. Set up a family photo shoot. That makeup tutorial will come in handy for this experience.

517. Go fishing.

518. Ask mom and dad to teach you a few life skills — change a lightbulb, sew on a button, make scrambled eggs and toast, or clean a toilet.

519. Make a family TikTok.

520. Pack bagels and cream cheese, coffee, and OJ, and head out to watch the sunrise.

521. Attend a sporting event. Baseball and softball run throughout most of the summer.

522. Make homemade cake pops with the fam.

523. Plan a Scavenger hunt — Pinterest is your best friend when looking for ideas for a scavenger hunt for teenagers.

524. Game night with Giant Jenga, Pictionary, or Scrabble.

525. Host a karaoke competition.

526. Or a cupcake bakeoff.

527. Find a local zipline adventure.

528. Or an adventure course.

529. Hot air balloon ride?

530. Learn how to roller-skate.

531. Here’s a big one — a 24-hour digital detox. Yep, I said it — no phone for 24 hours.

532. Go horseback riding.

533. Take online yoga classes. Yoga with Adriene, found on Youtube, has beginner to advanced yoga classes for free.

534. Go for a swim.

535. Find the local hiking trails.

536. Or go on a bike ride.

537. Kayak in the springs.

538. Train for a 5K.

539. Learn how to stand up paddleboard.

540. Or to ride a skateboard.

541. Check out the local museums.

542. Become a restaurant critic.

543. Go to the zoo.

544. Find out where the locals go hiking and biking.

545. Discover the best breakfast spot in town but sampling them all.

546. Find a friend with a monster telescope and go stargazing.

547. Fire up the pit and cook s’mores.

548. Movie night on the lawn.

549. Glamping in your backyard.

550. Set up laser tag at home.

551. Go to a local drive-in movie; they are making a comeback.

552. Take a photography class.

553. Learn how to type correctly.

554. Schedule driver’s education classes. It never hurts to learn all of the rules of the road from a professional, plus it’ll give mom a break from a potentially stressful situation.

555. Learn how to play an instrument such as the piano, violin, or guitar.

556. Cook your favorite meal from a different culture. Ours would be Puerto Rican.

557. Learn how to bake cookies or make a cake from scratch.

558. Take up a new sport like tennis or golf.

559. Start a garden. Check out this hydroponic garden and grow lettuce for days.

560. Create magic — learn how to do magic tricks.

561. Learn a new language. Rosetta Stone has been teaching languages for over 25 years. The platform is the most popular language-learning app and the Gold Standard when it comes to learning a new language.

