30+ Easter Bullet Journal Ideas for an Eggcellent Layout

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April is coming in, and so is Easter! This lovely holiday falls when the days begin getting longer, and the flowers begin blooming. For many of us, this means we get to spend time with our friends and family, participate in some egg-cellent activities, and eat tons of chocolate! But, enjoying so much might require a lot of planning, which is why you need to use your Easter bullet journal this festive season. 

Whether you need some inspiration for your April bullet journal or want to create a planned log for attending the festivities or buying easter eggs, these unique Easter bullet journal ideas are perfect for you! Here is a list of everything you need to prepare your Easter journal, from cover ideas to habit and mood trackers to weekly layouts! 

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Easter Bullet Journal Cover Pages

The cover of your bullet journal must greet you with Easter wishes as soon as you open it! So, these fantastic easter bullet journal cover ideas give you tons of options to choose from. You can go for something bright and colorful, or an egg wreath cover or a bunny wishes cover, or simply get inspired and create something new!

1. Hello April Colorful BuJo Cover

Easter Theme Cover Pages

Source:  _letter.by.roseice_

This bullet journal cover by _letter.by.roseice_ is a very colorful way of welcoming Easter! It has a two-page layout that has splashes of all possible colors you can think of! One side has three tiny bunnies wishing you a happy easter. While the second side has an extremely creative egg wreath, with each egg uniquely designed and colored. I love how stunning this bujo cover looks using some basic drawing skills! 

2. Wreath of Eggs Quote BuJo Cover

Easter Theme Cover Pages 2

Source:  feetonthestars

Here is another egg wreath cover idea by feetonthestars that is very vibrant and eye-catching. Each of the eggs has a unique doodled design, and the colors go from blue to purple to yellow and finally green. The other side of the cover has a striking quote written in a beautiful font, surrounded by a lovely floral design! This idea is easy to recreate and is equally appealing. 

3. Easter Garden April Cover Idea

Source: bujo.with.josh

Lay down some colorful, patterned eggs in some fresh green grass to recreate this lovely easter garden cover by bujo.with.josh. The page a rainbow bunting at the top followed by the month name, and finally, the adorable garden. This idea is a bright and super fresh welcome for your Easter bullet journal. 

4. Egg-cellent Easter Bullet Journal Cover

Source: handmadebyjesslee

This sophisticated and artsy journal cover idea by handmadebyjesslee is an effortless and classy way of prepping for Easter. It is a single-page layout with “Hello April” written on the top. The month’s name is written in tiny plant pots with rabbits popping out, which is a very adorable touch to the cover. A month calendar is also added in the middle, followed by a wish at the bottom. 

5. Doodled Egg “Stay Home” BuJo Cover

Source: alisonsworld

The past year has been a roller coaster, and this cover by alisonsworld is a cute way to remind you to stay safe! This stunningly doodles egg in the middle of the page with a pink “stay home” message looks unique. You can replace this message with “Happy Easter” or “Hello April,” depending on your mood for the month!

6. Washi Tape Easter Bullet Journal Cover

Easter Theme Cover Pages

Source:  occhivelare

Washi tapes are the easiest and prettiest way of decorating any part of your bullet journal, including the cover! This happy easter/stay home two-page cover by  occhivelare is perfect if you are not a fan of drawing. One side has a fun “COVID” bunny cut-out stuck on a landscape background. The borders are created using colorful, designer washi tape. “Happy Easter” is written on the other page using big, bold font along with a “stay home” cracked egg. 

7. EGGstra Ordinary Easter Bullet Journal Cover

Easter Theme Cover Pages

Source: alionsworld

What better way to decorate your bullet journal cover than by writing a lovely easter quote that greets you every time? This cover design by alionsworld uses a quirky font with tiny egg doodles flying around. The color scheme is pink and black, but you can customize it according to your journal’s theme.

8. Minimal Egg n Bunny BuJo Cover

Source: bubu_en_herbe

This April calendar by bubu_en_herbe is a minimal, simple, and quick way to decorate your bujo cover. All you need is a black pen and some colorful markers. Draw a circle by alternating bunnies and eggs of different colors. Use the black pen to write the month’s name along with the calendar, and voila! 

9. Classy Embroidered Eggs Easter Cover

Easter Theme Cover Pages

Source: kamifitzroy

I love how subtle and classy this hello April cover by kamifitzroy looks. The right margin of the cover is cut out in the shape of eggs, and each egg is water-colored and decorated in light tones of brown and black. This eggy margin is the highlight of the cover, and the remaining space is free for you to scribble anything you want! 

