130+ Step-by-Step Easy Doodle Ideas For Drawing

Designing your bullet journal pages can become even more exciting with these amazing bullet journal doodle ideas. Doodles are a simple, fun, and super creative way of decorating your bujo pages. They can be customized to match the theme of any journal.

This list has a wide variety of easy doodles, including spring, floral, and leafy designs to food and exciting festival doodles. You can quickly recreate these designs by following the step-by-step instructions.

Additionally, you can design your journal pages by using these bujo quote ideas and flower doodle ideas.

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Unleash your imagination and let your pen dance across the page with our collection of aesthetic doodle ideas! Whether you’re in need of step-by-step doodles, cute and whimsical designs, or cool and easy doodle drawings, we have an abundance of inspiration to spark your creativity. Here are some fantastic doodling ideas to get you started –

Snack doodles

1. Snack Doodle

Snack Doodle

Source: blossom_bujo

This pastel snack doodle idea is a super cute and colorful addition to your bujo pages. This page has three different doodles including a marshmallow stick, a tiny rabbit, and a sandwich. All doodles have a pastel pink theme and can be made in three simple steps. You can use these doodles for your easter bullet journal!

2. Delicious Macaroon Doodle

Source: bujo.by.lo

Let’s doodle your favorite dessert, Macaroons, using this easy idea. You can recreate all those delicious layers in just six simple steps. Color the doodle up in any flavor of your choice and your tiny bujo decors are ready!

3. Gumdrop People Doodles

Source: shibadoodle

Here is a super fun and unique doodle idea that is suitable for any bullet journal theme. These gumdrop people doodles are a very adorable idea for your bujo pages. What starts with a basic structure is turned into multiple different doodles. Each of these is very colorful and different from the other.

4. Doodle-licious Korean Foods

Source: study.duoo

Korean foods are a delicious cuisine that everyone enjoys! So, why not make your journal doodle-licious with these yummy-looking food doodles. The list offers four popular and different options for your to choose from. These tiny doodles look very realistic and are a great option for adding your favorite picks to your bujo pages.

5. Gingerbread House Doodles

Gingerbread house

Source: shibadoodle

Here are two different styles of drawing gingerbread house doodles that are very stylish and elegant. Add this lovely doodle to your Christmas bullet journal as a reminder of the warm traditions of the festival. The ideas include a basic one as well as a more elaborate one. It is a must-add to your bujo pages!

6. Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate Drinker?

Source: nicollepedott

Are you a coffee or a tea person? Doesn’t matter cause we have got three doodle ideas that are perfect for any kind! From hot chocolate to coffee to tea, this doodle list has them all! These four-step doodles are a must-try to add your personal favorite beverages to your bujo.

7. Teacup and Teapot doodle

Teacup and teapot doodle

Source: appy.doodles

I love how adorable these tea and tea-set doodles look, and they would look even prettier in your bujo pages. In a few simple steps, you can recreate this basic design. You can also redesign them in a personalized and creative way. This is a very adorable combination, and you should definitely try it out!

8. Yummy Breakfast Doodles

Source: bulljourideas

Add your favorite breakfast items to your bujo pages using this amazing idea. From pancakes to sunny side eggs to tea and coffee, you can choose to add any of your go-to breakfast meals. The vast variety of options in this doodle idea will definitely offer something for you to choose from!

9. Adorable Foods Doodles

Source: mijeogstationary

This doodle idea is a collection of some all-time favorite indulgences. The doodles are an adorable take on donuts, fries, avocados, tacos, cupcakes, a lot more! They are very colorful and the tiny faces drawn make them super cute! You can add as many designs to your bujo as you like and personalize them to match your desired flavors.

10. Fully Caffeinated Doodles

Source: isabelle_journals

Add some caffeinated aroma to your bujo pages with this lovely idea. It has a list of possibly every coffee type for you to choose from. With seven unique and super simple ideas, this list is a perfect coffee doodles compilation. You can switch the colors of the coffee mugs and containers.

11. Fast Food Doodles

Source: _bujoandmore_

Who doesn’t love fast food? So why not add it to your bujo pages using this amazing idea. There are multiple delicious options for you to choose from and add to your bujo pages, The doodles look so cute and realistic and are very easy to recreate. Pizzas, hotdogs, tacos, fries, donuts, and burgers, the list has all your favorite options!

12. Colorful Icy Summer Doodles

Source: _bujoandmore_

Refresh those hot summer bujo pages with these lip-smacking doodle ideas. These colorful popsicles are super easy to make and add a colorful touch to your bujo. You can even customize these doodles to replicate your favorite ice-creams. So, do add a tiny and fun touch to your bujo with these iced doodles.

13. Fruits & Veggies Doodles

Source: mashaplans

Here are some adorable and fun fruit and veggies doodles. They are colorful and the added cute faces make them super appealing. These doodles are an excellent and simple way to add your favorites to your bujo pages. The designs are very quirky, vibrant, and perfect for your inspiration.

14. Favorite Meals Bujo Doodles

Source: artsypizzaslice

Create a favorites page in your bujo using these easy food doodles. It is a diverse collection of some favorite food items including pancakes, sandwiches, pasta, omelet, noodles, fries, etc. All of the doodles are super easy to recreate and they look very realistic.

