26 Modern Bedroom Accent Wall Ideas Trending in 2024

A bedroom accent wall is quite the rage nowadays isn’t it? You will not come across a home decor article that does not mention it and go into details about how it will change the look of your room. And quite frankly, they’re not wrong. Having an accent wall is quite like having the perfect coffee table. It will elevate the design of your room without focusing all the attention on itself.

And with all the fuss that accent walls seem to be making nowadays, it’s only logical that you think of adding it to your bedroom as well. Accent walls allow you flexibility and depth in your decor. In this post, we cover some of the best master bedroom accent wall ideas, and also some for kids bedrooms. 

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Which Wall Should be the Accent Wall in the Bedroom?

Traditionally, the accent wall is the one which you want to make the focal point of your room. Most of the time, especially in bedrooms, that is the wall against which you place the headboard of your bed. This wall is usually the one you see first when you walk into the room.

However, if your room is oriented differently and you want to highlight a different wall – based on the direction of windows or width of the room, you can choose the wall you want to make the focal point and use that as your accent. As long as your accent wall is unique in contrast with the rest of your room and decor, it will stand out and serve its purpose.

26 Bedroom Accent Wall Ideas To Create A Beautiful Space

To help you in your decisions on which type of accent wall you want to choose for your bedroom, we’ve compiled a list of some different ideas. These range from shiplap to wall treatments, panels and board and batten with everything in between. Check out this list for inspiration and get started with your room transformation using the handy tutorials.

1. Golden Stenciled Bedroom Wall

Image and tutorial albiongould

When using a stencil, it can be a little daunting to try doing an entire wall. However, this pretty modern accent wall bedroom tutorial is not as difficult as it seems once you start. It’s a great way to get started with your accent wall journey because it is minimal yet so artistic for a bedroom accent wall.

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2. DIY Wood Trim Accent Wall for Bedroom

Image and tutorial by themerrythought

This dark green accent wall bedroom idea really showcases a perfect blend of styles. The colour and wood trim give the room an almost rustic and mountain-like feel. If you like having geometry in your accents, this idea incorporates seamlessly. It is not in your face but still gives a calm grounded feeling.

3. Geometric Plywood Bedroom Accent Wall

Image and tutorial by realitydaydream

There is texture, colour, shapes and everything in between with this modern wood accent wall bedroom tutorial. Make sure to use good plywood to make this accent wall shine. The eccentric hexagonal pattern of the wood adds a very attractive visual element. And even though you might think it will take up a lot of time, you can get this bedroom accent wall done over the weekend. Neat isn’t it?

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4. Vintage Smeared Brick Accent Wall

Image and tutorial by recapturedcharm

If you’ve been feeling tired of your dull and simple bedroom walls, odds are an accent wall can really change the space. For some really quirky inspiration, try these brick accent wall bedroom instructions. The effect of the smeared brick wall is a very rustic farmhouse feel. It is an excellent master bedroom accent wall if you’re been looking to spice up the look of your room.

5. DIY Wooden Accent Wall with Chalk Paint

Image and tutorial by martysmusings

We all want DIY solutions for ideas that look expensive. And this amazing modern wood accent wall bedroom tutorial can be done in under $100. Yes, you read that right. Give your bedroom the makeover it deserves. The tutorial will walk you through the ups and downs of making your own pretty coastal themed bedroom makeover.

6. DIY Grid Unique Accent Wall for Bedroom

Image and tutorial by loveandrenovations

This DIY master bedroom accent wall tutorial is fun and super easy to execute. And it really does elevate the look of the room. With wood grids like these, it would be great to go with one solid colour to give the room a more cohesive look. The best part is that this is a nice beginner friendly project. And on top of that, you’ll be able to knock this out in just a couple of days.

7. DIY Boho Arch Bedroom Accent Wall

Image and tutorial by deliciousanddiy

Painted accent walls are a hit with almost everyone. But what if we could give it a bit of a twist. With this teal accent wall bedroom project, you will really transform your room. Arch painted accents are not only easy to customize, you can add or subtract how much of the wall you want to paint over. This boho arch accent wall will give your boho bedroom space a really cozy yet quirky look. Not to mention they’re a breeze to execute.

