64+ Bullet Journal Quote Ideas For An Inspiring BuJo

Featured Image Source: ginnyandjournal

Bullet journal quote pages are an essential part of your journal and give it an inspirational and motivational twist! Using pretty typography and relatable quotes in your bullet journals is something that would make your days even better. As soon as you open your journal, the first page will greet you with a lovely message that will surely bring a smile to your face! You can make one, two, or as many quote pages in your journal. You can also add quotes in the corners or margins of your weekly layouts or bujo trackers. Finally, you can select any quote you like, a comforting one, or an inspiring one, or a funny one or any other to suit your mood.

You can decorate your quotes page with floral doodles and add a bullet journal goals page for added motivation! 

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Bullet Journal Quotes for Motivation

What better way to start your journal journey than with a motivational saying? These bullet journal quote ideas are the right amount of inspiration you need to get things done. They are sure to lift your spirits even on a bad day.  

1. Washi Tape Pastel Quote

Bullet Journal Quotes

Source: veronicajournals

With this motivational quote in your bullet journal, it is finally “time to make things happen!”. This minimal quote idea by veronicajournals uses a cute font for writing the quote with a pastel color theme. The use of washi tapes to decorate the corners and hand-drawn tiny black stars create a put-together look.  

2. Bright Green Work It Quote Idea

Source: geegee_tea

This appealing quote page by geegee_tea will surely catch your eye and fill you up with motivation every day. This quote is written using shades of green and is a combination of different font styles that look beautiful. It is a super simple idea and takes a few minutes to recreate. 

3. Crawling Leaves Bullet Journal Quote Page

Source: ingytalks

Here is a super creative and stylish way of designing your bullet journal quote page by ingytalks. The design is simple, easy to make, and very attractive. Start by creating a neat border and fill the insides with some crawling leafy designs. Use the space in the middle to write your favorite motivational quote, and voila!

4. Purple Web Tabs Quote Design

Source: bujowithzoey

This unique quote page idea by bujowithzoey is a fun and interesting way of styling your journal page. All you have to do is create some pop-up tabs colored in bright purple and pink. Use the space in the tab to write your quote in a quirky font. Finally, add tiny pieces of washi tape as borders for your quote page. 

5. Positive Thoughts Quote Page

Source: planwithprudy

This quotes page idea by planwithprudy will surely be an adorable reminder to start your day with a positive thought! The cute bunny garden doodle at the top, followed by a pastel-toned quote, makes this a wonderful idea. You can use different font styles and colors to write parts of the quote. It is easy, quick, and looks very cute.

Bullet Journal Quotes with Doodles

Adding tiny, cute doodles to your bullet journal quote pages can instantly make them more attractive. You would surely want to stop and read that quote every time you flip through your journal. Be it flowers, hearts, stars, or anything else; doodling will spice things up in your quote pages.

6. Leafy Spring Quote Page

Source: bearandfoxcreations

I love how minimal yet colorful this bullet journal quote page by bearandfoxcreations looks. It is a warm motivational quote written in diverse typography. The colors look bright and beautiful against the white background. Finally, the addition of these tiny plants, leaves, and floral doodles completes this spring quote adorably.

7. Never Dull Your Sparkle Quote Page

Source: tea_rahh

This black and white theme quote page idea by tea_rahh is a perfect combination of inspiration and beauty. The use of stylish typography along with simple light bulbs and star doodles makes this page very stunning. It is a super creative and quirky way to design your quote page.

8. Minimal Fall Doodle Quote Idea

Source: somekindwords_

As minimal and neat as this bujo quote idea by somekindwords_ looks, it is equally elegant. You can write the quote using different font styles and sizes. A combination of pink and purple tones with black makes this a super chic design. Finally, the addition of autumn leaves and a coffee mug match the quote perfectly!

9. Calligraphic Bullet Journal Quote Idea

Bullet Journal Quotes

Source: rachelbbulletjournal

Calligraphic fonts make everything appear magical and inspiring! This quote idea by rachelbbulletjournal has a fantastic quote written in a colorful, stylish font. The design has doodles at the top of the page followed by the quote. You can customize the doodles to match the quote, and voila!

10. Doodled Globe Journal Quote Idea

Source: zens_doodles

If you believe in seizing the day, this quote idea by zens_doodles is what you need. Start by drawing the outline of a globe in black ink. Fill the continents with different doodle designs and add the quote as the ring of the globe. The entire design is unique and highly appealing, so do try it out! 

