25 Best Mood Tracker Bullet Journal Ideas

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A while ago, we posted 24 Best Bullet Journal Mood Tracker For Inspiration. After receiving a positive response from you guys, we have decided to come up with a part 2. This blog post is a list of 25 mood tracker bullet journals that you must try if you love journaling and would like to keep track of your mood. 

What is a bullet journal mood tracker?

Simply put, a bullet journal mood tracker is a page in your bullet journal that allows you to keep track of your mood. By tracking your mood, you will get a clear picture of whether you have been feeling a lot sad or anxious lately or have been having positive days. It allows you to track whether you are feeling sad, angry, tired, anxious, happy, or excited. 

What is the need to track your mood?

Have you ever felt a certain way but was unable to tell why? A mood tracker is a great way to identify the sudden changes in your mood. By using a mood tracker bullet journal, you will be able to identify the triggers or warning signs that make you feel upset or anxious. By doing so, you will be able to avoid them in the future. It not only identifies the triggers but it also puts light on the small events that bring a smile on your face so that you can focus on making your day brighter.

A mood journal is especially helpful if you are suffering from anxiety or any mood disorders such as depression. By maintaining a mood diary, you can show your medical professional your precise history.  

It is also a positive psychology technique for improving your mental health.


So now if you are convinced about trying out mood journals, then we have got your back. Here is a list of 25 bullet journals that you can use to track your mood.

1. Cute Mood Tracker Bullet Journal

My mood usually goes through a whole circle. So what better way to record it than this circular mood from Martha’s journal? It is a circular disk with numbers along the rim to represent the days of the month. There are 5 different moods given in the key at the bottom of the page but you can alter it as you like. What makes this one so cute is the use of soft, pastel colours and the cute doodling in the centre.

2. Line Figures Mood Tracker

Line Figures Mood Tracker bullet journal

This is another circular mood tracker bullet journal by wonder journals. Its line design doodling in the centre and use of watercolours instantly caught my eye. The key is also very easy to follow with different colours indicating different moods.

3. Minimalist Mood Tracker Layout

Minimalist Mood Tracker Layout

I like anything that’s black. So needless to say, this is obviously one of my favourite from the list. This mood journal scrapbook by January._journal is very elegant and sophisticated. It follows a simple box layout with a very simple key at the bottom. The use of golden and white pen on the black paper makes it look very attractive.

4. Icing On The Cake Mood Tracker

This mood tracker by art by adorel is something straight out of a fairytale or a barbie movie. It is a cupcake stand filled with adorable looking cupcakes topped with different icings. The colour of the icing is an indication of your mood that day. The pink and blue background makes it seem like its floating among the clouds. Overall, this mood tracker has a very magical feel to it.

5. Mood + Sleep Tracker

Mood + Sleep Tracker bullet journal

Your sleep cycle is very important and has a huge impact on your mood. This is a very clever sleep cum mood tracker by midwest.journal. It follows an easy to track graph layout. Track your sleep and mood and you will be sure to notice a connection between the two.

6. Mood Toaster

mood tracker bujo layout

This happy and bright mood toaster by myinnercreative.com is a rather unique approach to track your mood. The bullet journal is filled with slices of toast with a key at the bottom indicating the mood that you are in. For example, a sunny side up indicates that you are in an excellent mood, butter indicates a happy mood, chocolate spread means that you are feeling okay whereas a marmalade toast indicates that it was a terrible day. At the end of the month, you will have a visual representation of what each of your days was like.

7. Circular Daily Mood Tracker

Circular Daily Mood Tracker

This is yet another circular mood journal by wonder journals. The colour scheme used makes it very cute. The key to the various moods consists of attractive patterns along with the colours used. 

You can write quotes on the journal if you wish to do so. Refer to our blog post- 100 Never Give Up Quotes To Keep You Going

8. Mood Houses

Mood Houses bujo mood journal

Sometimes, when you feel a certain way, the whole vibe of your home changes to match that of yours. This mood houses bullet journal by journalbykim is a great way to track your mood. All you have to do is draw 30 different houses to represent the days of the month. Assign a colour to each of your moods and colour the houses every night accordingly.

9. Sun And Moon Mood Tracker

Sun And Moon Mood Tracker bullet journal

This sun and moon themed mood tracker by basia_bujo is simply gorgeous. It is yet another circular mood journal which goes very well with the theme. The scale is very minimal with different shades of grey. I’m totally in love with the overall feel of this mood log.

10. Mermaid Themed Mood Tracker

Mermaid Themed Mood Tracker

This cute mermaid tail themed mood tracker by cute.bujo.trackers simply awesome. She has used different shades of blue to indicate different moods. The title is created using great hand lettering techniques. You can do it too! Refer to our blog post on How To Get Started With Hand Lettering.