8. Simple Painted Arch Accent For Modern Bedroom

Image and tutorial by uptodateinteriors

This modern accent wall bedroom idea is one for keeping. It is easy to do yet it does so much to elevate the look of your room. For minimal projects like these, it is good to choose a wall that is easily noticeable when walking into the room. Everything is so well explained in the tutorial that you will find it really easy to do this bedroom accent wall. So what are you waiting for? Go try it for yourself.

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9. Black Space Bedroom Accent Wall

Image and tutorial by honeybearlane

Sometimes dark walls can really come in handy when deciding on an accent wall design. This pretty black accent wall bedroom tutorial really shows you how to transform a kid’s bedroom. High props if your child is a space fan because they will not stop gushing over it. The chalk effect really gives it a very authentic look as well. Frankly, I’m beaming while looking at it too.

10. DIY Bedroom Feature Wall Ideas

Image and tutorial by classyclutter

Everything about this modern wood accent wall bedroom design screams class and elegance. It is sleek, it stands out. And most of all, it is really easy and affordable to do. The geometric inlay in which the wood pieces are placed is very unique too. If you follow along to the instructions given, you’re guaranteed to find yourself with a really nice master bedroom accent wall as well.

11. Board and Batten Bedroom Accent Wall

Image and tutorial by nestingwithgrace

Wall treatments can really transform the look of your room when done correctly. And this shiplap accent wall bedroom makeover is no different. Board and batten can really add texture and depth to your room, even if you keep the colour very neutral. That’s the beauty of it I guess. This tutorial also works if you have a smaller room. It’s easy to customize the place to make it more cozy.

12. Polka Dot Accent Wall

Image and tutorial by thevanderveenhouse

I am convinced that decals are the baby brother of the mighty wallpaper. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to brighten up your room, this wallpaper accent wall bedroom tutorial is for you. There are many ways to incorporate decals into your wall decor. And polka dots are the epitome of whimsy. So if you like grounded childhood nostalgia, you should really consider doing this.

13. Rainbow Shiplap Wall

Image and tutorial by remodelaholic

We have plenty of colour. We have lots of texture. And there is a huge heaping of style as well. This is the ultimate shiplap accent wall bedroom project for a kid’s bedroom. It features colours in a playful rainbow ombre which is so unique and innovative. If you have been scratching your heads wondering what to do with that boring wall in your bedroom, don’t hesitate to use this idea. It really will transform the look of your room.

14. Vertical Board and Batten Panel Accent Wall

Image and tutorial by anikasdiylife

Board and batten can do a lot to open up a room. It is easy and simple to execute. And doesn’t take too much look to complete either. So this navy accent wall bedroom tutorial might be what you need for something quick. It is a great weekend project and will only require basic tools. Colour and paint style really comes into play with ideas like these. So be sure to follow the tutorial for amazing master bedroom accent wall ideas.

15. Modern Wood Accent Wall

Image and tutorial by joyfullygrowingblog

Want a beautiful modern wood accent wall bedroom look but don’t know where to begin? Look no further. This brilliant tutorial will walk you through the entire process from start to finish. Wood accents are a great way to add depth and character to your bedroom. Finishing it with a wood stain is the perfect way to make your room exude warmth too.

16. DIY Geometric Painted Bedroom Accent Wall

Image and tutorial by designsponge

We found the perfect way to pair your love for geometric patterns and wall decor with this tutorial. This modern accent wall bedroom idea is not just whimsical and unique, you can make it completely your own too.

The whole wall is a masterpiece in creativity with the way you decide to play with colours. Plus since it is just paint, you can get this done in no time without any extra woodworking hassles. For those of you who love all things quirky, you cannot go wrong with this DIY project.

17. Ombre Squares Bedroom Accent Wall

Image and tutorial by thriftydecorchick

Start off a relaxing weekend of makeover with this fantastic idea for an ombre green accent wall bedroom project. You’ll need painters tape – lots of it to be honest – and a lot of patience. But good things come to those who have patience and this tutorial is the same. But in the end, your bedroom will look pretty magical so that’s worth it right?

18. Cool Wood Trim Accent Wall

Image and tutorial by flippingtheflip

Be cool and chic with this classy blue accent wall bedroom idea. Everything from the pleasing colour to the minimal trim of wood creating diamond patterns on the wall is perfect. When you sit down and actually go through this tutorial, you’ll likely realize how straightforward it is. You’ll need some measuring done obviously, but that’s it for the hard part of these bedroom accent wall ideas. Of course, you could add the trim in a different colour to up the contrast. We’ll leave that decision up to you.

