30 Amazing DIY Wall Mural Ideas To Brighten Any Room

Are the plain walls of your room making you yawn louder than a hibernating bear? Well, fear not, fellow wall-dweller, for I bring you the ultimate solution to your décor dilemma! Get ready to be dazzled by these 30 mind-blowing, and jaw-dropping wall mural ideas that will transform your room into a psychedelic wonderland.

So bid farewell to dull and say hello to a world where walls become portals to pure, unadulterated awesomeness!

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1. How To Paint DIY Wall Murals

Image and tutorial by Young House Love

Get ready to unleash your inner artiste and create a colorful DIY wall mural that will make your friends green with envy. This mural project is a thrilling rollercoaster ride of creativity, where you become the mastermind behind a visual masterpiece that will leave jaws dropping and eyes popping.

2. Black And White DIY Wall Mural

Image and tutorial by Dani Koch

Whether you prefer intricate geometric patterns or abstract doodles that make no sense, this DIY adventure will leave your walls looking like a trendy art gallery or a Rorschach test gone hilariously wrong.

3. Floral Cartoonish Inexpensive Wall Mural

Image and tutorial by Jessica Welling Interiors

This delightful mural will transport you to a world where flowers dance the Macarena, and birds tweet with a rhythm only your hips can understand. It’s like stepping into a whimsical garden where sunflowers wear sunglasses and tulips strut their stuff like fashion models on a catwalk.

4. Dramatic DIY Tree Mural

Image and tutorial by Sandiego Home Garden

Behold the Dramatic DIY Tree Mural, where you can unleash your inner Picasso while pretending to be a tree-hugging, nature-loving hippie. This masterpiece-in-progress will transform your plain old wall into a majestic arboreal wonderland. So grab your paintbrushes and channel your inner lumberjack because this project requires tremendous artistic lumber skills to create your own wall mural.

5. Vintage Handpainted Wall Art

Image and tutorial by DIY In Progress

This mural is a throwback to when people used their hands for more than just scrolling through cat videos on their smartphones. Imagine a beautifully aged masterpiece meticulously painted by hand, complete with fading colors, crackling textures, and a touch of whimsy. It is like having a portal to the past right in your living room, minus the inconveniences of time-traveling and dealing with medieval plumbing.

6. DIY Mountain Modern Wall Mural For Kid’s Bedroom

Image and tutorial by The Sweetest Digs

Are your little ones dreaming of climbing mountains and conquering the world from the comfort of their room? Well, fret not, fearless parents! Behold the DIY Mountain Mural for Kid’s Room, where mini adventurers can explore the heights of imagination without risking frostbite or grappling with grumpy yetis.

7. Textured Wall Mural

Image and tutorial by Architectural Digest

This quirky project takes dining room wall decor to a whole new level of artistic chaos. So get ready to dive headfirst into a world of textured madness as you create a masterpiece that will leave guests scratching their heads in awe.

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8. DIY Terrazzo Wallpaper Murals

Image and tutorial by House On A Sugar Hill

Who needs a fancy Italian villa when you can have a wall that looks like it’s been dipped in a confetti pool? Get ready to unloak your inner artist and show the world that you’re not afraid to make your walls scream, “I’m fabulous, darling!”

9. Wall Mural Using Grid Transfer Method

Image and tutorial by Banyan Bridges

Behold the mystical art of the Wall Mural Using the Grid Transfer Method! It’s like playing Connect the Dots but on a whole new level. With precision and a touch of magic, you’ll transfer your favorite image onto the grid, one square at a time. It’s like channeling your inner Picasso but without the messy paintbrushes.

10. Camp Theme Wall painting

Image and tutorial by I Spy DIY

Attention, nature lovers, and adventure enthusiasts! Prepare to pitch your artistic tents and embark on a journey of paintbrushes and laughter with our fabulous Camp Theme Wall Painting. This whimsical masterpiece will transport your room into the great outdoors, minus the bug bites and questionable campfire cooking.

11. Ombre Pink Wall Mural

Image and tutorial by The Party Parade

This masterpiece of gradient magic takes you on a journey from a delicate cotton candy hue to a vibrant, jaw-dropping magenta. It’s like having a slice of a whimsical unicorn cake plastered right on your wall! So, if you’re ready to add enchantment to your space and transform it into a haven for fairy princesses and lovers of all things pink, this Ombre Pink Wall Mural is your ticket to a land of infinite fabulousness!

12. Painting A Night Sky Wall Mural

Image and tutorial by Lovely Etc

This whimsical masterpiece will make you feel like you’re floating among the stars without needing a spaceship or a nosy alien sidekick. Imagine drifting off to sleep under a sky filled with shimmering constellations; you’ll be tempted to give it a high-five.

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13. DIY Painted Waves

Image and tutorial by Jasmine Roth

Ready to ride the wave of creativity? Say goodbye to boring walls and aloha to your DIY Painted Waves extravaganza! Grab your brushes, don your imaginary wetsuit, and channel your inner Picasso-meets-surfer, dude, because we’re about to make your room the ultimate beach paradise. With just a few strokes with your brush, you’ll transform those lackluster walls into a mesmerizing oceanic wonderland with crashing waves and vibrant hues that will make your friends jealous.

14. DIY Hand Drawn Flower Garden Wall Mural

Image and tutorial by Addicted To Decorating

Tired of your walls looking as exciting as a grayscale movie marathon? Say no more, my friend, because we have the ultimate remedy for your wall woes! Introducing the DIY Hand Drawn Flower Garden Wall Mural, where your inner Picasso meets Mother Nature’s most vibrant creations.

