29 Italian Easter Recipes You Would Love To Make This Year

Easter is celebrated in Italy on a grander scale than most other places around the world. As a public holiday, people spend time with their loved ones, watching parades, meeting friends and family and eating traditional dishes. It’s no wonder then, that Italian easter recipes are widely popular. 

Marking the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, Easter is marked by services in churches throughout the country. Called Pasqua in Italian, families enjoy a hearty meal to celebrate and share joy together. After a prolonged period of fasting and praying, it’s only natural to indulge in some rich dishes. 

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29 Italian Easter Recipes For An Elaborate Feast

Traditional fares include artichokes, roast lamb and sweet holiday bread. There is also plenty of chocolate and cookies to be enjoyed. For plenty of really delicious and classic Italian Easter recipes, read on to find the ones that appeal to you the most. 

1. Easter Green Pie 

Image and recipe by aqueeninthekitchen

A wonderfully light and savory Easter pie, this is a symbol of spring time and nature that the festival brings. The Italian Easter pie recipe is really flavorful and kid friendly, easy to make and perfect for sharing with loved ones. You can make the pie from scratch if you like, but to save some time on your busy day use a pre packed crust. The pie is packed with plenty of ricotta and parmigiano cheese which makes it really delicious. For a thoroughly Italian fare, you have to try this one.  

2. Italian Frosted Easter Cookies 

Image and recipe by thisitaliankitchen

Easter cookies are a tradition that you don’t want to skip out on. Most recipes are made using traditional sugar cookies and really decadent frosting. Just the kind of thing you want to be munching on during Easter. This Italian Easter cookie recipe is no different. Easy to make, light and covered with colorful frosting, you’ll be hard pressed to pass on these. You can be sure that these cookies are going to be so much better than the store bought ones. 

3. Arancini Risotto Balls 

Image and recipe by eataly

A favorite among Southern Italians, this dish is the Italian Easter dinner recipe you didn’t know you needed. Stuffed with mozzarella and peas, the risotto balls are crumbed and deep fried for the most sumptuous appetizer you have ever had. The dish is called Arancini because they look like mini oranges and taste of cheese with every bite. If you are a risotto lover, you will love this dish as well. 

4. Easter Birds Nest Cake 

Image and recipe by cookingwithnonna

Isn’t this just adorable? As much as you might think this is a complicated cake to make, it couldn’t be easier. The cake recipe, the glaze and the chocolate nest resting on top are all quintessential Easter elements that everyone will love. Made with a lemon and vanilla cake, this Italian Easter recipe might just be the thing to end your dinner party with. If there are children around make sure to give them the egg nests to munch first.

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5. Pizza Rustica 

Image and recipe by christinascucina

A traditional Easter pie made with eggs, Pizza rustica is traditional, full of tasty meats and loved by everyone. As traditional recipes goes, this one is a long process with a rich history and significance. If you like an egg filled Italian Easter pie recipe as much as the next person, you have to try this one out. With so many different cheeses and meats you can use as filling, you’re bound to find the perfect one to share with your loved ones. 

6. Maple Glazed Ham 

Image and recipe by theslowroasteditalian

A traditional Italian Easter dinner recipe that everyone will love, maple glazed ham is a classic. It is loaded with sweet maple and a touch of the right spices for a perfect blend of flavor. A sweet glaze is perfect to counter the saltiness of the ham which makes this recipe the perfect choice for your celebrations this year. 

7. Traditional Lasagna 

Image and recipe by cookingwithnonna

Do you love a good lasagna that is slathered in rich tomato sauce and oozing luxurious amounts of cheese? Why not make it this year for Easter then? Making a traditional lasagna recipe might have never been this easy before. With plenty of ground beef, ricotta and different types of cheese, this Italian Easter dinner recipe will take you right to the countryside of Italy with its taste. So try it and share it with the ones you love. 

8. Italian Anise Cookies 

Image and recipe by prouditaliancook

When it’s spring time, you want to be able to celebrate with colors and sweetness to spread as much joy as possible. This Italian Easter cookie recipe is glazed with pretty pastel frosting and sprinkles. With the subtle taste of anise these light crumbly cookies are bound to melt your heart. 

