Minimalist Bullet Journal Ideas For Your Bujo Pages

minimalist bullet journal

I love minimalist bullet journal layouts. Mainly because they are so easy to create and highly functional too. I like to keep things simple and clutter-free, so the minimalist style of bullet journaling works best for me.

If you’re new to the bullet journaling world, then these minimalist layouts are a great place to start. If you aren’t artistically gifted, then don’t worry my friend, these minimalist layouts will work for you as well.

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What Is A Minimalist Bullet Journal?

Before we look at some minimalist bullet journal ideas, let’s first look at what exactly is a minimalist bullet journal spread.

The minimalist style is a theme in bullet journaling that focuses on keeping things simple, clutter-free, and functional. It focuses on minimalism and functionality rather than design. It’s easy to set up, use, and look at. Although the idea of minimalism is very subjective, there are a few things that make a minimalist bullet journal such as:

  1. It should be practical with simple or no designs
  2. It should follow a minimalist bullet journal key for rapid logging.
  3. Layouts that are not time-consuming to create.
  4. Without many bright colors or fancy embellishments.
  5. It should be easy to follow and easy on the eye.

A minimalist bullet journal is well suited for anyone who is a beginner in bullet journaling or someone who believes in the minimalist way of life. It is also great for someone who isn’t very creative or artistically gifted and loves to plan and organize their life.

Minimalist Bullet Journal Ideas You’ll Love

You can use the minimalist bullet journal layout to plan almost everything under the sun. You can use it as a yearly calendar, month at a glance, minimalist weekly spreads, trackers, travel journals, brain dump, and in many more exciting ways. Here is a compilation of minimalist bullet journal ideas to inspire you.

1. Yearly Calendar and Events – Minimalist Year At A Glance

Yearly spreads are a great way to plan your year ahead and view your whole year at a glance. You can mark important dates, birthdays and holidays and also list the things you look forward to that year. Here are a few minimalist yearly spreads for your inspiration.

bullet journal minimalist calendar

This minimalist calendar and events spread by is perfect to view your year at a glance and keep track of all the important dates and events throughout the year. It’s very simple, clean and sophisticated. The first page has a simple yearly calendar and the second page is dedicated to writing all the important events.

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minimalist bullet journal yearly

Here is another minimalist year at a glance. I love the simple cover and quote on the first page followed by a minimal yearly calendar. The use of only one color gives this bullet journal a very elegant look where the focus is more on functionality and use.

minimalist yearly spread

I love this bullet journal yearly setup by It has a yearly calendar on the first page followed by an events or important days section on the adjacent page. What makes this appealing is its simplistic look and the gorgeous hand lettering fonts used.

minimalist bujo yearly spread
Source: katiedocuments

I found this yearly almanac while scrolling through Instagram and fell in love with its simplicity. It’s a regular 2020 calendar, but the use of only two very subtle colors makes it very functional and pleasing to the eye.

2. Minimalist Bullet Journal Month At A Glance

Bullet journal monthly spread is a great way to organize and plan out your month and get a clear idea of what’s in store for you that month. Here are a few bullet journal monthly spreads to help you plan your month.

minimalist bullet journal monthly spread

I absolutely love this minimalist bullet journal monthly set-up by It is very clean and simple with not too much going on so that you can focus on the task at hand and be more productive. It also has a goals and notes section to help you accomplish your goals for the month. The leaf detailing on the top adds a fun element to the planner.

simple bullet journal monthly

This bullet journal monthly spread by is the right balance between minimalism and creativity. It is very well spaced and functional, yet the lavender doodling adds a little quirkiness to an otherwise plain spread.

easy bujo monthly spread

I really like this monthly log by It follows a vertical layout with the days and date of the month dividing the page into two categories- personal and work. It’s a great way to organize both these areas of your life without mixing them up.

minimalist bullet journal monthly
Source: @slowbujo

I found this minimalist monthly bullet journal layout by @slowbujo while scrolling through Instagram. This one also follows a vertical layout like the previous one. It has 15 days on each side where you can write down the important tasks or any meetings/ appointments.