15. Rainbow Painted Wall And Ceiling

Image and tutorial by Melanie Lissak Interiors

Welcome to a world where unicorns party, rainbows never end, and your walls scream “fabulous” louder than a diva on a glittery roller coaster! The Rainbow Painted Wall and Ceiling is here to turn your mundane kids rooms into a vibrant kaleidoscope of colors that would make even a chameleon jealous.

16. DIY Striped Wave Wallpaper

Image and tutorial by A Beautiful Mess

Introducing the DIY Striped Wave Wallpaper, the ultimate weapon against boring walls and a guaranteed ticket to becoming the hippest DIY enthusiast on the block! This revolutionary wallpaper interior design is like a funky party wave crashing into your living room, bringing with it a tsunami of vibrant colors and geometric patterns.

17. DIY Arched Colorful Mural

Image and tutorial by At Home With Ashley

This quirky creation will turn your plain old wall into a gateway to another dimension (well, almost). It’s like your wall went to a yoga retreat and came back all flexible and fancy! So, grab your paintbrush, channel your inner artist, and get ready to awe your friends with a mural that will make them question their sanity.

18. DIY Floral Feature Wall Using A Projector

Image and tutorial by Sisters What

This whimsical masterpiece brings nature indoors, minus the bugs and hay fever. Unleash your inner flower whisperer as you craft vibrant petals and graceful stems, creating a home decor that screams “Mother Nature, eat your heart out!”

19. DIY Photowall Mural Wallpaper Installation

Image and tutorial by Happy Housie

This is not your average home upgrade project, folks. We’re talking about transforming your dull, plain walls into breathtaking masterpieces that will make the Louvre green with envy. Armed with nothing but a roll of wallpaper, a dash of imagination, and possibly some snacks for sustenance, you’ll learn the art of wielding a wallpaper smoother like a maestro conducting a symphony.

20. Simple Hand Painted Rainbow Mural

Image and tutorial by Cassie Bustamante

Wave goodbye to the mundane and say hello to a wall that’s bursting with bold patterns and rainbows. Get ready to paint your life with laughter and rainbows! This wondrous creation will transport you straight into a land of unicorns, cotton candy clouds, and happy dancing leprechauns.

21. DIY White And Beige Painted Accent Wall

Image and tutorial by Mikyla Creates

Prepare to unleash your inner Picasso as you take off on a journey to create the most exciting wall in the history of walls. With just a bucket of white paint, a dash of beige, and a paintbrush as your trusty sidekick, you’ll transform your room into a museum of understated elegance.

22. Personalized Wall Photo Mural

Image and tutorial by HGTV

Introducing the “Personalized Wall Photo Mural” – the ultimate way to showcase your life’s greatest moments while confusing your friends and family! Whether you want to immortalize your questionable fashion choices or commemorate that time you photobombed a celebrity, this mural will bring joy, laughter, and a healthy dose of bewildered expressions to any room.

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23. Row Houses Painted Wall Mural

Image and tutorial by Stampinfool

Introducing the “Row Houses Painted Wall Mural,” where city life meets artistic genius in the most charming way possible! This mural is like a whimsical neighborhood watch on steroids. It turns your wall into a bustling, zany, and oh-so-happy slice of urban paradise. So get ready to experience the row house revolution!

24. DIY Abstract Wall Mural

Image and tutorial by Electric Twist

Ready to unleash your inner Picasso? Look no further than the DIY Abstract Wall Mural, the ultimate artistic adventure for those who dare to think outside the paint-by-numbers box. So grab that brush, let your creativity run wild, and prepare to turn your room into a focal point of abstract awesomeness!

25. Flowery Bedroom Wall Mural

Image and tutorial by Oh Yay Studio

This masterpiece features an explosion of vibrant blossoms that’ll make you feel like you’re hugging a bouquet while you sleep. Plus, it’s the perfect mural to convince your significant other that you’ve developed a green thumb without owning a single plant.

26. Colorful Rainbow Desk Backdrop

Image and tutorial by Probably This

Say goodbye to dull backgrounds that make you blend into the digital abyss. This vibrant masterpiece will transport you to a world where unicorns prance on clouds of cotton candy, and rainbows are made of Skittles (yes, the edible kind!).

27. Beautiful Brush Stroke Roses

Image and tutorial by Lemon Thistle

Prepare to be wooed by nature’s most enchanting creations because once you have this mural, you can say, “Roses are red, violets are blue, my wall’s got style, and so do I, too!”

28. DIY Geometric Wall Mural

Image and tutorial by Inspired By This

Get ready to unleash your inner artistic genius with our DIY Geometric Wall Mural. This mind-boggling masterpiece combines the precision of Euclidean shapes with the audacity of your creative imagination. Armed with nothing but a roll of painter’s tape, a paintbrush, and a quirky sense of humor, you’ll transform your plain walls into a geometric wonderland that would make Pythagoras himself proud.

29. World Map Mural

Image and tutorial by Plaster And Disaster

Say goodbye to those dull walls and hello to the World Map mural, your one-way ticket to becoming the ultimate armchair traveler! This masterpiece of cartographic genius will turn your room into a passport-free zone where you can traverse continents and oceans without leaving the comfort of your bed.

30. DIY Floral Mural Using A Stensil

Image and tutorial by Mrs. Ferguson

Get ready to unlock your inner creative genius and transform your walls into a blooming paradise with this DIY Floral Mural. Forget about pricey art galleries or dainty flower shops—this is your chance to become the king of petals right in the comfort of your home.

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