9. Torta Pasqualina 

Image and recipe by finedininglovers

Easter brunch just wouldn’t be the same without a hearty serving of this traditional Italian dish on your plate. Made with eggs and spinach, Torta Pasqualina is delicious, simple and really filling. Double crusted with a beautiful crust, this Italian Easter pie recipe is just the kind of thing to start your celebrations with. 

10. Cassata Siciliana 

Image and recipe by manusmenu

An iconic Italian cake, Cassata is filled with sweet ricotta and chocolate. The most memorable part is how it’s decorated with colorful fruits and royal icing. With flavors of almond and citrus this Italian Easter dessert recipe has an ancient history and is much loved by everyone. If you love all things traditional, you cannot go wrong with a Cassata for Easter. 

11. Rotolla di Manzo Ripieno

Image and recipe by cookingwithnonna

Looking for an Italian Easter dinner recipe like no other. This one might just become the talk of town after you serve it. Ground beef and ricotta with mushrooms and spinach are already a brilliant combination. Crumbed and baked in a tomato sauce, this is the perfect entree and you will agree once you try it. If you don’t believe it, try the recipe out yourself. 

12. Tiramisu 

Image and recipe by tasteofhome 

A lightened version of the classic Italian dessert that does not skimp on the taste. For the time when you’re running around worrying about the different dishes you need to make for Easter, this Tiramisu is surely a savior. The Italian Easter dinner recipe gets made in no time so you can focus on other dishes. With the taste of coffee and vanilla layered through chocolate, this dish is sure to be the sweetest way to end the night. 

13. Pesce al Forna 

Image and recipe by eataly

Ground pecan and crisp crackers make the crust on this fish recipe a deal clincher. For a sophisticated dining experience, you cannot go wrong with this Italian Easter dinner recipe. Using cod ensures a nice large portion of filet which cooks to perfection with the pecans and crackers. However, this recipe is good for any filet of your choice. Trust me when I say no one will be able to get enough of it. 

14. Italian Easter Bread 

Image and recipe by thisitaliankitchen

Want an Italian Easter bread recipe that does not involve yeast? You may just be in luck. This recipe gets made in minutes while still tasting amazing and looking as good as the classic bread you’ll find in Italian streets. With a sweet flavor and flaky texture, this bread is almost like a scone. Perfect for Easter morning and brunch, make a batch yourself and enjoy with a steaming cup of coffee. 

15. Sicilian Cassatelle with Ricotta 

Image and recipe by mangiabedda

These little crescents of dough that are stuffed with a sweet ricotta filling and fried or baked might just become your new favorite this year. You can enjoy them for any festival but they’re the perfect summer treat. For a traditional Italian Easter dessert recipe, try this one. It’s the sweetest fare to share with your loved ones. 

16. Italian Easter Frittata 

Image and recipe by imozo

Go for something warm and comforting this Easter brunch with a traditional frittata. It has plenty of cheese and sausage for the best flavors possible. A frittata can be a little time consuming to make but it is so worth it. The creamy ricotta and eggs make this dish very filling, which is perfect after an egg hunt. So make this Italian Easter pie recipe because it will be something you make often once you’ve tried it. 

17. Italian Style Easter Lamb 

Image and recipe by thehungarybuddha

Lamb is that quintessentially Italian Easter dinner recipe that you cannot go wrong with. Whether you roast it, grill it, bake it or even pan sear it, you know that it is a dish that will not fail you. If done right, lamb is flavorful and tender and falls off the bone in the best way possible. So do yourself a favor this year and try out this super easy and straightforward Italian lamb dish. With parsley, pancetta and peas, this main course will blow your mind with its simplicity. 

18. Italian Easter Pie 

Image and recipe by saveur

With cured salami and italian cheese in an egg filling, this Easter pie is a delight at brunch, lunch or dinner. It is filling and flavorful, with a lightly gold crust the recipe is enough for a large potluck. If you are looking for a simple and traditional Italian Easter pie recipe, this one will not disappoint you. 

19. Italian Easter Bread 

Image and recipe by epicurious

If you want the most authentic Italian Easter bread recipe, then this is the one for you. It is a time consuming process making this sweet bread, so you’ll want to start preparing in advance. But all the effort is definitely worth it. The bread is glazed with almonds and sugar which give it a simple richness. You will absolutely love this bread recipe for it’s nod to tradition. 

