33 Easter Dessert Recipes That Are Too Adorable to Eat

Fudge, candy, pies and brownies are all a welcome sight throughout the year. Dessert holds a special place in every heart. And if it doesn’t then you need to change that kind of thinking ASAP. It doesn’t matter what else you might be making for Easter celebrations this year. Your table will feel really empty without some treats and desserts to sweeten the day. 

Yes, the very mention of Easter brings up images of chocolate bunnies, colorful Easter eggs, sweet divinity candy and lots of different pies. Who doesn’t love those things? If you have a sweet tooth and you’ve been wondering what to make for Easter this year – whether to finish brunch with or just as a sweet snack, we have you covered.

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33 Cute and Easy Easter Dessert Recipes To Make This Year

This list of sweet and easy Easter desserts includes options for kids and adults, with recipes ranging from fudge to trifle and even keto cookies. So whether you want something to excite your inner child with sugar cookies and pastel candy, or something more refined with chocolate pie and coconut cake, we have it all. You’re bound to find something that you will just have to try making this year. And we are happy to have helped you do that. 

1. Fudge Filled Easter Eggs 

Image and recipe by simplejoy

Think of cracking open a delicious Easter egg and discovering it’s filled with gooey fudge. That’s a treat I would stand in line to get. It’s yummy, it’s got chocolate and it is a really easy Easter dessert recipe. And on top of that, they’re so beautiful to look at. 

2. Rainbow Easter Cake 

Image and recipe by thegunnysack 

This is a light and springy layered cake that is bound to lift anyone’s spirits. Covered in vanilla bean frosting and topped off with cake sprinkles, this is the traditional Easter dessert recipe you’ll want around. You need a few different colored cakes and some patience to start off, but the end result will be completely worth it. 

3. Coconut Hand Pies 

Image and recipe by bakefromscratch 

Fresh coconut creams encased in a rich and flaky pastry dough. Those words itself are enough to turn heads and make people excited. This beautiful and delicious Easter pie dinner recipe can be made in no time. If you’re looking for a dessert recipe that will be a crowd favorite, you’ll love this one. 

4. Angel Berry Trifle 

Image and recipe by jocooks

Fresh and perfect for Easter time, this easy trifle is going to make the celebrations that much sweeter. Made with angel food cake, this trifle has a vanilla pudding cream cheese custard and lots of berries. Make this traditional Easter dessert recipe for this year’s brunch celebrations and spread the sweetness for the whole year. 

5. Buttery Walnut Toffee Bark 

Image and recipe by joyfilledeats 

We all want something that looks and tastes expensive to sit at our dessert tables especially during Easter. So why not go all in with these buttery walnut homemade keto toffee bars. Even if you’ve never made any toffee, this recipe is super easy to make. Made with just 5 ingredients, this keto Easter dessert recipe has to be a part of your celebrations. 

6. Lemon Cheesecake Mousse 

Image and recipe by cookingclassy 

This lemon cheesecake mousse is the perfect recipe for spring and summer time. So of course you should be making it this Easter. It is soft, light and delicious with a smooth whipped cheesecake topping and a graham cracker base. And serving these easy Easter dessert recipes at the end of your dinner is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. 

7. Italian Easter Pie 

Image and recipe by atreatsaffair 

Make this lovely and light sweet Italian Easter pie for this year’s brunch to bring in happy times and cheer. With a light ricotta and chocolate chips filling, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more fitting Easter pie recipe dessert. If you want something easy yet traditional, this sweet and creamy pie is the way to go. 

8. Chocolate Speckled Egg Cookies 

Image and recipe by ericassweettooth 

You have the well known sugar cookies and then you have this adorable version of them which is a treat for the eyes. If you like making food that might just resemble art, you want to try your hand at this cute Easter dessert recipe. The cookies are speckled with dark chocolate that cuts through the sweetness and gives them a rich flavor. Put these out on the table and watch them vanish within minutes. It’ll be worth all the effort. 

9. Milk Chocolate Brownies 

Image and recipe by sugarhero 

There is just something about the brownie that inspires joy. The crinkly crust on top with the soft fudgy interior is stranger to no one. So how can we go wrong with this cute Easter dessert recipe that looks like a party in itself. We know the saying that too much of a good thing can be bad, but that certainly doesn’t apply to these spring time brownies. Be ready to watch them disappear as soon as they’re ready. 

10. Apricot Grunt 

Image and recipe by eatingwell 

Grunts are the tasty and easier version of the classic cobbler. This easy summer dessert is a treat with apricots and honey in a pan, with just a hint of cloves and whole grain biscuits on top. A surprisingly healthy Easter dessert recipe, this one is low in fat but full of deliciousness. You will be hard pressed to find a reason not to serve this at the end of brunch with some ice cream or frozen yogurt. 

11. Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns 

Image and recipe by becomingness

Easy to make and absolutely divine to taste, this healthy Easter dessert recipe is a must try if you haven’t had it yet. They’re really simple to make and you can gobble them up guilt free because they have no preservatives. That should be the win right there. So make a healthier choice this year and try out this fun and yummy recipe. 

12. Italian Egg Biscuit 

Image and recipe by sugarfreemom 

These decadent keto biscuits are low carb and sugar free which makes them even more amazing. Light yet dense at the same time, the egg biscuits are almost a classic at the Easter dessert table. And this keto Easter dessert recipe makes sure that you’re not missing out on any deliciousness. Top them with a simple sugar glaze and sprinkles and they’re ready to be brought out for the celebrations. 

13. Easter Cathedral Candy 

Image and recipe by momontimeout 

If your kids have been wanting to help out with candy preparations this year, this one will keep them occupied for a few hours. It’s easy to make and only requires 3 ingredients, plus it’s so pretty to look at. With coconut and marshmallows, this easy Easter dessert recipe is the kind of stuff that makes you want to delve right in. 

14. Watercolor Cake Roll 

Image and recipe by livforcake

Just look at the colors on this cake roll. Isn’t it beautiful? And it tastes amazing too. Taking the classic swiss roll cake and jazzing it up for Easter seems like the right thing to do, doesn’t it? A delicious vanilla sponge cake with light whipped cream, what’s not to love? You might want to perfect your cake rolling skills for this cute Easter dessert recipe, but trust me when I say, the result will really wow you. 

15. Easter Egg Cake Balls 

Image and recipe by skinnytaste

Want something easy yet yummy for a dessert idea this Easter? How about something with no oil and butter? All you will need is cake mix and Greek yoghurt to get started. These yummy cake balls get done in no time. This creative and cute Easter dessert recipe is light and fun and will make great gifts too. So grab some cake mix and let’s get started right away. 

16. Chocolate Chess Pie 

Image and recipe by homemadeinterest 

We already heard the words chocolate and pie together so we know it’s going to be decadent. Made with a handful of ingredients, this pie is rich and smooth and just perfect for the holidays. Make this traditional Easter dessert recipe for your brunch celebrations. I can almost guarantee that the whole thing will be polished off in no time. 

17. Chocolate Chip Blondies 

Image and recipe by tasteaholics

Sugar free and low carb is something we all wish we could find with every dessert. And today that comes in the form of these delicious yet easy to make chocolate chip blondies. Think of a gooey and dense dessert that is also sugar free and keto friendly. And now try it for yourself with this keto Easter dessert recipe. It’s full of chocolate and pecan nuts for all the fun you could wish for. Now that’s the kind of dessert I can get on board with. 

18. Fresh Strawberry Pie 

Image and recipe by dinneratthezoo

If you’re looking to kick up your pie game, this one is the one to try. It’s a no bake twist on the classic version with graham crackers, loaded with plenty of fresh strawberries and a decadent sugar glaze. Ohh this easy Easter dessert recipe certainly didn’t come to play. A really fresh option for spring, make this to finish brunch with and you will not be disappointed. 

19. Coconut and Chocolate Easter Bunny Pie 

Image and recipe by kudoskitchenbyrenee 

Tap into a little bit of whimsy with this super cute Easter dessert recipe. Made with a store bought pie dough, it is pretty easy to make. The filling is a rich coconut and chocolate mixture which frankly will just melt in the mouth. Once you’re done admiring the cuteness of the bunny on top, you won’t be able to stop obsessing over the yumminess of the pie itself. Frankly, I was sold just at the mention of coconut and chocolate. 

20. Blueberry Lemon Ricotta Pound Cake 

Image and recipe by eatingwell

Whatever you may say, the thought of pound cake is one that inspires feelings of comfort and hominess. This healthy Easter dessert recipe is delicious and very fresh. It can be made with just one bowl. As long as you whip the sugar and butter for a long time to make it creamy, you’re bound to get a lovely spongy cake which is perfect as an Easter snack. 

21. Lemon Lavender Cupcakes 

Image and recipe by thecakeblog 

I don’t know what is better about this recipe – the lemon cake or the lavender buttercream frosting. Either way, this is a must have at your spring dessert table. Festive to look at and amazingly light to taste, this cute Easter dessert recipe is just what you need for your joyful celebrations. The best part is that the lavender in the cupcakes will certainly calm you down after a hectic day of cooking and feasting. 