Christmas Doodles

15. Christmas Decor Doodles

Christmas doodles

Source: _cutie_bujo

Christmas is a popular theme for bullet journals. This idea is perfect for decorating your festive bujo pages. This doodle page has five different doodles, including a candy cane, a mistletoe, a gift box, some winter gloves, and a wreath. The steps are simple, and the results are stunning, making them a must-try.

16. Christmas Santa Doodle

Source: bujo.marieanneso

Here is another fantastic set of Christmas doodles that are very bright and colorful. It is a combination of all doodles necessary for a Christmas bujo. These ideas are very versatile, from a Santa to a reindeer and from a wreath to a gingerbread cookie. You can recreate them in just four simple steps.

17. Basic Christmas Doodle Outlines

Christmas doodles

Source: sandyy.notes

If you are looking for minimal Christmas doodles that can match the black and white theme of your journal, this doodle idea is perfect for you! It is a combination of a variety of Christmas-related ornaments and decorations. You can recreate this cuteness in three simple steps.

18. Holiday Ornaments Doodle Ideas

Christmas doodles

Source: shibadoodle

This doodle idea is all about beautifully designed Christmas ornaments. It provides a variety of four different styles that you can recreate in four easy steps. These doodles are customizable, and you can switch up the colors and patterns as per your liking.

19. Christmas Tree Doodle Ideas

Christmas doodles

Source: lifeinabujo

This Christmas tree doodle is perfect for decorating your bujo pages or adding a stunning illustration to your bujo cover. A Christmas tree is mandatory for your bujo pages, and this doodle idea is a four-step way of drawing one. The added face to the tree makes it even more adorable.

20. Blush Pink Christmas Doodles

Source: v.v.vstudio

I love this blush pink and rosy Christmas doodle list. The designs are extremely creative and stylish. They are an excellent addition to your festive or Christmas bullet journal. From baubles to gifts to candles, the decor doodles are very magical and dreamy.

21. Easy Pastel Festive Doodles

Source: craftbooksarg

These adorable, pastel-themed Christmas doodles are a super-easy way to decorate your festive bujo. In four simple and quick steps, you can recreate this lovely list of creative doodles. These all-Christmas doodles include a Santa, reindeer, mittens, gingerbread house, and a lot more! The colors used are light and add a subtle touch to match your bujo’s aesthetic.

22. Three-Step Gift Doodles

Source: appy.doodles

These simple festive gift doodles are an easy and quick addition to your Christmas bujo. The simple outlines of the doodles allow you to fill in any favorite colors. Three unique and effortless ideas can be recreated in just four steps. You can personalize these simple ideas in any way you like!

23. Everything Christmas Doodle List

Source: qutedoodles

These creative everything doodle list is an easy and colorful collection of your favorite Christmas items. From gifts to candles to bells, the list has a wide variety to choose from. I really like how these ideas can be recreated in just three simple steps. You can customize these ideas by adding any colors of your choice.

Plant Doodles

24. Leaf Clover Doodle Ideas

Source: bujoandcookies

Add a fresh green touch to your bujo pages with this four-leaf clover. This idea is a tiny yet vibrant way of making any page super adorable. You can recreate the doodle in six simple steps. These will look great as is or you can draw them next to some bright, colorful flowers.

25. Cute Plants Doodles

Cute plants doodle

Source: nicollepedott

If you are a nature lover, add a fresh touch to your bujo pages with this doodle idea. In four simple steps, you can recreate these adorable plant and flower doodles. The colors in the designs are super vibrant, and they look almost real. You should definitely try these out for your spring bullet journal!

26. Tropical Leaves Doodle Ideas

Tropical leaves

Source: annajournals_

This doodle idea is perfect for your spring and autumn bullet journal. You can draw these tropical leaves in three simple steps. They are very easy to make and look very realistic. You can change the colors of the leaves to tones of orange and brown for a fall-style decoration.

27. Indoor Planter Doodle Ideas

Source: study.duoo

I love these creative and unique indoor plant doodles. They can be recreated in three simple steps and look so elegant and realistic. You can add as many details or colors as you want. Each of the three styles is very different from the other, giving you great options to choose from!

28. Tiny Plants Doodles

Pant doodle

Source: mypeachnotes

Here is a diverse list of potted plants that is great for your spring-themed journal. You can draw these four different styles in four quick steps to reveal the most beautiful plant doodles. The ideas are customizable by changing the leaf designs or adding colors.

29. Ginkgo Biloba Creatiive Doodle

Ginkgo biloba

Source: plslars

This doodle idea is a beautiful take on the Gingko Biloba leaves. It is an elaborate idea with several steps that make it even easier for you to replicate. The color scheme of the doodle is neutral. However, you can switch it up to match the theme of your bujo pages.

30. Creative Cactus Doodles


Source: shibadoodle

Add a spiky, fresh, and beautiful touch to your bullet journal pages using this list of doodle ideas. The page has four different styles and designs that give you several options to choose from. Tiny flowers are also added to the cacti for a cute, colorful detail.