20. Pastiera 

Image and recipe by aglioolioepeperoncino

A traditional Neapolitan Easter cake, Pastiera is made with pasta dough more often than buckwheat. To keep true to tradition, we have what is a truly traditional recipe with ricotta and orange flavor. A very simple Italian Easter pie recipe, Pastiera is sweet and rich and full of comfort. If you want to have a hearty and joyful time with your loved ones this year, you have to have some of this lovely pie to pass around to everyone as well. 

21. Taralli Dolci di Pasqua 

Image and recipe by thespicedlife

Want a traditional Italian Easter cookie recipe that looks similar to a glazed donut? This recipe is just the thing for that. Thick and sturdy, these cookies are fragrant and have a wonderful citrus vanilla taste. The icing is made with sugar glaze that is spiced with vanilla and flori di sicilia extract for a divine flavor. Try it yourself this year because you’ll have everyone stumped at how good these taste. 

22. Rustic Savory Neapolitan Pastiera 

Image and recipe by aqueeninthekitchen

Usually Pastiera is made with a sweet filling and shared with loved ones on Easter Sunday. However, sometimes, we want a little change from tradition without taking away from the essence. This savory Pastiera does just that. With peas, rice, carrots and cheese, this Italian Easter pie recipe has a wonderful flavor. It tastes delicious whether you eat it hot or cold, so it’s perfect for making ahead. 

23. Fresh Herb Baked Fish and Chips 

Image and recipe by anitalianinmykitchen

A fast and delicious Italian Easter dinner recipe, these fish and chips get done in 30 minutes. With the taste of fresh herbs and delicate fish, you can be sure that this main course will be a hit with everyone. Perfect for a night of entertaining, you’ll be transported right to the Italian heartland with the flavors of parsley, oregano and thyme over the well roasted potatoes and fish. 

24. Leg of Lamb with Garlic and Rosemary 

Image and recipe by epicurious

Even if it’s your first time cooking lamb leg, you’ll find how easy it is. A good Italian Easter dinner recipe has all the trappings without any of the fuss.Garlic and rosemary infused with the lamb meat to provide a rich and decadent flavor that will have everyone talking for days. If you like, you can also add some dry red wine to the recipe for a splash of extra richness. 

25. Soft Italian Easter Cookies 

Image and recipe by scrambledchefs

Perfectly soft and fluffy cookies that are coated with frosting and sprinkles, they are the perfect start to Easter morning. This easy sugar cookie recipe is perfect for Easter baskets, tea time snacks and giving as gifts. This Italian Easter cookie recipe has a distinct almond and vanilla flavor to them and rise perfectly in the oven for the lightest cookies you can find. 

26. Rhubarb Ricotta Almond Tart 

Image and recipe by mangiabedda

Nothing says spring quite like a rhubarb tart does. Although it is not a traditionally Italian flavor, this tart is pretty evocative of family and Easter dishes. With a creamy ricotta and almond filling, the Italian Easter pie recipe is sweet without being overpowering. The pie is firm without being dense, which makes it great for breakfast and brunch as well. With the buttery almond crust and orange scented rhubarb with crunchy almond filling, you have a dessert that is utterly memorable. 

27. Manicotti with Spinach and Ricotta 

Image and recipe by cookingwithnonna

Perhaps this year, you want a pasta dish that is a little different from the usual. Try manicotti for a change. Made with long tubes and stuffed with delicious spinach and ricotta, this Italian Easter dinner recipe is superb. The cheese and spinach goes amazing with the rich herb tomato sauce. It’s simple and easy enough to make so you won’t have to spend too much time on it either. 

28. Sicilian Easter Cookies with Eggs 

Image and recipe by mangiabedda 

Made fresh for Easter and shared with family and friends, this Italian Easter cookies recipe makes the sweetest treat of all. The cookie dough is a basic breakfast cookie. Adding the egg in the center is a Sicilian tradition. The idea of having these at your breakfast table on Easter morning sounds almost too perfect which is why you should definitely try them. 

29. Cannoli Cake 

Image and recipe by tasteofhome

Take the easy way out with this Italian Easter dessert recipe. Although the base cake is made with a packaged mix, you can be sure that the flavors are authentically Italian. Filled with a decadent chocolate cannoli between the layers of the cake, this will feel just like a true cannoli in cake form. And aren’t two beloved desserts better than one? Frost the cake with light mascarpone and diced almonds so that your eyes feast on this cake before you do. Truly a spectacular way to end the night. 

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