562. Take a nap.

563. Nothing wrong with a Netflix, Star Wars, or Harry Potter marathon.

564. Host a night of pampering with your friends.

565. Read a book.

566. Even better — read a book in a hammock.

567. Volunteer at the local pet rescue.

568. Clean out your closet and donate your clothes to Good Will.

569. Hold a garage sale and donate the proceeds to charity.

570. Make get-well-soon cards for hospitalized kids.

571. Gather up the besties for a “Give Back” party where they all bring something to donate to the local food pantry.

572. Make a scrapbook.

573. Redesign, redecorate, and paint your room.

574. Write a poem.

575. Paint a mural on your wall.

576. Learn how to crochet or make a quilt.

577. Start a YouTube Channel.

578. Write in your journal about your experiences during the pandemic.

579. Learn how to make beaded jewelry.

580. Write a short story or a book.

8. Fun Bucket List Ideas

581. Learn to play chess

582. Run a marathon

583. Finish a classic novel

584. Set a Guinness world record

585. Join a bike rave

586. Ride a roller coaster

587. Go sky diving

588. Go bungee jumping

589. Go parasailing

590. Take a friendcation (a trip with friends)

591. See an episode of a TV show live

592. Be in a parade

593. Ride a mechanical bull

594. Go skinny dipping at night

595. See your favorite band in concert

596. Go kayaking

597. Go white water rafting

598. Go ziplining

599. Go hang gliding

600. Ride an ATV

601. Ride a motorcycle

602. Learn how to skateboard

9. Winter bucket list ideas

603. Make frozen bubbles

604. Build a snowman

605. Make pictures in the snow with food dye

606. Learn how to say “Merry Christmas” in 5 different languages

607. Make popcorn strands for the tree

608. Make yummy buttery mashed potatoes

609. Make your own hot chocolate

610. Go ice skating

611. Make Chili

612. Go caroling

613. Shovel a neighbor’s driveway

614. Make snow angels

615. Make a stain-glass window

616. Go tree shopping

617. Participate in a church telling of the story of the birth of Jesus

618. Send Christmas gifts/cards to soldiers overseas

619. 17. Go skiing

620. Go sledding

621. Have a snowball fight

622. Go on a sleigh ride

623. Have a Christmas/Winter movie marathon

624. Have a bonfire

625. Read your favorite Christmas/Winter novel

626. Have a winter fashion show

627. Put on a family Christmas play

628. Write a Christmas short story

629. Cut out paper snowflakes

630. Sip hot apple cider by a fire

631. Bake a pie

632. Jump into your hot tub

633. Get the whole family involved in a puzzle

634. Have a Christmas karaoke

635. Decorate a gingerbread house

636. Decorate an elderly person’s home

637. Read the story of Jesus’ birth in the Bible

638. Research arctic animals

639. Make a pillow and blanket fort in the living room

640. Drive around the neighborhood

641. Go snowboarding

642. Make snow cones

643. Make frozen bubbles

644. Make pictures in the snow with food dye

645. Learn how to say “Merry Christmas” in 5 different languages

646. Make popcorn strands for the tree

647. Make yummy buttery mashed potatoes

648. Be a Secret Santa

649. Decorate your Christmas gifts

650. Do a reenactment of A Christmas Carol

651. Make up your own holiday jingles

652. Have a holiday poetry slam

653. Give out candy canes to kids in the hospital

654. Catch snowflakes on your tongue

655. Put together puzzles

656. Make a Christmas countdown

657. Play pin the tail on Rudolph

658. DIY Snowglobes

659. Make your New Year’s Resolution list

660. Write a “Welcome Spring” letter

661. Go bowling

662. Make cookies and goodies to deliver to family, friends, and businesses

663. Paint a play Nativity set

664. Write a “Good Bye Winter” letter

665. Start a scrapbook

666. Have a family football game

667. Go on a winter retreat

668. Have a “Who has the ugliest Christmas sweater” contest

669. Learn a new holiday song

670. Take a winter nature walk

671. Decorate your kid’s room with twinkling Christmas lights

672. Watch the snowfall

673. Draw snowflakes

674. Build an igloo

675. Help with a food drive

676. Have a holiday book-a-thon

677. Have a wonderful Holiday!

10. Fall Bucket List Ideas

678. Take a drive to see the leaves changing colors.

679. Pick apples.

680. Collect fallen leaves and create something fun with the kids.

681. Make a Fall wreath.

682. Learn how to knit and create a scarf for Fall.

683. Bake an apple pie.

684. Attend a Fall Festival.

685. Pick a pumpkin from a local pumpkin patch.

686. Learn how to make candles and enjoy the warm glow.

687. Bake Pumpkin Bread.

688. Get lost in a corn maze.

689. Attend a football. Bonus points for tailgating.

690. Roast marshmallows and eat smores.

691. Sit around a bonfire with friends.

692. Hike in a National Park.

693. Bake a pie from scratch and share with your neighbors.

694. Sip warm apple cider.

695. Camp out in the living room and watch classic movies.

696. Carve pumpkins.

697. Attend a cooking class.21. Send one note to friends and family every day in November to let them know how thankful you are for them.

