30+ All-New May Bullet Journal Ideas

With May coming up in a few days, it is time to start planning your new bullet journal for the month! These ideas are perfect for setting up your May bullet journal and suiting it to the fresh themes of summer. We have compiled a list of everything you need, from bujo cover pages to monthly and weekly spreads, and finally, habit and mood trackers. The ideas are diverse, vibrant, fun, and very easy to recreate! So, pick one from each category and set up your monthly journal. If you are new at bullet journaling, here is a Complete Guide to Bullet Journaling and some Minimal Bullet Journal ideas to get you started!

May Bullet Journal Cover Ideas

It is important to make your bujo cover page as attractive as you can. You can design it in any creative way you like. Here are some May cover ideas that are bright and colorful like the month itself and are perfect for your inspiration.

1. Sky full of Planes Bujo Cover

may bullet journal

Source: sweetcloverjournal

Here is a minimal and adorable May bullet journal cover idea by sweetcloverjournal. You can recreate this cover page in just a few simple and quick steps. Start by drawing some flying paper planes across the page along with tiny clouds. Highlight the planes using subtle hints of blue. Add the name of the month in the center and a tiny month calendar to finish the design.

2. Lemon Fresh Bullet Journal Cover

Source: vetoile1

The month of lemonades is here, so add this freshness to your bullet journal cover as well! Start by drawing a detailed illustration of lemons in the corners of the page. Add tiny white and yellow flowers to fill up the empty spaces and scribble the month’s name in a fancy font. Your May cover page by vetoile1 is ready for the month.

3. Garden Shed Themed May Cover

Source: claudiajosephhh

Design your May cover this month inspired by this garden shed theme by claudiajosephhh. Use watercolors to paint the shed in the background and hang some tools. The idea uses vintage wooden tones as the color scheme. It is a cute and unique way of designing your May cover page and including your hobby in your bullet journal.

4. Vibrant Bunch of Cherries May Cover

may bullet journal

Source: bujobydori

Draw a bunch of bright red cherries on your bujo page to design this May monthly cover by bujobydori. The cherries are drawn as two thick horizontal borders to the month name. I love the simplicity and vibrance of this cover page. It is quick to recreate and can be made using a bunch of colored markers.

5. Creatively Caffeinated May Bujo Cover

Source: dishadinakar

If you are a coffee lover, this caffeinated May bullet journal cover idea by dishadinakar is perfect for you! This page is creative and realistic at the same time. The warm coffee tones with beans in the background look great as the cover. You will surely crave a cup of coffee every time you begin journaling.

6. Bright Blue Flying Butterflies Cover

Source: annajournals_

Celebrate the feeling of spring in your bujo pages with this May bullet journal cover by annajournals_. The design includes a diagonal illustration of bright blue butterflies. May is written using a stylish black font in the top center of the page. The butterflies are made using colorful markers, and the detailing makes them look very real and stunning.

7. Watercolor Ombre May Cover

Source: lineideas

Grab some vibrant and beautiful watercolors to paint this gorgeous illustration by lineideas on your May bullet journal cover. Start by painting the word ‘May’ in the middle of the page in a curvy calligraphic font. Next, paint some colorful flowers and leaves around the text, and voila! Your bujo cover is ready in a few watercolor strokes.

8. Leafy Doodles May Bullet Journal Cover

Source: blossomingbullet

This May bullet journal cover by blossomingbullet is not only easy to recreate but also looks very elegant. All you need to design your bujo cover is a thin black marker. Start by writing the month’s name in the middle of the page. Create a diamond-shaped border around the written text. Next, draw different leafy branches wrapped around the diamond border, and voila! This monochromatic doodled cover looks very attractive.

9. Floral Wreath Adorable May Cover

Source: minty.journal

I love how minimal and adorable this floral wreath cover by minty.journal looks. The flowers in the wreath are colorful and give out a refreshing spring vibe. May is written in the middle of the wreath using a stylish black font. You can customize this idea in any way you like by choosing the types, colors, and sizes of the flowers.