31. Pretty Palm Trees Doodles

Source: bulletsandconfetti

Try out these palm tree doodles for a summer or beach-themed bullet journal. The list has two different, unique, and detailed ways of making palm trees. You can recreate these very quickly as the design uses just one basic pen and has four steps only. Finally, it is optional to add some bright colors to the designs for a vibrant look.

Summer Doodles

32. Sunset Doodle

Sunset doodle

Source: bujo.marieanneso

I love how colorful and artistic this doodle idea looks. This is a fun and adorable addition to your summer bullet journal. The colors of the doodles are super versatile and can match any theme. You can use these doodles as mood trackers by filling the shapes for each day of the month.

33. Refreshing Summer Doodles Ideas

Source: ginger.bullet.journal

Add these adorable doodles to your bullet journal pages to make them summer-appropriate. The list has a wide variety of designs that are perfect for a beachy summer theme. You can recreate any of these ideas in four to six simple steps, including ice-creams, sandcastles, palm trees, watermelon slices, etc.

34. Summer Beachy Doodle Ideas

Source: plansthatblossom

Here is another list of summer doodles that are great for a beach-themed bujo as well! You can recreate these easily in just three simple steps. The theme of these doodles is pink and white. However, you can customize it using the colors of your choice. These designs are very basic yet realistic!

35. Fresh Fruits Doodle Ideas

Fruits doodle

Source: haru.bujo

Your bujo pages are incomplete without the freshness of some summer fruits! This fruity list is perfect for recreating some adorable fruits and fruit slices. From mangoes, kiwi, and strawberries to watermelons and avocados, this list has them all! Follow these four easy and quick steps to add a fun touch to your bujo layout.

36. Bright Lemon Doodle Ideas

Lemon Doodle

Source: planwithady

Give your bujo pages a fresh squeeze of lemons with these doodle ideas. It is the perfect list for any shape, size, style, or slice of lemons. In four to five simple steps, you can make your own tiny doodles. I love how realistic these doodles look, even though they are made using colored markers.

37. Japanese Summer Festival

Japanese Summer Festival

Source: thedotsandgrids

Here is a traditional doodle list idea perfect for the Japanese summer festival. The doodles are super colorful, detailed, and adorable. From popular food items to fireworks and lanterns, these are great decor for your bujo pages. The list includes six types of diverse doodles that are enough to design your bujo.

38. Chill Beach Vibes Summer Doodles

Source: appy.doodles

Here is an adorable collection of summer doodles. They are super easy designs that are perfect for your beach/ocean-themed bullet journal. I love the diverse range of options from coconuts to boats and palm trees to sea creatures. You can fill these outlines with any colors of your choice.

39. Tiny Vibrant Summer Doodles

Source: _bujoandmore_

These cute summer beach doodles are an excellent way to add your favorite summer items to your bujo pages. These are adorable additions to your beach bujo and look very realistic. The doodles are easy to recreate and the multiple options give you a lot to choose from!

40. Fun & Quirky, Summer Doodle Spread

Source: lilaboxx_creative

This doodle dump is all you need for your summer bullet journal. It’s a beautiful compilation of beach, summer, and travel-related doodles. The designs are super simple and extremely colorful. Do try these out while designing your next bullet journal.

41. Hot Pink Summer Doodles

Source: mashaplans

Add a “hot” pink touch to your summer bujo pages using these amazing doodle ideas. This collection is colorful, fun, and super quirky. You have tons of options to choose from, so do give this list a try!

Beach Doodles

42. Jellyfish Doodle

Jellyfish Doodle

Source: studyginy

This jellyfish doodle is the perfect addition to your ocean or sea-themed bullet journal. Even though the doodle looks complex, the simple steps make it very easy to recreate. These look super vibrant and artistic and you can use them on any bujo page from the cover to the monthly spreads.

43. Seaweed and Coral Doodles

Source: planwithady

For an ocean or sea-themed bullet journal, try out these lovely doodle ideas. The doodles allow you to draw seaweeds and corals with just some simple wavy lines. In four simple steps, your colorful and detailed designs will be ready! Do try these tiny doodles for a sea-tacular touch to your bujo.

44. Gold Fish Doodle Ideas

Source: kotose.journal

Yet another doodle idea for your sea-themed bullet journal is this goldfish doodle. Four clear steps along with a colorful touch will result in this adorable goldfish doodle. You can customize the design by adding other fun designs and colors according to the scheme of your bullet journal!

45. Sea-Creatures Doodle Ideas

Source: shibadoodle

Here is an adorable list of some other sea creatures to inspire and decorate your bujo pages. The list begins with sharks and dolphins and ends with octopus and stingrays. I love how cute and fun these doodle ideas are, and they are the perfect choice for your adding tiny details to your bujo pages.

46. Sea Inspired Doodles

Sea creatures

Source:  _cutie_bujo

These sea creatures are super realistic and detailed, so do add them to your next Ocean-themed bullet journal. Four different ideas, in three simple steps, will result in these adorable and creative doodles. These ideas will surely be a vibrant and lively touch to your bujo layouts.

47. Nautical Doodles

Nautical doodles

Source: notikjournal

These doodle ideas are a perfect choice for all navy or sea-life enthusiasts. From a boat to an anchor, this list is a perfect collection of all nautical symbols! You can recreate these doodles in three simple steps, and the list of four different ideas can be included in different pages of your bujo!