Bullet Journal Quotes Page Ideas

Why use quotes as a filler for your monthly planner pages or your habit tracker pages when you can dedicate an entire page to your daily motivation? These ideas are simple and so stunning that you will add one or many quote pages to your bullet journal. 

11. Cup of Positivitea Bujo Quote Page

Bullet journal quotes

Source: mayas.workshop

A simple quote like the one in this idea by mayas.workshop really makes a difference. This bujo quote page’s layout is minimal, starting with a quote and ending with a related illustration. It has cute, stylish typography, and the teacup completes the page beautifully!

12. Christmas Stars Bullet Journal Quote Idea

Source: erinsbigworld

Here is a bullet journal quote idea by erinsbigworld that is perfect for your Christmas or New Year’s journal. This quote page is full of sparkle and stars that make the quote very magical and dreamy. A subtle yet stylish font is used to write the quote in black among the bright yellow stars. It is a simple, easy, and quick quote page idea. 

13. Getting Started Quote Pinned Page

Source: journals.aesthetics

Pin this quote to your bullet journal quote page to recreate this design by journals.aesthetics. Write the quote inside a bordered box and add four dots to the corners for a notice board pin effect. You can use as many colors and fonts as you want to customize this quote page. Also, add some doodles to add a pleasant touch to the layout.

14. Multi-Colored Dreamcatcher Bujo Quote Idea

Source: miaspace_xoxo

Add a bright and inspiring touch to your bullet journal with this idea by miaspace_xoxo. This quote page design has a large, colorful dream catcher drawn on one side and a simple, uplifting quote written on the other. You can add any colors of your choice in the dream catcher and add the quote that personally encourages you.

15. Quick and Creative Bujo Quote Page

Source: bellaboo.journal

Here is a quick and super simple way of adding a quote page to your bullet journal. Pick some color pens and some font style ideas of your choice and begin writing. Mix and match the colors and fonts to recreate this design by bellaboo.journal. You can write any quote that you love and make it look very attractive.  

Bullet Journal Quotes for New Year

New Year’s is a new beginning for you and your bullet journal! So welcome the new year with these quote page ideas for a blessed and hopeful start.

16. Glitter and Gold Quote Page Idea

Source: sophsknotes

This hopeful bullet journal quote page by sophsknotes has a very stylish and aesthetic design. It uses a combination of a curvy font with hints of gold, copper, and brown. Tiny detailings make this layout very stunning, and the glitter pens make it luxurious looking! 

17. Year of Self Growth Inspiring Quote Idea

Source: doodleurima

Fill up your new year’s quote page with some freshness using this idea by doodleurima. All you have to do is draw some colorful leaf creepers across the page and add the quote in the middle. Use black for writing the text as it compliments the colors well. You can customize this design to suit the theme of your bullet journal. 

18. Ripped Vintage Floral Quote Page

bullet journal quotes

Source: ginnyandjournal

This vintage bullet journal quote idea by ginnyandjournal is very stunning and creative. The quote is written on ripped brown paper stuck on the journal page. A branch of watercolor flowers above the quote is a beautiful addition. Overall, this idea looks very pleasant and fresh! 

19. Stripes of Color New Year Quote

Source: _calliworld_

Here is a quick yet creative quote page idea by _calliworld_ for your new year’s bullet journal. Start by painting thick and colorful stripes vertically across the page. Write the quote on a crumpled piece of paper, stick it over the painted background, and voila!

20. Simply Pink Neat Bujo Quote Idea

Source: bujojocey

I love how neat, minimal, and adorable this bujo quote page by bujojocey looks. Start by creating a thin border using a pink highlighter pen. Use the middle of the page to write the quote in a uniform and clean font style. Add a tiny pink heart balloon on the side, and your new year is ready to begin!  

Quotes for First Page of Bullet Journal

Replacing the first page of your bullet journal with a quote page will transform your journaling experience. You will get a boost of motivation as soon as you open your journal. So, even when you won’t feel like writing, this quote page would inspire you to be regular!

21. Abstract Colors Bullet Journal Quote Idea

bullet journal quotes

Source: bujomood

Here is a stunning, sophisticated, and creative way by bujomood to design your bullet journal’s first page. Start by choosing a combination of two colors like pink and green that go well together. Next, use these colors to draw abstract blobs across the page. Use black and white pens to add tiny details and write your favorite quote on the side. You can choose a line from your favorite book or something that personally inspired you.

