30 Best Easter Wreaths Ideas That Bring Spring Into Your Home

As the days lengthen and the chill of winter dissipates, we are greeted by the tender greens and soft pastels of early spring, heralding the arrival of Easter. It’s a splendid time to infuse your home with the essence of the season, and what better way to do so than by embellishing your space with an Easter wreath? 

Easter wreaths can grace your front door, hang on walls, or become a centerpiece for your springtime table, adding a festive and welcoming touch to any area of your home. This is your chance to play with colors and textures, blending the tranquil shades of spring with the bright and lively symbols of Easter. 

Whether you’re crafting one from scratch or choosing a beautifully designed wreath, these decorative pieces are an ideal way to reflect the rejuvenation and splendor of the season.

To assist you in discovering the perfect Easter wreath for your abode, we have assembled a collection of exquisite options that embody the freshness of spring and the celebratory spirit of Easter.

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1. Feathered Elegance Easter Wreath

Image by twentythirdbydeanne

Nestled between traditional greenery, a feathered wreath offers a soft, tactile element to the nursery. Its muted tones harmonize with the room’s neutral palette. Elegantly understated, the wreath hangs above a plush sofa, where playful dogs add a hint of life. The organic textures throughout evoke a serene, grounded atmosphere for Easter.

2. Autumnal Opulence Easter Wreath

Image by corbelcottage

A wreath abundant with golden leaves graces the fireplace, heralding the richness of autumn. It complements a majestic, florally adorned tree, both echoing the harvest season. Below, a collection of pumpkins in a palette of creams and oranges festoons the hearth. This display, though more reminiscent of fall, brings a warm, festive spirit suitable for a nuanced Easter celebration.

3. Vibrant Red Festive Wreath

image by potterybarn

Bold red wreaths make a striking statement against a neutral backdrop, infusing vibrancy into the nursery. Paired with the dark green drapery, they create a festive contrast. The rustic dining set offers a grounding presence. Perfect for a nursery, this setup brings a cheerful yet sophisticated Easter ambiance.

4. Craft Your Own Natural Wreath

Image by southwoldflowerco

Encouraging creativity, ‘The Wreath Bar’ invites you to handcraft an Easter wreath with a natural palette. Earthy elements are neatly arrayed for selection, symbolizing the rebirth of spring. Amidst them, a finished wreath with a dark ribbon sets a benchmark for rustic elegance. This concept is perfect for personalizing a nursery with handmade charm.

5. Modern Monochrome with a Touch of Nature

Image by theverestplace

Above a sleek, black console, a lush green wreath offers a burst of life against a crisp white wall. Flanked by contemporary armchairs, the space suggests a modern yet inviting nursery. Natural wood accents and wicker baskets introduce organic textures. This setting masterfully combines clean lines with natural elements for Easter.

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6. Springtime Serenade in Pastels  – Easter Door Wreath

Image by fromsusie

In this vignette, a subtle green wreath delicately hangs in the background, creating a serene backdrop. The foreground showcases vibrant tulips and whimsical Easter decoration, embracing the season’s joy. The charming blend of florals and pastel hues cultivates a gentle, playful nursery theme. This scene captures the essence of Easter with a fresh, pastoral touch.

Expert tip by TCH – 

“Creating an Easter wreath is more than just crafting; it’s a way to welcome the spring season into our homes with open arms. I love using fresh greenery and vibrant spring flowers to make each wreath a unique celebration of renewal.”

7. Verdant Welcome Easter Spring Wreath

Image by frenchcountrycottage

Lush greenery frames the doorway, interspersed with ribbons and pinecones for a natural touch. The central wreath, adorned with varied shades of green, creates an inviting entry. This doorway sets the stage for a nursery that’s both serene and alive with nature’s textures. Here, the spirit of Easter is celebrated with a flourish of the outdoors.

8. Enchanted Evening Easter Wreath

Image by anthroliving

A wreath of deep green foliage mirrors the arch of an elegant mirror, framing a magical nursery scene. Soft candlelight and a miniature village beneath create a fairy-tale ambiance. The rich greenery against the mantle whispers of spring’s arrival. This setting captures the enchantment of Easter, perfect for a storybook nursery.

9. Rustic Charm Easter Wreath

Image by rigby.residence

This wreath exudes a serene, earthy aesthetic, perfect for a rustic-themed nursery. Twigs and branches form its base, symbolizing nature’s raw beauty. Soft pastel eggs and blooms add a gentle pop of spring color. Lastly, the dark ribbon anchors the design, offering a touch of sophistication.

Expert tip by TCH – 

“For me, Easter wreaths are about storytelling. I incorporate elements that reflect the spiritual significance of the holiday, using symbols like eggs for new beginnings and butterflies for resurrection. It’s a deeply personal process.”