48. Koi Fish Abstract Doodle

Source: studywbrooke

I love this stylish and super easy koi fish doodle idea. The design is ready in just four simple and detailed steps. It is a very abstract and colorful style, so you can easily add your personal touch to it! Have these tiny doodles swimming around in your ocean-inspired bullet journal!

49. Magical Turtle Doodle

Source: miras.journal

Another great addition to your beach or ocean-themed bujo can be this doodle idea. This seven-step doodle is very easy to follow, and the results are absolutely fantastic. You can add as many colors or patterns as you like in the shell of the turtle. This idea is super fun and a very creative design!

50. Unique Seashell Doodles

Seashell doodles

Source: estudapotter

We have got some stunning and unique options for your ocean-themed bullet journal. These beautiful seashells are very easy to recreate, and that too in just four simple steps! This doodle list offers four different types of shells that will be a great addition to any of your bujo pages.

51. Simple Seashell Doodles

Source: _made_by_empi

Give your ocean bujo a unique touch using these stunning seashell doodles. The list has eight different ideas for your inspiration. They are drawn in blank ink and you can add your favorite color tints for a vibrant look!

52. Ocean Creatures Doodle Dump

Source: _bujoandmore_

These ocean doodles are a beautiful collection of everything sea-related. It has multiple sea creatures and other doodles like a lighthouse and anchor. These designs are filled with bright colors making them super appealing.

53. Sea Waves Doodles

Source: connect.the.dotts

Add a wavy splash to your ocean/beach-themed bullet journal using this amazing idea. The list has several ways of drawing sea waves using different colors and patterns. These ideas are easy to recreate and look very realistic!

Flower Doodles

54. Stunning Flower Doodle Ideas

Flower Doodle

Source: miss.meissa

These ink flower doodles are an easy and elegant way to decorate your bullet journal. You can use a combination of these four amazing styles to create some designer pages. They are completely black and white to suit a monochrome bujo, but you can add colors to suit your theme.

55. Diverse Flower Types Doodles

Source: poitivethoughts.ca

I love how realistic and stylish these bullet journal doodle ideas look. They look like miniature sketches. The page has three different flowers: rose, tulip, and sunflower. You can use these individually or draw them together as a bunch. They are an adorable touch to your bujo pages.

56. Pretty Hibiscus Doodle

Flower Doodle

Source: bujoforstars

You can recreate this coral-colored hibiscus on your bullet journal pages for a vibrant and colorful touch. These five simple steps can be easily followed, and the results are absolutely stunning. This flower idea is also a great illustration for your bujo cover page. You can use different colors for the hibiscus to suit your bujo theme.

57. Animal Crossing Flower Doodles

Flower Doodle

Source: amandarachlee

This doodle page idea is your complete guide to floral doodles. The list has everything from roses, lilies, hyacinths, cosmos to tulips and pansies. These flowers are a diverse, colorful, and super adorable touch to your bujo pages. It has a wide variety of options for you to choose from.

58. Pink Rose Doodle Ideas

Source: kohanadiary

Add a blush pink, rosy touch to your bullet journal pages using this doodle idea. It has a list of four unique and super cute ways of drawing roses. In a few simple steps, you can recreate these stunning roses in any of your bujo pages. They are great for creating a stylish border as well!

59. Vibrant Lily Doodle

Flower Doodle

Source: bujo.marieanneso

Here is a stunning doodle idea which allows you to draw a beautiful lily in just nine simple steps. The colors of the lily are very vibrant and can also be customized easily to suit your theme. You can also draw a large lily illustration as a bujo cover idea. This is a simple, fun, and very realistic-looking doodle flower.

60. Fully Floral Doodle Ideas

Flower Doodle

Source: bujo.marieanneso

This doodle idea is another list of floral designs. You can recreate these colorful and detailed doodles in just three easy steps. They are perfect decorations for your bujo weekly/monthly layouts or any tracker pages. You can change the colors to suit the theme of your bujo. Use one of these designs or combine them all together to create a beautiful bunch.

61. Elegant Daffodil Doodle Idea

Flower Doodle

Source: kohanadiary

This elegant daffodil doodle idea is an intricate design that can be recreated by combining a few simple elements. The doodle is black and white, but you can add some colors to match your bujo theme. I love how minimal yet sophisticated this doodle idea is. It is suitable for any bujo cover, layout, tracker, or page.

62. Floral Envelope Doodle

Source: shibadoodle

This stunning doodle idea is a beautiful way of adding a floral touch to your bujo pages. You can use this idea as a bujo cover illustration as well! The design has an envelope overflowing with tiny flowers. You can also add some colors to this doodle for a vibrant look.

63. Pastel Stained Plant Doodles

Source: tofu_stationery

Here is a collection of multiple cute plant doodles. What makes this page unique is the colorful highlighted stain on each of the plants. This gives the doodles an eye-catching look. They are a suitable addition to literally any bujo theme. Choose from this diverse list or draw them all!

64. Elegant Leaves Doodles

Source: 9creates

Give your spring bujo pages an elegant aesthetic using these leaf doodles. The list has fifteen unique and easy leaf designs that are drawn in black ink. You can use a combination of these leaves to decorate your bujo pages! Also, these doodles have a neutral style so you can add these to any bujo theme.