10. Easter Basket April BuJo Cover

Easter Theme Cover Pages

Source: caylasbujo

Give yourself an eggcellent bujo welcome using this loaded egg basket labeled with the month’s name. Each egg is designed using different patterns and color combinations. I love the bright and vibrant shades used in this cover design by caylasbujo. It is simple, unique, and fun to recreate. 

11. Flying Confetti Easter Bullet Journal Cover

Easter Theme Cover Pages

Source: miss_paperplans

With Easter approaching, it’s time for some celebration! So, you got to get some confetti flying around in your bullet journal cover using this idea by miss_paperplans. This two-page cover has a motivational quote on one side and an Easter egg on the other. You can decorate the egg using as many colors and designs as you like! 

12. Packed with Pastels Easter BuJo Cover

Source: pervinca91

Light pastel tones are a very stylish and modern way of designing your Easter bullet journal cover. To recreate this design by pervinca91, all you have to do is draw a large, colorfully decorated egg with a month banner flying across it. This quick illustration is enough to brighten up the beginning of your bullet journal! 

13. Calligraphic Two-Page BuJo Cover

Easter Theme Cover Pages

Source: __kikis93__

This Happy Easter bujo cover by __kikis93__ looks very elegant and chic. It has a two-page style with a tiny sketched bunny on one side. The other side has a black floral design all over the page with happy Easter written in a colorful calligraphic font. It is a lovely design that is very easy to make and looks straight out of a magazine. 

14. Sketched Bunny Easter Bullet Journal Cover

Source: missbujonz

Pick up some sketching pencils to design your Easter bullet journal cover using this idea by missbujonz. Draw some designer eggs with the calendar dates scribbled on them. Next, sketch a cute rabbit sitting on some grass and scribble the month name on the right. This idea is very effortless and requires minimal supplies. You can customize it according to your liking! 

15. Adorable Scribbled Bunny BuJo Calendar Cover

Easter Theme Cover Pages

Source: bulletjournalsophisticate

Here is a minimal and straightforward way by bulletjournalsophisticate to quickly design your bullet journal cover. You shall need some color pencils and a black pen to recreate this design. Start by drawing an adorable rabbit who is holding some balloons. Design the balloons in any creative and colorful way you want. Use the remaining space to write the month’s name and calendar, and voila!

16. Bright and Quirky Egg Wreath Cover

Source: onki_art

The bold and striking colors of this egg wreath bujo cover are a highlight that your journal needs. This design by onki_art has beautiful color transitions from orange to pink to purple to blue. Each egg also has a stylish mandala design doodled in it for an added edge. The middle of the wreath has “Hello April” written in a quirky font to finish the design.

17. Bunny in a Balloon Simple April Cover

Easter Theme Cover Pages

Source: shemeetspaper

I love the simplicity of this Easter bullet journal design by shemeetspaper. All you have to do is draw a colorful hot air balloon with a bunny floating in it. Add some golden star sticker sin the sky and finish off by scribbling “April” at the bottom. The muted color pallet of this cover adds to the elegance of the design! 

18. Cracked Doodle Egg BuJo Cover

Source: _differenz

This Easter, keep your bujo basic using this stylish and easy design by _differenz. All you need is a black pen and some doodling skills. Start by drawing a giant cracked egg in the middle of the cover and fill it up with the design of your choice. Write happy Easter in a quirky font right above the cracked egg. Finally, add the date at the bottom of the page to finish off this minimal masterpiece. 

19. Adorably Floral Easter Bullet Journal Cover

Source: bullet_journallingg

How beautiful does this easter bullet journal cover by bullet_journallingg look? I love everything about this design, from the neatness to the simplicity to the detailing and finally, the colors! It is truly an all-packed design and is very satisfying to recreate. So, get your creative artist out and get started! Don’t forget to add some washi tape corners to bind the design together. 

20. Floating Rabbit Easter Basket Cover

Source: biancawrites_

Here is a cute illustration by biancawrites_ that you can replicate for your bullet journal cover this month! Start by drawing an egg-filled basket and add some greeneries to it as well. Next, draw a dressed rabbit hanging on some balloons. Make the illustration as colorful as you like. Finish off by writing the month’s name at the bottom in black, and your cover is ready in no time! 

21. Prints and Patterns Easter Bunny Cover

Source: ugly_journal

The combination of these vibrant eggs with a simple rabbit outline makes this cover design by ugly_journal very unique and pleasant. You need to use bold color markers to fill in the eggs and create one unique pattern for each egg. From stripes to polka dots, to zig-zag designs to floral prints, you can create anything you want! 

Easter Bullet Journal Weekly Layout

Weekly layouts are an essential part of keeping your bullet journal entries well categorized and organized. You can quickly enlist your tasks for each day of the week and keep track without any hassle. These unique Easter bullet journal weekly log ideas will surely inspire you for the next step of designing your journal. 