22. Phases of the Moon Bujo Quote Page

Source: themoonescape

I love how inspiring and unique this cover page idea by themoonescape is. Start by drawing the phases of the moon vertically across the page. Next, assign one word to each phase that motivates you and shall be your goal for the year/month. This idea will remind you of one phase every day that you need to focus on. It is a great quote style as it gives you eight reminders in one!

23. Bunch of Balloons Quote Cover Page

Source: allytheberry

If you want your bullet journal’s cover page to be simple, neat, and chaos-free, try this idea by allytheberry. All you have to do is draw a bunch of balloons using the colors of your choice. Finally, write a short yet strong quote below the drawing, and voila! It is a quick way of designing an equally impactful cover page. 

24. Live Love Sparkle Ignite Quote Idea

Source: squarelimedesigns

Here is a colorful and vibrant way by squarelimedesigns for designing your bujo quote page. It has a two-page layout with the quote written on one side and a watercolor diamond illustration on the other. The use of toothbrush painting to add hints of color in the background completes the layout perfectly.

25. A Daily Reminder Bujo Cover

Source: arts.of.authoi

This is a very minimal and quick way by arts.of.authoi to design your bullet journal cover page. Start by roughly painting a patch of color in the center of the page. You can pick up any favorite color or even a combination of colors. Once the paint is dried, write your inspiring quote in black ink and stylish font. This idea is easily customizable and looks very stunning. 

Bullet Journal Quotes for Positivity

These bullet journal quote ideas will fill your day with a boost of positivity. You will get a kick of energy and excitement as soon as you flip to this page of your journal. It is a creative way of adding a dash of optimism to your everyday life. 

26. Be a Wildflower Quote Idea

bullet journal quotes

Source: positivethoughts.ca

Isn’t this bullet journal quote page by positivethoughts.ca absolutely stunning? Start by splitting the page into vertical halves for a quote and a related illustration. This bujo page has a black and white theme, but you can change it to suit your style. The idea is neat, easy to replicate, and looks unique and elegant.

27. Swinging Flowers Positive Quote Page

Source: bujo.nordic

Doesn’t this bullet journal quote idea by bujo.nordic look straight out of a Pinterest image? Well, it’s 100% handmade, and you can make one too! Start by creating a tiny rectangular box in the middle of the page and fill it with the color you like. Now, grab a black marker and begin writing the quote of your choice. Finally, draw some swinging flowers at the bottom, and your quote page is ready.

28. Crescent Moon Dreamy Quote Idea

Source: journalwithmina

If you love the night sky, this bullet journal quote page by journalwithmina is the one for you! Stick a black rectangular paper cutout to your bujo page and paint a white crescent moon on it. Add any moon or night sky-related quote next to the painting. Preferably use stylish washi tape pieces to stick the black paper for an added detail.

29. A Beautiful Ride, Bullet Journal Quote Idea

bullet journal quotes

Source: lisastartsplanning

Here is another positive bullet journal quote page by lisastartsplanning if you are a travel lover! Even if you are not, this quote suits ideally in any context. Start by writing a suitable quote in a neat, simple, and adorable font. Add some color to the letters here and there. Finally, draw a tiny bicycle below the quote. You can also draw a car, bike, or even an airplane. So, get as creative as you want or simply recreate this minimal idea.

30. Vibrantly Highlighted Bujo Quote Page

Source: dyk_journal

This bullet journal quote page by dyk_journal is full of bright, neon colors that make it highly appealing. All you need to recreate this bujo quote page are some colorful neon markers. Start by writing a positive, magical quote in the middle of the page and draw two corner brackets for a neat appearance. Finally, add some tiny stars and a cute flamingo in the empty spaces, and voila!

Minimalist Bullet Journal Quotes

Keeping it simple and basic is the key to an elegant bullet journal quote page. These minimalist bujo pages will inspire you to create some appealing pages with the least effort.

31. Taped On Bullet Journal Quote Idea

Source: writinghideoutart

Here is an adorable and personalized bullet journal quote page by writinghideoutart that you can recreate quickly. Grab a torn piece of brown paper and scribble your favorite quote in a casual but neat font. Stick this on your bujo page using some printed washi tape. Finally, add a cute floral sticker to match the aesthetic, and your daily inspiration is ready!