65. Fresh Plants Doodle Ideas

Source: estudapotter

This list provides you with three unique and stunning ways of doodling plants. All of the doodles have a bright green tone to add a fresh touch to your bujo pages. You can make these designs following four simple steps. The shapes of each pot and the plant can be customized easily.

Travel Doodles

66. Origami Doodle Ideas

Origami doodle

Source: planwithady

This origami doodle tutorial is a super easy and quick way to add tiny details to your bujo pages. With this idea, you can easily draw birds and planes in your journal. It is a great option if you are designing a travel-themed bullet journal. You can also customize the colors and size to suit your liking.

67. Hot Air Balloon Doodle

Source: appy.doodles

This hot air balloon doodle idea is a simple, quick, and effortless way to add an adorable touch to your bullet journal pages. The doodle is a simple outline of the balloon and you can fill it up with exciting colors as well! I love how you can recreate this stunning doodle in just six simple steps.

68. Doodle a Bicycle

Doodle a bicycle

Source: shibadoodle

Ride away all your worries with this stunning and creative bicycle design. Drawn in basic black ink, the design is customizable according to the themes of your bujo. A flowery basket in the bicycle also adds a cute touch! This is a fun doodle or illustration idea for your hobbies layout or your summer journal.

69. Instant Camera Fun Doodle

Instant Camera

Source: splendidscribbles

For all the photography lovers, this doodle idea is a lovely take on an instant camera. Add this doodle to your hobbies/interests page as an interesting highlight. The colors of the camera can be customized easily. In several elaborate and easy steps, you can recreate this fun idea.

70. Four-Step Travel Doodles

Source: mashaplans

All travel lovers will enjoy this doodle list as it’s an excellent addition to your bullet journal. The best part about these designs is that you can recreate them in just four easy steps. This list has five different ideas including a camera, polaroids, a suitcase, a compass, and a signboard.

71. Aesthetic Summer Doodle Collection

Source: minkydesign

Here is a collection of some hand-painted doodle ideas that are the perfect choice for your summer bullet journal. It is a diverse list of everything related to summer and beaches. You can recreate these designs easily and paint them in the colors you like. The realistic details of these doodles make them super aesthetic.

72. Windmill Doodle Ideas

Windmill Doodle

Source: manayiiin

If you are looking for some simple yet adorable doodles, this idea is perfect for you! With a pastel pink theme these windmill, plane, and balloon doodles can be recreated in three simple steps. These designs are versatile and you can use them with any bujo theme.

Halloween Doodles

73. Spooky Halloween Doodles

Source: pagesbyamy

Bring in the spooky season of Halloween with these stunning doodle ideas. From potions to mystic stones to scary bats, these doodles will surely add a magical touch to your bujo pages. These ideas are very easy and quick to recreate as you can draw them in just three steps!

74. Spooky Splash Doodle Ideas

Source: direiellie

These Halloween doodles may be tiny but are equally spooky! From potion bottles to skeletons and from carved pumpkins to coffins, this splash of doodles is very diverse. You can easily replicate all of these doodles. So, what’s the wait, design your next Halloween bujo using these boo-tiful doodles.

75. Dark Haunting Doodle Ideas

Source: mashaplans

Here is an all-black collection of Halloween doodles for your spooky bullet journal pages. Add these super easy yet scary doodles to any of your bujo pages for a stunning touch. You can customize the colors and sizes of the doodles and also create creepy illustrations using a combination of these doodles.

76. Mystic and Magical Themed Doodle

Mystic and magical themed doodle

Source: bulletjournalbychloe

Give your bujo pages a magical touch with these mysterious doodle ideas. You can use these doodles to create a stunning border for your bujo layouts. The idea includes a plasma ball, a spell hand, a charming moon, and a star card. These options are easy, and you can recreate them in three simple steps each.

Weather Doodles

77. Lovely Rainbow Doodles

Source: isabelle_journals

Add a bright and colorful rainbow to your bullet journal pages using this excellent idea. Each of the six designs is super vibrant yet unique in its own way. I love the use of stylish lines to charm up the basic rainbow. You can pick any of the designs you like and personalize in your own way.

78. Clouds & Lightening Weather Doodles

Source: mashaplans

I love these colorful and lively sky doodles. They are full of creativity and look super adorable and appealing. The rainbows, clouds, umbrellas, lightning, all have cute faces drawn on them. You can customize the designs and colors according to your convenience.

79. Dreamy Skies Doodle Ideas

Source: meuamadobujo

This doodle list is a diverse collection of sky-related doodles suitable for any bullet journal theme. The intricate details make each design very realistic. You can choose from a wide variety of options including sun, stars, clouds, rainbow, hot air balloons, etc. I really like how minimally elegant these doodles look.

Animal Doodles

80. Cute Cat Doodle Ideas

Cat Doodle

Source: shibadoodle

Isn’t this doodle list so adorable? Well, you can add them to your next bujo as well! These tiny cats will definitely be an eye-catcher on any bujo page and would surely bring a smile to your face. Four different styles, in four simple steps, shall result in these adorable kittens!