698. Visit a Farmer’s Market.

699. Cuddle up under a cozy blanket and start tackling your book list.

700. Go on a hayride.

701. Toast pumpkin seeds.

702.  Simmer this recipe on your stove.

703. Use an old sweater as a crafting supply. Make a throw pillow, a lampshade cover, whatever you want to make.

704. Host a Fall Canning Party.

705. Open all the windows and let the cool, crisp air refresh your space.

706. Find a Drive-in Movie.

707. Rake leaves, or have your kids rake leaves. It’s a rite of passage.

708. Plant your Fall garden.

709. Get a 1000-piece puzzle with a Fall theme to put together on a chilly night.

710. Try a new soup recipe.

711. Get outside and go for a walk or run.

712. Wear your boots.

713. Clean out your closet. Get rid of the Summer clothes that didn’t fit and you never wore, also check for holes.

714. Run a 5k with your family.

715. Attend a baseball game.

716. Make a pumpkin spice latte at home.

717. Visit a local farm.

718. Go on a nature scavenger hunt.

719. Eat a cider donut.

720. Make a pinecone bird feeder with your kids.

721. Take family pictures for your Christmas Card.

722. Go camping.

723. Mix up a batch of hot chocolate and make extra for your neighbors.

724. Watch “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”.

725. Host a Chili Cook-Off with friends and neighbors.

726. Plan a family Halloween costume.

727. Buy a new scarf.

728. Splash in a puddle.

729. Create a Thankful Journal to record everything you’re thankful for, or use Chatbooks and add pictures.

730. Break out the cozy blankets.

731. Make caramel apples.

732. Go star gazing.

733. Bake cookies and eat them warm from the oven.

734. Decorate for Fall.

735. Make a fleece blanket.

736. Plan your Thanksgiving Menu and table.

737. Make gluten-free apple cider playdough.

738. Enjoy a sunset.

739. Fly a kite.

740. Go for a bike ride.

741. Enjoy a sunrise.

742. Buy a new mug for Fall.

743. Make candy corn footprints with your children.

744. Roast a pumpkin and make pumpkin pie.

745. Cook beef and potato pot pie.

746. Wear a cozy sweater.

747. Take a scenic drive to a new place.

748. Replace batteries in your smoke detectors.

749. Crunch through leaves.

750. Make a list of Christmas treats to make and share. Start testing recipes.

751. Paint acorns.

752. Create a thankful tree.

753. Make a cornhusk doll.

754. Use apple halves and fabric paint to create a fun and easy tote or wall art.

755. Donate to a local food bank.

756. Set your clocks back.

757. Paint egg carton jack-o-lanterns.

758. Play Hide-and-Seek with glow sticks

759. Build a blanket and pillow fort on a cold or rainy day.

760. Bake Apple Chips.

761. Make turkey handprints.

762. Create this delicious pumpkin pie alternative.

763. Pack a picnic to eat at a local park and watch the ducks.

764. Plant a windowsill garden.

765. Bake leaf-shaped sugar cookies and decorate them.

766. Make leaf rubbings with fallen leaves, paper, and crayons.

767. Have a family game night.

768. Make applesauce at home.

769. Make a Fall leaf garland.

770. Create a Fall leaf labyrinth.

771. Make Yarn Apples with your kids.

772. Play a pine cone toss game.

773. Create turkeys out of candy!

774. Make a Haunted Mansion wreath for your front door.

775. Pop popcorn on the cob.

776. Grab a copy of Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark and read it with a flashlight.

11. Christmas Bucket List Ideas

777. Mail a Letter to Santa

778. Attend a Tree Lighting Ceremony

779. Get Your Picture with Santa

780. Go to a Local Christmas Festival

781. Leave Cookies for Santa Claus

782. Chop Down Your Own Christmas Tree

783. Make a Homemade Gift

784. Connect With an Out of Town Friend

785. Make a Garland for the Tree

786. Make an Ornament

787. Create Handmade Christmas Cards

788. Roast Chestnuts on an Open Fire

789. Make a Christmas Tune Playlist

790. Make Paper Snowflakes

791. Sip on Hot Chocolate by the Fire

792. Donate a Toy

793. Volunteer

794. Go Ice Skating