10. Rustic Charm Easter Bunny Wreath

Image by homestyle.apothecary

Seamlessly blending with the earthy tones, a lush green wreath hangs against a dark wooden frame. Below, a wooden bench with playful easter bunny cutouts adds a touch of whimsy. The crisp white slipcovered settee, adorned with soft pillows, anchors the space. A basket to the side suggests a cozy, collected feel, inviting Easter morning relaxation.

11.  Subtle Greens and Reds

Image by wellnestedhome

A small, simple green wreath hangs in the background, introducing a subtle nod to the Easter season. On a vintage wooden console, a vibrant arrangement adds a pop of color. A woven basket complements the wood’s warm tones, enhancing the earthy feel. This setting balances tradition and simplicity, ideal for a nursery with a touch of festive spirit.

12. Festive Greenery Christmas Hearth

Image by 12timbers

Lush evergreen boughs bring a piece of the forest into the nursery. Red berries and warm lights create a cozy, inviting ambiance. The traditional “Merry Christmas” banner adds a nostalgic touch. Contrasting with the nursery’s earth tones, it promises joyful energy.

13. Minimalist Elegance Easter Wreath

Image by tuxedofarmhouse

This wreath’s understated elegance is a nod to minimalist earth tones, suitable for a modern nursery. The greenery accented with a satin ribbon creates a sophisticated look. Placed on a crisp white door, it offers a refreshing contrast. The entire setting embodies a peaceful and stylish entry into a nursery space.

14.Traditional Holiday Elegance

Image by preppyemptynester

A classic Christmas tree twinkles with colorful lights, enhancing the room’s warm ambiance. The greenery on the windows adds a festive touch. Meanwhile, blue and white home decor provides a crisp, calming contrast. Such elements could inspire an earth-toned nursery with timeless charm.

15. Cascading Ribbons Christmas Corner

Image by briannabeltondesign

A Christmas tree adorned with cascading ribbons stands as a focal point, infusing energy into the space. The vibrant reds contrast with the subdued earthy tones, offering visual interest. A wreath on the door echoes the holiday spirit, subtly. This festive setup inspires a nursery that balances tranquility with spirited accents.

16. Cozy Country Christmas Dining

Image by ourlittlebrickcottage

Simplicity reigns in this dining scene, where a bare Christmas tree whispers of winter’s calm. The natural wood furniture complements the earthy, understated holiday decor. Candlelight and soft textiles invite intimate family gatherings. This scene could inspire an earth-toned nursery that feels both peaceful and grounded.

17. Hearth and Home Christmas Wreath

Image by cottagerenovationcwmr

The wreath, adorned with berries and foliage, offers a rustic yet festive feel, perfect for a cozy nursery. Rich red ribbons provide a classic contrast to the natural stone backdrop. Wicker baskets and a woolen rug underline the earth-toned theme. This warm decor could inspire a nursery that feels like a snug retreat.

18. Citrus and Silk Entryway Elegance

Image by kristywharvey

Fresh greenery with citrus accents brings a vibrant yet earthy touch to the entryway. The silk ribbons add a luxurious feel, marrying opulence with nature. White blooms and porcelain suggest purity and tranquility. This elegant decor could inspire a nursery with a sophisticated and natural charm.

Expert tip by TCH – 

“As a DIY enthusiast, I’ve found that making Easter wreaths with my kids is a fantastic way to bond and express our creativity. We use a mix of natural and upcycled materials, which teaches them the importance of sustainability.”

19. Springtime Serenade with Bunnies and Blooms

Image by decoraencanta

Adorable plush bunnies center this charming Easter wreath, evoking a playful spirit. Surrounded by a cascade of lilac and cream flowers, they bring joy and whimsy. A sign wishing “Feliz Páscoa” adds a personalized touch for a festive greeting. This wreath perfectly captures the essence of Easter with its vibrant and welcoming design.

Expert tip by TCH – 

“The key to a standout Easter wreath is texture and color. I blend soft pastels with bold, eye-catching accents and a variety of materials to create depth. It’s all about striking that perfect balance.”

20. Rustic Bunny Easter Egg Wreath

Image by citrusandsage_homeinteriors

Natural textures come together in this wreath, echoing the earth tones of a serene nursery. Dried grasses and speckled eggs create a rustic feel. A soft toy bunny adds a touch of whimsy, perfect for a child’s space. Together, they craft an idyllic countryside Easter ambiance.

21. Vintage Charm Easter Wreath

Image by suzie_york_photography

This wreath features a delicate arrangement of dried flowers and speckled eggs, exuding a vintage charm. It’s hung on a classic white door, framed by timeless brickwork. The natural elements reflect an earthy palette, suitable for a gentle nursery theme. Its old-world elegance would inspire a nursery with a sense of history and warmth.