11. Geometric Lines Mood Tracker

Geometric Lines Mood Tracker bullet tracker

This amazing geometric lines mood tracker is by alotmallforyou. It’s cute triangular and quadrilateral geometric patterns are numbered to represent the different days of the month. The leaf wreath pattern in the centre adds to its beauty. Simply set a guide or key to your different moods and record them at the end of the day.

12. But First Coffee Mood Tracker

coffee themed bujo mood tracker ideas

I love coffee and the smell of it. This coffee bean themed mood tracker by thuys.bujo is for all the coffee lovers out there. All you have to do is draw 31 little coffee beans and number them to indicate the day of the month. Use different shades of brown to represent different emotions. 

13. Portuguese Blue Tiles Mood Tracker

blue mood tracker bullet journal

This blue-tiled mood tracker bullet journal by journalbyronnie has a very nostalgic feel to it. Although I must warn you that try this format only if you have the patience to fill up the tiles with patterns each night. As you can see, some of the patterns are quite detailed and the last thing you should be doing is leaving the journal blank midway. So if you are the patient kind, then do try this layout, if not stick to the simpler colouring format. 

14. Starry Sky Mood Tracker Bullet Journal

Starry Sky Mood Tracker Bullet Journal

This stars and constellation themed mood tracker bullet journal by abulletjournaladay is just so simple yet adorable. All you have to do is draw stars randomly around the page and connect them to form constellations. And don’t forget to number those stars. Use a simple key that is easy to follow. I cannot help but notice the title that is written using hand lettering. 

To know more, refer- How To Get Started With Hand Lettering.

15. Mood + Habit Tracker

This circular tracker by willas.journey is not only a great sight to see, but is also multi-functional. That’s right! This is a mood cum habit tracker. It has a habit tracker on the outer part of the dial and the innermost part of the circle acts as a mood tracker. With this layout, you can track 3 or more habits along with your mood. Isn’t that great?

16. Rose Bullet Journal Mood Tracker

This rose-themed mood tracker bullet journal by bujo with Andrea is truly one of its kind. It does not require any separate colour key as all you have to do is highlight those dashes based on how you are feeling. The more you highlight, it means the better you feel. So if you have a wonderful day, go ahead and highlight the whole dotted line.

17. Waves And Tides Mood Tracker

waves mood tracker bullet journal

This ocean and waves inspired mood journal by journal_with_inspiration is a total killer. Use different shades of blue to colour the waves and by the end of the month, you will know if the tides have turned or not.

18. Phases Of The Moon Mood Tracker

Phases Of The Moon Mood Tracker

I absolutely love the idea of this phases of the moon mood tracker by a.tea_a.bujo. Use the different phases of the moon to describe how you felt that day. A full moon represents happiness whereas a no moon indicates that you had a rough day. I sincerely hope that you are blessed with new moons all your life. 

19. It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

Being wet and cold typically isn’t fun, but for those who love the rain, nothing beats a rainy day. This rain and clouds themed bullet journal mood tracker by abulletjournaladay is a must-try if you love the rains. Even otherwise, this is super cute and easy to recreate. All you need is to draw a giant cloud and multiple rain droplets.

20. Your Mind Is A Garden Mood Log

mood log ideas

Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are seeds. You can grow flowers or you can grow weed. This aesthetic looking mood tracker by petitesfeuilles is functional and pretty looking at the same time. It’s also simple to maintain with just three moods. However, you can always customise to match your preferences.

21. Pizza Mania Mood Tracker

pizza mood tracker ideas

Who doesn’t love pizza! This pizza-themed mood tracker bullet journal by ourmindfullife.com is for all the pizza fans out there. It’s simple to recreate and easy to follow. The pizza toppings will indicate your mood throughout the day. 

22. Pixelated Hearts Mood Tracker Bullet Journal

These cute pixelated hearts manage to melt my heart every time I see them. This bullet journal mood tracker is by crazylaura.com. Do try it out and let us know how it turns out.

Comic Book Pattern Mood Tracker

Comic Book Pattern Mood Tracker

This comic book themed mood tracker bullet journal by The Ink Inquisition is for all you comic book fans reading this. If you are a comic book enthusiast, then do try this out. The theme will ensure that you do not skip a single day, instead, it will make you long to fill up this journal.

24. Mountain Themed Mood Tracker

This mountain themed bullet journal mood tracker is just so pleasing to look at. And it is also very easy to maintain. All you have to do is highlight the column with the colour of your mood. I’m sure highlighting these strips must be very satisfying to do at the end of the day.

25. Paper Plane Mood Tracker

Paper Plane Mood Tracker ideas

This paper plane themed mood tracker by myinnercreative.com is the last on the list. These tiny paper planes that fill up the page are so adorable, they remind me of my carefree childhood. Use pastels and other soft shades to maintain the vibe. 

So there you go! That was part 2 of the top 25 mood tracker bullet journals. Do try them out and let us know which one you liked the best. Do not hesitate to mix and match and customise them according to your needs and preferences. See you again soon in another post.

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