32. Celebrating Victory, Leafy Quote Page

Source: _.maknae_

This bullet journal quote idea by _.maknae_ is yet another neat and pleasant way of designing your journal pages. Start by scribbling your chosen quote in the middle of the page using a stylish font. Next, add a colorful leafy border around the text. Finally, write a tiny calendar of the month at the bottom of the page, and your design is ready. This is a great monthly cover page idea as well! 

33. Horizontal Lines Quote Style Idea

Source: bujo___inspo

I love how stylish yet minimalistic this quote idea by bujo___inspo is. It has a simple idea that you can recreate in a few minutes. Start by choosing an inspiring quote that has no more than five to six words. Next, select your favorite color pen combination and begin writing. Each word of the phrase is written separately in a list format across the page. You can use different font styles for each word to make it even more stylish. Finally, connect each word to the page horizontally by drawing lines on the left and right. This completes the neat look of this design.

34. Minimal Doodles Bujo Quote Page

bullet journal quotes

Source: barbss.journals

This simple bullet journal quote idea by barbss.journals uses a mix of a beautifully written quote and matching doodles. For instance, here, the quote, “Be a light for the world to see,” is complemented by tiny, bright lanterns flying across the page. This idea is customizable and looks very adorable.

35. Play with the Fonts Simple Quote Idea

bullet journal quotes

Source: chloe.bulletjournal

This bullet journal quote page by chloe.bulletjournal is all about layering and playing with muted color tones. Start by sticking a rectangular scrapbook paper of any design in the middle of your bujo page. Layer this sheet asymmetrically with a plain white piece of paper. Add your quote on top using some colorful and fun font styles.

Bullet Journal Quotes Based on Month

Monthly bullet journal layouts can instantly be made meaningful once you add an inspiring quote to them. These monthly quote ideas are perfectly suited for each month of the year. So, you will indeed find the one you want to recreate for your next bullet journal.

36. Stepping into the New Year Quote Idea

Source: juliettetlin

Start your year with this bright and shiny bullet journal quote cover idea by juliettetlin. This January quote page has a background full of lit yellow lanterns. The layout has two pages with the quote on one side and the month name on the other. It is a beautiful and very appealing idea that will be perfect as your January bullet journal cover.

37. Scrapbook Style January Quote Page

Source: dragonfruit_bujo

This January quote idea by dragonfruit_bujo is perfect as your bullet journal cover. Inspired by winter snow, it has an aesthetic and vintage look. The idea uses torn pieces of scrapbook paper for styling the corners of the pages. These corners are further layered with patterned washi tape. Finally, tiny snowflakes are drawn across the two-page layout to finish this appealing quote idea.

38. Romantic Red February Bujo Quote Idea

Source: dmamadedesign

Since February is the month of Valentine’s, this quote idea by dmamadedesign is the perfect choice for your February bullet journal. This two-page layout follows a pink and red color scheme and uses scraps of pattern paper for designing the corners around the handwritten quote. The month’s name on the other side is surrounded by tiny heart hangings. If you are feeling a lot in love, this bujo idea is a must-try!

39. Loaded with Creativity Bullet Journal Quote Idea

Source: journal___cloud

Grab your favorite sparkly paints to recreate this bullet journal quote page by journal___cloud. It has a sea and sky-inspired theme along with the use of shimmery blue and gold tones. You can customize this idea to paint any illustration that matches your chosen quote. I also love the cutout detail that reveals the name of the month. It is a super creative and unique way to use your skills in your journal.

40. Floral March Bujo Quote Page

bullet journal quotes

Source: apolersbujo

This aesthetically pleasing quote page idea by apolersbujo is perfect for your March journal cover. The bright yellow daffodils add a stunning vibrance to the page. Additionally, the beautiful font styles used for writing the quote make this layout even more appealing. Finally, add a tiny monthly calendar at the bottom to complete this design!

41. Remember Why You Started Quote Idea

Source: malakjournals

I love how adorable and fun this March quote idea by malakjournals looks. It is indeed a beautiful reminder of why you started. The pastel pink lotuses floating in bright green leaves across the background look very lively. The dragonfly at the corner is a cute addition. Finally, the use of a stylish font completes this page perfectly.

