35 Easter Centerpieces That Shout “Its Spring”!

Bringing the vibrant essence of Easter into your home with stunning centerpieces can transform your dining and living spaces into a seasonal haven. The fusion of cheerful hues, charming bunnies, and blossoming flowers perfectly complements any interior design, welcoming the rejuvenating spirit of spring.

Imagine intertwining soft pastel-colored Easter eggs, shimmering candle holders, and lush miniature gardens. Elevate the ambiance further with whimsical rabbit-themed tableware set amidst your feast.

Or perhaps, a sophisticated figurine of a bunny nestled in a verdant wreath, paired with a bouquet of radiant daffodils as your table’s focal point. The possibilities are endless!

So, cozy up with your preferred warm drink and dive into this thoughtfully assembled selection of captivating Easter centerpiece inspirations. You’re bound to discover the perfect match to brighten your home.

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1. Rustic Bunny Garden – Easter Table Decorations And Centrepieces

Image by athomewithwildwood

This centerpiece features a charming porcelain easter bunny surrounded by a lush array of greenery and daisies. Additionally, a moss-covered basket and egg add a touch of whimsy, encapsulating the essence of spring. The earthen tones and natural textures seamlessly blend with an earth-toned nursery theme. Finally, the festive “Happy Easter” plate in pastel yellow completes the bucolic tableau.

Expert tip by TCH – 

“Designing Easter centerpieces is all about balance. I like to combine fresh spring flowers with pastel eggs to create a natural yet festive look. It’s a simple touch that brings the essence of Easter to any table.”

2. Modern Geometric Elegance Table Decor Ideas

Image by corrincaraciolle

In this setting, the bold black and white checkered tablecloth provides a dramatic backdrop. Gold accents and soft pink hues bring warmth and sophistication, aligning with an earthy nursery palette. The centerpiece, a contemporary candelabra, adds height and an elegant touch. Lastly, the golden eggs and tulips in clear vases subtly nod to Easter festivities.

3. Pastoral Charm

Image by piperclassics

Wicker bunnies atop rustic pedestals bring a playful yet earthy element to this centerpiece. Soft pink florals in a classic white pitcher complement the nursery’s gentle vibe. Speckled eggs amidst the arrangement add an Easter touch without overpowering. Lastly, the natural fabric table runner ties in an organic, homey feel.

4. Spring Blossom Jubilee – Easy Easter Decorations

Image by phoenix_pheather

Vibrant tulips and poppies burst from an elegant white vase, infusing life into any nursery setting. Playful ceramic bunnies cradle painted eggs, marrying the Easter theme with childlike wonder. The mossy embellishments on the table setting hint at nature’s embrace, perfect for a nursery grounded in earthy tones. Finally, the floral tablecloth echoes the garden’s splendor, softening the overall look.

Expert tip by TCH – 

“For me, Easter is about renewal and joy. I create centerpieces that reflect this by incorporating vibrant blooms and greenery, adding candles for warmth and a sense of welcoming.”

5. Vintage Farmhouse Serenity Spring Table

Image by we_dabble

White tulips nestled in a vintage green “CAKE” tin convey simple elegance, ideal for a serene nursery atmosphere. White porcelain bunnies alongside old books suggest a storybook charm. The rustic wooden table and antique accents create a timeless feel, harmonizing with an earth-toned nursery. Lastly, the soft white drapery adds a layer of gentle texture, perfect for a peaceful Easter celebration.

6. Whimsical Bunny Cart For Home Decor

Image by bluetflowerco

A twine-wrapped bunny overlooks a delicate cart of spring flowers, creating a playful yet elegant centerpiece. The soft pastels of the blossoms complement an earth-toned nursery palette. Furthermore, the cart’s rustic design and burlap details bring a sense of whimsy. This arrangement beautifully bridges the joy of Easter with the tranquility of a nursery.

7. Grand Springtime Symphony Decoration Ideas

Image by willowandpearls

An ornate white urn overflows with blossoming branches and Easter eggs, creating a grandiose centerpiece. The towering display offers a lively focal point, mirroring the exuberance of spring. Glittery bunnies nestled in vibrant greenery anchor the arrangement, blending Easter joy with nursery charm. This setup, under a classic chandelier, provides a luxurious yet playful ambiance, ideal for a nursery that celebrates tradition and whimsy.

8. Blooming Easter Basket

Image by viviano_flower_shop

A rustic basket brimming with an assortment of vibrant flowers and decorative Easter eggs creates a heartwarming centerpiece. The pastel palette brings a soft, nurturing vibe suitable for a nursery. Moreover, the natural basket texture and floral variety add depth and interest. This bountiful arrangement captures the essence of a blooming spring, ideal for an Easter gathering or a baby’s room.

