55 Best Board And Batten Wall Ideas To Spruce Up Every Room

Welcome beauties! Are you tired of staring at your dull walls every day? Want to make them attractive without actually committing to big renovations? Say no more! This article will walk you through the 55 most inspiring DIY board and batten wall ideas that can instantly spruce up every room and corner of your home. 

This article has a plan for every taste, from rustic farmhouse ideas to modern board and batten accent wall. So why delay? Let’s dive right in!

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1. Geometric Board And Batten Accent wall

Image and tutorial by Home Talk

Are you looking to add some edge and dimension to your blank wall? Say hello to the geometric board and batten accent wall! This design combines the classic charm of the board and batten walls with funky shapes and angles for a modern twist. You can get creative and experiment with any shape and dimension you like. 

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2. DIY Simple Minimalist Accent Wall

Image and tutorial by The Lived-in Look

Ah, the minimalist look – where less is more and simplicity reigns supreme. 

But what if we can add a little pizzazz to your life without actually sacrificing your love for clean lines and white spaces? Yes! You heard that right! This simplistic white board and batten feature wall will surely add a pop of personality without overwhelming your senses.

3. DIY Pink Nursery Room Accent Wall

Image by Hunters Of Happiness

Who says babies cannot have a little edge? This project will have you feeling like a professional interior designer in no time (even if your previous experience is limited to finger painting as a child). 

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4. Dining Room Board And Batten Wall

Image by Hot Pink Pineapples

Whether you opt for a simple arch pattern or go all-out with diamonds and triangles, this wall will surely impress your guests. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter – “Oh, this old thing? It’s just my geometric board and batten accent wall. No big deal.” So, grab your tape measure and get ready to make precise shapes.

5. Fun Triangle Board And Batten Accent Wall

Image and tutorial by House By Hoff

This easy project will surely add some personality to your walls. And the best part? You don’t have to be a DIY guru to make it happen. So, let’s grab some paint, tape, and a can-do attitude and get ready to elevate your decor game with a sleek and chic accent wall.

6. Modern Board And Batten Accent Wall

Image by Our Colonial Casa

This Modern Board and Batten Accent Wall is like the James Bond of home decor – sleek, stylish, and always ready to impress. I love how it takes the classic board and batten look and brings it into the 21st century with clean lines and a touch of minimalism.

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7. Half Board Batten With White Paint 

Image and tutorial by Ashley French

This accent wall is perfect for those who want to add visual interest to a room without going overboard. If you want your walls to look like they belong in a trendy art gallery, this half wall board and batten that is white-painted is the way to go. Just be prepared for your guests to ask, “Who did your interior design? It might have cost you an arm or a leg.”

8. DIY Neutral Color Minimalist Bedroom

Image and tutorial by cloud Interiors

These types of bedroom walls prove to us that with a little bit of creativity, effort, and a whole lot of patience, you can create something so beautiful and unique. I love the colors they used for the master bedroom; they bring in cozy vibes. 

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9. Staircase Board And Batten Idea

Image and tutorial by Thrifty Decor Chick

Did you know you can make this showstopper staircase wall for just $15? Check out their tutorial; you will be awestruck to see how budget-friendly the board and batten staircase wall is. 

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10. Grid Accent Wall

Image and tutorial by Angela Rose Home

A Grid Accent Wall is like a tic-tac-toe game but for grown-ups who want to pretend they have sophisticated taste. Just take some squares, arrange them in a pretty pattern on the entire wall, and voila! You now have a wall that’s worthy of being Instagrammed. Those wide-spaced boxes in teal create a calming sanctuary for you to deeply relax after a busy work day. 

11. Hex Panelled Wall

Image and tutorial by Well I Guess This Is Growing Up

This accent wall is like a regular wall but with a fancy geometric twist that screams, “I’m too cool for boring rectangles.” It is like the ultimate puzzle for your eyes – trying to figure out which hexagon fits where is almost as satisfying as solving a Rubik’s Cube (okay, maybe not quite, but you get the idea).

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12. DIY Pink Half Board And Batten wall

Image and tutorial by Lolly Jane

Looking to add a touch of personal style and sophistication to your room without breaking the bank? Well, why not try this DIY Pink Half Board and Batten wall? It’s like a fancy wainscotting, but half the work and twice the fun!

13. Wood Trim Accent wall

Image and tutorial by The Merry Thought

This board and batten bedroom wall make me feel like I am in the mountains. I love how the room’s colors perfectly complement each other to give a sophisticated and chic look. So, why late? Let’s get the DIY game on!

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14. Board And Batten With A Shelf To Hold Things

Image and tutorial by Be Repurposed

Need a stylish and functional solution to your cluttered walls? Look no further than this Board and Batten wall design! It’s the perfect way to add some rustic charm to your space while creating much-needed storage.