22. Stick it On! Weekly BuJo Layout

Source: lilaboxx_creative

This weekly layout by lilaboxx_creative is the easiest way for you to design your bujo pages. Start by creating equal sections for each day and leaving out the left and right margins of the two-page layout. On the left margin, make a small box labeled as the to-do list. Finally, in the remaining areas (including the right margin), add some easter stickers, and your weekly plan is ready for entries! 

23. Diverse Easter Bullet Journal Weekly Layout

WeeklyTheme Easter Bullet Journal

Source: charlene30lm

This weekly layout by charlene30lm looks straight out of a printed journal. But don’t worry, it is pretty simple to recreate. Create some boxes for each day of the week, add some Easter stickers to fill up the empty spaces. Create two additional sections for notes and daily tracking. This design serves all possible purposes of your daily bujo needs, and all your effort goes into entry-making only! 

24. Dancing Eggs Easter Bullet Journal Weekly Layout

Source:  miss_paperplans

Recreating this simple weekly plan by miss_paperplans takes little time and some fun personalization. Start by dividing your two-pages into three rows, keeping the middle one thicker. Use the second row for creating weekday/weekend columns. Write the month name in the top row with a colorful dancing eggs design. In the bottom row, make a notes section and add an Easter message! 

25. Decorated Flying Eggs Weekly Spread

Source: hollierosehandcrafts

This weekly layout by hollierosehandcrafts is perfect for your Easter bullet journal due to its neat and pleasant look. The left margin of the page has the month’s name and calendar along with a goals section. The right margin has decorated flying eggs and “Happy Easter” scribbled on. Finally, the middle section is dedicated to the daily sections of the weekly layout. It is a straightforward design that will be ready in a few minutes. 

26. Floral Weekly Layout & Habit Tracker

Weekly Theme Easter Bullet Journal

Source: laurelia.doodle

The use of warm, fresh tones in this bullet journal weekly layout by laurelia.doodle makes this design stand out a lot! Also, using different font styles adds to the uniqueness of the idea. A gorgeous floral illustration is added to the right-most margin that perfectly suits the aesthetic of this idea. 

27. Cute Peeping Bunnies Easter Bullet Journal Layout

Source: esther.bujo

Doesn’t this Easter bullet journal idea by esther.bujo look so adorable? Well, it’s equally easy to recreate! You shall need some light color pencils and some doodling skills. Start by dividing the sheet into a curved half and use the division as a margin for drawing the rabbits. Color these little bunnies in shades of white, brown, and pink. Finish off by creating daily sections and making a tiny month calendar on top for reference. 

28. Creative Hand-drawn BuJo Weekly Layout

Source: katykatehadfield

This bullet journal layout by katykatehadfield looks very creative, colorful, and satisfyingly neat. You start by designing a layout and creating some daily sections, a notes section, etc. Next, use some doodling tutorials to draw some Easter illustrations in the empty spaces and give the pages a border for a put-together look. 

29. Hints of Pink Weekly BuJo Layout

Source: showmeyourplanner

As adorable as this bullet journal weekly layout by showmeyourplanner looks, it is equally elegant and luxurious. The use of black as the primary color with little hints and highlights of pink makes this design so satisfying. Moreover, the stunning calligraphic font suits the theme of the layout perfectly. You can choose any other color that compliments black or your bujo theme.

Easter BuJo Trackers

Bullet journals are incomplete without mood and habit trackers. They are a creative and accessible manner of keeping a record of your daily practices. You can also quickly review your month to track your improvements over time! 

30. Gradient Baby Bunnies Habit & Mood Trackers

Weekly Theme Easter Bullet Journal

Source: esther.bujo

Here is a comprehensive habit and mood tracker idea by esther.bujo. The mood tracker is created by drawing thirty tiny bunnies all over the sheet for each day of the month. A key is added with one color for each mood, and an adorable mood tracker is ready. For the habit tracker, a combination of large eggs and bunnies is used, one for each habit. 

Easter Bullet Journal Doodles

Easter doodles are mainly about bunnies, eggs, chocolates, flowers, bows, and candies. And doodling is the easiest and quickest way to amp up any page of your bujo from the cover to the trackers. 

31. 3-Step Easter Bullet Journal Doodles

Source: nicolegracestudies

What faster way to learn Easter doodles than a three-step tutorial? This idea by nicolegracestudies breaks it down for you. Even if you are a beginner, you will be able to draw these cute doodles very quickly. From eggs to bunnies, this tutorial idea has it all. You can use your Easter bullet journal to practice these skills as well! 

We hope you were inspired by these ideas and will make your own Easter journal this April. 

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