42. Bee Happy April Journal Quote Idea

Source: bullet_journal_blog_offical

Doesn’t this honeylicious bullet journal quote idea by bullet_journal_blog_offical look so adorable? The horizontal stripes create a soothing yet fun background for the quote. Also, the witty quote combined with tiny bee doodles makes this page even more attractive. It is a perfect choice for your April bullet journal cover. 

43. Sunny-Side Up Bullet Journal Quote Page

bullet journal quotes

Source: cazligraphy

These bujo quote pages might look printed, but they are entirely handmade, and you can recreate them too! The sunny side egg designs are contrasted with a cool blue pattern to recreate the month cover. On the other side, a similar pattern is used to design the corners of the page. The quote is written in blue with hints of the egg design. Overall, this idea by cazligraphy is an aesthetic and well-crafted design that is easy to make.

44. Blooming Floral Wreath Bujo Quote Layout

Source: apas_corner

Make some bright, colorful flowers blossom on your March quote page for a fun and adorable design like this by apas_corner. Write the quote using two different font styles and decorate it by drawing tiny flowers and butterflies. Draw the same doodles on the next page to create a wreath around the month name. It is a beautiful two-page layout that is minimal yet eye-catching.

45. Motivating May Monthly Quote Idea

Source: juliettetlin

For a sophisticated and soothing bullet journal quote page, try this idea by juliettetlin. All you have to do is scribble the quote using a simple font in black ink. Next, highlight this quote using a color of your choice. Finally, draw a bunch of flowers on the next page using the same color and write the month’s name. This is a “beginning of the summer” themed quote page for your May journal. 

46. Hello June, Ice Cream Bujo Cover

Source: _annas.artwork_

The summer month of June is here, and with that comes ice-creams! Paint some bright watercolor ice creams on one side and use the same colors to write a quote on the other. Add tiny black detailings, and voila! This simple but adorable idea by _annas.artwork_ is all ready!

47. Colorfully Calligraphic Monthly Quote Idea

bullet journal quotes

Source: brookes.lettering

An explosion of vibrant colors is what makes this June bullet journal quote page by brookes.lettering so unique. The use of a stylish calligraphy font with leafy and floral designs perfectly suits the month of June. It is a two-paged layout that is easy to recreate and customize.

48. When Life Gives You Lemons Quote Page

Source: studystripes

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade and a stunning bujo quote page. Use a basic font for writing the quote on one side, and fill up the other side with lemons in the background. Overall, this is a very fresh and unique idea by studystripes to design your monthly quote page.

49. Keep Growing Leafy July Quote Cover

Source: hannahruth.bujo

This bullet journal quote idea by hannahruth.bujo is very fresh and wholesome. The quote is written in a stylish, flowy font with a washi tape border. On the other side, the month’s name is surrounded by beautiful green leaves. This is a breezy yet elegant quote cover for your July monthly journal.

50. Sunday of Summer Adorable Quote Page

bullet journal quotes

Source: onthedottedpage

Here is another lemon-fresh quote page by onthedottedpage that is perfect for your August bullet journal. Write the quote in a double border-box using a yellow and black color scheme. For added detailing, draw tiny lemon slices and a soda jar around the quote. It is a straightforward and simple idea that you can recreate quickly.

51. Welcome August Sunflower Quote Idea

Source: rachael.cecere

If you choose a longer quote, this bujo quote page by rachael.cecere is for you! Here the quote is simply scribbled on the page using black ink. The addition of tiny sunflower stickers to the corners creates an adorable detail. The quote is also very suitable for the month of rain and will be a great addition to your August bullet journal.  

52. Trust the Timing Designed Quote Page

Source: mondaymorningdesign

This September quote page by mondaymorningdesign is an elegant, neat, and minimalistic idea for designing your journal cover. Write the quote on one side in a tiny yet neat font and use the same ink to create the next page. Next, draw some fruit branch designs as the background and voila! The sketchy drawing and exquisite detailing make this cover page very appealing.

53. Forest Themed September Bujo Cover

Source: thebulletjournaladdict

This adorable forest-themed bullet journal quote idea by thebulletjournaladdict is full of bright green leaves and tiny flowers. The chosen font styles also compliment the page perfectly. Finally, the popping monkey in the leaf wreath takes this design to another level of cuteness. You can definitely choose this one for your next September journal.