15. Entryway Board And batten Accent wall

Image and tutorial by Decor Steals

Tired of coming home to a bland entryway? Spice things up with this Board and Batten Accent wall! It’s the best way to make a statement without saying a word.

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16. Pink Entryway Accent Wall

Image and tutorial by The Styled Fox

Just think of all the Instagram-worthy photos you can take with this entryway accent wall – your friends and family will be in awe of your DIY skills (and your impeccable taste, of course).

So what are you waiting for? Get cracking on that Board and Batten wall and make your entryway the envy of all who enter.

17. Board And Batten With Wallpaper

Image and tutorial by Allison Beaver Photography

Want to add a pop of personality and pizzaz to your powder room? Why not try this Board and Batten with Wallpaper design? It gives a funky twist on your grandma’s bathroom but with a modern twist.

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18. Budget-friendly Board And Batten Idea

Image and tutorial by Lovelyetc

Want to give your toilet a chic new look without selling your soul to the home decor gods? Well, don’t fear because this board and batten wall is very budget-friendly. 

All you need is some wood, paint, and a little elbow grease (or a power drill, if you feel fancy).

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19. Rich Teal Accent Wall

Image and tutorial by Dream Green DIY

Want to add a decor to your room that screams, “I’m chic and trendy, but also financially responsible”? Look no further than the Rich Teal Accent Wall!

Not only is this shade of blue-green the perfect balance between bold and soothing, but it also gives off the vibe that you’re a cultured world traveler who knows a thing or two about home decor, so why late? Check out their tutorial and get started with the project already!

20. Quick And Easy DIY Accent Wall Idea

Image and tutorial by City Girl Meets Farm Boy

Want to jazz up your space without breaking a sweat (or the bank)? Try this Quick and Easy DIY Accent Wall Idea! It’s the perfect solution for those who want to add a pop of pizzazz to their room without the commitment of a full-blown renovation that can cost you an arm. 

21. Skinny Board And Batten Wall

Image and tutorial by Mint Candy Designs

Looking to add some architectural interest to your wall without adding any extra inches? Say hello to the Skinny Board and Batten Wall – the perfect solution for those who want the look of a full Board and Batten wall but in a more compact package.

All you need is some skinny boards, paint, and a hammer (and maybe a level if you feel extra fancy). Attach the slim panels to your wall, leaving a small gap between each one, and then paint them to match your decor. Voila! You’ve got yourself a wall that looks like it was plucked straight out of a magazine.

22. Mudroom Accent Wall Design

Image and tutorial by Deeply Southern Home

Are you looking for a quick and effortless way to add some personality to your mudroom? Say no more, fam. This DIY board and batten wall is what you want. 

All you need is some paint, some stencils (if you’re feeling fancy), and a willingness to embrace the chaos. Go for a bold pattern or a fun color – the sky’s the limit! And don’t worry about the mess – that’s what a mudroom is for, right?

23. Study Room Board And Batten Makeover

Image and tutorial by A Beautiful Mess

When you think of a study room, you might picture a dull, stuffy space where the only excitement comes from the occasional paper cut. But with a board and batten makeover, you can turn that snooze-fest into an actual studious room. 

With just a few strips of wood and some creative flair, you’ll be able to transform your study space into a place that’ll make even the most procrastination-prone student want to hit the books.

24. Temporary Accent wall

Image and tutorial by My Wee Abode

Who knew some simple DIY could turn a room from drab to fab? Well, now you do! So grab your hammer, your nails, and your best puns (because you know you’re going to be “board” and “batten” those walls all day long), and get to work on your very own living room board and batten makeover.

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25. DIY Horizontal Board And Batten

Image and tutorial by Provident Home Design

Looking to add some sophisticated charm to your walls? Forget about wallpaper or boring paint jobs; it’s time to get your DIY on with a horizontal boards and batten!

But, don’t worry; it is not as complicated as it sounds. All you need are wooden boards, a few nails, and a hammer. And if you’re feeling fancy, you can try experimenting with different colors and patterns.

26. Three Quarter Board And Batten Accent wall

Image and tutorial by Love Grows Wild

This Three-Quarter Board And Batten Accent is a stylish and sophisticated addition to any room that screams, “I’m fancy, but not too fancy.” So why late? Let your creative juices flow and create this fantastic DIY accent wall quickly. 

27. Board And Batten In The Attic

Image and tutorial by Fox Hollow Cottage

This Board and Batten attic wall can bring some character to your space. You’ll be the envy of all your attic-dwelling neighbors. Ensure you measure twice and cut once, or you might end up with a little crooked wall.

28. Board And Batten As A Headboard

Image and tutorial by Amanda Seghetti

Are you tired of your boring old headboard? Want to spice up your bedroom without breaking the bank? Then, you are at the right place!