795. Watch a Holiday Movie Favorite

796. Make a Wreath for Your Front Door

797. Hide or Find the Elf on a Shelf

798. Hang Stockings

799. Attend Midnight Christmas Eve Service at Church

800. Go Christmas Caroling

801. See the Nutcracker Ballet

802. Read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

803. Build a Snowman or Make a Snowman Angel

804. Get Dressed Up and Attend a Holiday Party

805. Donate Your Unused Mittens and Jackets

806. Spend an Evening Wrapping Presents

807. Build a Gingerbread House

808. Make an Advent Calendar

809. Drink Eggnog

810. Do a Random Act of Kindness

811. Spend the Day Baking Christmas Cookies

812. Take a Family Christmas Photo

813. Look at the Holiday Lights in your Neighborhood

814. Wear a Santa Hat in Public

815. Organize a Secret Santa Gift Exchange

816. Make Your Christmas List

817. Make and Wear an Ugly Christmas Sweater

818. Have a Snowball Fight

819. Start a New Tradition

820. Send Soldiers Holiday Cards

821. Make Salt Dough Ornaments

822. Have a Christmas Craft Day with Your Kids

823. Hold a Cookie Swap

824. Eat a Candy Cane

825. Visit One of the Best Christmassy Towns

826. Take a Christmas Market Cruise Through Europe

827. Kiss Someone Under the Mistletoe

828. Create a Christmas village scene.

829. Make your own garland.

830. Build a snowman.

831. Cross-stitch some Christmas merriment.

832. Try a non-tree tree.

833. Go on a winter scavenger hunt.

834. Add cheer to your front door

835. Decorate a tabletop tree

836. Hold a neighborhood cookie swap.

837. Hang stockings by the fireplace.

838. Play secret Santa.

839. Try a new dessert.

840. Read a bedtime story by the tree.

841. Bake a candy cane cake.

842. Create (or buy!) an advent calendar.

843. Don’t forget to decorate your kitchen.

844. Make your own Christmas centerpiece.

845. Start a holiday-inspired collection.

846. Find a fun way to display your holiday cards.

848. Have a family slumber party under the tree.

849. Decorate a gingerbread house.

850. Craft your own Christmas cards.

851. Swirl up a new hot cocoa.

852. Make the tree room the game room.

853. Make salt dough ornaments.

854. Have a craft day with your kids.

855. Make your own holiday tree trimmings.

856. Head to a Christmas tree farm near you.

857. Play Christmas tree eye spy.

12. Best Friend Bucket List Ideas

858. Travel the world together

859. Go on a camping or glamping trip

860. Go on a road trip across the country

861. Be in each other’s wedding parties

862. Be godparents to each other’s children

863. Learn a new language together

864. Create vision boards together

865. Throw birthday surprise parties for each other

866. Start a business or side hustle

867. Grow old together

868. Try Korean karaoke

869. Sign up to be extras on a movie set

870. Go strawberry picking

871. Try flyboarding

872. Eat at a Michelin restaurant

873. Try a sensory deprivation tank

874. Experience zero gravity

875. Rent your favorite sports cars for the day

876. Sign up for an obstacle course race

877. Take a salsa dancing class

878. Go for bike rides in the city

879. Go on a double date

880. Sign up for a 5K color run

881. Take a cooking class

882. Host a potluck

883. Go to a music festival

884. Try paddleboarding

885. Rent jet skis

886. Have a day at the beach

887. Learn a new skill online together

888. Enjoy a spa day at home or at the salon

889. Binge-watch your favorite TV shows

890. Plan a pizza and movie night at home

891. Plan a summer picnic

892. Have a staycation

893. Have a board game night

894. Make s’mores

895. Start a book club

896. Start a shared herb garden

897. Take up yoga or pilates

898. Go for Sunday brunch at your favorite restaurant

899. Have coffee at your favorite coffee shop

900. Go for a long walk in the park or at the beach

901. Create a travel bucket list together

902. Shop at the local farmers market

903. Attend an outdoor concert

904. Go antique shopping

905. Have a BBQ