9. Serene Springtime Harmony

Image by willowbloomhome

A tall glass cylinder filled with speckled eggs evokes the freshness of spring against a backdrop of white blossoms. The clean lines and monochromatic palette exude calm, aligning with a peaceful nursery theme. A porcelain bunny adds an Easter touch while maintaining the serene aesthetic. Succulents in a concrete pot introduce an element of groundedness, perfect for an earth-tone nursery.

10. Blossoming Easter Elegance

Image by decoratordiva1

This centerpiece blooms with the freshness of spring, featuring a symphony of pastel florals and delicate tableware. Moreover, the soft pinks and blues subtly complement an earth-toned nursery with a touch of serenity. Porcelain bunnies adorned with floral crowns serve as whimsical table guardians. Finally, the ensemble, rich in texture and color, brings a tranquil yet festive Easter spirit to the room.

11. Antique Rustic Enchantment

Image by myweatheredhome

Amidst the soft glow of candlelight, a weathered bunny statue takes center stage in this earthy centerpiece. Nested in a bed of lush moss and speckled eggs, it captures the spirit of a woodland Easter. The antique wooden box and rustic backdrop perfectly complement an earth-toned nursery. This centerpiece exudes a sense of history and nature’s timeless beauty.

12. Whimsical Woodland Easter Tree

Image by 12timbers

A charming Easter tree adorned with pastel eggs brings a playful spring vibe to the setting. The white wooden stand and fluffy bunny add a soft, nurturing touch. Wooden signs with “Hoppy Easter” and “Hippity Hoppity” offer a cheerful welcome, perfect for a nursery’s whimsical theme. This centerpiece marries the festive spirit of Easter with the gentle soul of an earth-toned nursery.

13. Enchanted Garden Trough

Image by allthingsheartandhome

A wooden trough centerpiece is a haven for a textured bunny, nestled among green moss and pastel blooms. The scattered eggs and candles amidst the foliage bring a warm, inviting glow. This piece captures a bucolic essence, perfectly suited for an earth-toned nursery that cherishes nature’s palette. It’s an Easter celebration that whispers of enchanted forests and fairy tales.

14. Rustic Bunny Garden Centerpiece

Image by myweatheredhome

Transitioning seamlessly from the vibrant hues of spring, this centerpiece grounds the Easter theme with its earthy tones. A stone bunny nestles amidst a garden of ferns and ivy, cradled in a classic urn. Speckled eggs peek through the foliage, adding a subtle nod to the season. This arrangement captures the essence of an Earth Tone Nursery, blending natural textures and muted colors.

15. Blooming Belief in Spring

Image by athomewithhamiltons

Incorporating a splash of spring, pink and yellow tulips offer a vibrant contrast against earthy tones. The “We Believe” sign in subdued hues anchors the setting, evoking a serene nursery vibe. A polka-dotted candle complements the natural wood tray, tying in the nurturing theme. This centerpiece breathes life into the concept of an Earth Tone Nursery, blending the freshness of spring with a soothing palette.

16. Serene Elegance of Spring Dining

Image by kayleymillerhome

Embracing the essence of simplicity, this centerpiece marries the understated charm of a wildflower bouquet with organic tones. The white and gold dinnerware provides a subtle nod to Easter’s elegance. A garland with speckled eggs stretches across the runner, whispering of new life. This setting captures the tranquil spirit of an Earth Tone Nursery, perfect for a serene Easter celebration.

17. Vintage Whimsy Easter Tray

Image by 12timbers

Amidst the tranquility of earthy decor, a playful porcelain bunny takes center stage on this Easter tray. Surrounded by a soft palette of white tulips and cream roses, it adds a whimsical touch. Wooden bead garland loops around, lending a rustic charm. The tableau is a delicate balance of playful and peaceful, ideal for an Earth Tone Nursery-inspired Easter.

18. Countryside Charm Easter Display

Image by zamiras.cozy.cottage

Nestled on a farmhouse table, a stately ceramic bunny boasts a polka-dot bow, infusing a gentle playfulness. Adjacent, a pitcher overflows with white blooms, harmonizing with nature’s palette. A bird’s nest cradles speckled eggs, softly nestled amongst a bed of greenery. This ensemble exudes a comforting, nursery-like calmness, ideal for a peaceful Easter gathering.