Yes, that’s right, this classic home renovation technique can also double as a chic and rustic headboard. Simply nail wooden boards to your wall in a grid pattern, then paint or stain them to match your decor. Voila! You’ve got a trendy new headboard that will impress all your friends (and maybe even your mother-in-law).

29. DIY Garage Accent Wall

Image and tutorial by Love And Renovations

Are you looking for an effortless way to spruce up your garage? Then, look no further than this DIY Board and batten wall. Check out their tutorial; it is simple and very quick to make one. 

30. Board And batten Kitchen Island

Image and tutorial by Thrifty And Chic

This DIY board and batten kitchen island is the perfect addition to any kitchen if you want to channel your inner Joanna Gaines and add some rustic charm to your home. So why late? Save the tutorial for your next DIY project. 

31. Modern Green Bathroom Makeover

Image and tutorial by Small Stuff Counts

Giving your bathroom a modern twist by slapping some green on your board and batten walls, because who needs a spa day when you can have a trendy loo.

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32. Modern Accent wall Inspiration

Image by Rekindle My Dwelling

Adding a board and batten accent wall is like giving your room a fancy tuxedo, except it won’t complain about being too tight.

33. Modern Navy Entryway

Image by Small Stuff Counts

I love how everything is placed perfectly. Even a boring wall can turn stylish with a few boards and battens.

34. Green Board And Batten Hallway

Image and tutorial By Hana’s Happy Home

Green and white can never go wrong. I love how colors can change the vibe of the room. 

35. Board And Batten Wall Music Room

Image and tutorial by Duke Manor farm

Go for white board and batten walls if you love minimalism but want to add a pop of personality to your room. 

36. Beach Theme Living Room

Image by Life On Virginia Street

Raise your hand if you are a beach lover. Because this room is just what you are looking for. 

37. Board And Batten Living Room With Tutorial

Image and tutorial by Little Glass Jar

I love the rustic wooden center table. It is perfectly complementing the white board and batten wall. 

38. Modern Bathroom With Farmhouse Sink

Image and tutorial by Bright Green Door

Who said all gray rooms are boring? Look how sophisticated this bathroom looks. 

39. DIY Board And Batten with Lattice

Image and tutorial by Abott’s At Home

Check out the tutorial; you can literally make this wall in just a few hours.

40. Functional Board And Batten wall Idea

Image and tutorial by Jenna Kate At Home

Did you know your board and batten wall can be functional as well? Just install a few hangers, and you are good to go!

41. Board And Batten wall For Organizing Stuff

Image and tutorial by Where The Smiles Have Been

I love how they created a designated space to organize all the kid’s stuff. Though there is lots of stuff hanging on the wall, the room still looks pretty and chic.

42. White walls Hallway

Image and tutorial by Evolution Of Style Blog

White board, batten walls, and gray doors are a great combination to make any hall wall chic and beautiful.

43. Horizontal Only Board And Batten Wall

Image and tutorial by Making Home Base

Who said the wooden slabs should ve only vertical? You can create a horizontal board and batten walls too. Check out their tutorial; it is very simple to install.

44. White Board And Batten Wall With Blue Furniture

Image and tutorial by Rachel Teodoro

When your wall is dressed to impress in white board and batten, your blue furniture will never feel blue.

45. Pink And White Girl’s Bedroom

Image and tutorial by Cherished Bliss

Love the rustic wooden floors and pink board and batten walls. They are totally complimenting each other to bring out the girly vibe. 

46. Black Accent wall Bathroom

Image and tutorial by The Martin Nest

For all the bold people out there! We have found you the perfect bathroom. So bring in the batman vibes with the Black Board and batten walls. 

47. White And Turquoise Wall

Image and tutorial by The Turquoise Home

Looks like the wall is trying to channel its inner mermaid.

48. Checkered Board And Batten

Image by Jamie Kotch

A design trend that’s straight outta the farm but will make your walls look like a picnic blanket.

49. Gray And Wood Theme Nursery Room

Image by Lori Dail

Love the whole vibe of the room!

50. All Walls Board And Batten

Image by Sarahricedesign

This dining hall’s got more board and batten than a cowboy’s toolshed!

51. Board And batten Laundry Room

Image by Ivyanbirchcompany

Why should the laundry room be dull and boring when you can make it stylish with board and batten?

52. Timeless And Trendy Living Room

Image by Diywithkatandty

Make your living room timeless and trendy with gray furniture and board & batten walls.

53. Dakota Woods Green Wall

Image by Willowhaus Interiors

It looks like someone went all “Little House on the Prairie” on their bedroom wall. 

54. Farmhouse Inspired Bedroom

Image by Vitangestashnwa

Transform your bedroom into a cozy farmhouse retreat where you can dream of owning a real farm instead of just a houseplant.

55. Master Bedroom Makeover

Image by True man treasures

Transform your sleeping quarters into a royal chamber fit for a master/mistress with a touch of board and batten walls.

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