30 Best Easter Lamb Recipes For Dinner Party

When we think of Easter, we think of lots of food and plenty of desserts. And when we think of Easter dinner, our minds more often than not go straight to ham recipes. While ham is the most popular meat, easter lamb reci is also a really popular choice for most Easter celebrations. 

If you’re one of the people who likes a good lamb roast then you’ve come to the right place. With just a handful of ingredients, it is possible to make a sumptuous lamb centerpiece for your Easter dinner table. Not only is lamb delicious, but also very versatile. It goes well with most spring vegetables and mashes. 

30 Best Traditional Easter Lamb Recipes For Dinner Party

In this list we have a variety of different ways to make your Easter lamb recipes as memorable as possible. Everything from slow cooked lamb shanks to the classic roast leg of lamb. And to make things a little bit sweeter, we also have a few recipes for Easter lamb cakes that you will absolutely adore. 

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If you’re ready to try out these mouthwatering recipes yourself, browse through the list until you come to the one that is perfect for your dinner table. And maybe something for dessert as well. 

1. Slow Roasted Greek Lamb 

Image and recipe by simply-delicious-food

Succulent lamb resting in a bed of potatoes and garlic sounds like the ideal Easter dinner centerpiece. This slow roasted lamb has authentic Greek favors and the most sumptuous tender meat. Cooked with rosemary and lemon, the infused aromatics are bound to make everyone at the dinner table hungrier than ever. Definitely one of the best lamb recipes for Easter. 

2. Braised Lamb with Herb Scented Jus 

Image and recipe by foodandwine 

Think of all the wonderful herbs simmering in a wonderfully balanced jus. Now pair that with a decadent braised leg of lab that’s been braised to perfection. This is the kind of dinner recipe you really want at Easter. If you like classic flavors, you will adore this Easter lamb recipe for this year’s menu. 

3. Italian Style Braised Leg of Lamb 

Image and recipe by realsimple 

Braised lamb is a really easy and simple dish to make for Easter. It ensures that the meat is really juicy and flavorful while falling off the bone easily. This is a traditional Easter lamb recipe, Italian style. Brimming with flavors of rosemary and capers, the rich wine sauce is wonderfully balanced. You cannot go wrong with this recipe for Easter dinner. 

4. Roast Lamb with Lemon Rosemary Potatoes 

Image and recipe by marthastewart 

Sometimes the best dishes need the least amount of ingredients to do right. With the trustworthy flavors of rosemary and lemon, you can be sure that this is one of the best lamb recipes for Easter. With a well marinated lamb, the lamb is juicy and tender after being roasted. Also, the potatoes are the perfect accompaniment for this lamb dish. 

5. Roasted Easter Lamb with Springtime Vegetables 

Image and recipe by cookstr

This lamb recipe calls for lots of garlic and mint which really brings out the flavor of the meat. If you’re looking for an easy Easter dinner recipe, this might just be the one for you. It has a deep earthy flavor from the herbs. Resting on a bed of fresh spring vegetables, this is really the best lamb recipe for Easter if you want something easy yet delicious. 

6. Fennel Pollen Roasted Rack of Lamb 

Image and recipe by foodandwine

The bright yellow fennel pollen has a beautiful anise flavor that gives this lamb rack a very earthy and rich flavor. If you want slightly new flavors to go with your Easter lamb recipe, you must try this one. The fresh radish leaf pesto gives the dish a very refined taste that pairs well with the earthiness of the lamb. This one will definitely be a highlight of dinner. 

7. Classic Roast Lamb Leg 

Image and recipe by thespruceeats 

This roast leg of lamb is the easiest thing you’ll make for Easter this year. With straightforward flavors of lemon and fresh herbs, it is tender and juicy with just the right balance of spices. The best lamb recipe for Easter if you want to do more with less. The fat left in the roasting pan can be used to make a glazing sauce for the lamb while serving. Try it yourself. This one is too delicious for words. 

8. Roast Lamb With Gravy 

Image and recipe by thedinnerbite

With a handful of pantry ingredients, it is possible to make a really tender and delicious roast leg of lamb. This recipe is great for Easter because of how simple it is to make. Served with some wonderfully roasted potatoes and mint sauce, you can make the graving using drippings from the lamb itself. This Easter lamb recipe is a must try if you want something yummy without doing too many things. 

9. Greek Roasted Lamb Leg 

Image and recipe by recipetineats 

Cooked till it’s tender, this meat is first braised in a lemon garlic liquid that becomes a wonderful sauce. Sounds delicious doesn’t it? Although it takes hours of roasting, this Greek lamb recipe is very easy to make. Once done, the lamb is basically fork tender. The best lamb recipe for Easter dinner with a wonderful sauce as accompaniment, this dish will be the perfect centerpiece for your table. 