19. Springtime Serenity in Bloom

Image by nestedsanctuary

Gently rising above a rustic tray, delicate white flowers bring a breath of spring to the space. A silvered bird figurine, alongside speckled eggs, evokes a sense of nurturing warmth. The corrugated metal planter adds an industrial touch, contrasting with the soft florals. This piece creates a serene focal point, harmonizing with an Earth Tone Nursery’s calm and growth-inspiring atmosphere.

Expert tip by TCH – 

“I’ve found that using unexpected elements, like a nest of twigs or a vintage watering can as a vase, adds a unique charm to Easter centerpieces.”

20. Blushing Blossoms Tea Party Centerpiece

Image by shabbychickgirlkc

Overflowing with soft pink and white roses, this ‘Fresh Flowers’ box centerpiece whispers of spring’s gentle arrival. Porcelain bunnies add an element of playfulness, echoing a nursery’s joy. The tableware’s floral patterns and pastel tones complement the bouquet’s natural beauty. Together, they create an inviting tableau, embodying the warmth and love found in an Earth Tone Nursery.

21. Festive Springtime Splendor Centerpiece

Image by yana_handycrafts

Adorned with a lively mix of Easter eggs and blossoms, this wreath centerpiece bursts with joyous spring colors. Nestled within are two fluffy chicks, symbolizing new beginnings and the nurturing spirit of a nursery. Below, a ring of vibrant flowers encircles a calming green candle, anchoring the display in nature’s embrace. It’s a festive yet gentle nod to the rebirth and rejuvenation of Easter within the soft comfort of an Earth Tone Nursery.

Expert tip by TCH – 

“Creating a DIY Easter centerpiece is a great family activity. We use dyed eggs, crafted bunnies, and handmade paper flowers. It’s not just about decoration; it’s about making memories.”

22. Rustic Charm Easter Vignette

Image by eulaneutralstyle

Here, a charming mix of checkered patterns and inspirational messages heralds the Easter season. Additionally, the navy blues and crisp whites offer a classic contrast, ideal for a nursery with earthy tones. A ceramic bunny and egg, adorned with botanical motifs, provide a quaint, countryside feel. Transitioning smoothly, a wooden cross adds depth and meaning, complementing the natural wood elements of the space.

23. Rustic Florals and Whispers of Woodland

Image by hammonsnest

A bouquet of dainty white and peach blooms springs from a distressed wooden vase, echoing the natural textures of a nursery. Accompanied by vintage books and a carved wooden bunny, the scene suggests storied whimsy. Speckled eggs rest in a bed of greenery, symbolizing new life amidst the forest’s peace. This arrangement captures an Earth Tone Nursery’s essence, blending the charm of old tales with the freshness of spring.

24. Pastel Parade on a Whimsical Easter Table

Image by perch_midland

A festive array of pastel bunnies and eggs creates a playful landscape on a glass table, ideal for a nursery setting. Above, a vase overflowing with yellow and pink tulips punctuated by baby’s breath stands tall. This cheerful scene brings the joyous spirit of Easter into an earth-toned nursery environment. It’s a centerpiece that captures the imagination with a soft, dreamy quality.

25. Bunny’s Botanical Bounty

Image by amythink2424Bunny’s Botanical Bounty”

An imaginative twist on Easter traditions, a silver bunny pushes a barrow of vibrant flowers nestled in cabbage leaves. Vivid tulips and soft hydrangeas emerge from the greenery, symbolizing life and growth. This charming scene, set against a rustic wooden backdrop, speaks to the whimsy and wonder of an Earth Tone Nursery. It’s a creative and delightful nod to spring’s bountiful harvest.

26. Sunny Daffodils and Carrot Wreath

Image by sistersonadime

Bold yellow daffodils stand tall in a simple vase, their sunny disposition brightening any room. Surrounding them, a whimsical wreath of twine-wrapped carrots adds an Easter flair. The playful “Happy Easter” sign centers the arrangement, bringing cheer. This centerpiece would lend a vibrant yet earthy touch to a nursery, embodying the joy and simplicity of spring.

27. Elegance in Bloom

Image by celebrated_nest

Cradled in an antique pedestal bowl, creamy white roses exude elegance among delicate baby’s breath and greenery. A candle, encased in a chic glass cylinder, adds a touch of refined serenity. This centerpiece marries the sophistication of a formal affair with the gentle calm of an Earth Tone Nursery. It’s a timeless expression of grace for Easter celebrations.

28. Rustic Tulip Charm

Image by tristinaroseyt

A clear vase filled with vibrant red and white tulips stands tall, flanked by a duo of porcelain bunnies. Below, a ‘Happy Easter’ candle adds a festive glow, while a bunch of fresh carrots adds a farm-to-table feel. This simple yet striking arrangement brings a splash of color and country charm to an Earth Tone Nursery-inspired Easter setting.