81. Adorable Bunnies Doodle

Bunnies Doodle

Source: lifeinabujo

Decorate your Easter bujo pages with these adorable bunny doodles. You can recreate them in four simple steps and color them in your favorite shades. Adding these bunnies to your bujo pages will definitely give them a super cute feel. You can also change the faces and make a happy, excited, or lovestruck bunny.

82. Drawing a Dragon Doodle


Source: _doodle_me_this_

This dragon doodle idea is an adorable addition to your bujo pages. In six simple steps, you can recreate this cute creature in the corners of your bujo layouts. You can make multiple dragons of different sizes and colors for a more creative look. They are also a great addition to a mystical bujo theme.

83. Little Piggies Doodles

Little piggies

Source: mellinfluoustudy

Here are four little pigs that are the perfect doodle choice for a mood tracker or any other bujo page. If you want to add an extra dose of awe in your bujo, this idea is your way to go! You can recreate these tiny bundles of joy in just three simple steps.

84. Shiba Mascot Doodle

Source: julia.pezowicz

Give your love for puppies an even more adorable touch using this doodle idea. In six simple steps, you can add this absolute pack of joy to your bujo pages. You can use this Shiba dog as an illustration for your cover pages or an addition to your bujo layouts.

85. Koala Bear Doodle


Source: thepigeonletters

Koala bears are the cutest creatures and will look adorable, doodled in your bullet journal. You can recreate this doodle idea by following these five simple and easy-to-follow steps. Even though the design is just an outline, you can fill it up with the colors of your choice!

86. Lovely Lion Doodle Ideas

Lion doodle

Source: mellinfluoustudy

Here are some adorable lion doodles that are also super cute emojis! From a king lion to a sleepy lion, this list offers a lot of extra cute options. The doodle is designed in a very unique and lovely manner. And the best part is, you can recreate these creative doodles in just three steps!

88. Simple llama Doodle


Source: mybujotrip

Here is a simple, quick, and adorable way to add a super cute touch to your bujo pages. This llama doodle idea is an excellent choice for both artists and beginners alike! The bright cover on the llama is an additional vibrant touch, so do try it out!

89. Cute Hedgehogs Doodles


Source: _doodle_me_this_

This hedgehog doodle idea is a perfectly adorable take on the animal. You can recreate three different styles in three simple steps using this list. This is a great doodle choice for a tropical-themed bullet journal and will look super cute on your bujo pages and layouts.

90. Painted Bee Doodle

Source: sharonestevensdesign

For a more artistic and extremely realistic touch to your honeycomb or spring bujo, you should try out this doodle idea. It is made using paint colors and has stunning detailing. You can recreate this bee doodle in five easy and elaborate details. It is also a great option to use as an illustration for your bujo cover.

91. Buzzing Bees Doodle Idea

Little bee doodle

Source: bujoabby

Here is another honeybee doodle idea. Add a buzz of the bees to your honeycomb bujo or spring bullet journal using this doodle. In just six simple steps, you can recreate this adorable bumble bee doodle. You just need some black and yellow pens and basic drawing skills to make this cute doodle.

92. Little Bee Doodle

Source: bujo.marieanneso

Check out these doodle ideas for your next honeycomb or summer bullet journal. It has a list of four honey and bee-inspired doodles. These doodle ideas are very easy yet realistically detailed. You can recreate them in just four simple steps, and they are ready to add a fun touch to your bujo pages.

93. Snowy Penguin Doodles

Source: tantelke

Add these adorable penguin doodles to your monthly winter bullet journals. These three tiny penguins are dressed up in different styles giving you options to choose from. You can also use this idea for your bullet journal cover page for the snowy months. All you need to recreate these is a black pen and some basic drawing skills!

94. Vibrant Butterfly Doodles

Source: kreska_jak_sie_patrzy

Here is a vibrant and stunning butterfly doodle collection. There are four different styles and colors of butterflies to choose from. I love how each design can be easily recreated in just four simple steps. The details in the wings make the doodles look so realistic. They are the perfect addition to your spring or summer bujo.

Faces and Expressions Doodles

95. Quirky Expression Doodles

Source: ruangseni_jakarta

These doodle expressions by xxx are a funny and animated collection. They are drawn in black ink and are a combination of scary, funny, excited, happy, angry, and crazy expressions. Every expression you can imagine is there on this list. So, get inspired and do add these to your next bullet journal.

96. Comical Doodle Faces

Source: janob.draws

I love these comical and colorful faces doodles. The collection is very funky and cool. It is surely a vibrant and super simple addition to your bujo pages. You can use these figures to add a lively touch to your bujo layouts. I love how diverse and quirky each doodle is.

97. Line Drawings Faces Doodles

Source: epitome_cards_and_crafts

Here is a collection of some unique and super creative face doodles. Each doodle is created using lines and looks extremely artistic. If you want to add a moody yet sophisticated touch to your bujo pages, these expressions are a perfect choice. I love how different lines can be converted into such diverse and attractive designs.

98. Unique & Diverse Emoji Doodles

Source: tatyanadeniz

Spice up your mood trackers or other bujo pages using these adorable emoji doodles. It has a collection of each of your moods. The doodles have different colors and hairstyles making them super unique and appealing. So, do try these out while designing your next bullet journal.