3. Bullet Journal Weekly Spread:

Using Bullet journal weekly spread is a great way to plan out the details of your week. It is more detail-oriented as compared to a monthly or yearly layout. Here are some minimalist bullet journal weekly spreads for your bujo pages.

weekly bujo minimalist

This bullet journal weekly layout is very clean and minimalist which will ensure increased productivity and functionality. All you have to do to recreate this is divide your page into 7 horizontal sections for each day of the week and write down your tasks in plain and neat handwriting.

minimalist bullet journal weekly

This weekly spread by is minimalist yet fun. Apart from keeping a check on the tasks to be completed, this weekly spread also has a monthly calendar, important dates section, and a study tracker in the side panel. It also has a small section where you can write down the tasks due for the next week.

easy bullet journal weekly layout

I love this minimalist weekly set-up by Apart from the regular log, it also has a weekly habit tracker and a weather tracker. It also has a section for notes and tasks due the following week. I love the use of washi tape to add a little oomph to the journal.

minimalist weekly spread
Source: @doodlecraving

This adorable weekly bullet journal by @doodlecraving is one of my favorites from the list. The watercolor strokes on the side of the page is so pretty and chic. The spread is very minimal and is limited to just a few tasks for each day.

4. Bullet Journal Minimalist Daily Spread

Bullet journal daily spread is great if you want to plan out the details of your day. You can add your meetings, appointments, errands, and anything else on top of your mind. Here are a few minimalist bullet journal daily layouts for your inspiration.

easy bullet journal daily log

This minimalist daily bullet journal spread acts as a timeline for your day. It is a work calendar which is why it has tasks planned from 8.30 to 5. You can extend it if you want to plan your personal life as well. It also has a color key at the bottom for different tasks to be done.

minimalist daily schedule bujo

I think this daily schedule is the perfect way to plan your day. You can plan all aspects of your day right from early in the morning to 10.30 at night. All the different time slots of your day are systematically planned and taken care of. It also has a color code with different tasks marked and labeled. The title also looks pretty cool.

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daily layout minimalist bullet journal

I love this pink daily planner set-up. It’s great for planning your day, writing your to-do list, and important notes. It also has an expense tracker so that you can keep a tab of your spendings.

bujo daily spread minimalist

If you already have a routine or want to build a routine, then this ideal day bullet journal spread is perfect for you. Its duplication of effort if you have to plan out each and every day of yours if it’s more or less the same with very little variation. Instead, create this page to write down what your ideal, productive day would look like. It has a night and morning routine, hobbies list, and things to do every day/ often.

minimalist bullet journal daily spread

This minimalist bullet journal daily spread by the.inky.notebook is absolutely wonderful. It’s simple and focuses on functionality but doesn’t compromise on the design aspect. The leaves add just the perfect amount of embellishment to the bujo pages.

5. Bullet Journal Minimalist Cover Page

Bullet journal cover sets the tone for the rest of your bujo pages. There are lots of things you can add to your bullet journal cover like quotes, doodles, calendars, etc. Here are a few minimalist bullet journal cover ideas that you can draw inspiration from to create your own.

bujo cover minimalist

I love this minimalist bullet journal cover page by It’s very simple and elegant with the name of the month written in the center and minimal seashells design to complement it along the edge of the page.

minimalist bujo cover page

Here is another minimal cover page for your inspiration. It’s very easy to recreate and the geometric patterns give this a very cool, modern vibe. You can leave this as it is, or add a pop of color to the font.

easy bujo cover ideas
Source: @pine.jungle

Here is a simple lavender themed bujo page. I love the flower doodles along with the giant letter N to represent the month of November. It also has a monthly calendar for you to refer throughout the month.

easy bullet journal cover page
Source: cindyjournals

This is yet another lavender themed minimalist cover page. It has cute lavender doodles with the name of the month written in simple handwriting which gives this page a very serene look.

minimalist bullet journal cover
Source: bujo_emotions

I love this minimalist bullet journal cover page by @bujo_emotions. The watercolor background is absolutely stunning and makes a statement. The simplicity of the header adds to the beauty of this cover.

