70+ Creative and Fun Mason Jar Decor Ideas For Your Home

Want to replace your old bland decor with some stunning showstoppers? You have got lucky because, in this article, we will show 70 stunning Mason Jar decor ideas to create statement decor for any corner of your home. The best part – you can generate pizzazz for your space without breaking the bank.

So why late? Grab your glue gun and a few of your grandma’s mason jars, and get started with some fun DIY projects this weekend. 

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1. Vintage Farmhouse Mason Jar Decor Idea

Image and tutorial by Sugar Maple Farmhouse

Want to add some rustic charm to your home? You should definitely try these Vintage DIY mason jar crafts. Grab some old mason jars, scrub them well, and add vintage labels or lace for that extra touch of farmhouse chic. You can use them as vases for wildflowers or fill them with fairy lights for a warm, cozy glow. 

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2. Easter Theme Terrarium

Image and tutorial by Legally Crafty Blog

Hop into the Easter season with these beautiful Easter bunny mason jars! You will love this miniature garden if you are a bunny lover. Add moss, chicks, eggs, and tiny figurines of bunnies; this DIY terrarium will surely make your home feel like an Easter wonderland.

3. Macrame Mason Jar Decor Ideas

Image and tutorial by Macra Made

Spice up your boring mason jar by adding a touch of boho-chic. Check out the tutorial; with basic macrame skills, you can create something chic and beautiful. You can use the jar as a candle holder, candy holder, jewelry organizer, or spice organizer. 

4. Easter Candy Jars

Image and tutorial by Posh In Progress

This project perfectly combines the joy of candy with the practicality of a Mason jar. Plus, who doesn’t love a good excuse to eat more sweets? Just remember to brush your teeth afterward 😉

5. Mason Jar Oil Lamp

Image and tutorial by Home Is Where the Boat Is

Give your room a rustic charm with these DIY Mason Jar Candles. For warm cozy lighting, you just have to fill the mason jar with some oil, add a wick, and Voila! You have a comfortable space perfect for setting the mood during a power outage, a romantic dinner, or a good old-fashioned hoedown. If you feel fancy, you can fill the jar with colorful flowers, glitters, etc., like in the picture above. 

6. Pressed Flower lanterns

Image and tutorial by One Little Project

This mason jar decor idea is both charming and low maintenance. Check out the tutorial; it is simple and needs minimal materials. In no time, you will get a gorgeous lantern that looks like you put in way more effort than you actually did.

7. Stained Glass Jars

Image and tutorial by Mason Jar Crafts Love

If you want to feel fancy while drinking out of a jar like a true redneck sophisticate, look no further than this stained mason jar idea. This project is also a good DIY for your kids.

8. Chalk Paint Mini Mason Jar Planters

Image and tutorial by Shelly Hickox

These Mason Jar succulent Planters perfectly combine rustic charm and DIY ingenuity. The best part? You can paint them whichever color you like so that your succulents can match your mood. So, get your creative juice flow and start the project already! You can also try creating a mason jar bird feeder! 

9. Painted Mason Jar Welcome Sign

Image and tutorial by Michelle J Designs

Looking for a fun way to welcome your guests? Why not try this “Painted Mason Jar Welcome Sign”? Not only is it a fun and easy way to add some personality to your front porch, but it also makes your space smell fresh with those flowers you add to the mason jars. 

10. Mason Jar Air Freshener

Image and tutorial by Eighteen 25

Please don’t mistake this shabby chic mason jar for a flower vase when actually it is an air freshener. All you have to do is paint the mason jar of your choice, add some freshener beads, and cover the glass jar with artificial flowers. Your home will smell sweet in no time

11. Flower Vase With Photo

Image and tutorial by Home Stories A To Z

One stone, two birds! This mason jar is both a photo frame and a flower vase to display your seasonal blooms. You can place this statement decor on your bedside table, dining table, or living room center table. 

12. Gold Glitter Vase

Image and tutorial by Kastyles

Cover your old mason jar with some glitter and add fresh blooms, Voila! You have a stunning centerpiece that makes your guests and neighbors green in envy. 

13. Mason Jar Desk Organizers

Image and tutorial by It All Started With paint

Make your home office stylish and organized with this mason jar desk organizer. Check out the tutorial! You can make one within minutes with minimal materials.

14. Escort Cards

Image and tutorial by Emmaline Bride

Are you planning a wedding in the countryside? Nothing says “rustic wedding chic” like making your guests search for table assignments in a sea of glass jars. But look how chic they look!

15. Vanity Light

Image and tutorial by Beller House

Give your bathroom a new look with these farmhouse-inspired mason jar vanity lights. Check out the tutorial and save it for your next DIY project. 