10. Abstract Scraps May Cover

may bullet journal

Source: bulletjournaldesires

This scrapbook style bujo page by bulletjournaldesires is an excellent option if you want a quick, easy, and beautiful cover page. Stick some rough pieces of different scrapbook papers on the cover page. Add tiny spring stickers that match the theme. Finish off by adding a ‘May’ sticker over the background, and your cover page is ready!

May Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

The next step in a bullet journal is your monthly layout. Matching your layout to the rest of your bujo’s theme makes it very pleasant to look at. Here are some May monthly spreads that are easy to recreate and very versatile.

11. Olive Aesthetic May Monthly Spread

Source: by.xngie

This monthly spread idea by by.xngie is very aesthetic and has a fresh olive theme. Two leafy borders are created at the margins of the pages using watercolors. A monthly calendar is drawn in the middle with a tiny and neat font. The idea is easily customizable, and you can change it to match the theme of your bullet journal.

12. Just Peachy Bujo Monthly Spread

Source: naomi.journals

Peachy, fruity tones perfectly match the vibe of May and are a great way to add some color to your bullet journal. This idea by naomi.journals is the right balance of quirky and cute. Start by drawing the month calendar in the middle of the page and surround it with some peaches. Add the month’s heading on top and a notes section at the bottom. It is a spacious and diverse layout that is easy to replicate.

13. Bee-utiful May Monthly Spread

may bullet journal

Source: mrskingsstyle

This May bullet journal monthly spread by mrskingsstyle is truly bee-utiful. It has a honeycomb theme that is easy to recreate and looks very bright. The calendar is spread across two pages and is very spacious. This idea uses black for writing the fonts while yellow for highlighting. It is a simple yet unique idea for your bujo.

14. Shaded Boxes May Bullet Journal Layout

may bullet journal

Source: kay.bujo

I love how neat and pleasant this bullet journal spread by kay.bujo looks. The calendar boxes look like shade cards and create a very fun and colorful vibe. A scrapbook piece with a tropical print is added in the corner next to the month’s name. Overall, the color schemes of this idea look very unique and stylish.

15. Sea-shells Themed Monthly Log

Source: cabochon_bujo

Here is a bright and vibrant bullet journal layout by cabochon_bujo that uses the colors of the sea. The monthly calendar is drawn under the page’s heading. For added details, tiny blue seashells are drawn around the calendar. Finally, an L-shaped corner is created using pieces of washi tape that adds an adorable touch to the entire spread.

16. Colorful Landscape May Monthly Spread

Source: lettydaily

If you are fond of mountains, hills, or a beautiful landscape, this bujo spread by lettydaily is perfect for you. Start by creating a bright hilly scenery in the background with green grass and trees and a cloudy blue sky. You can make this idea as fun and detailed as you want. Add a calendar in the middle with a goals and to-do section at the margin, and voila!

May Bujo Weekly Layout Ideas

Weekly layouts for your May bullet journal are a great way of organizing everything on your to-do list. It also helps you plan your week and schedule tasks accordingly. These ideas are diverse, unique, and easy to recreate.

17. Pink Minecraft Bujo Weekly Layout

Source: bujo_buddies_

This May bullet journal weekly layout by bujo_buddies_ has an adorable, pink Minecraft theme. The layout is spread across two pages with uniform-sized boxes for each day. “May” is scribbled at the top in a stylish black font. Tiny stickers are also used for filling up empty spaces.

18. Warm-Toned May Bullet Journal Spread

may bullet journal

Source: bujonessa

This May bullet journal idea by bujonessa is a perfect balance of spring and summer. The warm tones of orange, red, and yellow make this spread perfect for May. It has an abstract layout with different-sized boxes for each day. Three random boxes are used for drawing butterfly illustrations. It is a straightforward idea that you can recreate using a bunch of colorful markers.

19. Blooming Flowers Highlighted Layout

Source: calligraphy_by_esha

I love how bright and sunny this sunflower-themed bullet journal weekly layout by calligraphy_by_esha looks. It has a very quirky, bold font used for writing the headings. The layout has yellow highlighted lines as a background for your entries. Finally, filling up the empty areas with tiny sunflowers makes it look super adorable and complete.