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6. Minimalist Bullet Journal Trackers

Here is a compilation of some minimalist bullet journal trackers to help you get closer to achieving your goals.

minimalist bullet journal habit tracker
Source: @merakibujo

Here is a minimalist habit tracker by @merakibujo. Habit trackers are a great way to make or break habits and get a step closer to the ideal you. This minimalist spread has 8 mini habit trackers so that you can track different habits.

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minimalist activity tracker

This is a minimalist activity tracker by I love the doodle and the simplicity of this tracker. You can also add quotes to motivate you through your journey.

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easy bullet journal sleep tracker

I love to minimalist sleep and habit tracker by @annajournals_. It has three mini habit trackers and a circular sleep tracker in the middle. I also really like the simple black and gold theme going on in this bullet journal tracker.

minimalist bujo trackers

This purple and yellow themed minimalist bujo tracker page is a combination of habit tracker, mood tracker, and an Instagram tracker. It’s very simple and easy to follow with very minimal decorations, yet very pleasing to the eye.

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What is a Habit Tracker?

minimalist bujo savings tracker

Here is a savings tracker to motivate you to save up for your rent, a laptop, university, vacation, and so on. I love the minimalist layout of this bujo savings tracker. At the end of each tracker, the goal amount is specified. This savings tracker will give you a visual representation of your savings.

7. Travel Bullet Journal

Travel bullet journals are a great way to plan your travels and document your memories. Here are some minimalist travel bullet journal ideas that you can draw inspiration from for your next vacation.

simple travel bullet journal

This is a minimalist travel itinerary and packing checklist that you can create for your next trip. The itinerary has checked all the boxes. It has your flight details, daily budget, and a plan for each day of your stay. The packing list too has categories for things to carry on yourself, clothing, toiletries and technology.

minimalist travel journal

Here is another minimalist travel journal. I love the headers in this one where each header leads to an iconic monument of NYC. you can list out the thing to do/see in a particular place each day. This one also has a packing list to ensure that you have the best vacation possible.

minimalist packing list

I found this adorable minimalist packing list by on Instagram. It’s a simple checklist of things to carry on your trip. I love the cute suitcase doodling and the header written using beautiful hand lettering technique.

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8. Minimalist Selfcare Bullet Journal

Maintaining a self-care journal is a can enhance your feelings of positivity and happiness, reduce stress, clarifies your thoughts and feelings, and helps you connect with yourself better. Here are a  few minimalist self-care bullet journal ideas that you’ll love.

minimalist self care journal

This minimalist self-care journal will help you to recap, reset, restart, and recharge. Do try it out and let us know how well it worked for you.

minimalist self care bujo page

Here is another self-care bujo page with some self-care ideas that you can use. It has self-care ideas for the mind, body, and expression. The minimal doodling and color scheme also instills a sense of peace in the user.

9. Minimalist Gratitude Bullet Journals

A gratitude journal is a tool to list out the things that you are grateful for. Maintaining one can help you lower your stress levels, gain a new perspective in life, and focus on the things that matter. Here is a compilation of minimalist gratitude bullet journals to help you focus on the brighter side.

easy bujo gratitude journal

This cute bullet journal gratitude page is like a monthly log where you list down the things you are grateful for each day. I love the alternating color scheme and the cute hearts doodle along the page.

minimalist gratitude journal

This is again a daily log gratitude journal that follows a monthly layout. I love the circular pattern this journal follows. Each day, you list out things that you are grateful for, and it’ll make you feel positive and instill happy thoughts.