16. Mason Jar Chandelier

Image and tutorial by Marty’s Musings

With its delicate balance of rugged masculinity and Pinterest-inspired whimsy, this chandelier screams, “I’m a country girl, but I still know how to upcycle.” So go ahead, light up your life (literally) with a Mason Jar Chandelier, and bask in the warm glow of your ingenuity.

17. Christmas Decor

Image and tutorial by Simple Craves And Olive Oil

Looking to spruce up your holiday decor? Why not make a Mason Jar Christmas terrarium? It’s like a snow globe and way more eco-friendly than buying a plastic decoration. You can aslo gift this to your friends and family. 

18. Mason Jar party Decor

Image and tutorial by Mason Jar Crafts Love

Whether hosting a Super Bowl party or cheering on your favorite team, these jars are a touchdown for your table setting. Check out the tutorial! They are super easy to make.

19. St.Patrick’s Decor

Image and tutorial by This Grandma Is Fun

This St. Patrick’s day, make your friends go green with envy with this mason jar decor idea. Everything you need is a mason jar, some green paint, and a few decor items if you feel fancy. Fill the pot with fresh blooms, and voila! You got yourself a statement centerpiece. 

20. Doily Luminaries

Image and tutorial by Crafts By Amanda

These doily luminaries are like a fancy version of those plastic tealights you get at the dollar store, but way classier. They are the perfect way to impress your dinner guests without spending a fortune on fancy candles. 

21. Painted And Distressed Storage

Image and tutorial by Little House Of Four

Not only will this mason jar add a pop of color to your space, but the “distressed” look will give off major shabby chic vibes. Your storage says, “yeah, I may hold your old socks, but at least I look fabulous doing it.”  You can also try creating a mason jar soap dispenser, all you have to do is add a soap dispenser cap to a mason jar. 

23. Fishnet Wrapped Mason Jar

Image and tutorial by It All Started With Paint

This mason jar decor idea is a great way to repurpose that old fishnet you’ve been holding onto since your grandfather gave it to you as a gift. Just be warned; if you leave it out too long, you might start attracting actual fish 😉

24. Patch Work Paper Covered jar

Image and tutorial by The Creative Place

Attach scraps of fancy paper using a sewing machine and stick them to your old mason jar. You got yourself a fantastic decor piece that can be used to organize your stuff. 

25. Farmhouse Spring Jar

Image and tutorial by Kenarry

Get your home spring ready with this easy farmhouse mason jar vase. It is the perfect way to freshen your home while giving your space rustic charm and personality. 

26. Beach-Inspired Mason Jar Craft

Image and tutorial by A Pumpkin And A Princes

Decorate your boring mason jar with broken seashells to give your room a beach vibe. You can also use mosaic tiles, as they provide a similar vibe. 

27. Rustic Wall Decor

Image and tutorial by DIY Vibes

Tired of staring at your plain, boring walls? Why not add some rustic charm with this mason jar planter? It looks super cute, but you can also use it to grow herbs and spices for all your cooking needs. 

28. Bohemian Theme Macrame Planter

Image and tutorial by My French Twist

Give your outdoors a boho-chic look with this wall planter. Check out the tutorial; most of the material you will find lying around your home. 

29. Flag Candle Holder

Image and tutorial by Oh My Creative 

You can make this fun DIY project with just three things – a Mason jar, some ribbon, and a small American flag. Encircle the flag around your old mason jar and tie it off with a ribbon to give it a fancy look. This project is perfect for a summer party. 

30. Chicken Wire mason Jar Organizer

Image and tutorial by Happy At Home

Are you looking for a fun and effortless way to display your silverware? Then, look no further than this mason jar project. You can also color the wire to compliment the style of your room. 

31. Farmhouse Decor

Image and tutorial by Sassy TownHouse Living

For this project, you need to gather jars with lids. Then, decorate the outside as desired and punch in some holes on the caps so that your pencils, brushes, etc., stand upright and will be easy to grab. 

32. Happy St.Patrick’s Day Table Decor

Image and tutorial by Crayons And Cravings

This DIY project will transform your boring mason jars into party-stopping table decorations. All you have to do is fill the glass jar with green-colored paper and encircle it with a leprechaun belt. Then, stick some Irish theme stickers and a green ribbon on the neck. Voila! The show-stopping Irish decor is ready for St. Patrick’s day.

33. Mason Jar Luminaries Craft

Image and tutorial by Mom Spark

Glam up your room with these luminaries. All you gotta do is stick some glass river stones (preferably transparent ones) in the glass jar and insert a battery-powered light. 