10. Herb Crusted Roast Leg of Lamb 

Image and recipe by southernliving

If you are one of those people who really doesn’t want a ham main dish for Easter this year, try lamb for a change. Made with a delicious herb crust, this lamb is crispy on the outside and really tender and juicy inside. You will be hard pressed to find another recipe as good as this. The best part is the parsley and mint sauce that goes with it. Truly a wonderful flavor combination which makes this the best lamb recipe for Easter this year. 

11. Roasted Lamb Shoulder 

Image and recipe by epicurious

Most of us only think of lamb chops or leg of lamb when it comes to dinner recipes. However, you will be surprised how delicious roasted lamb shoulder is once you try it. The meat is tender and almost sweet and has plenty of fat that can be rendered for a wonderful sauce. Paired with carrots and onions, this is an Easter lamb recipe that you do not want to miss out on. 

12. Slow Roasted Boneless Leg of Lamb 

Image and recipe by noshingwiththenolands 

Made with Greek flavors of herbs citrus and garlic, this boneless lamb leg recipe is all things delicious. Roasted for a long time on a low flame, you can be sure that this recipe is tasty, balanced and so very tender. If you like your meat boneless, this will be the best lamb recipe for Easter you could ask for. 

13. Moist and Delicious Chocolate Lamb Cake 

Image and recipe by smellingsaltsjournal

This cake is moist, it has oozing chocolate, it looks so cute and it is just as easy to make. With a few tips in the instructions, you could make your own version of Easter lamb cake recipe this year. The light buttercream icing will make the cake look more realistic. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also add some shredded coconut and white chocolate flakes on top. Whatever you choose to decorate with, you can be sure that this cake is going to steal the show. 

14. Grill Roasted Leg of Lamb 

Image and recipe by bhg 

If you’re looking for a quick way to cook your lamb, this Easter lamb recipe with Italian sauce is the one for you. Served with Amogio, the lamb is grilled and then roasted to make the perfect main dish for your Easter celebrations. We’re also using a boneless leg of lamb which is so easy to cook with. If you’re a fan of authentic Italian flavors, this recipe is going to be perfect. 

15. Roasted Saddle of Lamb 

Image and recipe by eatwell101

Want to serve a different cut of lamb and you’re unsure what recipe to use? Try this easy and delicious lamb saddle recipe for Easter dinner. You can be sure that everyone will love it. Made with really fresh thyme, rosemary and tarragon, this lamb recipe for Easter dinner is an explosion of flavors. The meat is fork tender and juicy and goes really well with roasted potatoes. If you want to make a lamb dish with just a few ingredients, this is the one for you. 

16. Roasted Leg of Lamb with Potatoes 

Image and recipe by damndelicious

Are you a beginner when it comes to cooking lamb? Well you’re in luck with this simple Easter lamb recipe. Made with garlic, herbs, dijon mustard and plenty of olive oil, the lamb leg is full of flavor and really tender. You don’t need to marinate the meat for long with this recipe either. If you’re looking for a crowd pleaser, you cannot go wrong with this simple recipe. Paired with hasselback potatoes, this is the perfect dinner dish. 

17. Spicy Roast Lamb Leg 

Image and recipe by delicious 

This is a much needed twist on the traditional roast lamb recipe. Marinated in a host of flavorful and fragrant spices, you can be sure that this Easter lamb recipe is as delicious as can be. Served with pumpkin, baby potatoes and baby carrots, this is a complete dish which will stand out at your dinner table. For a true masterchef experience, you have to try this recipe. 

18. Braised Lamb Shanks with Parmesan Chives Grits 

Image and recipe by southernliving

For a fine dining experience, you should try this sophisticated Easter lamb recipe. The lamb shanks are braised in a slow cooker which makes the meat super tender and juicy. Use the remaining liquid in the pot to make the incredibly cheesy grits. When you serve this dish, you can be sure that people won’t believe it is homemade. For decadence on a plate, this is the best lamb recipe for Easter. 

19. Honey Vinegar Lamb with Carrots and Fennel  

Image and recipe by epicurious 

Want an all out lamb recipe that is worthy of being front and centre at your Easter dinner table? This flavorful and tender lamb dish might just be the thing you are looking for. An impressive roast, this one is tender and ready to carve once it has roasted in the oven. You will have the best lamb recipe for Easter ready in no time. The sweet flavor of honey balances well with the herbs and spices to make this a very memorable dish. So be sure to try it yourself and see how good it is. 