906. Watch the sunset together

907. Go wine tasting

908. Go skydiving together

909. Take surfing classes

910. Swim with the sharks

911. Bungee jump

912. Try sandboarding abroad

913. Take a parkour class

914. Go whitewater rafting

915. Sign up for a trapeze class

916. Take a fencing class

917. Try Krav Mag

918. Visit an elephant sanctuary

919. Hike Machu Picchu

920. Embark on a Southeast Asia backpacking trip

921. Swim with sea turtles in Galapagos Islands

921. Take a cooking class in another country

922. Go to Disneyland and relive your childhoods

923. See the Northern Lights

924. Visit the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

925. Participate in La Tomatina in Spain

926. Visit a dark-sky preserve

927. Get tickets to Sea World

928. Go on a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia

929. Walk the Camino de Santiago

930. Go on a retreat in Bali

931. Go on a South African safari

932. See penguins in the wild

933. Go island hopping in Greece

934. Eat sushi in Japan

935. Take the Trans-Siberian railway

936. Attend Oktoberfest in Germany

937. Volunteer your time

938. Spring clean your closets and donate the clothes you don’t need

939. Organize a charity fundraising event together

940. Do a 5k/marathon run for charity

941. Do grocery runs for your grandparents

942. Run the social media accounts for a charity together

943. Help build and repair homes with Habitat for Humanity

944. Teach computer skills to the elderly at a senior center

945. Serve food at a local homeless shelter

946. Volunteer to tutor students

947. Have a snowball fight

948. Go ice skating

949. Make winter wreaths

950. Stay in and enjoy hot chocolate drinks

951. Have a holiday movie marathon

952. Decorate each other’s homes for the holidays

953. Try kite ice skating

954. Make snow angels

955. Host a holiday cocktail party

956. Make a gingerbread house together

957. Bake and decorate cookies for the holidays

13. Retirement Bucket List Ideas

958. Learn a new water sport

959. Learn how to fly

960. Hike the Appalachian Trail

961. Hike to Machu Picchu

962. Visit the Great Wall of China

963. Drive the Haul Road into the Arctic Circle

964. See African elephants in their natural habitat

Hold your own funeral

965. Write a blog

966. Raise chickens

967. Visit every restaurant in your town and write Yelp reviews about each visit

968. Go on a ghost tour in every city you visit

969. Read a whole section of books at the public library

970. Make a movie

971. Take each grandkid on a separate vacation

972. Volunteer weekly at your grandkid’s school

973. Take your grandkids to popular live events

974. Teach your grandchildren how to bake bread

975. Create a holiday tradition with your grandchildren

976. Take your grandkids camping

977. Teach your grandkids the importance of volunteering.

978. Spend the night in a haunted castle

979. Drive around Ring Road in Iceland

980. Visit Roswell, New Mexico

981. Dress up and attend a Comic-Con

982. Raft down the Amazon River

983. Go skydiving

984. Take an unplanned flight



987. Visit all the 50 states in the US

988. Visit the Amazon

989. Step foot on Antarctica

999. Road trip through Australia

1000See Ayers Rock, Australia

1001Road trip through New Zealand

1002.Make a Eurotrip

1003. Go to all the US National Parks

1004. Drive route 66

1005. See the northern lights (Alaska or Scandinav

1006. Drive the Pacific Coast Highway in California

1007. Stand Under the Hollywood Sign in California

1008. Ride on a Cable Car in San Francisco

1009. Drive or Walk the Las Vegas Strip

1010. Explore the Everglades in Florida

1011. Visit Cuba

1012. Visit Alcatraz in San Francisco

1013. Drive the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

1014. See the Niagara Falls

1015. Stand in Time Square New York

1016. Visit Mount Rushmore in South Dakota

1017. See Buckingham Palace in London

1018. Visit the White House in Washington D.C.

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