34. Mason Storage Jar

Image and tutorial by Haute And Healthy Living

You need some smaller, smooth jars with screw-on lids for this DIY project. Collect some glass-studded cabinet handles and stick them on the jar caps. Voila! You have yourself some aesthetic mason jars for storing anything. 

35. Mason jar Indoor Garden

Image and tutorial by Shelterness

This trendy little garden is perfect for those who want to bring the outdoors in without sacrificing their already limited floor space. Just grab a few Mason jars, wooden slats, and fresh blooms. 

36. Old Window Frame And Mason Jar Wall Decor

Image and tutorial by Home Talk

This masterpiece combines the timeless appeal of an old window frame with the practicality of a mason jar, resulting in a look that says, “I’m vintage, but I can still hold flowers.”

37. Mason Jar Mummies

Image and tutorial by Home Edit

Are you looking for a weird and hilarious way to decorate your room this Halloween? Look no further than the “Mason Jar Mummies”! These creepy concoctions are made by wrapping gauze strips around the outside of a mason jar and sticking on some googly eyes to make them look like mini mummies.

38. Mason Jar Herb Garden

Image and tutorial by Camille Styles

Fan of bringing the outdoors in? Then, this herb garden is what you will love! All you’ll need is a wooden board, rustic hangers, mason jars, and essential tools. Then, add the finishing touch with chalkboard paint and write the names of each herb. 

39. Unicorn Slime Jar

Image and tutorial by The Best Ideas For Kids

Who doesn’t love playing with slime? Before you sink your hands into the gooey product, why not make it extra fancy by giving your mason jar a makeover? Check out the tutorial! It is a perfect project that you can do with your kid. 

40. Fairies In A Jar

Image and tutorial by One Little Project

This kid-friendly DIY project uses glow sticks to create a magical nighttime show. To inspire enchantment and wonder in your little one, call this project “fairies in a jar.”

41. Watercolor Luminaries

Image and tutorial by Crafts By Amanda

These little jars of joy are the perfect way to add artistic flair to your living space. Plus, they’re so easy to make. So why not brighten up your life with some watercolor magic? All you have to do is paint mason jars with different water colors. 

42. Glitter Jar Desk Organizer

Image and tutorial by Color Made Happy

Want to feel like a glittery unicorn granting wishes every time you reach out for a pen? Then you should try making these Mason jar desk organizers. Why settle for a boring old pen holder when you can add some pizzazz to your workspace with the GlitterJar Desk Organizer?

43. Mason Jar Lids Pumpkin Craft

Image and tutorial by The Turquoise Home

Are you looking for a budget-friendly festive fall craft? Then, you are at the right place! Check out the tutorial; you will be in awe when you realize how easy it is to make such a stunning pumpkin. 

44. Pretty Chalky Painted Jar Vase

Image and tutorial by Sustain My Craft Habit

Want a fancy flower vase to display your flowers but don’t want to break the bank? Say no more! These mason jar flower vases can be your statement centerpieces for your dining table. 

45. Frosted Mason Jar Votives

Image and tutorial by A Beautiful Mess

Add some whimsy to your home decor with these Frosted Mason Jar Votives! Not only will they make your space look Pinterest-worthy, but they’re also a great excuse to stock up on candles.

46. DIY Wedding favors

Image and tutorial by Sustain My Craft Habit

Are you planning a wedding? Then, remember to add these DIY mason jars to the decor. I love how aesthetically pleasing they are. 

47. Denim Painted Mason Jar

Image and tutorial by A Night Owl

This DIY project takes the humble mason jar and elevates it to country chic status with a few coats of denim-inspired paint. So, why late? Get your DIY apron and get started with the project already!

48. DIY Painted Jar Decor

Image and tutorial by Lovely Indeed

For this project, get your creative juices flowing and paint the jars as you desire. You need some paint and a mason jar and are ready to level up your DIY game. 

49. Stamped Mason Jar

Image and tutorial by Lovely etc

This DIY project turns a plain old mason jar into a work of art with a few simple stamps and some craft paint. You can also experiment using multiple stamps with stars, flowers, and initials. 

50. Mason Jar Sewing Kit

Image and tutorial by Polka Dot Chair

This cute and compact sewing kit perfectly keeps your sewing essentials organized and within reach. Just pop your thread, needles, and other supplies into a mason jar, and you’re ready to sew immediately. 

51. Thumbprint Jar Candle Holder

Image and tutorial by The Craft At Home Family

This DIY project takes the humble mason jar and gives it a personal touch with your thumbprint. Dip your digit in some paint, stamp it on the pot, and voila – you have a one-of-a-kind candle holder that will impress your friends and family.