19. DIY Ombre Wall

Image and tutorial by projectnursery

Perfect for a nursery and for a children’s bedroom, this painted accent wall is probably the most straightforward on this list. All you need for this ombre red accent wall DIY is some paint to get started.

Creating the ombre on your accent wall is the fun part. And it can be genuinely calming as you paint as well. Best part is how quickly you’ll finish it once you start. You can of course change the colour if you want to match the decor of your room. But if you’re looking for a cute way to change the look of your bedroom, this one is a must try.

20. Monochrome Mountain Bedroom Accent Wall

Image and tutorial by decorologist

We all get a little nostalgic for those magical mountain cabin trips sometimes. But how about bringing a slice of that view right into your everyday bedroom? This dark blue to grey accent wall bedroom idea can really change the look of your room in the best way.

It’s the perfect project to knock out over a free weekend so that it airs out well. Plus painting projects are the easiest and get done so quickly. The good thing about mural paintings like this is you have more freeway for creativity without it getting complicated. So pick up a brush, choose a wall and start on your mountain journey.

21. Dark Wood Paneled Accent Wall

Image and tutorial by remodelandolacasa

For a little bit of mystery and a whole lot of classy elegance, try out this idea for a bedroom with black accent wall. Not only that, the geometric paneling with wood does a lot to elevate the look as well.

Wood trims and panels add a nice touch of texture and depth to your accent wall. When the wall is a dark colour, the panels stand out to give the wall a tall effect instead of making the room smaller. So go ahead and try this or a variation of this for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

22. Dark Green Wood Accent Wall

Image and tutorial by cribbsstyle

Looking for some unique bedroom feature wall ideas? A dark accent wall in a room with otherwise light coloured walls is a nice way to add some visual depth. That combined with an abstract herringbone wood trim detail really elevates the look of the room in this example.

You can add your own idea to the wall and give it dimension according to your preference. For your own dark green accent wall bedroom idea, you can incorporate some or all of these pointers to give your room the makeover it deserves.

23. Peel and Stick Wallpaper Accent Wall

Image and tutorial by lollyjane

Who said wallpaper has to be difficult to use? With the process and quality becoming easier to use, it’s no surprise that so many people are jumping at the chance to use it themselves. So definitely give this wallpaper accent wall bedroom idea a solid try.

The only thing you will need is the wallpaper itself and a whole lot of patience. But I guess patience is a given when trying to give your room a makeover. The brick wall pattern is great if you want to give the room a rustic almost farmhouse feel. Amazing what a little tweaking can do for the mood of your room isnt it?

24. Colourful Kids Room Accent Wall

Image and tutorial by anikasdiylife

This is a really nice idea for a modern accent wall bedroom. Not only is it colourful, but it has so much depth and visually interesing elements with the geometric pattern. Also, it’s easy enough to finish in a day’s time. So pick up some good quality painters tape, some cans of paint and let’s get started painting a colourful accent wall.

25. Wood Plank Accent Wall Bedroom

Image and tutorial by rootsandwingsfurniture

Wood in all it’s natural glory might just be a fan favorite when it comes to bedroom accent wall ideas. It’s classic, gives a nice rustic feel and when done correctly can look really good.

This particular idea is actually a little sneaky and deceptively easy to do. If you haven’t heard of peel and stick wood strips, this tutorial will be such a treat. No more long hours spent on wood working. No more worrying about nails. You can get the end result without the hassle. And if that’s not the way to DIY then I don’t know what is.

26. DIY Master Bedroom Accent Wall

Image and tutorial by lalalisette

Well this one might just take your breath away. Don’t get daunted by how intricate the end result looks. It really is deceptively easy to replicate with the right tools. This pretty gray accent wall bedroom will completely mesmerize you and make you wonder why you settled for anything less.

In conclusion, creating a stunning accent wall in your master bedroom can be a great way to add a touch of personality and style to your space. Whether you opt for a bold and colorful pattern, a sleek and modern bedroom accent wall, or something in between, the possibilities are endless.

So why not try out some master bedroom feature wall ideas and see how you can transform your bedroom into a cozy and inviting oasis? With the right accents and design elements, your accent wall can become the focal point of your bedroom and set the tone for the entire space.

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