54. Pumpkin Spice Bujo Quote Page

bullet journal quotes

Source: rosiejournals_

October is the month of Halloween, and Halloween is the pumpkin season. So, decorate your bullet journal quote pages with some pumpkins and fall leaves to recreate this orange-themed idea by rosiejournals_. Use a mix of basic and stylish font to write the quote as it goes well with the breezy feel of the page.

55. Autumn Vibes October Bujo Quote

Source: piasbujo

Using some washi tape and tiny doodling art, you can recreate this adorable autumn-themed October bujo quote page by piasbujo. It uses warm orange, brown, and yellow tones that go perfectly with the mood of the month. You can add colors and multiple font styles while writing the quote. Even though the doodles are scattered across the layout, it still looks elegant and sophisticated.

56. Happiness from Within Monthly Quote

Source: paigejacquelinejournaling

These blue and yellow flowers in the background make this quote page by paigejacquelinejournaling so bright and appealing. The combination of warm and cool colors is unique and soothing. Also, the use of bold black font for writing the quote compliments the theme perfectly. Overall, this layout gives a very wintery vibe with hints of fall. So, it is the way to go for your November bullet journal quote page.

57. Musical November Bujo Quote Idea

Source: anna_kuro_neko

Are you a music lover and want to incorporate a quote page into your bujo? Well, this idea by anna_kuro_neko is just the one for you! The idea uses a piano quote that is combined with a keyboard border at the bottom. For the next page, musical notes are used as borders and the background for writing the month’s name. 

58. Merry December Bullet Journal Quote Idea

Source: mahibujos

The merry month of December is here! So, why not decorate your journal quote page with the Christmas theme? This bujo quote idea by mahibujos uses a bold, bright font to write the quote across two pages. The layout is further decorated with a Christmas tree, gingerbread, and some candy canes flying around. This quote page will surely get you in celebration mode!

59. Hanging Baubles Starry Bujo Quote Page

Source: toastyjournals

If you don’t wish to design your December quotes page solely for Christmas, this idea by toastyjournals is another excellent option! Start by drawing some clear baubles hanging across the two pages. Fill these up with some stars and confetti. Finally, scribble your quote in an italic font and add some star hangings in the empty spaces. Add a calendar of the month, and your December quote page is ready for the month!

Cute Bullet Journal Quotes

If you want a dash of color and some adorable designs in your bullet journal quote pages, this list is for you! Try out these versatile and vibrant ideas that are ideally suited for any mood.

60. Minty Feathers Beautiful Quote Page

Source: artbeatillustrations

This bullet journal quote idea by artbeatillustrations looks straight out of a fairytale book! I love the use of minty cyan tones along with a stylish calligraphy font. Finally, the flying feathers look elegant and beautiful, making this quote page very dreamy and magical.

61. Floral Pergola Lovely Quote Design

bullet journal quotes

Source: kc.bujo

Add this adorable dinner date illustration by kc.bujo to your bullet journal along with a romantic quote to make this a perfect quote page for celebrating your lovely year. The stunning pergola, covered in leaves and roses, adds to the beauty of this page. It is a beautiful design that will draw your attention to the quote every day! 

62. One Word Bullet Journal Quote Idea

Source: paperythoughts

A single word can sometimes be more inspiring than an entire quote. When it is written in a beautiful font, on an adorable page layout, that word becomes even more effective. Here the word bloom written under a floral watering can is minimal yet motivating. This idea by paperythoughts is easy to replicate and will make an impact in just one glance!

63. Scattered Leaves Bujo Quote Idea

bullet journal quotes

Source: tricia_tries

Combining your favorite quote with fresh leaves will make your day even more energetic. This bullet journal quote idea by tricia_tries is straightforward and can be recreated quickly. Start by writing the quote in a neat and clear font, using green pens. Next, draw some green leaves across the page. Finally, add some purple leaves in the background for some variation, and voila!

64. Two-Page Bullet Journal Quote Layout

Source: bujobynina

This two paged bullet journal quote idea by bujobynina is perfect for your yearly/monthly cover pages. One side has a happy quote written in a basic style using black ink. In contrast, the other page has colorful, leafy corners and the month name. Overall, the simplicity of the design is what makes it stand out! So, do try it out.

We hope that this list of bullet journal quote ideas inspired you to add some of these to your bujo. They are perfect for a daily dose of motivation, positivity, happiness, love, or just anything you need. Even when you are not having a good day, these quote pages would give you hope and help bring a smile to your face!   

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