20. Vintage Scrapbook Weekly Spread

may bullet journal

Source: withlovepaulaa

Here is another vintage and aesthetic bujo weekly spread by withlovepaulaa that uses a white and brown theme. Bits of brown pieces are watercolored in the margins as sections for quotes, or to-do lists, etc. A pop of blue is used for adding some color to the spread. Overall, it is a minimally stunning layout that you should recreate!

21. Squeeze the Day May Bujo Layout

Source: vetoile1

I love this lemon-themed squeeze the day layout by vetoile1. The theme of yellow and black looks very stylish and realistic. Start by writing the month’s name in a bold, black font and draw a lemon branch around it. Next, create seven equal squares across the pages for each day of the week. Finally, on the right margin, create a weekly events section to track the important dates.

22. Neat & Minimal Bullet Journal Layout

may bullet journal

Source: kenzies.journaling

Here is a quick and straightforward way of designing your May bullet journal weekly spread by kenzies.journaling. All you need is a black pen and a highlighter of your choice. Pick a font of your choice and add the month’s name on the top left margin. Add a tiny calendar and a to-do list below the heading. Use the rest of the space for creating equal sections for each day of the week. Finish off by highlighting a few parts for a hint of color.

May Bullet Journal Habit & Mood Trackers

Habit and mood trackers are a great way of checking your monthly progress. You can design them in a wide variety of creative ways. Here a few examples for designing your May bullet journal trackers.

23. Pink Polaroid May Habit Tracker

may bullet journal

Source: kiwikawaarchive

This adorable habit tracker by kiwikawaarchive is a creative take on designing your bujo spread. Start by drawing a polaroid camera with images popping out of it. Each image is dedicated to one habit and has a monthly calendar in it. It is a very convenient and unique way of tracking your progress. You can add as many images as you like for any number of habits.

24. Floral Branches & Rock Theme Tracker

Source: kc.bujo

I love how fresh and colorful this habit tracker looks. It has a floral rock garden theme with hints of bright purple and green colors. The rocks are used for writing each habit, while the background is filled with leafy floral hangings. What’s amazing is that the entire design is prepared using a bunch of colorful markers, making it very convenient to recreate.

25. Honeycomb May Bullet Journal Tracker

may bullet journal

Source: datsophieperson

This may bullet journal habit tracker by datsophieperson is very adorable and appealing. It has a honeycomb-themed design with each group of 30 wax cells dedicated to one habit. You can create as many clusters for the number of habits you choose to track. It is a simple layout that is quick to recreate and is very unique.

26. Purple Leafy May Habit Tracker

Source: teanbujo

If you want to add a spring touch to your May habit tracker, this idea by teanbujo is perfect for you! Start by adding a bright purple heading to the page with green leafy branches in the corners. Create neat calendar boxes for each habit and finish off by drawing flowers and leaves at the bottom.

27. Musical Mood May Bullet Journal Tracker

Source: rach_bujo

Are you a music lover? Try out this mood tracker by rach_bujo for your May bullet journal. Create a piano booklet background and record your moods by assigning one note to each mood. It is a fun and very creative way of adding a musical touch to your journal.

28. May Sunrise Bujo Mood Tracker

may bullet journal

Source: cutelittlepaper

It’s time to add some bright sun to your bullet journal with the beginning of summer in May! This mood tracker by cutelittlepaper is the perfect way to go! Use the rays of the sunshine to track your mood on each day of the month. It is a fun and colorful way of designing your bujo tracker.

29. Colorful Flowery May Mood Tracker

Source: life.on.pens.and.needles

Create a mini coloring page for yourself that helps you track your moods with this bujo idea by life.on.pens.and.needles. Start by drawing a floral wreath and leave the flower petals empty. Assign one day of the month to each flower and one color to each mood. If you fill it up regularly, it’s going to be a beautiful and effective way of keeping your May moods in check.

30. Scattered Flora May Mood Tracker

may bullet journal

Source: minty.journal

This May bullet journal tracker by minty.journal is an adorable way of creating a mood page. The scattered flowers and leaves across the page add a refreshing spring feel to your bujo. Each flower/leaf is dedicated to one day of the month. Finally, prepare a key by assigning a color to each mood, and your tracker is ready!

We hope these May bullet journal ideas help you get working on your next bujo. You can choose one idea from each category and combine them to complete your monthly bullet journal.

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