29. Whimsical Wicker and Pastel Parade

Image by fashionablehostess

A wicker bunny playfully peeks out amidst a tableau of pastel eggs and golden accents, blending rustic charm with festive elegance. Lush hydrangeas tower in the background, lending a touch of sophistication. Each place setting, adorned with a delicate napkin and seafoam green embellishment, complements the natural textures. This centerpiece captures the soft and inviting spirit of an Earth Tone Nursery, perfect for a joyous Easter celebration.

30. Vintage Springtime Splendor

Image by wallershomeinteriors

A timeless white pitcher overflows with fresh white tulips, setting a classic and serene Easter scene. Accompanying this are golden bunnies nestled in moss, adding a touch of enchantment. A whimsical fabric carrot and a wicker egg hint at Easter’s playful side. This tableau blends vintage charm with the fresh beginnings of spring, echoing the nostalgic warmth of an Earth Tone Nursery.

Expert tip by TCH – 

“Sustainability is key in my designs. I use potted plants and herbs for Easter centerpieces, which can be replanted afterwards. It’s beautiful and eco-friendly”

31. Modern Monochrome with a Touch of Spring

Image by lizzydesigns_

Sleek white bunnies are poised in a wooden trough amid vibrant green moss, a modern nod to spring’s vitality. Set against the backdrop of a chic, dark cabinet adorned with contrasting decor, the centerpiece stands out. This display offers a fresh take on Easter, blending contemporary style with the playful innocence of an Earth Tone Nursery. It’s a statement of simplicity and elegance for the holiday.

32. Rustic Charm of the Countryside

Image by oldetymarketplace

This centerpiece exudes a pastoral charm with a plush lamb nestled in a weathered wooden crate surrounded by lush moss and candles. The vintage lanterns add a hint of nostalgia, reminiscent of a serene country evening. This rustic yet cozy setting would not only make a beautiful Easter centerpiece but also a delightful addition to an Earth Tone Nursery, embodying the essence of a tranquil rural life.

33. Springtime Blossoms and Bunnies

Image by bloom_jennybrooks

In a delicate dance of color and light, blush roses and white blooms spill from a woven basket, signifying Easter’s bloom. Playful bunny plates and pastel eggs enhance the table’s joyful spirit. This centerpiece harmoniously blends with the soft, nurturing atmosphere of an Earth Tone Nursery. It’s a tableau that celebrates new beginnings and the sweet innocence of spring.

34. Minimalist Elegance with a Twist of Whimsy

Image by white.oak.shop

A pair of porcelain bunnies guards a simple arrangement of greenery in a classic white pitcher, creating a serene Easter display. The subtle wooden bead garland and decorative eggs add a playful contrast. Nestled in a woven tray, this centerpiece draws on the simplicity and organic beauty ideal for an Earth Tone Nursery setting. It’s a tasteful nod to the holiday with a modern, understated charm.

35. Rustic Charm Easter Centerpiece

Image by jordecor

Beginning with a symphony of earthy tones, this centerpiece captures the essence of a rustic Easter. Nestled among speckled eggs, the two stone-colored rabbits exude a serene charm. Flanked by wooden candlesticks, the composition anchors the tablescape with a sense of warmth. The cool blue tray beneath, lined with a soft teal runner, offers a tranquil base, harmonizing with the natural palette.


Q1: What are some easy DIY Easter centerpiece ideas?

A1: Consider using painted eggs, fresh spring flowers, and colorful ribbons. Mason jars with pastel-colored candles also make for simple yet elegant centerpieces.

Q2: Can I make an Easter centerpiece with items from my garden?

A2: Absolutely! Freshly cut flowers, greenery, and even branches can be arranged in a vase for a natural, garden-inspired centerpiece.

Q3: How can I make my Easter centerpiece kid-friendly?

A3: Incorporate elements like chocolate eggs, bunnies, and other Easter-themed toys. Use bright colors and safe, non-breakable materials.

Q4: Are there any sustainable options for Easter centerpieces?

A4: Yes, using potted plants or herbs as centerpieces is both sustainable and practical. They can be replanted after the festivities.

Q5: How can I create a centerpiece for a small table?

A5: Focus on minimalist designs, such as a single flowering branch or a small arrangement of eggs and candles, to avoid overcrowding the table.

Q6: What are some themes for Easter centerpieces?

A6: Popular themes include rustic farmhouse, modern minimalism, and vibrant spring garden. Choose one that matches your decor.

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