10. Bullet Journal Bucket List

Maintaining a bucket list is a good way to remind yourself of the things you want to achieve in life, that way you’ll be more accountable to achieve those goals. Here are a few minimalist bullet journal bucket list ideas.

easy bullet journal bucket list

This bucket list is a simple checklist of all the things you would like to achieve/ experience during your lifetime. You may include places to visit, adventures to embark on, or specific tasks/ events to achieve.

Source: nyawmi

I found this amazing bucket list of things to do before turning 21 by @nyawmi on Instagram. All you need to do is list out the things you want to achieve before you reach a certain age. You can decorate it with pictures, stickers and washi tape.

11. Bullet Journal Goals List

Maintaining a systematic goals list is the first step towards achieving your goals. Here are a few minimalist bujo goals list for your inspiration.

minimalist bullet journal layouts

I love this goals list by It follows a holistic approach where you can list down your goals related to your personal life, health, and work. You can visit this page on a regular basis and re-read them to motivate you to achieve your goals.

minimalist bullet journal ideas
Source: Grace Hoag

Here is a minimalist goals for the year bujo page. This is more like your new year resolutions page where you note down your goals for the year.

Source: rhodiummines

I love this minimalist goals list by @rhodiummines. Instead of simply listing down your goals, this page will also guide you through the journey of achieving your goals. It has definite sections where you write down your clarity of the goal, the plan, budget, barriers, rewards, and so on. This is the most comprehensive goal list so far.

12. Minimalist Bullet Journal Watch/ Read List:

Here are some examples of minimalist movies/ series to watch and books to read list.

bujo minimalist watch list

This bujo page has a list of TV shows to watch, movies to see, music to get, and podcasts to listen to. I also love the cute doodling on the page, but you can skip that if you want to keep it simple and minimal.

easy books to read list bujo

Here is a minimalist books to-read list. All you have to do is draw this bookshelf and fill it with the titles of all the books that you would like to read. You can keep it simple or color the bookshelf to add some life to the page.

13. Bullet Journal WishList

Here are some minimalist bullet journal wishlists that you can recreate in your bujo pages.

simple bujo wishlist
Source: 💃Jaylin✌️

I love this scrapbook themed wishlist by 💃Jaylin✌️ on Instagram. It is a simple checklist where you can write down the item you would like to buy along with its cost written next to it, assuming that all the things on your wishlist come with a price tag attached to it.

bullet journal wishlist minimalist

Here is another minimalist bullet journal wishlist that you can recreate. I love the paper crane doodle and the use of glitter washi tape to brighten up the page.

14. Bullet Journal Brain Dump Page

At times, your brain can get cluttered with thoughts and you may find it difficult to focus on the tasks at hand. So the brain dump process is a great idea to declutter your mind and relieve you of all unwanted thoughts.

The Brain Dump is a method where you allow all the cluttered thoughts in your head to be written down on paper, to get it out of your brain in some type of solid, tangible form.  You can use this brain dump to later convert it into a task list. Here are some minimalist brain dump pages.

minimalist bullet journal brain dump

This brain dump page is more like a checklist where you write down all the things that are on your mind in the form of a task list.  You can cross it off once you are done with the task.

bullet journal minimalist ideas

I love the layout of this cute braindump page. It has a blank page where you can write down all the random thoughts that you have in your mind. It also has a checklist on the next page where you can convert some of these thoughts into a productive task list.

minimalist brain dump page
Source: cindyjournals

This lavender themed brain dump page is again just a blank page where you can scribble down all your thoughts.

easy bullet journal brain dump
Source: bujonerds

I love this minimalist brain dump bujo page that I found on  Instagram. You can write down your thoughts, convert them into a task list, or leave it as it is. It’ll help clear your mind so that you can focus on the more important things at hand.

So there you go! That was a compilation of minimalist bullet journal ideas.

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