Home and Garden Doodles

99. Realistic Garden Tools Doodles

Source: _bujoandmore_

Bring out your creative side by recreating these beautifully detailed garden doodles by _bujoandmore_. Each of the designs looks super realistic and will surely be an appealing addition to your bujo pages. You can add these doodles to your spring or summer-themed bullet journal or spice up your bujo hobbies page.

100. Colorful Cleaning Doodles

Source: mashaplans

These doodles are very colorful and creative. I love how easily has replicated the cleaning tools in a fun and creative manner. You can easily recreate these in the colors of your choice. The collection has a wide variety of doodles to choose from.

102. Detailed Garden Doodles

Source: littlemoreplanner

Here is a lovely spread of some elegant garden-related doodles. These ideas are perfect for your Spring bullet journal as well! The designs are all black but you can add your favorite colors to match the theme of your bujo pages. Even though the designs have intricate detailing, you can recreate them easily!

103. Spring Cleaning Tools

Spring cleaning tools

Source: thedotsandgrids

Here are some spring cleaning tools to add to your bullet journal habit trackers or daily chores list. They are super tiny and are a colorful touch to your bujo pages. You can recreate these doodles in five simple steps and customize them as well.

Fictional Characters Doodles

104. Winnie The Pooh Doodle Ideas

Source: nicollepedott

Adding your favorite fictional characters is a great way to personalize your bullet journal. And who doesn’t love Winnie the Pooh? Try out these four-step doodle ideas to quickly recreate your favorite character. From piglet to pooh to Eeyore, this list has them all! Do try out these fun, colorful, and super adorable doodles.

105. Circles to Characters Doodle Idea

Winnie The Pooh Doodle

Source: lifeinabujo

Here is another fun and adorable way of designing Winnie the Pooh doodles. I love how creatively a circle shape is transformed into extremely cute characters, including Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet. These ideas are easy to recreate, and you can make them in just three simple steps!

106. Harry Potter Doodle Ideas

Ron Weasley doddle

Source: splendidscribbles

Here is a doodle idea that shall be a favorite amongst many Ron Weasley fans! Yes, this adorable doodle is inspired by your favorite Harry Potter character! If your journal has a Hogwarts theme, don’t forget to add Ron to it!

107. Potterheads Favorite Doodles

Source: shibadoodle

It’s time for all Potterheads to get excited! We have got an elaborate list of Harry Potter doodles. Design your bujo pages in the wizardly appeals of these doodles. From the winged keys to the golden snitch and the famous butterbeer, this list has them all doodled!

108. Raymond Doodle Idea


Source: julia.pezowicz

We have got the perfect doodle idea for all the Animal Crossing lovers! This design is easy, simple, and a perfectly replicated Raymond. In five simple steps, you too can recreate this design. This doodle is great for highlighting your interests and likes in your bujo.

109. Kawaii Baby Yoda Doodle

Kawaii Baby Yoda

Source: lifeinabujo

This baby Yoda doodle idea is the perfect pick for all Yoda fans! It is an adorable replication of the character that will be a definite eye-catcher. The four steps with provided measurements make the drawing even easier for you!

110. Superwoman Doodle Idea

Source: _doodle_me_this_

Get your Wonderwoman fan moment to the pages of your bullet journal using this doodle idea. You can recreate the doodle in six quick and easy steps. The doodle is an adorable replication of the character and would be a highlight of your journal.

111. Furry Eevee Doodle

Source: splendidscribbles

Add a furry corner to your bujo pages with this adorable doodle idea. You can recreate one of your favorite pokemon characters: Eevee, in just six simple steps. The doodle is very easy to draw and looks super realistic and detailed. It is a fun addition to your pokemon-themed bullet journal.

112. Pikachu Doodle Idea

Pokemon Doddle

Source: julia.pezowicz

Who doesn’t love Pikachu? This tiny, cute character has been an all-time favorite! And we have a fantastic doodle idea that you can use to draw this lovely Pikachu in your bujo. The six simple steps are easy to follow and can be recreated by anyone! So, do try this out, because I surely will!

Easter Doodle Ideas

113. Three-Step Easy Easter Bujo Doodles

Source: junefolio

For a quick yet beautiful list of Easter doodles, this idea is perfect. It has four cute ideas that can be recreated in three straightforward steps. You can customize the patterns, sizes, and colors of the doodles to suit your bujo. These ideas are an excellent addition to your Easter layouts.

114. Easter Doodles

Source: bujo.fxp

Give your Easter bullet journal a fun and colorful touch using these simple doodles. It is a spread full of easy and quick ideas for your inspiration. The egg-cellent and adorable bunnies, eggs, flowers, and bees, make this a diverse collection.

115. Easy & Colorful Easter Doodles

Source: annajournals

Here is an adorable collection of Easter doodles. The eggs, bunnies, and carrots are all very vibrant and colorful. You can easily recreate these designs as they are simple and straightforward. Also, you can color these up in your favorite shades to match the theme of your bujo.