22. Almond and Chocolate Keto Treats 

Image and recipe by easyketoliving 

If you’re on the hunt for healthy Easter treats that you can munch on guilt free, you’ve come to the right place. This delicious recipe includes almonds and chocolate to help you stave off your sugar cravings. All you need is some nuts, peanut butter and coconut to get started and this yummy keto Easter dessert recipe is ready to serve in literally 5 steps. 

Image and recipe by cakescottage

If you want to give everyone a wonderful surprise in their Easter baskets, I suggest you start with these Easter egg truffles. Made with cookie dough and chocolates in the sweetest combination and covered with melted chocolate, this is a little treat everyone will love. This is the type of cute Easter dessert recipe that will disappear in no time at all. 

24. Fudgy Chocolate Brownies 

Image and recipe by sugarfreemom 

A fudgy chocolate brownie is your everyday food dream, especially if you’ve been on the keto train for a while. But here we have an amazing flourless, gluten free version that will lift your spirits just in time for Easter. This healthy Easter dessert recipe is made with the bare minimum of ingredients but still is moist and decadent. All the more reason to make them a must this Easter. 

25. Coconut Cake 

Image and recipe by homemadeinterest 

Fresh coconut and coconut cream are the star of this moist and fluffy coconut cake. If you love the smell, taste and flavor of all things coconut you cannot go through Easter without having a bite of this one. And let’s be honest, you’re not going to stop at one bite. For the sweetest end to your celebrations, make this traditional Easter dessert recipe to share with your friends and family. 

26. Keto Macaroons 

Image and recipe by suagrfreelondoner

Shredded coconut and chocolate are probably the most classic Easter combination  in a dessert. But how about we make them keto just to make it even better? With no carbs and sugar, this keto Easter dessert recipe is crispy yet chewy and just the right kind of yummy. 

27. Bunny Butt Cupcakes 

Image and recipe by mybakingaddiction 

Light, fluffy and adorable, these bunny butt cupcakes are the perfect way to end your Easter brunch. Made with a vanilla bean cake and dipped in buttercream and shredded coconut, this is the perfect cute Easter dessert recipe for kids. It’s got sprinkles and bunny butt decorations and is almost too adorable to handle. 

28. Raspberry Lemon Chiffon Pie 

Image and recipe by bakefromscratch

A sweet and tart pie with a decadent lemon raspberry filling. Tell me this isn’t the stuff of dreams. The crust is made of biscoff cookie which balances the berry filling and the lemon meringue topping. This traditional Easter dessert recipe is the perfect introduction to spring and everything that it brings. 

29. No Fail Jell-O Divinity 

Image and recipe by momontimeout 

Pretty pastels and divinity make for a sweet and deadly combination on your Easter table. Isn’t it so pretty to look at? It comes together really quickly, tastes amazing and is great for get-togethers. So of course you have to try this easy Easter dessert recipe if you’re going all out this year. These soft pillows of flavor are just the thing you need to bring out everyone’s inner child. 

30. Chocolate Coconut Bunnies 

Image and recipe by sugarfreemom 

It wouldn’t be Easter without a good chocolate bunny. But this year, you make all the candy yourself. And it will be the sweetest yet. With just 5 ingredients and no sugar, this healthy Easter dessert recipe is just what you need to have a guilt free Easter. They’re perfect to add to the Easter hunt baskets since they won’t melt. And to be honest, anything bunny themed is always welcome. 

31. Rice Krispies Easter Eggs 

Image and recipe by thefirstyearblog

Colorful and adorable are two words that can be used to describe these yummy Easter treats. Use rice crispies to make these easy Easter dessert recipes. All you need is some colorful royal icing and your dessert table is going to be decked out. If you want something different from the usual in your Easter basket, they’ll make a delicious alternative too. 

32. Chocolate Orange Bliss Balls 

Image and recipe by becomingness 

Whether you’re looking for something vegan or keto friendly this Easter, we have you covered. These orange bliss balls are yummy and healthy and have a surprisingly short make time. If you like the taste of sweet orange and bitter chocolate, you’re going to like this keto Easter dessert recipe a lot. And so are your guests. 

33. White Chocolate Keto Truffles 

Image and recipe by mariamindbodyhealth

The quintessential keto truffles are here to give you a mood boost this Easter. And this time, they come covered in white chocolate. As a keto Easter dessert recipe, this one is really easy to make and will last you a good couple of days. Also see how cute they look. One look at the dessert table and everyone is going to be longing to have a few. 

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