52. Easter Bunny Mason Jar Decor

Image and tutorial by Craft Warehouse

And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a bunny that won’t chew on your cables and hop all over your furniture? So get ready to create an Easter Bunny Mason Jar that’s as cute as a bunny’s nose! You can use it to put flowers and candies. 

53. Painted Rose Mason Jar Decor Idea

Image and tutorial by It All Started With Paint

This valentine’s day, gift your partner a gift that won’t be forgotten. Warning – your other half might shower you with millions of kisses and hugs. 

54. Recycled Chic Candy Holder

Image and tutorial by Serendipity Refined

Look at the chick, man; it’s so cute to be true. Give this to your kids this easter, and they will love it.

55. Fruit Themed Jars

Image and tutorial by Amber Oliver 

Are you Looking for a fun and fruity way to spruce your home decor? Look no further than these fruit-themed mason jars! These DIY jars are a great way to add color and whimsy to any room. 

56. Mason jar School Supplies Organizer

Image and tutorial by Color made happy

Want to make your friends and neighbors go green with envy? Then you should try these DIY desk organizers. They not only create stunning pieces for your room’s decor but also keep all your desk stuff in place.

57. Pinwheel Party Centerpieces

Image and tutorial by Craft Patch

For birthdays to fun barbeques, these pinwheel centerpieces add fun to any celebration. Plus, they are also a great way to entertain your kids. 

58. Pineapple Candy Holder

Image and tutorial by Yesterday On Tuesday

Did you know that making this fun and cute candy holder is very simple? All you need is some yellow paint, the green part of a pineapple, and a mason jar. Paint the jar yellow and add in the green leaves of a pineapple, and voila! You have got yourself a cute candy holder. 

59. DIY Photo Jar

Image and tutorial by Angie Holden

Are you bored of displaying pictures in the same old way? This mason jar photo display idea is a fun and unique way to show your photographs. Add a few fresh blooms, and it will become a stunning centerpiece for your living room. 

60. Beachy Mason Jar Candle Holder

Image and tutorial by All Free Diy Weddings 

This DIY project transforms a simple mason jar into a beachy oasis with just a few simple steps. Check out the tutorial and save it for your next DIY project. 

61. Mason Jar Chimes

Image and tutorial by Saved By Love Creations

To do this project, you must string colorful beads onto a fish line and attach them to a half-cut mason jar. Check out the tutorial for a more detailed explanation. 

62. Apple Mason jar Decor

Image and tutorial by Mom Endeavors

All you need to start with this project is some red paint, a green ribbon, and a mason jar. Paint the jar red, tie the ribbon to its neck, and Voila! You got yourself a cute-looking apple mason jar. Use it to store stuff. Try this with your kids for some “mom and me” time.

63. Tissue Paper Holder

Image and tutorial by Landeelu

Looking for a rustic and unique way to hold tissue paper? Say no more! This mason jar tissue paper holder is everything you are looking for. So check out the tutorial and get started with the project already. 

64. Mason Jar Sconce

Image and tutorial by Craft Berry Bush

Is there a more fun and unique way of decorating your boring walls besides this DIY mason jar sconce? I doubt it! With very minimal materials, you can create something stunning like this. 

65. Spring Banner Lampshade

Image and tutorial by Red Berry Barn

Who knew that we could make a mason jar as a base for a DIY bedside lamp? You should try it out!

66. Autumn Lanterns

Image and tutorial by No Wooden Spoons

Get fall ready with these beautiful autumn leaf lanterns. Collect a few fallen leaves for the outdoors and stick them to an old mason jar. Put a battery-operated light in the glass jar, and voila! You got a lamp that brightens the entire space and gives warm and cozy vibes. 

67. Glow In The dark Jar

Image and tutorial by Angie Holden

So why settle for boring old mason jars when you can have a glow-in-the-dark mason jar that’s as hauntingly beautiful as it is functional? Check out the tutorial; it is effortless to make one.

68. Aquarium In A Jar

Image and tutorial by Hello Wonderful

This DIY project combines the classic mason jar with a fish tank, creating a mini aquatic paradise that fits on your bookshelf or desk. The aquarium in a jar is perfect for gifting people who love fish and the sea.

69. Mason jar Wine Glasses

Image and tutorial by Modern day Moms

Create the most countrified wine glass ever by combining old crystal candlesticks and mason jars. Plus, these wine glasses can be a great conversation starter. 

70. Mason Jar Wind Chimes

Image and tutorial by Dragonfly Treasures

These wind chimes are the perfect way to let your neighbors know you’re not just hip but also thrifty and environmentally conscious. So why late? Get started with the project already!

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