Valentine Doodles

116. Romantic February Doodle Ideas

Source: mashaplans

Make your February/Valentine bullet journal full of love and hearts with these amazing doodle ideas. Each of the doodles is very easy to recreate and looks super cute. The list also has some amazing border ideas for a unique touch to your romantic bujo pages.

117. Four-Step Valentine’s Doodles

Source: appy.doodles

Add these simple yet stylish Valentine’s doodles list to your February bullet journal. The list provides a four-step outline of three different doodles. You can customize these easily by filling in the colors of your choice. From a heart-lit bulb to a proposal ring champagne glass and a beautiful gift box, the list is truly unique!

118. Valentinstag Doodles

Source: annajournals

Here is an adorable collection of minimal valentine’s doodles. The list shows five different ways of using a heart doodle. You can draw an envelope, a lock, or even a bottle of hearts using this list. They are easy to recreate and are a super cute addition to your bujo pages.

119. Red Hearty Doodle Collection

Source: mashaplans

These tiny and super adorable doodles are a must add to your Valentine’s themed bullet journal. Everything on the page is heart-themed created using shades of red and pink. I love the diversity of this list, it has everything from cupcakes to strawberries and phones to calendars. So, do try these out!

120. Petite Science Doodles

Petite science doodles

Source: shibadoodle

Tingle your experimental side by adding these science doodles to your bujo pages. From test tubes to beakers to atoms to DNA, this page is an interesting compilation of fun science doodles. You can recreate them in four simple and quick steps.

121. Perfume Doodle Ideas

Source: feather.eaux

Add a luxurious fragrance to your bujo pages by using this perfume doodle idea. This idea has three different bottle styles that look super fancy. You can add this doodle to your favorites page or literally any other page of your bujo. Just follow these three simple steps to recreate the doodles.

122. Fun Make-Up Doodles

Cosmetic Doodle

Source: notikjournal

For all makeup enthusiasts, this doodle page is perfect for you! This list is full of fun, creative, and realistic makeup doodles. From lipsticks to brushes to nail paints, it has a very wide variety. The colors and designs are easy to customize, and you can even add your favorite products to this list.

123. Self-Care Doodle Ideas

Self-care doodles

Source: mashaplans

Create the perfect balance of physical and mental wellness by adding these self-care doodles to your bujo pages. It is an adorable daily reminder to spend some time on your skincare routine. From eye masks to a bubble bathtub to fragrant candles to a bathrobe, this doodle list is a diverse and all-inclusive pick.

124. Diamond Doodle Idea

Source: bujo.marieanneso

Add some expensive, shiny touches to your bujo pages with this stunning doodle idea. The design has six simple steps that result in a deatiled, beautiful diamond. I love the unique pattern in the diamond. The colors used are different shades of blue. However, you can switch up the scheme to match the theme of your bujo.

125. Hair Tutorial Doodles

Hair tutorial

Source: yoaihime

Here are some stylish hair doodles that you can add to your bullet journal pages. Each of the four styles is super unique and offers you multiple options to choose from! These doodles have just three simple steps starting with a basic shape followed by an outline and then final detailed touches.

126. All Things with Mint Color

Source: ginger.bullet.journal

Add a minty touch to your bullet journal for an amazing complementing or contrasting style. This list has a lot of diverse options, each colored in a shade of cyan. From roses to mugs to butterflies to a camera, this list is very wide. You can choose any design and customize it as you like.

127. Fun Sewing Doodle Ideas

Sewing doodle

Source: plansthatblossom

If you are into tailoring, this doodle list is a great option for your bujo hobby tracker! From needles to yarn and sewing machines to pincushions, this list has doodles for all. They are detailed, stylish, and can be recreated in just four quick steps.

128. Shiny Crystals Tutorial


Source: bujotrulla

For a unique and shiny finish to your bujo pages, try out these amazing doodle ideas. The list includes four different styles that give you a lot of options to choose from. In four simple steps, with basic drawing skills, you can recreate these stunning crystals to your bujo layouts as well!

129. Creative Planet Doodle Ideas


Source: shibadoodle

These amazing doodle ideas are the perfect addition to your space-themed bullet journal. I love how a simple circle can be turned into four beautiful and unique planets. You can make them as realistic as you want and add as many details as you like. For a more creative style, you can design your own imaginary planets as well!

130. Four-Step Planet Doodles

Source: shibadoodle

Here are some super simple, four-step planet doodle ideas. The designs have a basic black outline that is open for customization. This list is a guide to all solar system planet doodles. From Mars, Venus to Neptune, Uranus, this list has them all!

131. Fun Umbrella Doodle


Source: bujoabby

Here is a lovely umbrella doodle that you can draw in just four simple steps. You can add this doodle to your summer bullet journal pages. Additionally, this design is customizable, and you can personalize it by adding any patterns or colors of your choice.

132. Birthday Cake Doodle Collection

Source: junefolio

I love this fun and delicious looking doodle page. It is the perfect addition to your bujo birthday page. There is a wide variety of options available including tiered cakes, layered cakes, etc. The colors and toppings of the cakes are customizable and you can make them as vibrant as you like.

We hope this long list of doodles will surely help you find the perfect options for your bullet journal theme. They are super simple and fun ideas to fill up or decorate the empty spaces in your bujo. So, keep this list handy for all your future journals!

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