20. Yogurt Marinated Lamb Kebabs 

Image and recipe by foodandwine 

The love for kebabs is pretty universal. This is a really simple but flavorful recipe made with marinated lamb pieces and will make a really nice appetizer. Served with a tangy lemon butter sauce, this Easter lamb recipe is bursting with flavors and is super tender. If you don’t want to go with lamb main course, this is a really nice way of incorporating the meat into the menu. 

21. Easter Lamb Leg with Carrots 

Image and recipe by sweetandsavorymeals 

Extremely juicy and tender, this Easter lamb recipe is fairly easy to make. The lamb legs are stuffed with garlic, shallots and rosemary, so you know it will be bursting with flavor. This lamb recipe is made by roasting it for a long time in the oven so it infuses with all the flavors of the stuffing. To make this dish for Easter, you can check out the recipe for full instructions. 

22. Traditional Italian Roasted Lamb 

Image and recipe by flavorsholiday 

Tender roasted lamb rib and legs in a decadent gravy sounds just right for Easter dinner if you ask me. To make this recipe you need some patience and effort, but all of it is worth it. The sage, rosemary and juniper marinade flavor the meat really well. Served with roast potatoes and spring vegetables you won’t need much more to make this dinner memorable for the whole year. 

23. Ultimate Roast Lamb Shank 

Image and recipe by eatwell101

The lamb shank is a choice piece of meat at the end of the leg. It is juicy and tender and so very flavorful you won’t believe it was made at home. This simple Easter lamb recipe combines the tender lamb with rosemary to make a beautiful dish that is melt-in-your-mouth delicious. You won’t have to spend too much time preparing this either. Sounds like the kind of recipe you need for Easter doesn’t it. 

24. Czech Easter Lamb Cake 

Image and recipe by cooklikeczechs

One of the special treats eaten during Czech Easter is this Easter lamb pound cake. It is called velikonoční beránek and is traditionally a sweet pound cake. It is made with just a handful of pantry ingredients but this Easter lamb pound cake recipe is still as delicious as ever. You can glaze it with melted chocolate, cover it with buttercream or cream cheese and even dust it with icing sugar. With a recipe this simple, this one tastes good no matter how you serve it. 

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25. Easter Lamb Pound Cake 

Image and recipe by kreativnitechniky 

You should definitely have this lovely lamb cake at your Easter table. You can use this as an Easter decoration and of course it is absolutely delicious. Use a sturdy cake mold to make this one. If you like, you can add cream frosting or chocolate glaze to the finished cake. However, if you want to keep things simple, dusting the Easter lamb pound cake  with icing sugar is good too. Don’t forget to add a ribbon to the neck of the lamb before setting it at the table. 

26. Frosted Lamb Cake 

Image and recipe by susanbranch 

Just look at this adorable cake with its white chocolate fleece frosting. Who would be able to resist it. And it tastes even better. This Easter lamb cake recipe is made with a lemon daisy cake recipe which is firm and not crumbly. Perfect for a steady lamb that will hold still while you frost it. If you’ve always found making lamb cakes daunting, you will not feel it after you read this recipe fully. 

27. Chocolate Lamb Cake 

Image and recipe by ciaochowlinda

Not all lamb recipes need to be savory and meaty. Make this cute little Easter lamb cake recipe to make your dinner sweater. Most people make white chocolate lamb cakes but this dark chocolate version is just as adorable. Sitting on a bed of green grass and mini Easter eggs, this is the ultimate Easter themed cake. Anyone who sees it is bound to go ‘Aww’. 

28. Easter Lamb Pound Cake with Frosting 

Image and recipe by thespruceeats

This is a traditional Eastern Europe dessert and this time you can make it for Easter too. This Easter lamb pound cake recipe is light and fluffy. And to add to that it is absolutely adorable. Decorated with cream cheese frosting and shredded coconut, you can be sure that it is as delicious as it is cute. If you want to show off some creative skills, make this lamb cake for Easter this year. 

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29. Vintage Easter Lamb Cake 

Image and recipe amymccauley 

This is such an easy but adorable recipe. The base is made with vanilla pound cake which holds up well in the lamb cake mold. This Easter lamb pound cake recipe will require some patience and love but it is much easier to frost than a regular cake. Take your piping skills to a whole new level with the vanilla buttercream icing. It really is cute and it tastes even better. 

30. Fluffy Easter Lamb Cake 

Image and recipe by today 

If you like traditional recipes, you’re going to love this fluffy Easter lamb cake recipe. Once you make this, there is no going back. With it’s cute face and fluffy fleecy frosting, you’ll want to eat it right away while also wanting to look at it for as long as possible. The cake is a simple vanilla pound cake but with the rich roasting and shaved coconut, you have an Easter dessert that is truly one of a kind delicious. 

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