22. Blossoming Easter Splendor Wreath

Image by decora.canta

This wreath bursts with the joys of spring, featuring a plush bunny surrounded by blooms and pastel eggs. The sign ‘Feliz Páscoa’ adds a personalized touch, wishing a ‘Happy Easter’. Its vibrant colors and plush textures would enliven any nursery with a festive spirit. It’s a celebration of new beginnings, perfect for a nursery’s welcoming door.

Expert tip by TCH – 

“Sourcing materials locally is my secret to crafting distinctive Easter wreaths. Whether it’s foraging for wildflowers or using wool from local farms, incorporating local elements brings a unique story to each piece.”

23. Soft Hues Easter Wreath

Image by letsgetcosy1

Crafted with soft, chunky yarn in pastel hues, this wreath brings a gentle warmth. A burlap bow and Easter greetings add a rustic charm. It’s a perfect match for a nursery, with its soothing colors and textures. This wreath would bring a peaceful and cozy element to a child’s room.

24. Enchanted Easter Extravaganza Wreath

Image by whitechristmaswreaths

This wreath is a kaleidoscope of Easter joy, with glittering eggs and sparkling accents. Below, a playful arrangement of Easter-themed figurines captivates the imagination. The vivid colors and lively characters bring a storybook fantasy to life. It’s a festive inspiration for a nursery filled with wonder and cheer.

25. Springtime Serenity Dining

Image by katesgerogianhome

A tranquil Easter scene unfolds on the dining table with a centerpiece of pastel eggs and fresh blooms. The surrounding greenery on the table mirrors the natural earth tones of a nursery. A ‘Happy Easter’ banner on the mantel adds a festive whisper. This setting infuses a nursery with the serene essence of spring.

26. Pastel Serenity Easter Wreath

Image by natalies_house_x

Infusing the air with spring’s soft touch, this wreath intertwines pastel eggs amidst delicate greenery. Above, tulips in shades of pink and white bloom from a pale blue pitcher. Below, a baby pink tray hosts a ridged cup, adding a layer of gentle texture. Together, they create a tranquil corner, perfect for a nursery celebrating new beginnings.

Expert tip by TCH – 

“I believe in the power of simplicity. A minimalist Easter wreath, focusing on one or two key elements, can make a powerful statement. It’s about capturing the essence of the season without overwhelming the senses.”

27. Lavender Grace Easter Front Door Wreath

Image by home.with.bel

The wreath on the lavender door is adorned with a harmony of greenery and subtle Easter eggs. Flanked by topiaries, it creates a welcoming entrance. The pastel door complements earth-toned nursery walls. It’s a blend of tradition and soft, modern hues, ideal for a serene nursery entrance.

28. Boxwood Bunny Elegance – Summer Wreath

Image by kostercollectivedesigngroup

This lush boxwood wreath, crowned with whimsical pink mesh bunny ears, is a nod to Easter’s playful side. A burlap bow adds a rustic touch, complementing the natural greenery. White hydrangeas provide a soft contrast, enhancing the earthy feel. It’s a charming addition to a nursery, blending fun and elegance.

29. Festive Easter Entryway – Floral Wreath

Image by thebeeonthewall

The entryway is framed with two vibrant wreaths, echoing the joy of spring. Flanking the door, a bunny figurine and a column of colorful eggs extend the festive theme. A ‘Welcome’ sign invites both warmth and celebration. This display could inspire an earth-toned nursery to be both inviting and cheerful.

30. Pastel Perfection Chair Wreath

Image by simplystagedandstyled

Adorning a classic white chair, this wreath with pastel eggs adds a soft, festive touch. A burlap bow atop complements the wreath’s delicate hues. Its simple elegance is perfect for an earth-toned nursery. It’s a subtle yet cheerful nod to the Easter season.


Q1: What materials are best for making Easter wreaths?

Ideal materials include floral wire, grapevine wreaths, silk flowers, Easter eggs, ribbons, and any seasonal decorations to add a festive touch.

Q2: Can I make an Easter wreath if I’m not crafty?

Absolutely! There are many simple designs and kits available that require minimal crafting skills. You can create a beautiful wreath by following step-by-step tutorials.

Q3: How can I make my Easter wreath last longer?

Using artificial flowers and decorations can increase longevity. Store your wreath in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight when not in use.

Q4: Are there any eco-friendly options for Easter wreaths?

Yes, consider using natural materials like real flowers, branches, and biodegradable decorations. You can also repurpose materials from around your home.

Q5: What themes are popular for Easter wreaths?

Popular themes include spring flowers, pastel colors, Easter eggs, bunnies, and religious symbols such as crosses.

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